Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sweet Salvage ~ Summer Lovin' ~ Part I

So Today was my Pilgrimage to SWEET SALVAGE 'Summer Lovin' Themed Event and I wasn't sure I was gonna be able to make it due to a Family Emergency that cropped up to help The Son.  We worked thru all that unexpected Drama satisfactorily, spending all day together Wednesday sorting it out and I just spent the Night at his house in Gilbert in the far East Valley.  But that meant attending my Event this Morning bedraggled and sans my Camera to cover the Event, so Thank God for Smart Phone Cameras!  *Whew*  Actually my Phone takes great pixs, so if I can have a Point N Shoot that has this quality of Images I'll be Delighted!

And speaking of Delightful Imagery, STUDIO ANTICA had some Artwork to Die for!  That Gypsy Beauty particularly, well, if I didn't already have an Agenda and Mission Statement to Source our Kitchen Island Chandie at this Show, she might have come Home with me!  My Friend Pamela Creates some of the most stunning Artwork and I Hope one day to have a piece of her Artwork hanging up at Villa Boheme'!  This piece would certainly be a top contender... in fact, it was agonizing to leave her behind.  *Pouting petulantly!*

This piece was quite Stunning too... having both would be a Mega Score... must try to do something about that pesky Budget situation to expand my possibilities when opportunity presents itself!  *Winks*   I confess, I have more of a Passion for Artwork than I have wall space to Display it on... I should own a Gallery!  *Smiles*   Having Gorgeous works of Art hanging on the walls of every room is absolutely necessary in my World!

I don't know if you can tell, but she has a real Jewel on her Necklace, I thought that was a nice touch!   Gave the Art a real three dimensional feel to it and of coarse the Patina on the Canvas is Awesome, Pamela excels at the Art of Patina Creation!   You should see some of the Patina she Creates on Walls that give the Illusion of imparted Centuries of Time upon them!!!  It would be a Dream come True of mine to have her Create some Patina on a few of the walls at Villa Boheme'.

But I resisted Artwork of Gorgeous Gypsies and laser focused on getting in early enough to Score what I'd come for... the Fab Vintage Wire Basket Chandie that my Friend Michelle had Sourced.   I had seen the Facebook Page Preview of it and it was Ideal for hanging over our Kitchen Island.  I had seen other Chandies in the past that I Loved, but we would have had to reinforce the ceiling and The Man wasn't thrilled about that level of Project.   So this served double duty being lightweight enough and yet the Styling we were looking for.  We shall hang it on an Antique Industrial Pulley from my Vintage Industrial Stash at Home.

I bypassed Fabulous Stone Urn Lamps and many other Treasures that were swoon worthy as I snaked thru the aisles Admiring all that the Summer Lovin' Theme was dumping Sensory Overload upon me!   I really no longer will say I have a Favorite Show or Theme, because frankly, each Season, they ALL end up being Favored!  *Smiles*   I'm really in a Summertime Vibe right now even tho' by next week we are expected to break records with temperatures soaring into the 120's range... Yes, that's not a typo, I said 120's!!!   Now that's sizzling Hot my Friends so I will be hibernating by next week for sure!!!  I have survived one Summer of the Past, June 26, 1990, that reached 122 degrees, so I cannot Imagine it being hotter, but they say it's a possibility, yikes!

So, not wanting to dwell too much upon that, I distracted myself with Today's Summer Eye Candy and it was a Glorious Day, well, in the shade or inside in air conditioning anyway.  *Winks*   I hadn't intended to Score an Antique Dress Form this day, but one of these two Gals was a Bargain I couldn't pass up and I didn't have one of the Era when Women bound their bosoms so the Dress Forms had that Shape.   It didn't have the Wire Cage and Wrought Iron Stand, but that made her affordable so she came Home with me.

Here's a Close-Up, she be the one on the bottom, the Lovely Victorian Era Beauty with the Patina of Time Imparted on her Cloth and Wood, you can Color me Happy!   Eventually I fully Intend to replace any late Vintage Dress Forms with early Vintage and Antique ones in my Collection, so two of my Girls will eventually be Showroom bound when I find their Older replacements.  I have always Traded Up as opportunity and Budget permits and I usually Scored on the Buy sufficiently that when it's time to re-sell I'll be making enough Profit to Upgrade at no additional expense... Win-Win!

Here's my Sweet Friend Michelle just before I bought her Chandie...

And here's Sweet Pam and Eddie... the Short and Tall of it... how Cute are they side by side!?!   {NOTE: This Image Courtesy of the Sweet FB Page and too Adorable not to Share.}

After such an exhaustive day Yesterday and very early this Morning helping The Son with his Crisis, I was so ready to just gel and have my Zen Moments at The Sweet!   Though at his Home I did get my cuddles in with my newest Grand-Puppy, a miniature Chihuahua Baby Boy they were given by a Friend after losing their Beloved Boxer Fur Baby recently. 

 He is only 7 weeks old and has the most Loving Personality!  I can't Believe I spent all that time cuddling and completely forgot to take some Images of the Sweet little Guy!  Thankfully The Son Shared some they had taken!  He's beyond Adorable and about the size of a Guinea Pig, he Loves to be held... definitely one of those 'Purse Puppies' the Socialites tote around!  *Winks*

Here he is napping on Mommy's shoulder... he Loves Cuddling!!!

And learning to drive with Daddy... *LMAO*

And hanging out with Big Brother, my other Grand-Puppy, Charlie, who tolerates him very well considering he's a little ball of dynamic Energy!   And Charlie, is... well, NOT anymore!!!   *Smiles*

Okay, one more Obsessive Gramma Dawn over-share of the newest Grand-Pup!  *Winks*  Do ya think I wore the little Guy out Loving the living daylights out of him!?  *Bwahahahaha!!!*

I am actually so tired myself I barely had energy to Create this Post, so my Writing Mind is kinda in a Fog and you'll have to forgive me if this Post doesn't end up making a lot of sense.  *Smiles*   I really liked these Metal Vintage Industrial Glove Forms, but not within Budget for this Show... tho' I did buy one more little inexpensive somethin'-somethin' you'll see further down in the Post.

This Vintage Stable Sign from Texas was enormous!!!   I had Admired it on the Facebook Sneak Preview but hadn't realized how gigantic it was until I attended the Show!   This would be quite a Statement piece for the Home of anyone doing a Western Theme or who just totally digs Horses.  And the Patina of the Sign is Perfection, this definitely had some Age and exposure to the Elements to it and that's just how I like it!!!

There was a lot of Summertime Light Decor too and Beach Elements, which always evokes a sense of this Season... tho' the Desert has miles of Beach and no Ocean!  *Winks*   I really Like the Light Decor but it's just not practical for my own Home so I just like to Admire it at Shows or in someone else's Home.  I cannot be a Colorless Palette Gal, I tried once, and failed miserably!  *Ha ha ha*   It's one of those Styles I really dig Visually but just can't manage to Live with, do you have a Style like that too my Friends?

But I did totally dig this Floor Lamp and Shade, just my Style, even tho' the Shade was Pink... and well, I almost never Style with that Hue.   You know how Dark and Macabre I am... and Miss Havisham in my Sensibilities... so had it been falling apart, decrepit and in a Dark Hue, I probably couldn't have Resisted it!  *Winks*

And you'd be Proud of me for Resisting all the Fabulous Bling in the Boutique this Show!  *Gasp!  Yeah, I know!  No easy feat!!!*

But the lil somethin'-somethin' I picked up to finish my Shopping was this Old Wooden Spool of Vintage Velvet Trim in a Delightful Hue that is totally my Aesthetic and Color Palette!!!

Look at all those Fab Old Hat Forms sitting off to the Right of that Spool!

And tho' I don't have much, if any, Indigo at Home, I do Love that Hue and for Summertime I think it is Ideal.  There were several Indigo Vintage Fabric upholstered pieces that were eye catching and went so well with the Old Burlap and Ticking Fabric Custom Pillows!

And there were Indigo Pillows as well to use as Accent pieces.  One of the easiest and inexpensive ways to Change up the Vibe of a room for the Seasons is to swap out Pillows in a Seasonal Accent Color you like.

I'm liking Succulents planted in unusual objects doubling as Planters... but I'm not doing very well with Succulents this year and I don't quite know why?  I've had Good Luck with them in the Past but lately my Succulents aren't thriving and many are croaking, so the Courtyard environment may not be Ideal for them?  The Front Courtyard isn't too bad since it gets a fair amount of Shade at various times of the day... but...

 I almost had a fatality of a thriving Beautifully lush Vine in the Inner Courtyard with this record heat we're having!  This is how it looked when I left the house on Wednesday Morning to go Help The Son with his personal Crisis...

It was even festooned with Beautiful Blooms... and I cannot even bring myself to Photograph it Today.  I got Home to carnage, and I'm not Sure if The Man and Kiddos forgot to water it, tho' they swore they did... but it is fried and near death Today!!!   I had to drag it across the Courtyard into a corner that gets only early Morning Sunlight and a lot of Shade in the latter Hotter part of each day, coz when it gets up to the 120's next week, this poor thing would be toast otherwise!!!  *Sobbing*  Luckily it's a Morning Glory and they almost can't be killed off so perhaps it will resurrect itself?

But I had a little Panic Attack and had to run out and check that The Cat wasn't in equally bad shape, lest they had forgotten about her too in my absence?!?!  Thankfully, they had not and Miss Priss was just Fine, but telling me how Glad she was that I was now back Home to overseer the Operation of things lest they all perish!  *LOL*   Yeah, clearly they NEED me around here and even a brief Emergency absence has some damage control to run when I get Home!

I had suspected there was something that had gone Left when The Man began telling me during my Check-In Call with him that I wasn't gonna be Happy when I saw my Vine.  And then proceeded to tell me how diligent he'd been about watering... which is always a Clue that one of his Memory Lapses had happened and he really wasn't sure if and when he actually DID water?!??  Uh oh... Well, whaddya gonna do... I'm indispensable around here!   And besides, he felt so Guilty about the Plant, he didn't even raise an eyebrow or say a thing when I dragged in my Haul for the day... *Smiles*

Be sure to come back with us for the 2nd installment of the Event's Coverage my Friends...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I love/hate morning glories. You can just plant a few seeds and you will have a new one in no time.

    1. Well, our Inner Courtyard has such fierce Sun until we can install a Pergola that nothing but the 'nuisance' Vines would ever survive a day out there. It is a beautiful plant with gorgeous blooms and it grows quickly to a lush state, so my Hope is that it will resurrect quickly after the intense Summer record breaking heat passes. Dawn... The Bohemian


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