Monday, June 12, 2017

Sweet Salvage ~ A Sneak Peek Preview...

NOTE: All Beautiful Images in Today's Post are cribbed from the SWEET SALVAGE Facebook Page and all Credit goes to the Wonderful Photographers!

So in a few scant days the "Summer Lovin'" Event will kick off at SWEET SALVAGE and I can hardly wait!   Summertime in the Desert means being sequestered indoors way more than I like to be, so having a Celebration of Summer Event is a welcome distraction from being cooped up at New Villa Boheme' most days now!

It's not that I don't like Summer, I actually Love Summer, even tho' in the Desert it's a pretty damned Hot Season to get thru!   We want to Plan a trip to Cali this Summer to see my Brother and of coarse the weather there will be more temperate and welcome.   But until we can squeeze that into the Calendar among everyone's numerous Doctor appointments, my Pilgrimage to The Sweet and a Neighbor's Pool Party this Month is a welcome respite!

And Yes, even tho' I Cribbed the Imagery for Today so you could get a Wonderfully Photographed Sneak Peek Preview of the Event, I will be Photographing it myself when I go Opening Day.   I have been having Camera trouble of late, so Saving up for a new Camera, after the Cali Trip being Saved for, is high on my List of Summertime Investments.   My Brother-In-Law pulled thru his dire Medical Emergency and for that we're Grateful and relieved for his Family, so the Trip to Utah wasn't necessary to Save for too after all.

The strain on the Budget for Family Emergencies would have been epic with so many Personal Crisis piling up all at once.  So it is with great Relief and a Thankful Heart that Prayers were answered and a Path to Wellness was provided for some Family Members, tho' others struggle still with their serious Health Battles.   I suppose that is part of the Aging Process and yet I never quite get used to that as our Generation continues to Age and thus Family and Friends of our Season of Life become more susceptible to Medical Emergencies.  And face our own Mortality, each of us, more often than we are comfortable with.

When you are of the ilk to Live Life Fully you just don't like to have to dwell upon such things, and thus for me, I prefer Mindfulness Living and appreciating the Moment that is NOW.   And in the Now that is Summertime, I'm fully Appreciating all that Summer Vibes bring that is Positive and we look forward to Experiencing!!!   Of coarse when we finally get to Cali and the Beach... well... Valhalla and Nirvana of another kind!

I know that the very Talented Team at Sweet will capture the very Essence of Summertime here in the Desert.   I'm totally diggin' this Awesome Light Fixture, I could Envision that above the Kitchen Island.   We've been so conflicted about what kind of a single Light Fixture we want to install above that Island, so many Wonderful Options have presented themselves!  Luckily, we haven't had the budget yet to spring on one so we didn't buy prematurely and I'm certain the Ideal one that we can also afford will turn up eventually!

I am always having a totally Forbidden Love Affair with the European Grain Sack upholstered Furniture!   I know it wouldn't hold up to the usage here at New Villa Boheme' and I've had lighter Upholstered Furniture before and regret it while still having Young Children and Pets.  So I won't go 'there' again until it's just The Man and I left at Home... and of coarse he'll just be sitting in his Black Leather Media Chair so there wouldn't be any more worries about Soiled Grain Sack Upholstery!  *Winks*

And tho' I already have a Collection of them, I still cannot Help myself from having an incurable Love Affair with any and all Antique Dress Forms!   There never has been one I've met that I didn't Love and Lust after, you know?  *Winks*   I think it is because with the Antique Forms each one has it's own Personality and Appearance that Time has Imparted distinctly... and of coarse there were numerous Styles of Dress Forms over the Eras of the Past as well.

And then there is the Vintage Leather Club Chair which both The Man and I want to eventually have all seating at our Home in this form for our Living Room.  They are so comfortable and long lasting, but the Real Deal Vintage ones can cost a pretty Penny and tho' it's a worthwhile Investment, the pesky Budget has to unfortunately be considered.  *Dammit!  LOL*   We are partial to the Tobacco Browns and Black Leather ones with lots of Patina on the Leather.

Well, I do Hope you have Enjoyed your Sneak Peek Preview of the upcoming Event, which will run from June 15th thru June 18th.   Be sure to come back for my Posts covering the Event... Live from Phoenix!  *Smiles*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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