Sunday, June 4, 2017

My Life And Loves In Images

For me Blogging has been a way to mostly document my Life and Loves in Images and short Stories.   Snippets of what makes me Tick... or Ticks me Off!  *Smiles*   My Love Affair with Found Treasures and Living the Bohemian Lifestyle was a phrase that encapsulates what Bohemian Valhalla is all about and so was the Ideal Tag Line to describe my Blog.

When I began my Blog Journey way back in 2010 I wasn't really certain how long I might do it, if I'd run out of things to say, things to Share that would seem relevant to me?   But that has turned out to be nothing to worry about, it would be like saying you'd run out of things to say, things to Share with your Family and Friends.  I have cultivated numerous relationships thru the wonderful Blogging Community, of like minded Souls and Kindred Spirits who Connect here.

I never realized there were so many people so similar to me, because in Real Life I hadn't met a great many, just a Cherished few over a Lifetime.  Blogging made me realize that whatever your Lifestyle and Loves are, you can find your Tribe, right here in The Land Of Blog... and make that Connection that can be so difficult in Real Life sometimes.   Finding folks who can relate to you on that deeper level is Inspiring and Refreshing because you understand each other and similar things excite you about Life.

You Encourage each other about things that perhaps most others wouldn't even 'Get', let alone offer Encouragement for or even understand!   With my Tribe the Quirky and more Unusual things about Life and Style are the Norm for us... often Outsider stuff the Mainstream has strong Opinions of and don't necessarily embrace.   But we like it, gravitate to it and so we often do it to Please ourselves, even if it Pleases few others or gets Negative critiques.   I was Amused at how many, not of my Tribe, thought I wouldn't go thru with getting my Dreads.  And were Surprised I actually Love them and have no regrets, in fact, I should have done it years ago and saved myself a lot of bad hair days!

In fact, every New Journey I go on now I've got my Blog Supporters coming along on it with me, offering Encouragement and Positive feedback and critiques.   Mostly because similar things to them are Positives and not necessarily Negatives, as we view Life and Loves thru our particular filters, which aren't usually like everyone else's.   There is a Knowing very early on that you aren't like everyone else when you are quite different, think differently and don't Conform to the Norm as I like to call it.


I was that very Strange Child that had my distinctions and they only continued to be evident as I Matured and kept marching to the beat of my own Drummer.  I was Blessed to have very Supportive Parents that Encouraged that difference and Celebrated it rather than trying to stifle it.  In fact, I knew that my Parents were Unique Individuals themselves that weren't interested in being like everyone else either... they did them... superbly I might add.  It always grieved me to see Parents NOT Celebrate their 'different' Child and make them Feel they had to Be some other kind of way than how they just Naturally Were!

I liked my Dear Mom's most acute Assessment about difference... she said that Ordinary wasn't very Valuable because it was so Common... but Extraordinary always had Value because it was so Uncommon and Rare.   She and Dad always made my Brother and I Feel and Believe we were Extraordinary Individuals and we should be Proud to Express that throughout Life and it's Journey.  Making no apologies for being different, Living Authentically and Loving what we gravitated to regardless of Popular Opinion about it.

via: Sparrow Salvage

And as my Dear Ole Mom like to say with a Wink, it's better to be looked over my Dear than overlooked!   So here's to being looked over my Friends and Followers... since I seriously doubt we'd ever be the Type or Tribe to be overlooked!  *Winks*


Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi Dawn, I love your dreads, and I never doubted for a moment that you would do it. As you know, I'm 71, but I've just had my waist length hair dyed lilac. I love it, and so does my husband. We're going out to lunch tomorrow and that will be my first foray into public with the 'new look'. Bet it will be a right giggle. Peace and Blessings Lesley

    1. Congrats on your Lilac Locs! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I'm sure you are an amazing and exciting person to be remembered and treasured by your family and friends!

    1. Awwww. Thank YOu my Friend... Dawn... The Bohemian


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