Friday, June 23, 2017

In Thru The Out Door

Have you ever felt like you just came In thru the Out Door?  Like you re-entered the End of something that closed behind you and yet you just took a glance back, for a Moment, to see where you had been before you got on with where you are going?   I've felt like that a lot lately, so much has changed and so rapidly that I realize I wouldn't even be as comfortable where I WAS as where I now AM on my Life's Journey.

I suppose that is why I do Enjoy capturing the Past thru Images, because it is a reminder of what WAS and can give you a glimpse of who you were then and who you are now, documenting even subtle changes.   We do change, over time and during particular Seasons, we can change a lot actually... and not just mere appearance, but from within.   I know I've changed a lot and I'm rather content with the metamorphosis and the evolution Time has imparted.

I saw a lot more experimentation with what I did and surrounded myself with in the Past.   Just experiencing different things, sometimes on a whim, now at this later Season of Life, only surrounding myself with and doing what I strongly Connect to, no experimentation necessary.  I've experienced pretty much what I wanted to experiment with and it was Fun, it was Interesting, it was Different... but it didn't last because it didn't Connect strongly enough to.

I think in our earlier Years we do that a lot, craving constant change, something different and perhaps exciting.   Now I don't Care so much if things change, but when and if they do, it's a lot more Intentional than it was if it's something I'm in direct control of.   I'm more Thoughtful about what I change now and much more inclined to banish what isn't Working for me.  I just don't keep anything around now that isn't Working for me, whatever that happens to be.

And when something Works, well, it will probably not be changed very much, if at all, because I like what is Working for me now.   As I've grown Older I don't know if it's that I've grown lazier or perhaps less tolerant, but I just won't put a lot of Work into anything that isn't Working and Hope that it changes for the better.  Whether it's anything or anyone I'm surrounding myself with, if it Works it stays, if it doesn't, and would take entirely too much Work to try to make it Work, well, Bye Bye Bye...  *Smiles*

So when I come In thru the Out Door on occasion to look back, I can see a lot that has been dropped, discarded or left behind along the Journey.   And I find that I don't Miss any of it, that which wasn't Working and thus didn't come along to be part of our Present and perhaps part of our Future.   In fact, if it were not for the Imagery capturing much of it... it has been out of sight and therefore out of Mind so long now that it's not even anything I've really thought about.

Yes, Nostalgic Soul that I happen to be I might look back fondly and say, Yeah, now I remember that... time, place, person, object, Style, whatever... but I don't long for it since right now is just better in so many ways.   Even during the various Challenges that Life has thrown at us, and they've been numerous, I think this Season of my Life is actually the best one.   I've had a lot of Good Seasons... and some that were not so Good... but right now I'm very Content with the Season of Life I'm experiencing in the Moment.

Just the state of Being at this juncture is very comfortable to me within my own skin.  I have observed enough people that don't seem to be comfortable within their own skin and with their state of Being that I feel very Blessed to have that Inner Peace and walking in it daily.   Maybe at one time they did, maybe they never have, maybe they will one day, I don't know.   I see many that no matter what state they are in, they just can't seem to find any Contentment and in the craving of it they try to find Contentment in places it doesn't exist.

Contentment comes from within and not from what is without... or from what you have or you don't possess... or from other people... or a particular location necessarily... tho' it can help when you find the right place to Be.  I have speculated how Content I would be if drastic changes occurred again from the exterior in Life and what I could be Content with or without?   As I've Aged I'm finding that doing without some things is very liberating and so I've assessed that if I had to do without a lot of things I'd probably be Okay too.

I do recall Seasons of Life where I had practically Nothing and was very Content all the same, so I realize my own Contentment doesn't come from possessions at all.   I Love Beautiful things of coarse and have had the Joy of owning many, but the Natural World around us is equally, if not much more, Beautiful and is there for us all at no charge.   Even the least of us has the Wonder of Nature and all of Creation around them all of the time, like a Gift to us all.   I don't gauge how 'Rich' I am by my Bank Account... I've felt 'Rich' my whole Life even during times when Society would have considered me Poor.

I have had the privilege of Traveling enough to realize that anywhere I've ever been has it's merits and it's downfalls.   I've found measures of Contentment where ever we've lived and we've lived in a LOT of places as Nomadic a Life as I've experienced.   In fact, I'm rather Glad that I had the experience of having the opportunity to live in so many different environments over a Lifetime!  There is no single place that I wouldn't have wanted to have experienced.

Lately The Man and I have discussed and thought about Travel a lot, I suppose the Wanderlust is getting stronger, but we realize that now we Enjoy having a Home Base to come back to.   We never really had that before since we always suspected we'd Move On eventually.  Not that we still couldn't, you never know the twists and turns Life takes and where you might end up at any given point in Time.   But we'd be Okay if this turned out to be permanent Home Base since New Villa Boheme' ain't such a bad Home Base to come back to!  *Smiles*

And I'm feathering our Nest in such a way now as brings us great Contentment and Peace.   Today in fact we just all gelled, the entire Family, and I realized that within the confines of the walls here we're Okay doing absolutely nothing together.   It is a Haven from the outside World that feels Right and is spacious enough not to feel confined in any way or on top of one another, everyone has sufficient space to Be.   Doing nothing all day was actually very Restful and nobody complained about it.  Which is Rare, since some of them want to be doing something seemingly all of the time.  *Winks*

Tomorrow we shall be attending a Community builder that our next door Neighbors do every year at their Home when they Host an annual Pool Party and Bar-B-Que with extensive Pot Luck Buffet everyone attending brings.  I don't know that it's built the sense of Community they Hoped for, but it's a start, in a newer Subdivision, to at least try to.  I commend them for that and it's always a good time.   There has been quite the transient population moving thru around here as Homes are bought and Sold with more frequency than the Historic neighborhoods.  So I expect to see new faces and meet new people.

But I do think times have changed in the way people Socialize so I'm becoming more accustomed to superficial connections that are cordial and brief.   Our Lives are full enough that whether we make connections here or not now isn't bothering us as much as it did when we were freshly Homesick for the Old Neighborhood and a deeper Connection to Community.  Even in the isolation that can and does exist in the realm of full time Caregiving, I'm still able to arrange my own respites and pursuits to keep Contentment alive and well.

And if you find yourself also coming In thru the Out Door my Friends, I do Hope that your glances back reveal that where you are at NOW is indeed the Best Times of your Lives as well and your Inner Peace is Secure?   Because if you can manage to be Content in whatever state you are IN, then Life is indeed Good regardless of exterior circumstances and surroundings.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

Is what I'm about to say an improvement on silence? ~ Galen Pearl