Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Displaced Treasures

This Month marks the 2nd Anniversary of our big move to New Villa Boheme'... and I've still apparently got a slew of displaced Treasures packed away somewhere!   Probably the Hoarded Garages... forced to leave their Home at The Historic Homestead, they've now languished in boxes and crates for two years... I think?  You see, that's the dilemma, did I pack them and bring them over?  Or did I banish them in the Epic Purge that has been ongoing since the big move?  I'm just not certain with many items MIA, often forgotten until I happen to see them showcased in the Photo Archives and my Memory is jogged... yeah, where IS that?!?  *LOL*

Okay, so some of it I haven't even Missed or Needed in two years nor noticed wasn't around anymore, so one would think it wouldn't nag at me where it is when I suddenly recall that it appears to be MIA.   But the OCD in me flares up when suddenly something is recalled as being Missing and yet I just don't recall what the Hell happened to it or if I still even have it?!?   And if I do, then WHERE?!?   Sure, some of it might turn up in the de-stashing Process of the Hoarded Garages and see the light of day again... finally to find a New Home in the Tuscan Villa Boheme'.

But sometimes, no matter how much I Liked, Loved or Dug it before at the Old Homestead and had a Place for it... or a hankering to hold onto it even if I didn't have a Place for it... here there is different criteria.  It either has to have a Place, a Purpose, a Use, or be such a Keeper that I'll likely want to be buried with it.   *Smiles*  Okay, so that's a bit of an exaggeration given the size of the Coffin I picked out years ago... I'm not being buried with any of it actually.  And there will be no U-Haul behind my Hearse, tho' a Pimped Out Airstream might be a Special Request, just so I can say I had one for that last Road Trip!  But you get the gist of my Passion for some things that will take me being Toes Up to part ways with!  *Winks*

Some things I never had, except a Photograph of it... and over Time I can forget that too and think it was actually something I Owned and Wonder where the Hell is it now?  *Bwahahahaha!*   I Photograph a lot of things, I've Owned a lot of things, so my Data Banks are pretty full of Eye Candy that might mix up in my Memories of any of it over the years.   Sometimes you did have it and don't even remember you did have it until you see one again and then remember you got rid of yours.   I always try to resist the Temptation to re-purchase something just because of the past Nostalgia about once having owned it and then letting it go.   If I let it go once, shouldn't that be a Clue it wasn't actually a Keeper or it's Time for being Had is over?

Some things I do Need NOW tho', like this Fancy Hair Clip I bought years ago because I Loved it but my thin, fine hair wouldn't hold it without it slipping out.  So I do Hope I kept it since it would hold in my Dreads just fine now and I can finally wear it!?   But I dunno if I got rid of it... or if it's stashed in any one of the still towering boxes and crates of the Hoarded Garages?   Time will tell... when I FINALLY get around to unpacking that last box or crate and the Garages are de-stashed of all their current Storage, except for Seasonal items.   That Project has gone on Hold during the heat of Summer, because a Garage in the Arizona Desert during Summertime is somewhat like a Medieval Torture Chamber!

And this Delightful Buddha Bottle, Hope I Kept that too?   Though I dunno, seems like a lot of Bottles got Sold Off before and during the Move.  I used it as a Bud Vase in my Meditation Space so I'd like to still have it, Love the Whimsy and the Emerald Color of the Glass.  Though I think they still make that brand of Beer so if I didn't Keep it, I might have to buy another one and have a Beer drinking Friend dispose of the contents for me?  It is kinda like my Cool Vodka Bottle Skullies, I don't drink Vodka, I think if I ever tried it I didn't like it.  So I was Thankful someone did me the Service of disposing of the contents for me so I could have the Cool Containers as Decor!   So, just in case you thought I must drink a lot of Vodka since I have a lot of those Skullies... *LOL*

I Love Cool Packaging and Containers, so Yes, I have bought Products I might not ever Need, Use or even Like to eat or drink, if it's a food or beverage Container, just to acquire the Packaging!   It is a good thing I don't live in an area with tonnage of Asian, East Indian and Middle Eastern Markets, because that Packaging would become an Obsession of mine to procure!   OMG when I behold the Awesome Exotic Packaging I lose my Mind!   My Daughter-In-Law's Relatives own most of the Asian Markets around the Valley and I could just wander the isles forever drooling over Cool Packaging and Paper Products.   One day I'm sure I embarrassed her a little when I bought Asian Funeral Papers coz they just look so Cool and the Cashier asked us who died?!?  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*

Yeah, I do Crazy Shit like that because I can... and I want to... and I don't Care what the True Purpose is or was... gotta still have it!  *Winks*   Of coarse anyone whose known me a minute isn't the least bit Surprised if I've got Weird shit all over the house, it's expected.   So decorating with Asian Funeral Papers and other funerary supplies wouldn't seem the least bit unexpected in our Home.  *Smiles*   Trust me, I've got more morbid Collections and Oddities than that laying around or Proudly displayed!  *Winks*

Yes, the Asian Papers and Altars section for an Ephemera Nut and Altar Fanatic like myself is my absolute Favorite Isle.   So I'm very Sure that The Man is relieved I don't have an Asian Supermarket close by and my Pilgrimages to the Daughter-In-Law's Aunt's huge Asian Supermarket are rationed out over Time, on Purpose, so that I am not Hoarding Up the funerary supplies, incense and such!  *LOL*   And thinking upon it, I haven't yet unpacked my Stash of that either... tho' I'm quite Certain I Kept it... but WHERE!  *Ha ha ha*

Well, it's probably somewhere packed beside my Dad's Ceramic Monkey... part of my Inheritance, which I Cherish.  Yeah, the whole Family is kinda like me and has been for Generations, so the Apples don't fall far from the Tree!   And if you were helping me to unpack there is absolutely no telling what you might discover!??!??!?!?!   *Smiles*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I sure hope you still have that Buddha bottle.

    1. Oh me too Colette, I really liked it and I don't even recall how I came to have it since I have never drank a Buddha Beer?!? *LOL* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. You are so funny----clearly, I have the same gene, been looking for my cottage creamer...now I have the teapot, sugar, and found a biscuit jar, and would so like to show it all together---duh, and I have no idea where it is.

    My friend E is as bad, I gave her all my dad's fraternal pins to photo--as her camera is better than mine, then she moved and they are safe in something somewhere.

    Mom in law---calls it half-heimerz ...but then she throws anything and everything ou t if she doesn't use it for 6 months. I have made things for her that took longer than that to make---and she has thrown them out. Such is our lot to be cursed (in a fun way) of managing our hordes. Fun post Dawn, commiserating from Chicagoland, Sandi

  3. I like the half-heimerz label, I think I have a bad case of that! *LOL* Some things I have phenom memory of and other things have fallen out of the data banks or are deeply buried in there to the point there's no telling if of when I'll ever remember correctly? winks... hope you find that Creamer, something like that can drive me almost Mad ... Dawn... The Bohemian


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