Thursday, June 1, 2017


The house is a mess and needs tidying up so there are about a thousand things I should be doing... and I'm not doing any of them.  Nope... housekeeping has come to a screeching halt since running damage control behind a Family can often feel quite futile and a wasting of precious Time and Energy... of which I have a short supply of either.  And so after what absolutely HAD to be done, I went on Strike and devoted the days end to Daydreaming instead of housecleaning.

After all, it's not like it's going anywhere or will disappear as if by Magic, it will all be waiting for me to do it whenever I get around to it, so why Rush?  I've been concentrating lately more upon keeping my Calm and focusing upon my own Quiet Time when I Need it.   And I Need it and so I've just taken it, among the disorder and untidiness that is currently reigning over Villa Boheme'.  I've taken to drooling over Online Images of some Vintage Magnolia Pearl items and other Loveliness I saw floating around Cyberspace.

I'd much rather, right now, to gather up Delightful Imagery that Inspires me, than gathering up stuff laying about the house that isn't where it should be and just discourages me.  I'm attempting to not let it bother me since clearly it doesn't seem to bother the rest of the Family, they seem oblivious to disorder and untidiness actually... blind to it.   I Wonder if that is something I can hone the skill of, ignoring stuff that should be done?   Yeah, I doubt it, but I muse about such things as I don't fight the urge to procrastinate and let it slide sometimes.

For anyone who doesn't have OCD that might be easy, ignoring stuff that isn't just right, and leaving things undone that should be taken Care of, but for me it takes Practice.   I have to actually be too tired and thus completely unmotivated to knock myself out 'doing' what needs to be done twenty-four-seven and three-hundred-sixty-five.   I have to at least have done too much of what couldn't be put off in order to put off what is yet left to be done and nobody else is about doing.

The best distraction for me Ignoring a mess around me Successfully is to find Beauty somewhere else... since there is certainly nothing Beautiful about a messy Home.   I like Order, I like Calm, I like a Tidy, Organized and Peaceful Home... and though I'm not fanatical about maintaining things, I do like them to be maintained.   But that isn't important to everyone and I live with several of that ilk... you can't make people Care about what just isn't important to them and they don't want to do, except under protest.

I had been quite delusional in assuming that buying a Beautiful Dream Home would Inspire the rest of the Family to want to take better Care of things and assist in maintaining the Home.   We should probably just live in a Shack devoid of any possessions given the lack of Desire by the rest of them to Care for or maintain anything related to a Home!   I am quite convinced they probably wouldn't mind since they don't seem to appreciate what they have and what it takes to take Care of it and maintain it.  Shack living would probably suit them all actually!!!

And so rather than rant or rave about it, since that does little good and only disturbs my Peace and casts my Zen out the window, I'd rather relax and Daydream instead.  We're not expecting any Visitors or Guests so I'm at least not going to have to apologize for or be embarrassed by a disastrous condition some rooms have evolved into with deferred maintenance.   I can eventually tackle it one room at a time whenever I finally get around to it... and Hope it stays that way a minute?  Otherwise it Feels Useless and Pointless... a complete waste of my Time and Energy!!!

I am probably the anomaly in that I can't wait to have an Empty Nest, my Nest has just been full of Kids for too long!!!  For too many Generations now I've been picking up Toys, Backpacks, Art Projects and dirty Socks strewn all over our Home.  Yes, I Adore my Family, but I certainly find that full time Caregiving of those who seem incapable of pulling their own weight around here without high maintenance Supervision is too much of a Full Time Job.  I'm ready for Retirement in the realm of intensive housekeeping and Caregiving of the disabled and chronically disorganized!

It's not that I'm opposed to maintaining a Home, I rather Enjoy the improvement of where ever I Live and making it a personal Sanctuary and a Beautiful Home to be Proud of.   But if you are not the only one residing there then it can be a particular Challenge to keep it the way you Envision having it.   You can do all the maintaining you can possibly manage to cram into a 24 hour period of Time and realize it was all in Vain if it doesn't stay that way for long!  That's rather like Torture and Punishment really!

I am quite certain in fact that if Prisoners were made to Clean Up a Space over and over again... when the Warden brought in a bunch of people to instantly mess it back up every time, they'd go Insane and consider it cruel and unusual Punishment!   It's like moving Rocks from one pile and then to the other, with no real Point to the Effort and Energy expended daily.  After a while it wears upon you, but if you still Care about your Environment then you Feel compelled to run the damage control anyway... most of the time.

But not Today... this day I just chose to ignore it all for the most part, except that which absolutely HAD to be done and couldn't be avoided, which was enough to keep me busy and exhaust me anyway.  So that had to just be enough... and I'm Good with that for right now... and go on Daydreaming instead... so that I can maintain at least my Calm and my Zen, even if I can't maintain our Home as it should be.

FINAL FOOTNOTE: In all fairness the Guys err on the side of caution about leaving things be that belong to Princess T or I, not knowing if we want it put away or even where so we could find it again?!   And I probably exaggerate the extent of the mess in my own Head when I'm feeling rather overwhelmed by housekeeping, since it's not my Special Gift to be superbly Organized or a domestic goddess!  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh Dawn, I can so relate. I dated a fella in high school, that was one of 3 sets of twin boys, a girl, and another boy. It was a melded family---so the ages were all from sophomores to college sophomores. Chaos did rule from the holes in the walls (wrestlers). One day my boyfriend showed up to school in slippers, his shoes had disappeared to "Valhalla" for a week. Anything left out ---disappeared and had to be bartered back. After three times---the offending item disappeared for a week.

    He went to salvation army and bought an extra pair of sneakers. One time his brother lost his car keys for a week, and had to commute to college on the train.

    Every action has consequences---was the rule there, and despite holes in the walls, the house was neat and orderly. LOL.

    But, I would probably join you daydreaming and go on strike. Grins, Sandi

    1. I've found many people can relate to the perpetual chaos running a Home creates, it is indeed a job never ending. I read an interesting book about not sweating the small stuff in raising a Family. It likened maintaining a Home to maintaining a bridge. Citing that the Golden Gate bridge is painted every day of the year because it just takes that long to 'finish' it so in reality it is never 'finished' because when you get to the end you must start at the beginning all over again to ensure preventative maintenance. *smiles* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I totally know where you're coming from, Dawn. I love Carl dearly, but he leaves everything out, and I'm constantly picking up, putting away, asking "where does this go?". . .and in his defense, he claims that since he is a "visual" person, he needs to see his stuff. . .so I heave a deep sigh, and remove every pair of shoes he owns from the front hallway back into the bedroom, and every single music CD from off the floor, the tables and any surface that isn't covered by something else, and put them away. He's a good man. But oh! How I WISH that he would just put his things away. LOL!

    1. I had to Smile at your Post about your Beloved since I too live with very Visual Loved Ones who seem to have their own version of Organised Chaos. Sometimes I can have a relaxed approach to 'Living' in the Home and the evidence left behind that indeed, we LIVE here and it's not just Editorial as if we're prepping for a magazine spread. *winks* My Hope is that Happy Memories of Home will prevail and I'll recall the Happy Times rather than any of the messes... but in a weak moment a good Vent always helps me Cope. *Ha ha ha* I'm so Glad that so many can relate to the housekeeping dilemma so that I don't feel like the Lone Ranger in my battle to maintain a Home filled with Family. Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Hard Life! But you've learned to find peace where you can! Good for you!!


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