Saturday, June 24, 2017

A Post With No Name

I'm just deep inside my own Head and Photography as a form of personal expression lately.  I've been siphoning off Images I took that I particularly like and contemplating what type of new Camera I want to buy in order to take more Images that I particularly like the results of?  I'd prefer my Blog to only have Images I like a lot and I definitely see my preference for the Close-Up.  Yes, I used the above Image just Yesterday, but I really happen to like it.  I really regret not buying that particular Bag when a Friend had it for Sale actually... oh well, I still have a good Image of it.

If you're a person whose particularly Into the Details then you probably prefer Close-Ups too?   I'm a sucker for a good Close-Up, even tho' a good Panoramic shot can be breathtaking if done well.   I just don't happen to do Panoramic shots well and I don't know if a better Camera will remedy that or not?  *Smiles*  I also don't tend to notice things in the Panoramic View as a rule, I have a tendency to notice everything in the Close-Up and Study it rather than taking it ALL in at a glance.

Perhaps that is why I always excelled in Detail Oriented Work?  The Big Picture aside, I can notice the subtle differences instantly.  If something is incorrect, out of place or just 'Off' in some way, it won't escape my scrutiny because it jumps out at me like a beacon is shining on it.   I was very good at Audit, which is kind of ironic that I suck so much at Editing, one would think the two would be similar abilities, they apparently are not!  *LOL*   I'm becoming a better Editor, but I was a Natural at Audit!   If you wanted something scrutinized, inspected or evaluated, I was your Gal!

I've always had an appreciation for anything miniature because if you're going Small, you have to be Detail oriented and get it right.  If you go Big then there is just a more forgiving margin for error because the size will cause many to overlook a multitude of flaws as they admire anything just Grandiose.  I know this to be True when I now look at the Modern Construction flaws of New Villa Boheme' which were not so apparent when you were just Wowed by how Grand and extravagant it all was!  *LOL*

Do you know several of these Walls are not plumb Gramma?  This was a conversation that The Young Prince and I had when we were Decorating the Loft Studio Space Upstairs with Antique Doors that just wouldn't lay flat against several of the Walls!   Well, good thing they have so many Impressive Arches and rounded Corners then to distract the Eye and give the Illusion of a properly measured Space I says...  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*  I find it ironic when Modern Contractors complain about how Historic Homes were built... since the Quality of Craftsmanship is far Superior even if the Codes differed from that Era!

I know I won't be around a Century from now to see the sad state of Modern Construction by then, but I can speculate most will never last a Century, if they even last a half Century?!?   Because most are already having structural problems almost immediately after being built, from slight to major... and Builders are constantly being Sued for shoddy Workmanship.  I know in our Luxury Subdivision the poor quality of the Stucco work is deplorable considering how much these Homes price point was when they were built less than a Decade ago!

And greedy Developers probably cut as many corners as they can.  Right now I heard that some of the Historic Homesteads in our area are up under threat of having their Properties stolen out from under them thru litigation and exercising eminent domain!  Because they refuse to Sell to the greedy Developers that want to displace them and have Urban encroachment devour every acre they can bully someone off of to make a profit or make another extra wide roadway or freeway!   These poor Souls want to keep the Property their Families have lived on for Generations and not be involuntarily displaced and have their Beloved properties destroyed.

  One particular Beautiful Homestead nearby has 200 to 300 year Old Tamarack and Eucalyptus Trees on his Property and is a Farmer and Rancher.  This is his livelihood and he was here for Generations before the Subdivision sprawl came West like Locusts upon the Pristine Desert Lands, Pastures and Farms!  I heard he had to come back from his Vacation in New York, where he spends the Summers, to fight them in Court, since they Plan to cut down the Old Trees and tear everything down by September whether or not he will Sell!!!   I only Pray he will prevail, but he'll have to spend a fortune to fight them effectively.   I've been in that situation, so it makes me angry even if it's not me going thru it again!

Imagine that you bought anything, with your hard earned Money and built it up to exactly where you wanted it to be and it's yours.  Then anyone comes along and tells you to give it up... you know, for the Good of All... how would you react?   They tell you how much they will compensate you for it, a set amount they dictate as 'Fair Value' and you don't even want to Sell anyway.  You probably know you're getting screwed economically and displaced as others profit way more from your unfortunate situation... it's just so Wrong on so many levels.  I don't agree with the expropriation of Private Property for Public use or Corporate Gain.   You should retain the Right to Keep or Sell what belongs to you.

The action of dispossessing someone of Property is becoming a popular movement as the very wealthy can afford to squeeze them out and take what was theirs.  You might own something that now is Prime Real Estate for Development that will net someone multi Millions if they can get you out of the way 'legally' even if it's not ethically.  And what is particularly Sad to me is that Government often backs those who have the most Money and Power at the expense of the average Landowner, who nobody much cares about.  I didn't mean this to be a Political Post, but the News about this unfortunate situation just raised my hackles because it's becoming all too common!

So let me get my blood pressure back down with some more Lovely Images shall we?  *Winks*   The Militant side of me wants to Resist all things that are Wrong with the way things are and try to Change that with Rebellion against the Establishment when it's out of whack, corrupt and out of line... Old Hippie that I am!  *Winks*   You know me not to be a Conformist, but more than that, I just Hate anyone being Bullied and Exploited, standing alone with nobody backing them up.  I'm more inclined to stand with them, even if it seems futile and absolutely Hopeless.  If it's a Righteous Cause I don't mind being labeled a Rebel and standing up for what is Right and Just.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Like you, I love and appreciate old things, old craftsmanship, old homes, etc. I rent an old one in San Francisco. I love it's beauty and put up with the parts that are falling apart. Like you, I also love nature. I feel a deep sadness when I see new "developments." Interesting word, yes? The word "develop" has a positive connotation. In the case of new housing developments, positive for whom? For those who live there, yes, positive. For those pushed out and for the terrain, the land, the flora and fauna, no. One thing I have to watch in myself and I'm thinking perhaps, you do, too... is the ability to forget that humans need homes. There are more and more and more humans born every day. They must live somewhere. Sometimes this gets framed as an immigration issue. Really, it's a human issue. People have babies. They grow up. They live... somewhere! The world population is increasing exponentially. Not everyone wants to live in a high rise - so that means a lot of land is taken up with housing. Where I live, rents are insane. Mine now is, too. Folks think SF is protected by rent control - only parts of it. I live on the edge of the city. There are some "undeveloped" ie wild and free - bits of land left nearby, in a neighboring city, and also on the very edge of SF where there was a once a (very toxic) lock company. Both areas are now in the process of "development." What does this mean? It means that there will be housing for humans. That's good. What does this mean? It means that this area will become more popular. People "like" new housing. They feel "safe" in new housing. Rents will go up around here - even for old, falling apart houses like the one we rent. People like me will have to leave. That's bad. Who are the people moving in? Humans! Did some of them overcome great obstacles in order to afford higher rents or to buy one of the new condos that are going up? Yes! Should they be maligned for doing so? No! Do I feel really sad knowing I'll have to leave this neighborhood where I have lived for twenty years and raised my child? Yes. Will I have to move someday... to a neighborhood which I can afford... where I am perhaps part of what works to increase rent prices? Yes. Do I feel sad about that. Yes. Do we as a species need to stand way back and consider the truth that humans need homes and there are many, many humans on the planet and they don't all want to live in high rises and population - around the globe - is increasing? Yes, we do. Do we, in various local areas, need to stand way back and look at development as it happens and regulate it? Insist on keeping some open areas? Insist on conservancies for farms and ranches? Insist on wildlife corridors? Yes. Or we're going to end up with a lot of places we eventually find uninhabitable - ironically enough. Are all of us going to have to think about what is habitable and what is not habitable as Climate Changes changes everything? Yes. Climate Change, that great teacher, that great friend, is going to bring us many lessons. Some of them will be pretty painful, I think. I'm all for learning them now, while they are easier.

    Thanks for your many thoughtful posts. ZC

    1. Thank You for your very thoughtful Comment to the Post, yes, there are so many considerations aren't there? I've found myself sometimes part of the solution and sometimes part of the problem, which leaves me conflicted. We too moved out of a Historic area where Urban Issues just became too much and bought in a newly developed area that a decade ago was Pristine Desert by the Mountain Range I've loved hiking for years. Couldn't pass up the opportunity to buy a lovely Luxury Home much cheaper than the City, near Beautiful Natural Lands and much safer for my Family. But I would like balance so that some lands are preserved, and some Historic places, while also developing in a responsible manner. It's so complex... and you are absolutely right, the population here has grown tremendously and therefore it is essential that enough housing is available for everyone... it's just such a delicate balance and dilemma isn't it? Thanks for weighing in... Dawn... The Bohemian


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