Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Turtle Infestations And Princesses

Before we get into the Turtle Infestation part of the Story I must first show off a Beautiful Princess, this is Princess T's youngest Sister who lives in Mexico, growing up so quickly!  She looks exactly like one of her older Sisters, Princess R, when she was this age and we visited the Family that year, too long ago.  We're long overdue to see all of the Family South of the border, I'm missing so much of those Grandbabies all growing up!!!  Of coarse all of the Sisters look cloned, mirror images of one another but with different variations of eye and hair coloration.  I was Delighted to see these Precious Images, several of which I'll Over-Share in this Post of coarse, Proud Gramma that I am!  *Winks*

And now on to the funny part of the Story... about a Month ago I had a Crazy Dream about a Turtle Infestation at the house.  It was silly and we all laughed about it as I recounted it... because... well... TURTLE INFESTATION!?!!?  *LMAO*  So fast forward to Yesterday Morning, I go out into the front Courtyard and beside my Tomato plants and eating them sits this Turtle!!!   Yes, the Family joked, it's starting... The Turtle Infestation... as we remembered my bizarre Dream!  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*  So, our subdivision, with it's traffic, numerous Children and Domestic Pets isn't the safest place for a Turtle to roam about so I couldn't just leave it be.  But I wasn't sure which species it was or if it was an indigenous Desert Tortoise or an escaped Exotic Pet so I took it to the Nature Center near our Home to ask one of the Wildlife Experts first.

Turns out it was an escapee Exotic Pet and an African Tortoise, which doesn't belong in Arizona, is the second largest species of Turtles in the World actually, growing to a whopping 200+ lbs., a prolific breeder, a voracious eater and excavator, digging holes that men can fit into!  Also living 100+ years so this would be a Pet you'd have to put into your Will and certainly shouldn't release as an invasive species into our Sonoran Desert Wild!!!   So much for The Young Prince bonding with it on the drive to the Nature Center and pleading if we can keep it if we can't find out who it belongs to!?!  Uh, Hell to the NO!!!  

 I don't plan to live another 100+ years or have Man sized holes dug in my Yard, with a voracious Pet eating all my flora and I know who ends up getting stuck taking Care of Pets... after everyone else loses Interest in Caregiving of Living things!   I'm taking Care of enough Living things in this household Thank You very much!  *LOL*  And who the Hell would you Will something like this to that requires such long term commitment?!  For Generations they would Hate you! *LOL*  So it turns out to be one of our Neighbor's escaped Pets and they were Delighted it survived and got recovered!  I was mega relieved we found it's original Home right away!  *Whew, close call!*

So now all my flora is Safe from the beginnings of The Turtle Infestation... Smiles... it was so Amusing tho' given my Crazy Dream.  But I don't wanna find anymore critters knoshing down in my Courtyard and having to catch and release or find appropriate Homes for them if they're not Native and we cannot find the Owners.   We had enough years of abandoned Pets in the Old Neighborhood with Cats and Dogs... but I have a bigger Issue with Exotic Pets. Most of them don't make good long term Pets when they get so big or unmanageable that the Owners want to get rid of them and cannot find placement... so make the cruel mistake of releasing to the Wild in areas these animals don't belong and threaten Native Species survival and become nuisance animals.  Or they escape and take over the Natural Habitat of Native Species. Places like Florida have learned that the hard way and the Arizona Desert is way more fragile an ecosystem that needs Careful Stewardship and Preservation.

But enough of Pet Peeves, Today I'm focused upon Positive things like Beautiful Grandchildren growing up quickly before my very Eyes!   As this one is Celebrating her Christening and giving me flashbacks of a Decade ago when her Older Sister, Princess R looked exactly like this {if I could locate those Images I'd Share them so you could see the uncanny resemblance}, still other Grandchildren are growing into Young Adults and Graduating!!!  My how Time flies and in the blink of an Eye they are Grown!!!

We are all very Proud to also Announce that another Beautiful One in The Son's Family is Graduating Tomorrow Night and will go on to attend ASU in the Fall majoring in Biomedical Sciences!   She is so Smart and Talented as well as being a Blossoming Beautiful Young Woman!    It doesn't seem all that long ago that my Youngest, The Son, was Graduating... but it is and Time has surely flown by like on the Wings of a Dove!   Life can be and often is fleeting... so it's very important to be Mindful and ever Present in the Moments of it!

I fondly recall this Moment... during The Son's Graduation... and Tomorrow Night I will Witness the next Generation Graduating at her Ceremony.  Yes, indeed it is a privilege to grow Old, a privilege not afforded to many. I'm exceedingly Grateful for the opportunity to see so many of our Grandchildren now growing up into Young Adults, with some having Children of their own already!


But we do still have some of the Little Grands, this one actually being an Aunt at her Birth since her Oldest Siblings already have Children who are older than she is!!!   *Smiles*   Every Child is a Gift from God Himself... each is Cherished in our Household as the Great Gifts that they are, not just to us, but to the World!!!   Those that are Fresh from The Father have a Destiny to shape our World and it's Future for Generations to come and I stand in Awe of that sometimes when I think upon it!   They are indeed our Legacy... and I'm so very Proud of them all and to have such an abundance of Beautiful Legacy!!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh my gosh, what beautiful granddaughters, Dawn! Cool story about the turtle, too. So glad you found it's owner. Probably it will end up at a "zoo" or other facility somewhere down the road.

    1. Thank You... yes, the Children sure have made Pretty Babies for us! *winks* And alas, you are probably right, when that Turtle gets to be 200 lbs. and is digging holes in the back yard the size of caves it will likely no longer appeal to it's owners... so sad... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Sweet post, but keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the turtle infestation, lol. Sandi


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