Thursday, May 4, 2017

Second Wind

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As Spring sprung I thought I would have boundless Energy to tackle stalled out Projects.  To be sure I began many of them and made some Progress, but boundless Energy, yeah, that was quite the delusion!  *LOL*  However, the above Quote says it best as to what my Life's Mantra is if capsulated into just a Phrase.  I'm totally diggin' the Model's hair and Style too!  

I finally filled up the bottom cabinet of my Cabinet Of Curiosities Barrister Bookcase.   I'll later add some backdrop Ephemera Curiosities to fill it all in, so the Quest for those is on the To Do List.  Unless of coarse some of my 1800's Botanical Specimens fit nicely back there, but I'm thinking they may be too tall?

When something finally comes together, even if it be only a tiny nook of the Home or Landscape, I feel quite Accomplished.  It's like eating that Elephant in the Room one bite at a time rather than being overwhelmed by having an Elephant in the Room to begin with in the way of things not yet done and having it consuming you instead!

Of coarse Life's many distractions always seem to get in the way, Yesterday Princess T's annual IEP at School wiped me out as they are always an Emotional Drain.  Spending an Hour in Meetings with School Admin to sort out your Special Needs Child's Educational Process can Suck.  Listening to all that is wrong with your little Darling for an Hour can seem like an Eternity! 

I will however give huge props to this Elementary School's IEP Team, they Rock, they genuinely Care and she's made nothing short of Miraculous progress under their Guidance that even they find hard to Believe!   Since the beginning of the School Year she's moved from being at a 2nd Grade Level and Well Below Function to being AT her 5th Grade Level and Functional in most areas!  WOW and a Hallelujah!

I had to give her, and them, a High Five, even tho' it wasn't all Rainbows, Buttercups and Unicorn Farts since her Progress has in fact been a double edged sword.   She will fall off receiving Services soon due to her Progress and Qualifying Factors and even tho' her Test Scores have soared, her Grades have now Tanked from A's to F's!   Yep, such is the dichotomy of the Intelligent Special Needs Child!

It happened with her Older Brother too... and her Uncle and Mother before her.  Once identified as Academically Capable and highly Intelligent, they are going to Qualify for less Services in spite of the fact their Disability and how it creates distinct limitations, has not gone away or been Cured.  They will be Mainstreamed completely even if they are not at a level playing field with Children without Special Needs and Disabilities.

Ideally and in a Perfect World that is actually The Goal, to integrate and blend them in with everyone else if they're High Functional, despite their Disability... and Focus upon their Abilities.   That Goal can be accomplished and we've done it with every Child to the best of their Abilities to Mainstream into Society and Function "as if" they have no limitations.  But they do... have limitations... and Issues that cannot be Ignored or not Dealt with appropriately.  Things can, and often do, go Left quickly if one is lulled into thinking they ARE like the completely healthy average Child.

Their Good Days being held against them, it's a double edged sword when they aren't dealing with their Bad Days as much, make Progress, so everyone now expects Normal Function every day, just like everyone else.  She isn't living up to her Potential they KNOW she now has.  So, she has missed out on just about ALL of the Special Earned Privileges this year like the Ice Cream Socials and Pizza Parties... in spite of her Amazing Progress.  Because she can't Function at an Expected Level and Earn them, so it's been a Consequence.  I'm not against Reward and Consequence, but I am against Punishment for Disabling Factors associated with a legit Disability.

She has cried and Emotionally been distraught about missing out... and her Grades tank further as she despairs, so it's a vicious Cycle when one cannot seem to Earn what others seem to be able to Earn.  We're working on that because my adage is that Life is a harsher taskmaster than any Teacher or I will ever be and we must prepare them for LIFE and for Society at Large, which often don't compensate for the Disabled or extend Compassion.  In the Wild Kingdom the Disabled or Weak would never Survive at all, but as Humans they stand a chance at least.

Even if she never attains their Markers or reach their Expectations Behaviorally or Academically I know she's one Smart Cookie and very Adaptable and Resilient, she's had to be all her Eleven Years of Life thus far.   This is a Kiddo that has Survived some serious Health Issues valiantly and with toughness, and now struggles with Emotional and potentially some Mental Health Issues she will have to learn to Manage.   We don't miss as many days of School anymore due to Anxiety and Panic Attacks or Physical Ailments, so she's growing Stronger as she's Growing Up.

She has now reached the Top of her Special Ed Class in her Academics, so I am profoundly Proud of her even if she's getting all F's this Quarter rather than the A's she got last Quarter.  We take it one day at a time as we catch our Second Wind... both with the Caregiving aspect of our days and with Maintaining our New Home as well.  We Adjust our Lifestyle according to Need and make whatever necessary Sacrifices must be Endured along the way... it's how we Roll.   So here's to catching the Second Wind and moving forward...

Because indeed the Question isn't who is going to Let us... it's who is going to Stop us!?!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I love all your "stuff" very cool!

    I to am a parent who went to a lot of meetings at school for my daughter. Blah. There is always light at the end of the tunnel... although sometimes it appears to be the light from a train and your standing on the track.
    big hugs!

    1. Very True that analogy! This IEP wasn't so bad tho', I've had way worse ones and worse news... Dawn... The Bohemian


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