Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Fidget Spinners And Dancing Gypsies

So, if you don't have Children or Grandchildren you probably aren't going to know what the first part of this Post is even talking about... Fidget Spinners!  The elusive madly Trending Toy that allegedly relieves Stress and Anxiety, tho' I beg to differ, since finding one for your Child will cause plenty of both because every shop that carries them is Sold Out and every Child desperately wants one!

I ordered one online, coz that's what you do when you can't find something locally.  But even they have up to an eight week backlog in shipment since demand is exceeding supply and production!  Eight weeks to a Kid is practically an Eternity, the Fad could pass before she gets the damned thing?!  I should have Invented this inexpensive new Fad, I'd be a Made Woman!  Or at the very least Invested in a Truckload and charged a Premium!

The rest of the Family never want to even hear the words Fidget Spinner anymore, EVER... she's driven us to the brink of Insanity with her Obsession about having one!   At least it's moved her away from Obsession about Slime, which now is readily available so she's not so fixated upon it anymore and has some!   It brings me back to the days of when such things as Cabbage Patch Dolls... then Tickle Me Elmos... were all the craze in various Toy Eras and couldn't be Found!

Honest to God, it was easier for me to find an 1800's Steamer Trunk with Dancing Gypsies Graphics than it has been to find a Fidget Spinner for Princess T... go figure!   And what do you think of my 1800's Steamer Trunk Dancing Gypsies Graphics my Friends?   I instantly fell in Love and hadda have it, so made an Offer on it... and now it's mine!!!

The Gorgeous Gypsy Ladies are Graphics on the interior removable Storage Box that fits above the main Storage Trunk Space, the little Leather straps are still attached and for it's Age and obvious Use, it's in remarkable condition and still quite Vivid.   Did the Trunk once belong to a band of Traveling Gypsies, I dunno... but it's Fun to Imagine it's Travels all the same and where it might have traveled to?!?

This is the Graphic inside the Lid of the Trunk, of a Child...

All of the Wood, Ornamentation and Leather is intact, including Leather Handles, which is Rare, especially when the Trunks are this Old and have clearly been well Used and well Traveled.

I use my Storage Trunks a lot so was Glad to pick up another one at a really deep discount and with such Amazing Graphics on the Interior and Ornamentation on the Exterior.   These were the days when Luggage was built to Last and look Pretty and Extravagant as a Status Symbol!

Now, schlepping it Upstairs to the Art Studio Loft will be a two person job since it's as heavy as a boat anchor!  *LOL*  But I wouldn't be nearly as Tired nor unsuccessful doing that as I have been going to Eleven Sold Out Shops Today to try to procure a Fidget Spinner!  *Le Sigh*   She's just gonna hafta patiently wait the two Months for the one I ordered Online to arrive in the Mail!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You are One Super Grandma!! So glad you got a happy bonus for all your hard work! The Trunk is Gor-Ge-Ous!!

    1. Thank You, yes, I didn't intend to buy a Trunk when I went in to Work that day, but I couldn't pass this one up! She seems content that her Brother and I at least tried and went to 11 stores to try to obtain her new obsession, hopefully the mail order will not take as long to fill the order? Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. OMG Dawn, that trunk is amazing! I have a real thing for old trunks too. We have a slime girl in the house but she hasn't moved on to the fidget thing yet - don't we learn a lot as grandmothers, haha? xoMary

    1. Absolutely Mary, think of all the random toy Fads we never would have experienced! *LOL* I remember even when my Son was young and he came home talking about the names of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I thought they were learning about the Great Master Renaissance Artists... Raphael, Leonardo, Michelangelo and Donatello... silly me! *winks* And my 'Thing' for Old Trunks and Suitcases knows no bounds! Ha ha ha Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I would be tempted to hang that insert on the wall with those fab graphics...I can see you making it a wall shrine --real quick. Amazing find, mine was stolen out of my chicken coop/teenage den when I was a kid, though it was the same on the outside the inside was plain., Grins, Sandi


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