Friday, May 5, 2017

Cinco de Mayo And Contemplation

Today is Cinco de Mayo and in the Old Historic Neighborhood that was a big Celebration since it was a predominantly Hispanic Community so there were a lot of Festivities going on.   Not at all out here in the Rural Burbs, so getting into the Spirit and Celebrating like we used to with Fiesta Spirit and Decor hasn't quite been the same since our Big Move and I Miss that more than I thought I would.

We could almost forget the Celebration was at hand out here and so this Morning, after the G-Kid Force were dropped off at School, The Man and I headed back to our Old Hood and our Favorite Mexican Restaurant.  We know everyone there, they always tell us how much they Miss us and are Happy to see us any time we return.   We had an Amazing Authentic Mexican Breakfast... Nom Nom... we left feeling full, content and ready for our Siesta back at Home!  *LOL*

Back at Home... where I did have some Coronitas chillin' in the fridge with Fresh Limes, Fresh Pico de Gallo, Salsa, and Restaurant Tortilla Chips for later on Today.  My Tablescape tho' was impromptu, not like the Old Days when we went the Whole Hog on Decorating to have our little Fiesta at the Old Homestead.  Hearing Mariachi Music playing down the Old Street and the sounds of Laughter and other Merriment going on well into the Evening.  With the G-Kid Force being Invited over to indulge in joining in with the Bouncy Houses, Kid's Festivities and Neighbor's Feasts... they Miss that too.

Sometimes when we're in the Truck alone Princess T will ask me if we can turn on the Radio to the Spanish Music Stations because it reminds her of The Old Neighborhood and all the Parties she attended growing up at her Friend's Homes.   She said she really misses the Music, the Dancing, her Friends and how much Fun they used to have at the House Parties which always spilled out into the front yards.  She will Dance in the Passenger Seat and we will Laugh, fondly recalling.   I will Dance at the Stoplights with exaggerated Latin Dance moves and make her Laugh hysterically!  *Smiles*

The G-Kid Force are of Latino Heritage and they Enjoyed the Connection to that part of their Heritage in the Old Neighborhood.   So I do try to keep them Connected to it, even out here, and fiercely Proud of their Ethnic Diversity, regardless of some of the Racism they have unfortunately experienced, especially since the Crazy Election and how divisive it has been for our Country.  I almost cannot turn on the TV anymore to a News Channel, so Grim, Outrageous and divisive it all has become!!!

Which brings me to my most recent Quiet Contemplation which has made it very hard to be Celebratory at all Today... about the complex Issue of Health Care and how that is playing out right now.  I am very conflicted about it actually on a personal level.  On the one hand it is inhumane to neglect the most vulnerable of Society and not ensure the Sick, the Dying, the Disabled, the Elderly and the Poor have adequate Health Care... and aren't discriminated against due to Age, Health, Disability, Pre-Existing Conditions and the like.  The Fear a Repeal and not a viable Replacement Creates is very Heartbreaking and no wonder they are Angry and uncertain of their Care or lack thereof!!!  Nobody wants to be on the Hurry Up And Die Plan!!! 

And on the other hand I know that since the ACA has been enacted it has been extremely flawed in that it has not Created AFFORDABLE Health Care for everyone, in fact, quite the opposite has happened.   For those who don't Qualify for Assistance or Subsidies of any kind they have seen their Premiums, Deductibles, Co-Pays and Prescription Medications soar into the stratosphere!  Often Tripling or worse... our State has been one of the worst in the Nation with some Insurance increases at a staggering 116%, which is obscene and downright Criminal IMO!!! 

Nobody can absorb that kind of increase without extreme hardship or just having to go Uninsured and put their Family at great risk.  When they never had to before because they COULD afford their Health Care before ACA!  Then they suffer the extreme punishment of the Tax Penalties if they cannot afford the extortion of Health Care they can no longer afford and had to drop, to the tune of about $1,800 for many!!! Double Victimization, no wonder they want Repeal and Reform!  No Insurance because they can't afford it and the Fear that Creates, plus further Economic Punishment because they can't afford it yet it's now mandatory!  I know many people in this boat... they Need Relief... they Need AFFORDABLE Insurance... as do WE ALL!!! 

I know it is such a complex issue that I don't even presume to have the answers on how best it will be Solved?  I only Pray that it will be Solved, though I don't have a great deal of Confidence with current Leadership at the helm, since their Agendas seem quite murky and Profit Oriented to me.   Nobody in America should have to go without Insurance because they cannot Afford it or can be turned down to Receive it, we are one of the Richest and most Prosperous Countries on Earth.   


I know that for our Family we are on both sides of this Issue.  Thankfully The G-Kid Force currently Qualify for Assistance for Health, Dental, Prescription and Mental Health Services {for now at least} for their very expensive Health Care due to Title 19 Status for being Minors and being Disabled.  That's handy since they don't Qualify for The Man's crappy Insurance.  The Military and the Federal Govt. he Served 39 years with don't recognize them as Qualifying to be his Dependents since he is unable to Adopt them due to his own severe Disability Status!  Ours is a complex Case too.

The Man and I have watched his Earned Benefits erode to the point of no longer receiving Free Healthcare for Life that WAS an Earned Benefit when he Enlisted back in the 1960's and has now been rescinded.   We now pay for coverage and the Premiums, Deductibles increase every year and the Quality of coverage is often disgraceful and a huge battle to get them to pay for or approve anything.  Many Civilian Doctors and Providers no longer even accept our crappy Insurance, knowing they either won't get paid at all or only a tiny fraction of their claims.  

I was never so Grateful as when The Man finally Qualified for Medicare, tho' the Premium ate up almost all of his Social Security check... but at least now he has dual Coverage.   Which is handy since using a VA Hospital is in a Word... well, I won't use that vulgar Word actually... lets just say Veterans are dying every day waiting to be seen even tho' the ongoing Investigation into Why has gone on for years now!  With The Man being profoundly Disabled and sickly, I Worry for his Standard of Care being adequate as well as affordable and that he can get in to be seen in a reasonable amount of time and not die waiting!

I am Thankful that though they closed down the Base Hospital we still have a Clinic that at least I can still go to even tho' The Man cannot anymore due to his Age.   I am Thankful that for now all of our Family have some kind of Coverage and that I can absorb the Costs of what we must pay out of pocket.  I Grieve greatly for those on BOTH sides of this Issue who aren't as Fortunate.  I Pray for BOTH sides to have speedy resolution to Receiving adequate AFFORDABLE Health Care so that not a one has to do without!  Or be severely penalized and punished due to Rules that cause Economic hardships they simply cannot pay on their Income.

In fact, the Issue is so Controversial and Passionate on both sides that I have refrained from speaking on anyone else's Blog Comments related to Posts about it since Emotions are so High and so much is at stake.   My Opinion doesn't really matter at the end of the day, and certainly I don't have the Answers as to how to fix any of it for anyone... even ourselves.   I'll put that instead in God's most capable Hands and Trust Him rather than any Politician in Washington, for which I haven't placed Trust in for a very long time regardless of Political Lines and Affiliations...

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone...

From our little Fiesta over here at Villa Boheme'!  *Smiles*


Blessings, Love and Peace from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You nailed it. I am stunned by the lack of empathy for those who will be left in the dust. The cost of insurance has long been something only the privileged can afford. This is a national disgrace, and as for the veterans being cheated, young men take heed, it's never what you signed up for when the time comes for the VA to deliver the goods. Be very careful about entrusting your future to promises. It's highly unlikely they will materialize.

    1. Broken Promises to the Citizens seems to be the norm nowadays, smoke and mirrors, it's all quite the illusion isn't it? Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. How I wish we could go back to the wholesome 40's and 50's!

  3. Well, if you had asked to go back to the 60's I was gonna say I wasn't so wholesome! *winks* But, I don't know about going back to Eras where there were still a lot of injustices prevailing, especially against Minority populations like my Dad's people... so for us, being of mixed Race Ancestry, the Present still holds more Promise than the Past so I remain Guardedly Optimistic some Progress can be made to correct some wrongs. Guess I'm a Hopeless Optimist... Thanks for weighing in tho' my Friend, I always enjoy your visits! Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. I am a woman vet and I go to the Prescott VA clinic and hospital and have always received excellent care. I thank my lucky stars I am able to as I could never afford insurance.


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