Saturday, May 6, 2017

Boho Rag Curtains And My Fabric Obsession

I have a Fabric Obsession, of all the things I find hardest to Cull of my possessions, Great Vintage and Antique Fabrics and Trims would be at the top of the List of things I hold onto tightest!   So Today's Post will fixate upon Fabric Creations that I'm also currently Obsessed with, namely Boho Rag Curtains.  So I've gleaned Pinterest exhaustively to find some of the Styles of doing it I like best.   This knotted version of Fabric strands topped the List!

I am Naturally drawn to the Over-The-Top Colorful versions of coarse, but I know to go with the more Soothing Sepia Style I've begun at New Villa Boheme' I'd probably go more Naturale!   It's not as if I don't have a wealth of stashed Fabrics I could easily convert to Boho Rag Curtains so it's more a matter of, once again, getting around to another Project and seeing it thru to completion with all the Free Time I DON'T have!  *Smiles*

I also like them tied back like these Images rather than hung loose.  And I'm leaning towards, in the Meditation Room that I will be Creating, to go more Bold, since I've totally ditched that White Room Concept.  *LOL*  Yes, I Loved it in the Inspiration Image, but it just isn't something I felt I could Live with comfortably for long.  So if I'm going to Design a Room and Invest Time and Resources in it, well, gotta have it stand the test of Time to actually be able to Live with!

I can Admire a lot of things that stray from my Aesthetic, but eventually I always come Full Circle back to my more Authentic Self so I don't Experiment much within the Sanctuary of Home.   With my Showroom spaces, sure, I don't have to Live there or be there often so I'll try anything once, twice if I Like it.  But at Home I want it to reflect my Essence and Tastes... or as some might say, lack thereof of Taste and Refinement!  *Bwahahahahaha!*  I don't Care, I Do Me, especially within our Home, to Please ourselves and nobody else.

I rather liked this Fabrics Tenting with Boho Rag Accents on the Trim... I could probably use something like this across the Interior Courtyard until we can afford to put in the permanent Pergola structure we eventually Want.  Three ropes and some Goodwill Hunting Fabrics that I don't mind being destroyed in a Season of intense Desert Sunshine and Heat, and whalla... the Shade that would make being out there much more comfortable.   For us and for my new Morning Glory Vine I planted out there and is presently enduring triple digits temps and reflective flash off the White stucco walls, poor thing!

So yeah, when I get around to a Boho Rag Curtain or two... three... whatever... I'll probably have mine looking more like this conglomeration of Vintage Fabrics and Trims with more Soothing Hues that match our Current Color Palette.  So I'm sticking it on the Laundry List of other Projects I'd Like to get around to in all the Free Time that I DON'T have for another lengthy Creative Project for the Home.  *Ha ha ha*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Your curtains are marvelous. They make me smile :)

  2. Oh! I do love those knotted bohemian curtains tied back! And the tenting would be terrific for a season!

  3. These are beautiful! Gives me incentive to make some, too!

  4. absolutely beautiful and the colors just brighten the day, how can one not smile looking at them. may i ask if there are instructions on these. i live in a small camper and with cooler weather soon upon us, (hopefully) i think they would be fun and liven up all the drab in a camper while adding insulation. thank you so much.

  5. where can I find how to make these please :)


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