Friday, April 21, 2017

Sweet Salvage ~ Color Stories ~ Part I

Today was Opening Day of the 'Color Stories' Themed Event at SWEET SALVAGE.   I knew I had to marathon shop and cover the Event hastily, because I had to pick the Young Prince up from School by 11:30 in another City and the doors only opened at 10:00!  With commute time from the City back to the Rural Burbs, that meant I Rushed and alas my Images suffered for it!  *Oh No!*   So some of the Sweet's FB Coverage is cribbed for the Posts, to give you the full Effect of the Gorgeous Vignettes that my Photography this day didn't do Justice to at all.  Such as this Fab Fainting Couch in my Friend Michelle's Space!  *OMG... I'm Swooning and therefore could use a Fainting Couch, Smiles!*

Yes, this is one of those pieces with original Upholstery in an Ideal Hue that I really, really fall in Lust with... and have nowhere at Home to actually put unless I Designed an entire Room around it!   And kept the entire Family off of it so they wouldn't destroy it!  In my Dreams I actually have seating that is not practical for a Family that tends to be hard on furnishings that are used often.  And unlike a lot of Gorgeously aesthetically pleasing Antique Furniture, this was Comfortable too, with Down filled Cushion!  This was my Fav piece that I had to leave behind, tho' I fondled and caressed it, you know, having that Forbidden Love Affair with it!  *Winks*

And my Friend Minnie's Spring Line of Bedding and Wardrobe, equally Swoon worthy!   I particularly Loved the Hues of Dusty Rose with Grey and Creme, a very Soothing and Tranquil color palette for the Boudoir!   Minnie always Styles the Beds in such a way you just want to climb up into them and take a luxurious Nap!   I'm not so sure that would stimulate Trade tho' with me curled up in there snoring, so I resisted the Urge to sprawl out on it!  Besides, then I'd really be late picking up The Young Prince, wouldn't I?!?!!!  *LOL*  I was so Inspired that I would like to put an Archway at the foot of our Bed now with a Steer Skully and Vintage Laces draped like this, but The Man would never go for it!  *Le Sigh*

Here's my Adorable Friends Minnie and Cyndie, they always look so effortlessly Glam and have the Cutest Wardrobe and Accessories, they are their own best Models for their Lines!   This day I made a beeline for the Boutique since Cyndie's Line of Reliquary Jewelry she Creates is usually previewed prior to the Show on FB and I'd seen a piece I simply HAD to have!!!   It's always difficult to choose a single Favorite of her Bling because I'd like it ALL... but some just scream for me to own them!  *Smiles*

Yes, Jesus was screaming to me from this Antique Reliquary Necklace!  *LOL*  This Sacred Heart piece and the semi-precious Stone beads match so perfectly that it just took my breath away actually and He had to come Home with me!  I have a Passion for Antique Spiritual Icons and have Collected them for as long as I can remember.  So having one you can Display AND Wear, well, that just adds to the Appeal now doesn't it?

I'm very much like my Dear Old Mom was when it comes to da Bling, it's our particular Weakness, to have and to wear a lot of it!   It must be hard wired into our Family DNA because all of the Women in the Family are like that.  We Love to Accessorize and just have heaps of Beautiful Jewelry lying around when we're not wearing it.   It's a Human Magpie Trait that has been passed down from generation to generation.  The Torch has been passed down and Princess T is as much a Human Magpie as her Gramma is, so one day she'll inherit a lot of this and it will be my Legacy.  *Winks*

Until I wear it one of the Antique Dress Form Gals will be Modeling it so that it is a part of the Home Decor and Displayed to be Enjoyed even when not worn.   I don't like to stash pretty bling away in Jewelry Boxes, so I've got it draped over damned near everything in the house!  The Man thinks it's hysterical that I'll often even consider if a piece of usable Decor like a Table Lamp can and will double as a Jewelry holder?!??!   If it can, it's much more likely to come Home with me for use and do double duty!

Case in point, the Antique "Ugly Lamp", as the Family like to affectionately call my Lotus Lamp, which I just Love because it can hold a multitude of bling like my Necklaces and Earrings!  *Smiles*   It sits right by my Leather Recliner and Club Chair so that if I'm in a hurry and need to quickly Accessorize, it's easier than hunting down Accessories and I can always find a Necklace or Earrings to throw on hastily.  Lately I'm doing a lot of things hastily by necessity, so it just comes in handy.

But I digress, back to my new Antique Reliquary Sacred Heart Jesus Necklace... it was my first purchase and I had thought it would be my only purchase actually.   I was Wrong... *Winks*... because there was a certain Coffee Table Decor Book that I've been Lusting after for several Shows now.  It was spendy so I'd resisted for Months, tho' I really wanted it for my Library since it's loaded with Brocante Style, which is my current Style Obsession for preferred Decor Aesthetic right now.  It's as if that Style was Made for me and I just didn't know what My Style was actually called, you know?  And so this Show I didn't even try to Resist again... I just bit the bullet and purchased it!

It's another Vintage By Nina Decor Book called Among Vintage & Friends, by Nina Hartmann, it is printed in two languages side by side, English and Swedish, since it's also Sold in Sweden.  It's a hefty Book and every single page is Swoon worthy and profiles several Brocante Style personal Homes and Businesses that have that Aesthetic.   I've never regret Investing in a Quality Book for my Library, the endless supply of Inspiration for years is absolutely Priceless.  Certain Styles are Timeless and not Dated, I feel that Brocante Style is one of those Classics that defies an Era in Decor.

The Collections and Vignettes could BE our Home... it's just how I like to Live and how I like to Display my Collections.   Being surrounded by them and Displayed in such a way just feels like Home to me, so I'm at Home within these pages.   I'm also absorbing every Detail and Lusting after many of the Collections these Homeowners have Sourced and the Shop Owners have for Sale in their Brocante Businesses!   I have to Confess I was also Wishing we had some Architectural Styling of Homes like the Swedes have!  You just cannot find Homes like that in this Country anywhere!

So, those were my two Purchases and I was in and out in probably less than 40 Minutes, which I think is some kind of Record for me attending any of the Shows.  I would have liked to have lingered longer but then I'd have The Young Prince sitting curbside outside his School in an area he's not familiar with so I don't want him wandering around waiting on me.   It's nice that I actually can still attend the Shows, I had initially thought I would no longer be able to, but I've found if I just focus I can manage it and still pick him up in time.  Hopefully I'll also get better at Marathon Photography done in haste?  My downloads of this Show's coverage show I Need to Work on that aspect, about 75% of my Images didn't turn out and I was bummed!

Mebbe one frame in about 12 was decent enough to use in a Blog Post, so I was disappointed about that.  So much that I wanted to Share with you I can't because the Photography was just that bad and mostly blurry.  I hadn't realized I was moving THAT fast that my Photography was blurred by my Speed!  *Ha ha ha*   Instead of frantically snapping away, I think the next Show I'll slow down and just take fewer frames and ensure they are decent and not a waste of Memory Card space.   I haven't figured out how to delete anything but the most recent pix from this new Camera and honestly, until I download the Images into a file folder online, I can't even tell if they turned out OK from the Camera's small Screen... such is the case when the Eyes are Aging!  *LOL*

Here's another one of Cyndie's new Antique Reliquary Necklace Creations with a Meerschaum Madonna and Child.   This is why it's so difficult to choose a single Fav of any of her Jewelry Line, each piece is exquisite and a tiny Work of Wearable Antique Art!!!   These tiny enshrined containers for Spiritual Relics have always Appealed to me, so I've Collected Reliquaries and being able to wear some is just an added Bonus. 

Now, if I was smaller... I'd probably go down in flames in the Wardrobe section of the Boutique as well!!!   The Fashions here are really Unique and Stylish, I'd like to fill my closet with many pieces in the Line, alas, I'm a BMW and so hardly any are in my size.   That happens a lot now so I really am working hard to lose weight.  From a Diabetic standpoint it will also help me with my numbers being in a better range too, so I have plenty of Motivation.   I'd have to say that for the last decade tho' it's been an ongoing battle with me versus my weight!  *Le Sigh*   It's not that I can't lose it... it's just that I can't seem to keep it off successfully.  This time I Hope that's different after I reach a Goal weight I'm aiming for?

Princess T has the next four days off School, so it's going to be like a mini Spring vacay for her and if it weren't for her Brother still having to go to School Friday and Monday, we could have some Girl's Day Out Fun uninterrupted!  Alas, his School doesn't have either day off so he has a regular Weekend and I still have to pick him up by 11:30 which makes it hard to plan anything too far afield with her.   I might see if AFTER we pick him up she wants to go to the Show so I can take a more leisurely gander at the Color Stories?

I'm not really sure what kind of itinerary she has in mind, but I do know she'll want to do something... that Kid just Hates staying Home when she has a Free Day!  *LOL*   And I don't know I can handle The Mall again... shudder... I'm just not a Mall kinda Gal... Malls and what they offer bore me actually.  I prefer Shows, Events, Antique Malls and Indie Shops myself to Source anything I might want.   But Young Girls and The Mall seem to just be a 'Thing'... they Love going to The Mall and since at Eleven she still needs a Chaperone, Guess who gets Volunteered to be her Sidekick for Mall excursions!?!  Yippee!  NOT!!!

And The Young Prince, well, he's at that Age for Young Men now where he'd rather never have to step foot inside of any Store or Business actually.  The moment he walks in he's almost ready to leave already!  *LOL*   His impatience is evident and so we'd rather not take him along since it's a Good Time he just cannot handle nor appreciate now so he'd spoil it for us Gals.   The Man is the same way, if he goes it's usually under Protest or out of sheer Boredom because there's nothing on TV he wants to watch right then!  *Smiles*

In fact, when I see Shoppers of mixed company I'm always Wondering WHY the Menfolk even bother to tag along because most of the time they look absolutely in Misery having to be anywhere us Gals Love to go!?!   Many will just Park themselves somewhere out of the way and just wait... Hoping their Gals would just hurry up, buy something specific and want to leave... which ain't happening, right Ladies?!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*  I mean, we MIGHT have something specific in mind, but an in and out approach is mostly and generally not an Estro thing when we go Shopping, even if we don't intend to actually buy anything!!!  *Smiles*

I think every Shop Owner, every Event Planner and every Show Organizer owes us Ladies a debt of Gratitude, you really do... because if it were up to the Guys there would be no impulse shopping or lingering!  *LOL*   Well, mebbe with the exception of Sporting Goods Stores... the Guys Eyes do glaze over when they enter a Bass Pro Shop or Cabelas and you almost can't get them out of there! *Winks*   The Man can spend more time perusing an Ammunition Isle than I can spend browsing in a Boutique!  *Bwahahahahaha!*  So if he is in tow I like to try to guide him over to any Vignette with Mantiques, our Friend Kenny has a lot of Killer Mantiques in his Space at the Show!  Loving that Antique German Medical Anatomy Wall Poster!

And for Spring I really liked all of the Fresh Flowers and Herbs planted in various Creative ways.  There were numerous plantings in Antique or Vintage Containers of every sort... I particularly liked the plantings in Old Silverplate pieces, it gives an Elegant Touch to a Tablescape.

And the plantings in Children's Rubber Goulashes and Ladies Dress Heels was so Fun, Creative and Whimsical!!!  If you use Succulents, Air Plants or Cacti they don't require as much watering so it can work out well and not need much drainage.

Just a Cute way to Repurpose the Rubber Boots the Kids have Outgrown and are just too Sweet to throw away.   Of coarse with The G-Kid Force, they are so hard on any kind of Shoes that by the time they've Outgrown them they are so worn out and battered they wouldn't Display this well and soil and water would be falling out of holes in the soles and toes!  *LOL*  You should see the Tennis Shoes I just tossed now that Princess T and Prince D have their new ones... they all looked like they'd been thru a meat grinder and were in tatters!

Always Love the Butterfly Specimen Displays, I could never get enough of those, really diggin these two.  I add to my Entomology Collections continuously as I see Specimens I don't already have... Nature really has some of the very best and Unique Creations!!!

And speaking of Unique Creations, here's another Adorable Necklace by Cyndie with a Little Lamb wearing a Crown!   Seriously Too Cute, huh?

In fact, I lingered in the Boutique a very long amount of the shortened time I had to Shop, which is probably why some of my best Images came out of the Boutique Area!?!  *Smiles*

These Spoon Cuffs with Cute Messages were Fun... I particularly liked the ones that said "Gypsy Soul" and my Fav was the one that said "I'm A Happy Go Lucky Freakin Ray Of Sunshine"!!!   *Winks*

After I left the Event to go pick up The Young Prince he and I went to Lunch together at a Fav Chinese Restaurant.  Then after I dropped him off I headed back into the City for the rest of my "Me Time" since I wasn't giving up my Respite Day entirely!

I had a Mission to find a Plant Nursery that carried Queen's Wreath Vine, they've been hard to Source this year, but I did finally find some on the East Side.   And the Nursery I went to had an Antique Store, Exotic Birds and an Awesome Historic Pueblo Style Adobe Home on the premises, so that will be in another Post.  I'd never been there before but mos def will go back again, an unexpected Surprise new Favorite Place!!!   Don't you just Love it when you find a new Shop or Business that is Awesome!?!

I make Pilgrimages to my Favs, but some close down for the Summer or are Occasional Sale Shows like Sweet so it's also nice to find new Haunts to visit in between Shows and Summer Closures.

I do Hope you've enjoyed coming along with us Virtually Today as we've Enjoyed some "Color Stories"?   I think I can squeeze at least one more Post out of the paltry amount of pixs that turned out decent enough to Share?


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I so enjoy your fantastic antique show visits through your eyes! I agree on your necklace selection! Outstanding!

    1. I enjoy you coming along with me Virtually my Friend! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I have just recently stumbled upon your blog and I absolutely adore your pictures of all things vintage. Taxidermy does not freak me out and I love the stuffed animals wearing glasses, hats, etc.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Iris and leaving such a sweet compliment. I'm Glad you enjoy the Whimsy of dressing up Taxidermy and making it Fun. Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Yes, really loved everything you are showing here, especially the gorgeous bling your friend makes. I'd have gone for the necklace, too!


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