Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Spring At Rust And Roses

So last Week I was in the City and managed to stop by my Friend Shelly's Shop RUST AND ROSES to see what Spring Fabulousness they had in Inventory.  I was totally diggin' these Altered Art Bags that Shelly Created from Old Pennants, American Flags, Indian Blankets, European Feed Sack Linens and Hides.   I think I NEED one... this one being my Favorite.  *Winks*

Not that I Need another Bag really in this Lifetime, but they're all so Cute and would make a great Tote that would be sturdy.   Shelly always has the Cutest Ideas for Bags and I don't know where she finds the Time to Create them as busy as that Gal always is?!?   I Photographed a few of them so that if you think you Need one too... well.. you know... *Bwahahahahahaha!*

I know, while I'm trying to stave off contributing to my own delinquency, well, I might as well contribute to yours instead, right?  *Winks*   Just don't take MY Bag okay, in case I can't Resist.  *Ha ha ha*   The rest are fair game... and well, if you think you Need the one I like best, just don't tell me you got to it first, it can just be your dirty little Secret Okay?!  *Smiles*  I won't Hate you, I Promise... well, mebbe a little bit, til I get Over it... *Smiling*

I am getting Over stuff pretty regularly now actually... which is why the Great Edit and Purge is going so very well... I'm Over so many Things that I'm Releasing them easily now and Moving On.   That's very Liberating and I'm Glad to be in Detachment Mode now where it's easier, much easier than it used to be.  I barely have any Emotional Attachments now when I decide something has to just GO or someone else should just own it instead!

I AM following my Dreams, and lately the biggest Dream is to just get my shit together, put it in a sac, and haul that sucker somewhere other than New Villa Boheme' so that I have a more uncluttered and more Simple existence!  *Smiles*   I even Purged the Showroom at the Antique Mall Today, I did!!!  I spent seven hours there and loaded the truck up to the hilt with older Inventory that I just Donated to a DV Shelter Thrift Shop.   Great Cause and it made getting rid of numerous boxes of stuff so much more Uplifting.

I want to clear out as much as possible so I can refresh the entire Showroom completely with almost all New Inventory that I want to bring in.  Sales right now are waning due to the Summer Months looming, a lot of our Seasonal Visitors are beginning to leave as things heat up in the Valley and warm up where ever they came from to escape the Snow.

So really it was the Ideal Timing for me to get in there to do a lot of Spring Cleaning Work without being in the way of Customers.  It greatly helped that a Vendor nearby had vacated a Booth so I could Stage everything in that empty one and be out of the way completely from anyone coming into my Showroom.  There's just something about you BEING there that attracts Customers tho', so Today's Sales were bigger than the rest of the entire week combined!  *LOL*  Perhaps I should BE there more often, right?!  *Not Possible... but just sayin'... it would Help stimulate Trade!*

And I met an Adorable Young Couple with a little Baby Boy who are really INTO my kind of Stuff... they both had Amazing Colorful American Traditional Tattoo Sleeves of Stylized Native Americans and Gypsies.  They too Collect Oddities and the Weird and the Wonderful.   They paid me the biggest Compliment when they said they Love coming into my Showroom because the Vibe is always so Cool and lures them in.   They bought a lot from me Today, including taking Home both the Vintage Big Bad Wolf and Santa from the 40's... so Glad they were going to a Good Home like that!

I really Enjoy meeting my Customers and especially the 'Regulars' so that I know what they dig and I can better Source it for them if they're coming in regularly to my Space to Shop.   I especially Enjoy if we are Kindred Spirits, this Young Couple were Excited that I'm moving more in a direction to Source the type of Inventory I would Style my own Home with exclusively now.   No more trying to put my finger on the pulse of the local demographic, which is so eclectic and random I just can't anyway!  *Ha ha ha*

I just don't know what everyone else likes or is looking for, I just know what I like and what I'd put into my own Home... so now that's going to be my Rule of Thumb.  It's not going into the Showroom if it isn't something I don't dig myself, no matter how much potential Inventory I see whilst Pickin' that I know I could Sell easily but just isn't my Vibe or what I personally Like.  I think I'll be Happier with my Retail Space that way and not Hate it or feel ambivalent towards it.  Might not make as much Bank, but the Economy is still such that, might as well do My Thing and roll the dice!  *LOL*

Besides, I KNOW what I DON'T wanna Sell, even if it's something the average Customer would buy... and that inner conflict I've been having about that fact... well... I'm Over it too!  *Winks*   I'd rather appeal to the not-so-average Customer actually, MY Peeps and Tribe... then I KNOW what THEY dig coz it will be similar to my own Aesthetic and no second-guessing!  The others can walk on by, it's Okay... all are Welcome, but I just want my own Vibe and Essence to be stronger in there now and I've delayed doing it too long just to get bigger checks.

I've also been contemplating whether this Summer, while The Force is out of School and it will be so freakin' Hot around here, we might take some short Road Trips outside of the Phoenix Metro area to Source Inventory too.  I've been wanting to do that for a long time actually and I know The Force and The Man will Enjoy Junquing with me, coz it's Our Thing as a Family... we're all Excellent Scavengers, it's in our Blood and DNA!

So I've already set up a Savings Fund so that I can fund those kinds of Adventures and mix some Business with Pleasure, why not... I'm getting bored out here in the Burbs of Subdivision Hell!  *LOL*   I never had a bored day in my Life 'til right about now... and I find I don't handle Boredom very well at all actually, so it's probably a good thing it was never a problem most all of my Life!  *Smiles*

Yes, fixing up New Villa Boheme' and Styling it is Fun... and I'm still deep into my Great Edit and Purge as I continue Culling personal possessions and tackle the Hoarded Garages where it's all Stored, but it's not Enough!  I Need some Adventures to take my Mind off personal Stress which has been reeking havoc with the dreaded Diabetes.   I found while working my ass off Today doing Tree Trimming earlier and then spending hours at the Showroom doing intense Physical Labor, my numbers were TERRIFIC, some going down to ALMOST Normal levels... ALMOST... at least they were under 200 for a change!

Even tho' The Young Prince was Home Sick from School having a Mental Health Day, he and The Man Coped just Fine without me here all day.  Mostly becoz The Young Prince sequestered himself in his Suite Upstairs and didn't really come out and slept the day away, which he does when he's having one of 'those' days now he can't be on his Psyche Meds.   And The Man sequestered himself in front of his TV with the ridiculously big screen that I bought for him recently... probably watching American Ninja Warriors Marathons... so they were Content and didn't even Miss me.  *Ha ha ha*

Now that Princess T has finally found her Peeps around the New Neighborhood and has her Posse, well, she's Socializing all of the time now so she's not missing my Presence so much either.  Which is a Relief since Eleven year old Girls can become like Stalkers to the Maternal Person in their Lives otherwise.  I Love the Kid with all my Heart, but I don't want to be like Conjoined Twins with her, it's stifling!!!  I don't Sneak Off very Well either, she always hears me, she's like a Bat with that Internalized Radar going off to Seek me where ever I'm at!!! 

Not to mention, at my Season of Life, it's hard to fake Interest in what a 5th Grader is Passionate about... tho' I did take her to The Mall {Ugh} and endure her trying on every Shoe in every Shoe Shop 'til she found a ridiculously expensive pair of Tennis Shoes she Needed for PE.  *LMAO*   A Mandatory Elective Class she has for only one Hour each Week and yet the Teacher said she Needed different Shoes than I'd already bought her and spent a freakin' fortune on since she now has Small Woman Sized Feet which make her Shoes now twice as Expensive as Kid Shoes!  *Le Sigh*  That Kid is gonna be Super Tall, she has feet the size of a St. Bernard Puppy!

Finding her Size is difficult too... and she's very Fussy about Fashion so not just any Shoe will do... she had a Fit that the Michael Kors Tennis Shoes she Loved and were 40% Off they didn't have in her size, dammit!   We Settled on some Black Converse High Tops that the Naive Young Shoe Salesman almost blew the Sale by saying they were BOYS Shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AFTER she had already finally decided she Loved them enough that we didn't have to try on any more Shoes and have me crack under the strain!  WTF, I Lock Eyes with him with my Resting Bitch Face now in place...

 I'm like staring him Hard in the Eye saying, "NO, they're NOT!"   She began Waffling and asked him if he was Sure they were Boy Shoes? {Becoz if she thinks they ARE, well, she's NOT gonna wanna buy nor wear them now!}  He is still locked into my Stoic Steely Gaze and says, "Oh... NO... they're Adult Size I meant... which is why they cost twice as much as the Kid Size ones you were looking at that DON'T fit you..."   Good Save, I didn't wanna hafta kick his Ass right there in the Shoe Store!  *Winks*

Yes, he was a very tall muscular Goth Kid in his Twenties so he had a size and Age advantage, but he had huge Ear Gauges.  So I could have Taken him, I'd of swung him around the Shop by his Ears if I'd Snapped and she didn't want them damned Shoes now due to his slip up!!!   *Bwahahahahaha!!!*   As it was I'd visited TWO LEVELS of Shops that had any kind of Shoes and I was exhausted, so I Needed her to buy any Shoes by then... just pick a freakin' pair, I don't even Care what they Cost!!!  Which is why, after he also had talked her into a bag of New Socks that NOW she doesn't even Like because they aren't anklets, I didn't get out of there under Eighty Bucks!  *Oy Vey!*

And this is precisely why I Need my Girl's Day Out... and Tomorrow I shall have it... even tho' I'll have to Bounce earlier than usual in order to pick The Young Prince up at his New Charter School, which is in a different City than we even Live!!!   Ah... the things I do for Love... and Sanity... and to get these Grand-Kiddos Raised and hopefully Educated... it knows no bounds... Saint Dawn, kinda has a Nice ring to it doesn't it?  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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