Saturday, April 29, 2017

Rust... Roses... Random Musings

While I was Downtown trying to search out a Salon that does Anglo Dreads we stopped by my Friend Shelly's Shop RUST AND ROSES, I needed the Pick-Me-Up since my Search to get Dreaded was going nowhere fast!  Don't you just Hate when a Journey you want to embark upon hits a Dead End immediately!?

So far no Luck finding an Experienced Salon or even one that Specializes.  Seems that most of the Online Dread Community orders Kits from Pro-Dread Sources within the Community of Dreadheads out here in Cyberspace and hosts Dread Parties with their Friends learning how to do it.

I contemplated that Fact as it relates to a Senior wanting to get Dreaded-Up... most of my Inner Circle isn't around anymore... many Dead now... many moved away, so I'd have few that I could Invite to a Dread Party!  Fewer still that probably would be Interested in Attending a Dread Party and doing tedious amounts of Work that would be hard on Arthritic Hands and Carpel Tunnel no matter how much Wine I Served!  *Bwahahahaha!!!*

Besides, even the Young Folks strongly suggested you Save the Liquid Refreshments for afterwards, lest you want some really Freaky Dreads!?  *Winks*   And Maintenance, seems the first Year anyway, you Need a Posse to Assist with that, to make it so that your Dreads reach Maturity and you don't Give Up too early in The Process.  Yes, I can Recruit The G-Kid Force, but at what point will they tire of hand rolling my Locks?

I still Want them, even with the Cons now outweighing the Pros as to the particular Challenges I'd be Sure to face on the Journey.   But any Journey worth taking usually has a few miles of bad road along the way.  So I am continuing with The Search for a Good Experienced Salon that has evidence they've had Success with Anglo Hair Dreading.  I'm also picky in that I want it done Naturally, no Wax and no Chemicals, just backcombing and the crochet method... I've done my Due Diligence enough to know what I DON'T want!

So, for now I'm stalled in that endeavor... along with some other stalled out endeavors... which when you're getting Older, long stalls just frustrate you, don't they?  Tick-tock, so I'm trying instead to focus upon a Road Trip to Cali once The G-Kid Force are on Summer Break so I can go see my Lil Bro' who is plagued with life threatening medical issues right now.  I want to be there with and for him, at least as much as I'm able.

I'm still adjusting to the boredom and social isolation of the Rural Burbs, the ADHD in me needs more stimulation than can be found out in Nowhereland, who knew nothing to do would be so HARD?!?   Who knew being cooped up with the Fam endlessly with no Escape would require the Escapism of long Naps, to make Time just go by faster and not hear how equally Bored the Kiddos are?!?

Yeah, there's a lot going on and nothing go on all at the same time, how Ironic!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. That's the worst, a lot and nothing going on at the same time. I prefer having too much to do and not enough time to do it all, although that isn't perfect either. Good luck with sorting out the dreads.


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