Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Hold-Out

I have wanted an Antique Barrister Bookcase to house my Cabinet of Curiosities in like... FOREVER!  I've sought just the right one, and the affordable one, for years now!  To finally find it was so exciting I could hardly contain myself.  To have my Vendor Friend Michael even give me a break on the price just iced the cake for me! He'd just brought it in to our Antique Mall and Staged it, I bought it immediately... quick turn for him, end of long Quest for me!  This one is SO ME too... with it's raw Original varied Patinas... unusual mismatched cabinets... and Cool Original wavy old glass on the doors!

It's also deep for optimum Display of my Oddities that will eventually be housed in it and stands five cabinets high.  It also comes apart in seven individual pieces, which made transport and set up so much easier to do with The Grandson's help!   I can't tell you how many of these Bookcases I've come across over the many years I've been looking and Holding Out for one.  Always there was a barrier to Purchasing any of them.   Too expensive, too narrow, not high enough, missing doors, missing or replaced glass, right price but not having the money at the time, too new and modern... on and on the laundry list goes of why I could never bring one Home!

I have never seen one like this tho', so it was meant to be... like it was Special Ordered for me!   It couldn't match my Aesthetic or my Home any better than it does and the average Customer looking for one of these Bookcases probably wouldn't be looking for one with so much 'Character' and Quirkiness!?  *Smiles*   I'd had my Antique Junquing Friends scouring for one that I could buy.   Alas, the majority of these Old Bookcases of the Barrister Style are almost always spendy... and way out of my budget and league to purchase.   I'd estimate that 99% of the ones I have found over the years, or Vendor Friends had, I just couldn't afford.  Even if they were perfect in every way to what I'd envisioned for my Purpose.

I had never envisioned one like this tho', because I had literally, until I laid Eyes upon it, ever seen one like it!   Michael hadn't either, which is why he had to have it.  He's my 'Go To' Vendor for those Weird and Wonderful Finds that are me to my Core... Michael is actually the Male version of me I swear!  *Smiles*  Our Aesthetic and Love of identical things in all their Quirkiness is Eerie actually.  So I'm probably one of his best Customers and he usually can't wait to show me what he's Found, knowing I'll 'Get' it... and sometimes, even Buy it!   Okay, more than sometimes... his Prices are always very fair and his Eye is on point for what I totally dig and Lust after!  *Winks*  I'm not filling it up yet since some of the doors stick a bit due to Age and I want them to slide open easier.

The cabinet I put on the bottom has the original Maker's Label, I like to Imagine what the History of these cabinets were and how they all ended up together?  They fit together like a glove but I suspect each had their own Journey judging by the varied Patinas.  Some have been painted over the years, some have been stripped of their paint over the years, all have a lot of wear and tear so they really have been in service, I suspect Commercially, for a long, long time.  You can't faux finish quite like actual wear and tear on a piece being actually used over a long period of time, that's what makes Original Patina Priceless in my opinion.  To find a piece nobody has refinished or restored and left "As Is" can be quite difficult actually.

Somewhere along the way typically somebody wants to try to make it look 'New' again or Pristine, since Condition can be everything to some who Collect and they will only pay for Perfection.   Personally I'd rather pay for Imperfection, since it is preferable to me, so I suppose in a Polar opposite way Condition is everything to me too.  *Smiles*  I like to Imagine what previous Lives the pieces I now own have had?   Michael had numbered the pieces on the back with chalk when he took it apart for me, so that I could put them back together as he'd had it Displayed, I Loved the Uncommon alternating hues of the cabinetry.  It goes with the Decor of our Home much better than had it been a Traditional matching cabinetry Display that I've always seen before and is rather Common.

 With all the wear and tear, the obvious Age to the Wooden and Metal parts, I was astounded that the fragile wavy Original glass of each cabinet remained intact!   With waves and air bubbles Old glass is desirable since they don't Create it like that anymore and replacement of it is Impossible!  Yes, Color me Deliriously Happy to have FINALLY procured the Antique Barrister Bookcase I've always wanted, well worth The Hold-Out all these years!  Originally I'd bought it to put Upstairs and with coming apart I could have easily gotten it up there.  But I decided I wanted my Curiosities and Oddities to be Displayed in Pride of a prominent Place, in a very visible Hallway instead, where it fits and Showcases nicely.  Sharing your Collections with others is part of the Fun of owning them.  I can't wait to Reveal how it will look once filled up housing it's Beloved Contents I've Collected over the years!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So happy for you and your long sought after perfect find!

  2. I look forward to seeing what goes inside.

  3. Ha, worth waiting for! Congrats, Sandi

  4. That is an AWESOME cabinet, Dawn! I'd snatch that up in a minute. Congratulations, and can't wait to see how you fill it!


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