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Sweet Salvage ~ Backroads And Blooms ~ The Finale'

So... here we are at my Finale' Post of the Backroads and Blooms Event.  It was a heady dose of Spring Fever... the kind of Fever I don't mind having!  I've got The Fever... Spring Fever... and I Need more Cow Bell... *Sorry, couldn't resist...*

Cute Potato Sack Upholstery on this Vintage Chair... I really liked the French Grey with the Pale Yellow and Black.   French Grey could be one of my New Favorite Trendy Hues right now, tho' I don't Decorate with it much, I sure do Love the Vintage Brocante Look.  It's my current New Obsession.

The one piece I left behind and would have liked to of brought Home with me?   This Old Sunshine Biscuits Commercial Display... quite Rare I'd Imagine and the Graphics were still so Bright and Vivid for it's Age!!!

In fact, loads of Galvanized Tin and Black accents, which went so well with Natural Greenery... totally Lovin' that Look too!   Does anyone else have a total Infatuation with Flower Shops?  Well, that and Conservatories!  *Smiles*

Love Old Bikes coupling as Yard Art.  I have a Vintage three wheeler that I initially bought with the intention of riding it.   They say you never forget how to ride a Bike... They were dead Wrong, I forgot... so now it's coupling as Yard Art in our Front Courtyard Entryway!   *LOL*   I am probably going to Steal... um, I mean Borrow this Idea of putting some Seed Packets in the spokes.

The other thing I was totally Luvin' but since The Man already got his New Media Chair I no longer had Need of another Recliner... was this Leather Club Chair Recliner with just the right amount of Patina wear to it... Divine!

This Event's Theme was so Popular that it packed out quickly and thus I couldn't stay all that long.   I tend to get squirrelly once there's too many people swarming around me or I can't easily leave a spot because of people pressing in and Feeling trapped.

So it was a Good Thing that I had loads of Visual Distractions so that I didn't become too Anxiety prone with the Popularity being quite Intense.  I was frustrated that my Camera was losing it's charge and eventually shut down with battery drain, but I did get some good shots before that happened.

Had they been within Budget I would have totally picked up these two enormous Industrial Foundry Refinery Pots with the Fabulous Patina Created by molten Metals and intense heat.   I would use them as Planters in the Front Courtyard, but at a Grand for the two they were too Rich for my Blood unfortunately.  *Boo Hoo!*   Loving the Industrial Palette they were on too!

This Lion's Head Wall Fountain was Awesome too!   I will be Seeking a Water Feature similar to this and some enormous Planters in the very near Future for the Entryway Courtyard.

Hard to wait upon what I Need for New Villa Boheme', but Good Things come to those who Patiently Wait I'm told.   Can't say I'm all that Patient, but I am Waiting... and one out of two ain't bad!?  *Winks*

How Cool is this Vintage Retro Mug Holder with Vintage Mug Assortment in a variety of Hues?   For when you're Pimping your Pull and want that Retro Kitchenette in your Vintage Airstream, this would be Ideal!   Or for that Tailgate Party Hosted out of the back of your Vintage Pickup Truck like those featured in that Book!

I Desperately Wanted this altered wearable Art Tank Top, but it only came in Medium... dammit!   I couldn't squeeze this bodacious figure of mine into a Medium again to save my Life!  *Le Sigh*   So, alas, had to walk away petulantly... and it was SO PERFECT for me, No?   Hopefully my Friend Minnie will be Creating some in BMW sizes soon?

Her Spring Bedding and Linens Line had some Gorgeous Indigo and Sepia... Swooning!!!   I totally dig an Indigo Accented Boudoir!   We have Sepia Warm Tuscan walls in ours so these Indigo Linens and Bedding would look Divine!!!

Loved this Sweet Lil Pillow... with the Vintage Ticking and Needlepoint married together.   But I have more Pillows already than any Sane person should ever own, so I'm trying to Purge some of mine and de-stash the Pillow Closet.   Yes, I have a freakin' PILLOW CLOSET, that's how bad it is!!!!!!   *Smiles*

I Believe this Plant is called Elephant's Ear Succulent and since it does well indoors and outdoors in Arizona I'm thinking I Need to buy some next time I go to the Plant Nursery for Spring Plantings.

In fact, I simply MUST Find some suitable affordable enormous Planters, since I have some Plants I bought last Season that Need to be transplanted into permanent large Planters in the Courtyards.

I'm very fussy about my Planters, and so the ones I can afford I don't Like and the ones I Love I can't afford... Le Sigh... which is why I still don't have them yet!   And numerous Plants are still in temporary Pots until I can rectify that problem!!!

I just don't want to Settle for Planters I don't Love because all enormous Planters aren't inexpensive... and so I'd rather wait until I can either Find ones I Love at a Bargain... or just bite the bullet and Pony Up for the Spendy ones I Lust after.

I think that Statement Planters are Important for an Entryway particularly, they really do make a Great First Impression when you walk up to a Home.   And Lush Plantings in a Courtyard, well, it's a MUST, no doubt about that.  I Need to get some climbing Vines that Bloom for said Courtyards as well.

Okay, so it was totally demented and freaky but I absolutely fell in Lust with this Creepy Clown Vintage Produce Box!   Had it not been too spendy this would have come Home to be part of my Weird and Wonderful Collection of Carnival Kitsch.

Here's a close-up to show you just how freakin' demented this Citrus Company was in choosing this as their Logo... I LOVE it!  My kinda Company!  *LMAO*  Wonder whose Executive Decision that was?  I wanna meet THAT Person!  *Winks*  Because this is the all time Creepiest Clown EVER... Demon Horns and Jack Nicholson Shining slash Joker Smile with beady little Black Eyes... and those Hands!  *Shudder!*

I know... mebbe that's Too Much and would give The G-Kid Force Nightmares and plenty of Couch Time as they grew up and hadda recall Gramma's Creepy Clown Box to some Therapist... Bwahahahahahahahahahaaha!!!

This Vintage Industrial Palette was quite a Bargain, but I kinda prefer the Train type Wheels opposed to the more Modern Rubberized ones.   But the Patina of Age on the Painted Metal bits and the Wood is Perfect.

It wasn't 'til I got Home and downloaded this that I realized what that Wooden Sculpture was actually made from... part of an Old Propeller!  Cool!!!   And that Old Produce Sign is also Ideal for a Country Vintage Kitchen.

It's always Interesting when I go to these Events to see what everyone is holding in the checkout lines... cradling their Finds like newborn babes!  *Smiles*   Some aren't really Seeking Vintage particularly... but the Purists among us are going to be more inclined to Seek out those OOAK items that we cannot possibly get many other places around the City.


Those Special Items in Inventory that were Sourced from all over and you'd spend a Lifetime trying to Find yourself.   In fact, I'd probably need to become an Immortal and Live several Lifetimes to Find as much as I could get at just any one of these Wonderful Events in a single day!

I mean even those of us who Live for The Thrill Of The Hunt realize that Time is finite and we only have so much of it to spare... so we Need a lot of the Work to be done for us.   So that we don't tap out or die before we Find everything we want to Decorate our Homes with or Collect enthusiastically!

And then of coarse there are the OOAK Created items by the various Talented Artisans.  You can't just buy those just anywhere either my Friends... certainly NOT at a Big Box Store or Crafting Chain Store!   Well, I do Hope you've Enjoyed trawling the Spring Even with us these past few Posts my Friends... 'til next time...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh Yes! I love the old greenhouse florists and conservatories! Just watering the houseplants and smelling the earthy fragrance sends me over the edge! Will make my spring trip soon for flats of violas!

    1. Oh I know, Gardening and getting your hands in the Soil is just so Calming to me, I could spend all day in a Garden setting or an Old Time Florist Shop! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I was laughing through this whole post, while mentally banging on 'cowbell'. Grins---so much good stuff to choose...sigh. Great post, thanks for sharing, Sandi


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