Monday, March 20, 2017

I Got The Fever... Spring Fever!

I got the Fever... Spring Fever... and I got it BAD!   I Love Spring, it makes me want to spend all of my time outdoors in Nature.  I pay attention to Nature more in the Springtime, at least I thought I did.  This Owl was perched on one leg in a Tree, on a branch inches from my head as I sauntered by, in a Parking Lot by the Barnes & Noble Bookstore, quietly watching me, unafraid!!! 

 Had it not swiveled it's head, like Owls do, catching my attention by the sudden unexpected movement, I might have missed it!   Even tho' it was so close I couldn't believe my Eyes!  Pedestrians scurried by... unawares of Nature's close Presence... Calmly watching us!  I fumbled for my Cell Phone to take these Images, Hoping it wouldn't fly off... it Graciously allowed me to take several, even very close ones, with a stern gaze looking straight into my Eyes.

Sometimes Nature seems to be Preening and Showing Off as we take Notice... and take our Photographs of them.   Look at me, aren't I Splendid?  Yes, indeed you are!!!   And when Nature Vogues for the Camera and I can capture such Amazing Imagery thru the Eye of my Lens I couldn't be more Thrilled!  Thank You, for being Still and allowing me the privilege of capturing your Magnificence in the Moment that we meet!   I think to myself, is this your first ever Photograph, that will Forever now capture your Essence, Personality and Beauty!? 

I think of all the Animals that have Lived their Lifetime and Died without ever being seen, let alone Photographed!   Of all the Flowers that Bloomed and put on some of Nature's Greatest Breathtaking Shows, but without an Audience to even See the spectacular Spectacle!   I think about God Creating such Beautiful Diversity down to the tiniest of details, just for His Pleasure in all of Creation, across our vast Globe and beyond, to the Stars and Galaxies that Exist... and I stand in complete Awe!

Each and every Moment various Creatures go about their Instinctive and Important Work, doing what they do... and we barely Notice.   Various studies are tossing about the theories that if the 20,000 species of Bees became extinct, Mankind might not last any more than 4 mere years!!!  Or at the very least, have devastating consequences of just this one seemingly lowly Creature disappearing from our remarkable Planet!!!   The Bee's Work clearly is more Important and crucial than any Work I've ever performed, I'm not that indispensable, a very Humbling thought indeed!

The normally barren Desert floor is carpeted in many areas with a profusion of various Wildflowers thriving after our unseasonably Wet Winter.   Individually you might not take Note, but in such profusion you can't Help but Notice and have it take your breath away!!!   It's hard for me to drive by any area where Nature has decided to put on such a Show roadside because I keep wanting to stop and linger... to soak it all in!

Lately I've been taking to going to Fav Restaurants to get Take Out munchies I can take along on Nature Walks and nosh on as I have 'Dinner and a Show' so to speak.   This day it was Fresh Open Fire Charred Garlic and Herb Naan Flatbread the size of a Pizza, that I got from an Afghani Halal Restaurant downtown that has the most delish foods on the Menu.  It was so Fresh and Hot I could barely hold it, this is only a half of one piece... you get two enormous pieces for about two bucks!

I want to spend every Morning taking Nature Walks all over the Desert areas around the City.   This is the Ideal time of the year for me to ramp up my exercise regimen and get out to Walk as often and as long as I'm able.   I Wish that The Man could still do the Walks with me, we used to Walk Miles together, sometimes every day before or after Work.   Taking Nature Walks with anyone is the most Fantastic Quality Time spent together, communing with Nature and with each other.

But even on days when I can't get out and Walk or leave Home, our Yard is in Bloom with the Cacti I brought over and transplanted from our Old Homestead.  I couldn't bring the hundreds of varieties I had there on our Acreage, since Villa Boheme's Yards are much smaller and thus easier to maintain.   I do miss so many of my Cacti and Wildflowers I had at Old Bohemian Valhalla, but to whom much is given, much is required.   I am now Enjoying less Work in a smaller more Curated Landscaped Parcel of Land.

Out here so close to the Natural Desert I've found that the transplanted Cacti are behaving differently, which was really unexpected.  They used to close up their Blooms at Night when growing in the City... but out here they stay open Night and Day, to be pollinated by the profusion of Native Creatures I suspect out here in the Rural Burbs!?!   I watched as tiny Bats came to pollinate last Night, attracted by the dozens of Bright Blooms on this one Cactus!!!

And at this higher elevation near the Mountain Range they are Blooming more prolifically as well.   Though there are already dozens of Open Blooms that have been flowering for days, more Buds are now appearing until almost every inch of the Cactus explodes with Color!

One of my other transplants is this one, which was a Fav of The G-Kid Force... it is a Night Blooming Variety mostly pollinated by Bats and might remain open thru early Morning.  The Blooms are very tall on long slender stalks that wilt and fall over once spent.  I could only take a small portion of this Cactus with us so this is an Image from the Old Property during a Blooming cycle when the plant was whole.   But it seems the smaller transplants are doing Okay in their New Environment and I soon Hope they grow as large as the original clump of them was so I can get Shows like this every Spring.

Every so often we catch sight of the Wild Burro roaming about in the Desert... not so much near the Cities.   Though a few herds have learned it's Easy Living near smaller Tourist Towns like Oatman, Arizona, where they have become rather a famous attraction and can be hand fed.  If you roam the backroads you often see them and like the Range Cattle, they aren't that concerned about the occasional Traveler passing through.   Sometimes they won't even bother to get out of the middle of the dirt road, getting a bit of a Thrill of having the Right Of Way.  *Smiles*

Yes, Spring in the Desert is Timeless... and every single Spring I got the Fever, Spring Fever... and it lures me outside to Commune with Nature and re-discover it all over again!   As if for the first time... and yet, so very Familiar that our Spirit Connects on a very Deep Carnal level.

And even as hyper as I typically am, out in Nature I can easily be Still... and Rest in that Stillness, renewing myself and soothing any racing thoughts.  In Nature is a Quieter Natural Meditation and a Special Closeness to The Creator of it all... His Presence everywhere is Magnified with the absence of what Man has Created.

And of coarse at Home we Create our own little Natural Worlds, filled with many varieties of Plants that aren't Native but which thrive and add to the Beauty of our Gardens.   I have a particular Fondness for Bulbs and I stick some in just about every Pot I own to Bloom Seasonally for that brief period they do... alongside whatever is growing in the Pot year round and is more visible longer.

Yes, in the Manicured Burbs it's not quite the same as the Reckless Show of Nature we had at the Old Homestead's Acreage... but it can still be quite Lovely in it's own way.   And if I want to see Nature unobstructed by Man, I need only to travel a little ways up the Road to the untouched Pristine Desert to the West of us.    I find it rather ironic that the very word Manicured has the words 'Man' and 'I' and 'Cured' in it... as if we Humans, in trying to Tame Nature, have Cured or improved upon a damned thing that Nature itself can clearly do BETTER... we're so Arrogant sometimes aren't we?  *LOL*

So I'll end this Post with an Orange Blossom and have you Imagine the heady Scent of it's Rich Intoxicating Aroma hanging in the air... Happy Spring my Friends... have you got The Fever too?


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. I love the pictures. I look so forward to spring each year and am somewhat sad when it ends. Everything new, everything clean, and best of all, a new start. Hope springs eternal......

    1. Yes, the Hope springing eternal is why I too Love Spring so much... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. You do have beauty out their in the desert1 I was wondering have they started any visible work at The Old Homestead yet?

    1. Very little... trimmed some Trees, put some No Trespassing Signs everywhere, tried to make the Adobe Wall impenetrable with the Ironwood and Mesquite branch trimmings to keep Vandals, Vagrants and Thieves out... of coarse they could be doing work inside that isn't evident. At least it still Exists and for that, and now belonging to a Family that wants to try to restore it and is invested in the Community, I couldn't be more Thankful. I do drive by from time to time to see the hopeful rise from the Ashes of the Phoenix that is the Beloved Old Homestead I had to give up. Dawn... The Bohemian


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