Sunday, March 19, 2017

For The Good Of All

This is going to be a Dark Post and perhaps a difficult read but it needs to be said and so I'm just gonna say it... with few Images, since my storage capacity is maxed out and yet I still have a lot to say in my little Bloggy World.  And I'm part of The Resistance so my Militancy cannot be stifled, nor can I be pushed off my humble Soapbox and silenced so long as I have breath left in me!  If it's on my Heart and Mind you can't shut me up!!! *Smiles*

That was my Disclaimer, so if you're here for Pretty Pictures and Inspiration, just know that Today is NOT gonna be the day... not here.   And it's Okay if you come back some other time when it is and I'm not going Deep and Contemplative about the State of the World... especially my World and my observations of it.  Which you don't have to Agree with... we can Agree to Disagree, I'm Okay with that too.

When Economic downturns and Social instability exist then resources tend to be protected and rationed... so Society reverts to Wild Kingdom Mode as I like to call it.   Mankind is supposed to be a higher functioning species than most of the animal Kingdom, but really we're not so different on a carnal and instinctive level than any of the other animals surviving on this Planet.

When the above aforementioned environment exists, then someone has to go overboard and so long as it's not 'them', well, 'they' can be Okay with that 'sacrifice' of someone who isn't them or theirs.  And until it's YOU... well, you can feel Secure that nobody is gonna throw you or yours overboard for 'The Good Of All'.

And to tell those going overboard, hey, it's for 'The Good Of All' is no consolation is it?   As I watch with a heavy Heart the Political shitshow playing out daily after this crazy election, and even instability around the World, I realize a lot are going to be thrown overboard for 'The Good Of All', or so they say and want us to Believe.   I'm NOT a Believer that way anyway, it goes against any Godly Belief I have... so I simply won't be a part of it.  Even if Fear is trying to be instilled daily to make it seem more palatable and Socially acceptable.  

 And I realize that until each knows it's not going to be them being cast overboard, they could be Okay with that... and that is even more horrifying as a measure of the demise of a civilized Society in my humble opinion.  One with a conscience and any compassion left within the Hearts of the 'All' we speak of.  When we can justify doing the Wrong thing for perceived Right reasons, it's a slippery slope into the Abyss of whose next to 'sacrifice' or vilify or turn on?

How any Society treats it's most vulnerable, those with no Voice and no apparent or perceived Value to The Whole, is indeed a measure of said Society. In the animal Kingdom of coarse the weak, the old, the very young, the different, the most vulnerable, the disabled, the sick, the dying, well, they usually don't make it once separated from The Herd protecting them.  But mass hysteria and Fear can alter The Herd's behaviors and protective instincts in peculiar ways... Predators know this.

 If a Predator of a high order is present, even the most diligent of Herds attempting to protect the most vulnerable in their midst usually won't be very successful.  If you've watched the Wild Kingdom shows it can be pretty brutal and horrific can't it?  Do we really want to see Human Beings suffer that fate due to the reality that they Need protection by the rest of us?  And that some will be trying to convince us they should be 'sacrificed', you know, for 'The Good Of All'?

Is it so overwhelming to perceive Investing in the most vulnerable among us is going to actually jeopardize the well being of 'The All'?  Clearly when so much is squandered or exploited by the privileged among us, can we really justify making it up by taking away what little the most vulnerable in our Society receives for their very Survival and any Quality of Life or a mere Existence? 

I find it very hard to swallow that by cutting every lifeline to the most vulnerable in our Society that 'The Good Of All' is going to be Served.   No matter what Spin is put upon it, that doesn't ring True for me... there is a deeper Agenda I suspect, an insidious, callous and convenient one actually.  I could find it more plausible and even palatable to make the cuts where there is so much excess that it is vulgar and obscene.  

But of coarse that won't happen, excess Privilege equals Power... and perceived Value in our Society is measured by such Success.  How much Money are we gonna allegedly 'Save' is being touted as admirable, regardless of whom it 'sacrifices'.  Once overboard we don't have to sustain or worry about 'them' on our ship, they'll drown and all will be right with the World... or will it?

 See, there will be more for YOU if we take it from THEM... who is THEM is subject to change without notice.  When will YOU become a THEM you should be asking?  Power corrupts, absolute Power absolutely corrupts... Trust me, Believe me... isn't that what 45 likes to say?  I never Trust or Believe anyone who says that too much... he says it way too much, Why?  I Wonder shit like that when assessing People and their possible Agendas and why they say certain stuff that sends up Red Flags in my Brain, especially too often.

  If a Millionaire or Billionaire receives even a minuscule cut for 'The Good Of All', will they even miss it after all... and would it really be 'sacrificial'?  They wouldn't even have to be thrown overboard, in fact, nobody would.  Their very Survival wouldn't be affected at all actually, to have a little less and still have a lot.   When you have so many zeroes in your net worth I'm not saying you have to Save the World or even that you didn't earn it, you probably did.

You don't even have to be a Great Philanthropist or not be overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of Need without limits that some in Society will always have by the hand dealt them.  It IS overwhelming, ask anyone who is Living it daily... Caring for those with an 'Ever' situation going on.   Someone with no Cure, no Recovery date, perhaps even no Hope of it ever getting better from their Lot in Life.

For those of us knowing we're living in 'Everland'... it's daunting enough to know that the Loved ones need Advocacy and protection... and the responsibility of prolonged Care for 'Ever'.   You know that as long as they live, or you live, that's your Reality.   We can often endure a lot when we know it's temporary, when it's permanent then the tables can turn and compassion can have limits.

I know this because in a temporary Crisis most People respond with compassion because there is the perception one can make a difference and alleviate some burdens or suffering... for a while... until it's over.  With a comfortable amount of Investment that isn't overwhelming and has results that are mostly positive and uplifting.  Things we Value... Happy Endings.  We don't like Endings that are not going to be Happy, do we?  Almost no Hollywood Movies have Unhappy Endings for that reason... even the most terrible ones.  You couldn't Sell a Movie like that to the masses... too scary, depressing and overwhelming! 

 It's admirable when compassion responds with Love in Action by Society or a Community.   When it is never over tho', that Investment has no time limit, might be perceived as making no difference to the outcome... and since it's never over, compassion grows tired and weary.  Is it all Worth it?  We like to think everything has Worth you see when we Invest in it... Value... and we thus place Values on things... and even upon People... Human Beings... based on their Contributions mostly and their Outcome.

The weak, the old, the very young, the most vulnerable, the disabled, the sick, the dying, the different... are often Valued less in the Grand Valuing System put in place by who contributes what to Society and 'The Good Of All' mentality.  Who will we come for first then?  You know, when the shit hits the fan and things get shaky and shady, when stability falters and Society looks for who must go overboard because they're potentially ballast and there is fear that the ship is sinking?

After all, we can't all go down with the Ship... nowadays even the Captain has a tendency to bail and go for himself when the ship is going down!  We need to keep this ship on top of the water and not shipwrecked!  So perhaps in the Mind's Eye there can be Justification for 'sacrificing' someone else... you know... so long as it isn't YOU... or yours?! 

 Isn't that how it goes?  There might not even be any Guilt or Sorrow about who went overboard.  Involuntarily of coarse, 'coz it's not like they had a Choice anyway, they were thrown overboard.  Ah Yes, the 'convenient' handy sacrifice that couldn't resist enough not to be victimized or exploited for the alleged 'Good Of All'.  

 Perhaps we can Hope they can Swim or Float to 'safety', where I dunno... that Illusion is possible... in a Perfect Imaginary World anyway.  But we're not living in a Perfect Imaginary World, are we, this is Real shit... with Real people... but we don't like to have to think about what will happen to those 'sacrificed'.  If we don't have to SEE their actual demise we might be able to just gloss over it and get on with our little lives unaffected by what has been done to 'The Others'. So long as it's NOT us... erasing it from Memory or conscience, forgetting any atrocities committed against 'them'.

I don't like what I see, I don't like what the masses are apparently becoming Okay with in the way of who and what to involuntarily 'sacrifice' for the alleged 'Good Of All'... with 'The All' being Them, and the sacrificed being 'NOT Them'.  I guess I'm the Fool that has overdosed on compassion to the point that tho' I am indeed weary and tired of extending it as a long time Caregiver, I feel enough conscience and Investment in whose on my ship that if it goes down, I guess I'm going down with it.

And I'm not throwing anyone overboard for my Good or 'The Good Of All' because I couldn't sleep at Night with that blood on my Hands and knowing I was a part of such callousness towards any of Humanity, not one.  I couldn't be accountable to my God for that either or make sufficient excuses for justifying that kind of Inhumanity and logic, or the lack thereof. 

  I will Trust that if I go down with my Ship and trying to Save the most vulnerable still on board, that God will sustain me for doing the Right thing, the Godly thing.  Therefore I am part of The Resistance... and I might be a small Voice but I'm a f---ing loud, tenaciously persistent one I tell you!  Even if we don't prevail and we're thrown overboard as the ballast of our seriously altered Society and the gods they might Worship... or not.  I couldn't even presume to know, but I suspect things and agendas are being Worshiped and People are therefore being Sacrificed at their Altars?


Darkly and cynically contemplatively yours Today from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You and yours are in my heart and thoughts, Blessings

    1. Thank You my Friend... I know that across the Globe these are such uncertain times that we will have to see how it all shakes out... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. It's sad times, for sure. I hope that sanity---will resume, sooner than later and the most vulnerable ---are assisted in the best ways possible. Sandi

    1. That too is my Hope Sandi... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Stay the Course!!!
    Proverbs 6:16-19King James Version (KJV)

    16 These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:

    17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

    18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,

    19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

    1. Amen! Of coarse those Divinely Inspired Words cannot be improved upon! Dawn... The Bohemian


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