Friday, February 10, 2017

You Can't Afford That

The past few days have been fraught with Challenges I've mostly kept to myself and don't really wanna Blog about because right now it's too Raw... so... it's high time for a Frivolous Fun Fluff Positive Post instead!  


Just because I can't afford something doesn't mean I don't still Daydream about owning one.   Tho' frugal as I am, I'm quite sure even if I won the Lottery I wouldn't shell out exorbitant prices for even the choicest of Daydream List Treasures, like Huge Antique Industrial or Commercial Apothecary Cabinets!  I'd have to feel like I was getting a Deal to justify the purchase even if money were no object!  Tho' this one, if I was Lottery Flush, I might just Pony Up on as if I'm among the ranks of the stupidly and obscenely Rich! *Winks*

And every time I find an Antique Barrister Bookcase I'm in Lust with, it's always in the stratosphere of price points dammit!  Nope, you can't afford that... yet again... le sigh.  But the Daydreamer in me still Hopes that one day I'll stumble upon one at some ridiculously discounted price I can afford.  So I still search for and seek that end of the Rainbow 'Score' that I Imagine could be out there somewhere!  Perhaps hiding in some long dead Barrister's Basement collecting dust and the heirs can't wait to unload it on someone and finally get it out of there?!  *Smiles*

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And I know we all tend to Daydream some about various things we fantasize about.   For me it's places that look like this and Found Treasures that I've Lusted after and have yet to 'Score' one of.   Sometimes you do Luck Out and stumble upon a Dreamscape place or object.  At least beholding it in a tangible way gives Hope that Yes, they do Exist beyond the canvas of your fertile Imagination and Wildest Fantasies!   I am a Dreamer, so the canvas of my Imagination is very fertile and lush lemme tell ya... as lush as this Fabulous Parisian Flower Shop!

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With equally Fabulous details even on the Tile Floors!   OMG, if I had floors like this I'd be looking down constantly and bumping into things I think!  I don't even think they make Tiles this Amazing anymore so what a Priceless Treasure it is to even have them in a building!   That's what I miss most about living Overseas, stuff like this was much more common to still see in Fabulous Old Buildings than here in the United States!  Any Countries that still Preserve and Protect these Wonderful elements in their Historic Architecture deserve accolades for doing so!

Those of us Preservation Minded are deeply grieved when precious Historic items and especially Historic Buildings aren't Protected and are thus Lost!  And the saddest part is many of us would Protect and Preserve more of them but we can't afford that.   Few actually can and most don't even want to... and so over time more and more is forever Lost.  Future Generations will never know the History hands on nor the Splendor of those Magnificent Structures that once were and are no more.

I think part of the problem is lack of Exposure... since being Exposed to something often instills proper Appreciation and even a Love for it as the Familiar.  I grew up around Antiques and Fine Things, my Parents, tho' not wealthy, knew the Good Stuff.  So they were inclined to lavish Decorating even if it was a Taj Mahal of the Hood scenario.  *LOL*   We also traveled the World extensively so our Exposure to Magnificent Old Architecture that had been Preserved and Protected gave us a Great Love for it all... we were not Culturally Deprived... alas too many people are!

Because I grew up around Unique objects and my Parents generally avoided the Mass Produced even when it became a Trend and was typically less expensive and readily available, I too had an aversion to most of it.    You can't afford that was never something that hampered us from buying the very Best we could afford, or Trading Up as we went along.  Mom's Mantra about Jewelry for example was ALWAYS to buy the Real Deal and not a YAG, better to have a Small Real Diamond and Trade Up later on, than a fake of any size.  If you buy the Good Stuff first you never have to replace it later because it generally lasts.

I've used Vintage in the Kitchen forever and mostly Sell it off when I tire of it because you never have to actually replace it because it wears out... since it doesn't wear out!   And its not as if everything Good is unaffordable, quite the contrary, if it's fallen out of Popularity and Favor with the masses for a time, you can scoop it up quite reasonably actually.   It's all about Supply and Demand... if Supply dwindles or Demand is high, well, prices go up to reflect that.   But if everyone else is seeking Flavor of the Month and you don't mind being different and Unique, you Win.  *Winks*

And if you have the Patience to go on the Thrill of the Hunt often enough and Hold Out for the best stuff at the best Deals, you'll usually Win too!   Every New Year I make a Mental Itinerary of what exactly I want to Find that year and where would probably be the best places to Source and 'Score' it?   I've never had a Dry Year with a Plan of Action like that, tho' there are some spendy items that have remained high on the List simply because... well, I can't afford it yet.  *Winks*

I am tenacious tho', and for someone with very little actual Patience, it's surprising really that I can wait and Hold Out for something I really, really Desire!   Almost indefinitely I can be on a Mission to 'Score' something and wait years, even decades, before I eventually prevail!   It makes the Victory all the Sweeter actually to not expect instant gratification.   In fact, instant gratification is so commonplace nowadays people have often forgot how to Wait and Hold Out for what they Want and so they settle or buy or do things hastily and often unwisely.  

I have some very Nice Collections because I've Saved Up for or waited... and waited... and waited long enough to eventually get what I Want.   My Parents told me I was always like that, even as a Child... I'd bide my time until I got exactly what I was after!  *LOL*   Or I'd outlast everyone and swoop in for the spoils once their Interest waned and mine hadn't.   And quite often, since I Like what I Like regardless of Popular Opinion of the Moment, I have been able to build up healthy Collections of something that hasn't Trended yet or become widely known about.   So I already got mine before the Mad Rush and before things escalated to the stratosphere of price points once everyone wanted one!

And we Daydream early in this Family... long before something is actually affordable to us we Dream about when we'll get one.  Right now it's a Natural Looking Pool in the back yard on the Daydream List and so we pore over Imagery of what it could look like... the Ideal one we fantasize about.  This one is in the running for an Ideal Look matching up with the canvas of our Imagination Pool.   A Natural Looking Pool even if it's way smaller is preferable to us than a Traditional Looking one, which I Hate.

This is a contender too since it has the Beach Entry which The Man really needs with his disability... and The G-Kid Force really want a Waterfall and Grotto area.   I want the Natural Boulders and Lush Tropical Landscaping around it so that it looks like a Natural Swimming Hole and is Aesthetically Beautiful even when not being swam in.  Since we're already Older and one day mebbe all we want to do it look at the damned thing and Imagine we're somewhere in Paradise, you know?  *Winks* 

This one the Young Prince thought was Ideal and I'd have to agree since it's not large or deep but has elements we really like and the house and back yard are similar to ours.  I think this one had a Spa tho' and we don't Need one of those.  If you morphed all three of these Fantasy Pool Images together they'd be our Dream Image.  *LOL*

However, that said, turning Ugly Duckling things into Swans is always a very interesting and Creative way to get what you want at a Bargain if you can't afford to buy Swan things.   We've done many Transformation Projects by buying the Ugly Duckling thing cheap and then with sweat equity turning it into the Swan of a Vision we had for what it could be.  I don't have any aversion to Working at the Vision if it doesn't just come that way to begin with.   When you can't afford things Necessity becomes the Mother of Invention actually.

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So, what Fantastic Fantasy have you been Daydreaming about when you've been told... you can't afford that!?!   BTW: This Image is an Actual place in Europe, a Real Castle in a real setting... isn't that just beyond blowing your Mind!?!  WOW!!! 


Here's to Blessings and Daydreams coming True... from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Daydreaming is fun! I'd say you have certainly managed to turn many of yours into reality!

    1. Yes we certainly did and why we continue to Dream and Daydream big! *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. LOL.... love your pools---I love the long spit fountains---that's what I call them, the sound would be delicious.

    I'm up--to---sawing (dremel tool-wise) the tub/vanity out of the Barbie bathroom, so I can put the new floor in the second floor---did wallpaper and tiled floor in the kitchen also===so I'm exhausted, LOL. Now, I have to put it sorta back together so the Grand can play this weekend. New floor will go in next week and lighting.

    Druthers---I have my druthers kitchen---and I bought that Christmas tree fence stand(a long standing search)so, I'm really content at this time. Maybe an un-chipped set of vintage pyrex or corning ware. We use ours everyday and it's really getting crappy at this point. I know if I buy new---I will be disappointed.

    Great post---yes---I appreciate old things, everyday---and my hubby too, (he's old)! Grins from the chilly midwest! Sandi

    1. Well I see you are knee deep into making Dreams the Realities you have Vision for! I remember those DIY Projects oh so well when we worked on our Historic Home years ago... it was such Fun then when The Man was healthy enough to partner with me in the doing of it. I don't know I'll have the same feelings when I have to contract others to do it, but perhaps I might? LOL Dawn... The Bohemian


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