Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Reclamation Project

I have now begun The Reclamation Project... the business of Reclaiming my Studio Space so that we can have a Space to Create and be Inspired in again.   I had put this off since the Big Move and I knew exactly Why.  I had procrastinated and had zero motivation or even interest and it was no Mystery to me as to why this was so.  You see, until The Old House Sold I still Owned two Studio Spaces and of coarse I liked my Old Art Studio Cottage better! 

When you like something better or have Loved something longer it's just difficult to focus on anything different that is supposed to replace it and fully Let Go.   Sometimes there is no replacing it actually... and the Letting Go can be an agonizing Process, so you have to wait until you CAN move on.  It took the Sale Finalizing for me to fully Let Go of my Old Art Studio Cottage because it is no longer mine now... it is now out of my Life.

That doesn't mean I can't still Cherish the Memories of it... just that it is now a part of my Past and the New Art Studio Loft Space at New Villa Boheme' is my Present and my will be part of my Future.   If you've ever had a Divorce it's kinda like that and the best way I can describe it.  The Man and I had both been Married before... and when anything doesn't work out for whatever reason and you have to move on, it can take a Minute to fully transition to whatever is next and a New Chapter of your Life.


Big Life Changes just tend to play out that way... whether they are Big Relationship Changes, Situation Changes, Career Changes, Big Moves, Losses, Gains... whatever... there will be a Transition Period.   I am now to the place where I've Transitioned Successfully after Eighteen Months!   Transitioned from one place to another Successfully and it is rather a Relief to fully Let Go of what was... and Embrace what is.   If you are a Sentimental Type, and I am, that can be brutal... I'm a Long drawn out Good-Bye kinda Soul.  

Sometimes my grip doesn't have to be loosened so much as it has to be pried open by force... I've got that Vintage G.I. Joe Kung-Fu Grip kinda thang going on!  *LOL*   I'm Crazy Nostalgic and if something was really Good, well, it's very hard for me to just Let it Go.   Now, if it was really Bad, or got that way, it's easier... and for our Big Move it was kinda a little of both extremes... of really Good and really Bad.  And reconciling all of that in my Head and my Heart was like a War raging inside sometimes!

And I knew that a Reclamation Project would happen, I just didn't know when the Timing would happen for it.   I knew when it would be Time, you just sometimes have to wait for the Right Time... and that Time for The Reclamation Project of the Art Studio was Now.   And once I got the Go Ahead in my Spirit that it was finally Time, I got Busy with it!   It took a few days here and there, with a big push right before a Friend was coming over for her first visit to sufficiently Motivate to Action.

And No, it's not completely Done... but it's completely Functional now and that's the Important part.   I can Fuss around with the Styling and Decorating anytime now.   What is more Important is that it's fully Organized now and can Function as a Creative Space that we Enjoy being in and are Inspired by... even as it currently is... so it can only get better from here on out as the Transformation is completed over Time.

When I Create any Studio Artsy Space to occupy I like to have totally Random Items in it.   Many folks might not understand the Purpose of what I have in my Art Studios since very little of it actually has anything to do with what I might Create in there.   But for some reason the Visuals of it all as a whole is Inspirational Creative Energy that fuels whatever I might be Creating.

Anything Creative and Beautiful is Welcome in my Studio Spaces... and it is the one Space in which I don't have any problem with it being a Beautiful Mess and rather Cluttered.   In the rest of our Living Spaces that would bother me, but in my Creative Spaces, tho' they have Order to them, they can actually appear to be a Beautiful Glorious Mess and still be extremely Functional Spaces for me to Work in and maximize Creativity.

I also open them up and have always preferred to Welcome Family and Friends to utilize the Spaces as well for their own Creative Pursuits.   I'm not at all Territorial about my Studio Space since it's always been rather a Communal Gathering place and not exclusive to me sequestering myself in, tho' at times I do.   Unlike the Art Studio Cottage at the Historic Homestead, this Art Studio Loft at New Villa Boheme' isn't separate from the Primary Living Spaces and cannot be locked... it's completely Open.

So that too has been somewhat of a Transition for me since if I NEEDED to keep others out at my other Art Studio Space I could... now I cannot unless I were to hire a permanent Live In Security Guard!  *LOL*  So, while I'm busy Organizing all of my Craft and Art Supplies nobody needs to knock and be allowed access, they're just there rolling up on me.  *Ha ha ha*   But I'm learning to Roll with that quickly, since now that it's Up and Functional FINALLY, everyone WANTS to be in there Enjoying it!

Even The Man has tackled the Stairs to see what I'm up to if I'm up there too long!  *Smiles*   He doesn't do stairs well since his balance isn't great anymore with the TBI and his COPD is quite advanced so steep stairs wind him.   But that also means I can hear him coming long before he gets there!  *Winks*  The G-Kid Force are more stealthy so sometimes if I'm deeply immersed in a Project I don't know they're stalking me and have crept in until I look up or sense a presence!  *LOL*

I've still got a bunch of stuff on the floor and it will probably remain there, I don't really Care to try to get everything up off the floor since I'm not wanting to buy more Furniture to schlep upstairs and put it all on.  There's plenty of floor space and if it's Working and ain't broke, why Fix it?   I didn't have a lot of stuff on the floor at the Old Carriage House Art Studio Cottage because it had a tonnage of built-ins and a full Kitchen with Cupboard Spaces, plus a Bedroom with Storage Closets and built-ins.   This has no built-ins in the Loft, tho' it's a huge Space, so it didn't come resplendent with instant Storage.

In fact it was just a big empty room Ideal for a Loft Studio... but then there were those steep stairs with an angled landing, which make it really difficult to get anything of substance up there!   You don't really think about all that until the first time you Need or Want to get a substantial piece of Furniture up there and then decide, Forget about it!   It's staying Downstairs even tho' it was Intended for said Studio Storage!   Or the G-Kid Forces Living Spaces up there... or the Juliet Room!  We have minimal substantial furnishings Upstairs for a reason, a Practical one... we can't get that shit up there!  *Bwahahaha!*

So I've gotten quite Creative about Storage so that everything has a place in lieu of not having the Storage I was used to in my Studio or the Kid's Bedrooms before.   We do a lot of Small Storage Solutions now... Vintage Suitcases, Vintage Locker Baskets, Cigar Boxes galore, smallish Apothecary Cabinets or Typeset Drawer Cabinetry, Old Drawers of various sizes, Vintage Canning Jars, Etcetera.

It's not that I didn't use such things before, but now I REALLY have to use them and have an abundance of them to replace actual Furniture or Built-Ins that Stored stuff or Organized it to be optimally Functional and easy to Locate.  Unless I end up with some Muscular Sherpa at my disposal this is going to be the way the Studio Space and other Rooms Upstairs are going to be Furnished, Styled and Organized.   And I'm Okay with that NOW... for a while I WAS NOT... and kept making unfair Comparisons of Before and Now... which is NOT GOOD!

It really helped me to WANT to begin the full Reclamation Project once I got a lot of Familiar Items up there in the Space.   Things that had occupied the Art Studio Cottage for years and so that Familiarity just felt very Comforting and made the Space Feel Right for the Transformation it would Need.   And to also fill it with an over abundance of very Old Architectural Salvage so that I wouldn't so much be Missing my Historic Carriage House's Ambiance of being The Real Deal Visually.

This is a Gorgeous Luxury Home made to look Authentically Santa Barbara Tuscan Style in Architecture, but it is a New Build all the same and is less than a decade old.   I mean Princess T is Older and more Mature than this House!  *LMAO*   So it lacks History unless you infuse it with Old Stuff that has the History and gives it Distinction of not appearing so New and part of a Subdivision in the Burbs.  *Gak!  I almost can't say that without Gakking! LOL*

The Rural Burbs are growing on me tho', it's very Scenic, Safe and Serene... I Love Scenic Views and Serenity... and being SAFE!   Our Street is a very Visually Gorgeous Street, as are those directly around it which had the same Luxury Home Builder as ours.  They did an Excellent Job in Creating this little slice of Paradise... if it wasn't clear out in BFE {If you don't know what that means I cannot say, coz it's vulgar... winks} and closer to... well... in a word EVERYTHING, it would be Idyllic in fact.  *Smiles*


The City's Urban Conveniences will eventually get out here I'm constantly being told, well, let us Hope so!  *Ha ha ha*  In the meantime, I still make several Pilgrimages into The City so I don't feel positively Cloistered!  *LOL*   Which is also why it was imperative to get my Creative Space up and running, because when I'm Creating I'm in The Zone and the Outside World doesn't even Exist... so it matters not how freakin' far from everything and anything we happen to actually be then!  *Ha ha ha*

I do not miss the Urban Problems tho', they don't really exist out here which is refreshing.  Now, that's not to say some bored Young People don't sometimes get into Mischief since Lord knows the Kids are far from everything and anything too out here!   However, when I go to the nearest Grocery Store... which is a 30 minute round trip commute time... there are no Panhandlers, Vagrants, Criminal Types, Tweakers, Crack Heads or the usual Sideshow you often have standing out front of just about any Retail Spaces in The Hood... or the City in general!  *Hallelujah!*  There are just people buying their Groceries, which is all I want to Deal with when I'm trying to buy mine!

Yes, I am a City Girl and I do Miss a lot about the City... even with all of it's Urban Problems which make it a package Deal of having to take the Bad with the Good.   But I'm rather preferring now the Safety, the Serenity and the Scenery of being away from it all way out here too!   BTW: That is my Dad's Old Military Dress Uniform Hat and a Vintage Hand Made Yo-Yo Clown reminiscent of the Type my Paternal Grandmother used to make from Rags.  She used to send us Toys like that from the Rez to where ever in the World we were Living at the time, since there were no Stores, so she Hand-Made us all the Toys she ever Gifted us with.   So I shouldn't complain, we DO have Stores around here that we can get to and we don't have to make just about everything we Need nor hunt or raise and butcher it in order to eat!

Sometimes you do have to put things in proper perspective and realize how Blessed and Favored we are compared to our Ancestors of the Past who had it rough and still made a Beautiful Life despite the Hardships and Challenges.  I cannot even Imagine what my both sets of Grandparents would have thought of where I'm at now!!?!?   They would be gobsmacked I'm sure and so very Proud of how far we've come in the Future Generations from their very Humble Beginnings.  I know every Past Generation wanted something Better for their Children and Grandchildren... I know we do too... don't you?   I do Wish both of my Parents could have seen New Villa Boheme' too, alas, they did not.

So I'll have to be Content with Sharing it with existing Family and Friends such as yourselves that can Rejoice with us as we enter this New Chapter of our Lives.  And Believe that the Past Generations and Ancestors are looking down from Paradise to see our little slice of Paradise we're carving out here on this side of Time and Eternity.   I think of all the Substandard places I've lived for so many years and I still have to pinch myself sometimes that we have such Luxurious surroundings now and no lack.

Tho' I do Love Historic Homes, having every Modern Convenience at your disposal has already Spoiled me now.  Unless you do a complete Restoration of a Historic Home and are living in the Challenges of one not yet Restored and mostly Original, you cannot even comprehend how much about Modern Living you Missed for so long!  *Smiles*   Tho' I never minded Living Nomadic and often in a Home with Wheels... it is Nice to put down some Roots and have some Space for your stuff and not just the bare minimum!  *LOL*

And it is Nice to have enough Space that everyone in the Family has their own Private Space and isn't piled together like a can of Sardines!  No, not at the Historic Homestead, which was quite spacious, but in the Past we sure have Lived in some tight and questionable Quarters that were beyond 'Cozy' or a 'Dollhouse' as a Polite description!  *Bwahahahaha!*

I have to Laugh sometimes at the Tiny Houses Trend going on right now... Crap, we were Trendy then LONG before it was Trending to Live in a Too Small Space, but mostly by Necessity, not necessarily by Choice!   How Small a Space can one Live in... well, I've Lived in some that were smaller than my current Master Bathroom!  I've Lived in some you could hook up behind a Vehicle and Move.  I Lived in a Studio Apartment Space once where the Kitchen Table unfolded from the Wall, the Bed doubled as a Futon Sofa and the Kitchen was one Wall with a Louvered Door that covered it when you closed them!   Some Friends had to stand outside during visits if you had too many over!  *Ha ha ha*

I've had Homes where there weren't Doors, there were Curtains separating the Spaces and giving the Illusion of different Rooms!  *Smiles*  I have once, after a Bad Divorce, even been Homeless with a Four year old and a Newborn Baby!  So... perhaps this is why I Feel the Need, even in our Senior Years, to Go Big and have it be our Forever Home, well mebbe Forever... I dunno?   *Smiles*    And so as The Studio Loft is Transforming with The Reclamation Project I'm really diggin' the Space now and spending more and more time up there in Creative Pursuits... which means it now is how it should be.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. That is a big space. I wonder if you wanted to bring in some big pieces maybe you could use the window?

    1. No, its on the side of the house and behind a Wall, so that wouldn't work unfortunately. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. So very happy for you! What are you going to create first? I'm missing more of your lovely carpets maybe on the walls too!

    1. My Friend and I are going to make Altered Art Tags first, a couple weeks from now she's coming over again and we're going on a Creative Binge. *LOL* Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I like all your doors! What is the big white framed area at the end of the room? Window?

    1. Yes, that's a lovely Window at the end of the room, the area has lots of windows on 3 sides so lots of Natural Light comes in. Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Those doors just blow me away. . .they're gorgeous, and lucky you, although I am sure those were pretty difficult to get up your stairs. You do have such cool things, Dawn.

    1. The Young Prince and I schlepped them up there... he did most of the work, my young strong Sherpa, good to have a Teenaged Grandson at your disposal when you need heavy lifting! *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian


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