Friday, February 17, 2017

Sweet Salvage ~ Rustic Luxe Event ~ Part I

Yes, of coarse I wanted the Bunny... alas, she wasn't within the budget... so she didn't come Home with me.  *Pouting!*   I knew the 'Rustic Luxe' Theme at this Month's SWEET SALVAGE Event was going to be an enormously Popular one.  Which also means epic crowds and me freaking out a bit when it gets really packed and having to leave early and come back when it's calmer.  So some Images have been cribbed from the Sweet's FB Page and mingled in with mine to give you proper coverage of the Event.  In all Truth a lot of mine didn't turn out because I was rushing too much to Photograph things before too many people came thru the doors.  *LOL*

I had headed straight for the Bunny to see if she was within budget, so at least I got a couple pixs taken of her before she immediately got adopted by someone else and whisked off to her new Home.   She had been the one piece I Scouted on the FB Page Preview that I really wanted.  So after I knew I couldn't afford her, well, the Pressure was at least off to get to something before anyone else did, right?!  *Ha ha ha*  Now I was Free to just concentrate on Enjoying Vignettes and seeing what would turn up that I'd want.

Not that the Boutique didn't have a multitude of Fabulousness in it besides my Target piece, but Bunnyless I was just Content to mosey thru the rest of the Vignettes taking my time, until the crowds made it too difficult to continue photographing anything.  The line prior to opening had been wrapping around the building and down the street, so I was fortunate to get there early enough to find good Parking and a decent place at the front end of the line.  I had to come back after Lunch to bail what I wanted to buy out, since the checkout line was long and I was hungry, and shorter once I got back from Lunch.

So, another piece I loathed to leave behind but didn't have budget for, dammit... this Fantastic Antique Typeset Cabinet with Glass Knobs!  OMG... it stopped me dead in my tracks and tho' you can't tell by this Image nor the Close-Up Image you'll see next, the Wood was so dark that it almost looked Ebony, so I don't know why it Photographed so Light?   Strange that it looks almost Reddish Brown in this Image and almost Honey Brown in the Close-Up, Trust me, it was such a Dark Brown as to almost look Black, which is why I Loved it so much.

Well, that and these Original Glass Knobs, which you almost never see on these types of Cabinets since they were basically a Commercial or Industrial piece so it's more typical to have sturdier Metal or Wooden Knobs.   This gave it a much more Feminine Look with the Beautiful Old Glass Knobs and only one appeared to be missing and none seemed damaged, which is miraculous given the Age of the piece and heavy use in it's previous Life.  If budget had permit this would have mos def come Home with me, no doubt about it.   In a Perfect World this won't Sell and might be available at next Month's Event... Right... I know, I Dream big and have lofty delusions.  *Winks*

My Friend Minnie's 'Rustic Luxe' Winter Bedding line was luscious.  Those huge Rustic Bolster Pillows are favorites of mine and eventually I might have to bring one Home even tho' I don't Need another Pillow in this Lifetime!  *LOL*   Not that having Too Much of any one thing has ever stopped me before, but remember, I'm supposed to be Simplifying Life and downsizing in earnest now, so I'm trying to avoid Muchness.   I'm actually becoming better at it, who knew that could happen!???!??!  *Gasp!*

Since there was a distinct possibility this could be the very last time I made it to these Events at The Sweet on Opening Day before the doors open, I was kinda in Mourning a bit so wore the appropriate Black.  *Winks*   It's not that I couldn't get all Kiddos TO Schools on Time, it's his much earlier pickup time, should he be accepted at this Charter School.  It being so far from Home that he must have me Transporting him is the big Issue complicating my weekdays in the not too distant Future.  I'm Scheming tho' to come up with a viable solution.  Like Scouting that area in the Town the School is in, to see if any little Restaurants are close to it for him to hang out at and eat a Lunch that one day of each Month?

Since it's a reduced School Day at the Charter School, with no in house Lunch, that will Save me a considerable amount of money buying School Lunches, which normally costs me about $200+ a Month per Child.  So I could put something of the Savings towards him hanging out somewhere on a 3rd Thursday near the School to eat Lunch, 'til I could make it back from the City to pick him up in that Town after School and then head Home.  I'd rather cut my one Respite Day a Month short, than not have it at all, so we'll see what I can manage to make Work and come up with that works for him too?  He's been having Epic Anxiety Attacks lately contemplating yet another change in Schools, so he's been Home Sick or had to be picked up at School Nurse daily now.

Though he didn't recall what we'd argued about that Tough day we fought about Schooling, since he was in Psychotic Mode so has absolutely no recollection, he did know that by the time he came out of it, I was not doing Well and he was apparently the reason why.  So I did get a Sincere Apology from him Yesterday while at my Event, for whatever Insanity, harsh Words and Resistance went on when he thought me to be the Devil.  *Smiles*   Quickly Forgive and move on when he's lucid again is my Mantra.  When someone is having a Mental Health Episode you just have to refuse to Personalize it and realize it's the Illness you're Dealing with that sometimes makes Life so difficult for everyone concerned and it's not always anything anyone or any med could Control.   I knew he felt Bad about it, I knew he's having a Tough Time right now and I was the direction it vented since I'm the Primary Caregiver and he's med-less now.

So, with Relationship with The Young Prince now Restored... and a Truce reached about him trying harder to be in Compliance and not Debate it with Teachers like he's a Defense Attorney and piss them off, even if the logic of whatever he's being asked to do doesn't make Sense to him, all was now Right with the World again for now.  *LOL*   That Kid will Debate his ass off if something doesn't line up for him and sometimes he has very valid points and I don't even Believe the bullshit falling out of my mouth in defense of a frustrating Educational System that is indeed archaic and should be changed for every Child!   So trying to get him convinced to Go Along, and not make waves... is mighty hollow and probably doesn't ring True.   Since he's smart and perceptive enough to smell BS a Mile away when I'm shoveling it, just to get him to cooperate and ease on the Drama in the freakin' School System so they're not doggin' me all the time about him being Mental! *LOL*

Before his apology and epiphany that we were not 'Good' with each other tho', was a brief interlude when he called earlier, as I'd just arrived at the Event, and almost seemed to want to pick up another Argument!  Hell to the No... So I said I Loved him and I just hung up on him promptly.   Such is Bipolar behavior, and being Sixteen on top of it... *LOL* I will not Engage him if he is spoiling for Negative interaction and Lunacy will prevail.  Besides, it was my Happy Day, so I flat refused to have anyone piss on my picnic... ha ha ha!!!   So when he called back much later and could converse with Sanity and Respect, I could accept whatever he had to say.  Which surprisingly was an apology for his Crazy Day when he was unmanageable and absolutely impossible to Deal with and him close to tears about thinking I might still be upset with him about it. 

No, I says, it's a Brand New Day and a Fresh Start for you since we're off the Crazy Train, so just do whatever they tell you to at School so Gramma can Enjoy her Respite Day Okay, without incident or interruption?   And then I went and bought a Great Skully... this one.  *LOL*   Retail Therapy, ah, ain't it grand!?

And here it is now at Home, with some Vintage Millinery attached and I'll probably add a Bindi placement piece of Antique Bohemian Bling on it's forehead before hanging it back up.   Since clearly just a Skull won't do... has to be Pimped Out in My Style before I'm Satisfied with it!  *LOL*   The Man says it's likely a White Tail Deer Skully and an Older specimen that has been whitewashed, it looks like some kind of Miniature Deer to me and so Small and Delicate, I Love it!!!

Yes, you knew I wasn't coming Home empty handed now didn't you?  After the dreadful day I'd endured the day before there was no way some Retail Therapy wasn't in order so long as it jived with the dreaded budget constraints.  *Ha ha ha!*   And I did get a lil somethin'-somethin' more so without further ado I'll show that next just so you don't remain in Suspense, since I know you wanna see my entire Haul... you did now didn't you?  *Winks*

I also got a large bolster sized Vintage European Grain Sack in Linen that is soft as butter, that has two small stripes in Red plus Embroidery saying B E 4 on the front side...

And two larger Red Stripes further apart on the back with some great Boro Mending on the backside as well.  It closes with a drawstring and I'll probably make a Bolster Pillow out of it filled with Down and perhaps some Gypsy Embellishments around the edges since I don't have a lot of French Country Decor so probably won't opt to keep it plain.  I would like some Cool Vintage Hand-Dyed Velvet Ruffles or Dyed Seam Binding Fringe around the exterior to make it more My Style.

I got a Vintage Glass Doorknob turned into a Bottle Stopper that is a Lovely unusual Shade of Light Amber, probably from Age and Sunlight exposure discoloring the Glass naturally, it was only Ten bucks, so how could I resist!?

It fits on some of my smaller Demijohn Bottles from Europe and the Amber Glass goes well with the Warm Tuscan Palette.

I had to dig to find it, that's it on the far Right with the $10 Sticker.  It was the only one re-purposed into a Bottle Stopper, the rest were still Doorknobs and I have a Hoard of those at Home, so it was the only logical choice I could Justify. *Winks*

And a totally Awesome Post-Valentine's Day 'Score' was these Antique Valentine's Day Cards marked down to only two bucks apiece!   I got four of them, my Fav being the 1920's Style Kewpie Girl in the Castle which is a very intricate fold-out style Valentine that has movable and removable parts, so there are four layers of cut-outs that constitute the Card.

And the one Card on the far Left seems to be a Foreign Birthday Card rather than a Valentine's Day Card like the other three, but I still liked it since it too was one of those intricate fold-out Style that Displays so well and had great Graphics I liked a lot.   

I could have gotten some larger more intricate fold-out Valentine's Day Cards if I wanted to spend $5 each, but with Valentine's Day already being over I decided to keep with the less expensive outlay for now since they won't see the light of day for another year to Display at Home.

I do Love Vintage Ephemera though a lot, so when I find any that are very reasonably priced I usually pick up at least a couple so I couldn't resist the four I decided upon at the Bargain Price.   Beats the Hell out of paying for Modern Valentine's Day Cards that Princess T picked out, agonized for days Signing and then decided she wouldn't take to School after all since nobody else was exchanging Cards in the 5th Grade!  *Le Sigh*

Oh well, whaddya gonna do, I think she had to be more disappointed than I was and besides, she is picking the squishy Rubber Bugs off the Boy Valentines and playing with them so it wasn't a total Waste of time and money!  *LOL*

And last, but certainly not least, I picked up some back Issues of Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine from 2016 and 2015 that I was missing, half off cover price, which you can't beat that Discount!   I plan to fill in the holes of the back Issues I still don't have next time I attend any of the Events.  Since these are Inspirational as Keeper Mags and I've been Collecting them when I can find them on Sale since before they were available in this Country or even printed in English!   So, that was my entire Haul this Event, I was Delighted with what I got even tho' it wasn't The Bunny... or the Typeset Cabinet!  *Winks*


In fact, I almost came away with nothing at all but The Man had called to check on how I was doing and told me to just pick up something this Visit since I might not get as many opportunities, depending upon how the School Thing plays out?   He doesn't mind paying for some Retail Therapy... it's still way Cheaper than Real Therapy for me, or a Hospitalization, right?  *Winks*

But actually I don't Feel the Need to actually buy anything every time, sometimes I do and sometimes I don't, depending upon what turns up and affordability being compatible to budget constraints.   I've still been Selling way more than I've been Buying for quite some time now and that's a good thing since downsizing is going Well and we're making a lot of progress de-stashing personal possessions.

Admiring the Vignettes, Photographing them to Share here in the Land of Blog to Cover the Event, Visiting with Talented Friends who put this all together, is more than enough sometimes.   Which is why I make my Monthly Pilgrimages moreso than to actually have a Mission Statement for a particular Purchase in Mind.   I find many Ladies I've met in line approach the Events in the same way and have it be a Destination and an Experience more than just merely Shopping.

And even Post-Holiday Decor is always very Popular because so much of it is just so Pretty that it doesn't have to necessarily be only Seasonally Displayed.   I Loved the Bling Trees... I would Display something like this year round actually and not just at Christmastime.  At Home I keep my Velvet and Fabric Pumpkins that are Blinged Out on Display most of the year.

I think these could easily Display out of Season as well as during Season.  They were of varying sizes and Designs and with varying degrees of Vintage Jewels embellished upon them.   Some had Minimum Bling...

Some had Maximum Bling...

This one appeared to be the Big Kahuna of Bling Trees both in size and embellishment!  *LOL*

I was more drawn to the Vintage Millinery, tho' I didn't pick any up this day...

And if I ever have Need of a War Bonnet, for when I go on the Warpath around here... well, I know just where to Find one!  *Winks*   Couldn't you just see me donning this and going Postal during one of my Rants?   Yeah, when the Men with the White Coats showed up they'd have such a Story to tell, right?  *Bwahahahaha!*

Well, if they could Find their way out here, I'm still Missing the City a lot and we find ourselves driving into the City more and more even tho' we're now quite settled in here at New Villa Boheme' and Love the New Home and the Scenery.

I'm pretty Sure that once I get this Nest completely Feathered I won't want to leave and will just commute when the longing for City Life overtakes me so that I can Enjoy the Best of both Worlds.

That's kinda what Rustic Luxe is all about anyway isn't it... melding the Luxurious Lifestyle with the Rustic Lifestyle kinda Green Acres Style.  So whether Living in the City and Desiring a bit of the Country in your Decor... or Living in the Country and Desiring a bit of the City in your Decor, you can meld the two and Enjoy both Worlds.

I used to Love that Old Classic TV Show 'Green Acres' and how Lisa Douglas, played by the Fabulous Eva Gabor, made Life in the Country on a Farm more bearable by bringing her Luxe Style to the rundown Homestead Oliver Douglas, played by Eddie Albert, bought and moved them into.

via: Google Images

Much of the hilarity to me as a Kid, and even to this day, was that I've lived in some pretty substandard conditions and yet we made them Luxe with our Bohemian Style Sensibilities, so I could relate to Eva Gabor's Character and tastes regardless of Environment matching up.   And how rundown that Old Homestead was and yet she had it like a Poor Man's Taj Mahal was the funniest part of the Show in my opinion... I've lived in places like that!  Because she just rolled with the decrepit conditions while feathering it as if it was still her Park Avenue Penthouse in the City and being Queen of her Castle... even if it was falling apart... been there, done that too... my Mom as well!  *LOL*

To me the condition of my Home isn't as important as the furnishing of it... I can live in substandard conditions of an Old Historic wreck of a place and still be as Happy as living in the McManse Luxury Villa we have now... I'm no more nor no less Content actually.   Honestly, the Quirks of the wrecks have often had more Appeal since Ruins of buildings just hold a Magical Spell over me and I don't know exactly why?!   I'm Intrigued and mesmerized by Old Abandoned Places, tho' I've lived in enough wrecks to know what a Labor of Love and hardship it is to actually LIVE without complete Restoration!  *Ha ha ha*

Sometimes the Romantic Vision wins out tho' doesn't it, for those of us who just Love what we Love regardless of the Realities about existing there with any measure of comfort and conveniences.   Having lived in both now I must say some conveniences and comfort of Luxe I can easily get used to... but a part of me also still longs for the Rustic and the Old.

So now my Challenge isn't so much in fixing up a place to make it Livable as it is to make a New place look like it has more of a History and Character.   I'm finding this Challenge to be much less Work.  *Winks*

I would like to say much less expense too but that's not the case... tho' a Historic Home Renovation and Restoration can be a Money Pit... a New Luxury Home don't come Cheaply and New Builds are not built to last and lack the Quality Craftsmanship and Details of yesteryear.  I've seen New Homes that cost Millions that can't compare to the Grandiose Mansions of Yesteryear.  You couldn't pay enough to get that kind of Quality and Craftsmanship... or even the Quality of Supplies to build it nowadays, it does not exist any longer, which is a Shame and why the Historic Homes should be Saved and Preserved if at all possible.


Well, we will be back again with Part II soon so be sure to come back and join us again for the rest of the Reveal of this Month's Event.  And if you are here in the Valley, remember that you've still got two more days left since it runs thru this Sunday!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Glad you have a plan for still getting your respite day! Also glad you are able to have some happy for you in each day too!

  2. My youngest is 21. I can remember going outside while my husband would fight with her when she was a teenager. I could not stay outside for ever so I would eventually come back in the house and make them each go to there room and have a talk with each of them separately of how stupid it was to keep the same argument going over and over again. I do not miss it. I could see those bling trees in your house.


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