Thursday, February 23, 2017

Moving On...

I don't like to sit too long with the Negative Energy Posts and them hanging out there as the most current or even relevant Post.  Once I've vented and gotten all that Neg Energy out of my system and released into the vastness of cyberspace it's like when Sigourney Weaver jettisoned that dreadful Alien Creature out of the Spaceship... and we can now just be Moving On.   The Journey just seems more bearable and Peaceful once the Creature has been banished for the time being... sure, you know there will be sequels, and dreadful Creature battles galore to Protect your Loved Ones from, but for now... 
Moving On... 
Channeling all the Anger and outrage into productive Positive things is best...

Because in between the battles and the Issues of Life are the sublime Kodak Moments like these of just Living our lives.   This was the Holiday Weekend and Princess T trying valiantly to stay up with me late to watch a Show... and conking out in Grandpa's broken Recliner with Miss Priss in her arms... Adorable!   I forgot the Cat was even in the house, she's become so obedient and subdued about Nighttime incarceration with her Human by her side.  So that she won't become large Predator bait and a buffet for Owls, Raptors or Coyotes in the Evenings out here in nowhere-land where the Wild of the Desert meets and collides with Rural Subdivision Suburbia.   She used to run from the camera... and Freak Out if forced to remain inside... now she's used to Inside Bedtimes and Voguing for my Pathological Picture Taking.  See, things CAN change and be less Feral, it just takes Time, Adaptation and a long exhausting Process.

The disdain for enduring whatever it is that is necessary to put up with might remain in varying degrees.  Clearly you can tell by her contemptuous look that she's still not thrilled to death about being cooped up Inside at Night or being Photographed.  But she sure does Love her Human enough to try to Adapt as much as she is able and despite her unsavory Label as a Cat probably not regarded by the masses as Being of "Pet Quality".  She is still somewhat a Wild Thing that should be a Domestic Animal but straddles that proverbial fence of actually being able to BE one like most Cats belonging to Humans.  She is NOT like most Cats, she never will be, and we're unconditionally Okay with that and Love her, she is Family.  The Young Prince is a lot like Miss Priss... resistant to conforming and enduring that which is difficult for the different brain patterns to handle.  Settle down enough to co-exist and reach a balance of BEING like most People, especially in School environments designed for those not like him very much, the Tamer predictable ones who Society prefers the 'Quality' of.  

Who made up the Assessment of Quality of Life anyway?  How is one Life qualified to be of Quality preferred and another marginalized of lesser Quality by Nature of it's unique differences and way of Being?   Is the Wild Thing less than the Domestic Thing of the Living Things... I happen to think not and no more nor no less Valuable.   Though not Equal perhaps, I can Appreciate their differences and feel ALL are qualified to BE as they are without having a Rating imposed upon them by whoever makes up the Assessment of their alleged 'Quality' or 'Value'!   Certainly each has a Right to just Live and BE... even if they Be something that cannot Change at all to be better accepted by the Standards set in place as 'Ratings'.

We have a slew of Grandkids, we don't 'Rate' any of them.   I happen to Like that each of them is their own Being and distinctively themselves.   So I guess I Rebel when anyone else would be arrogant enough to be dishing out 'Ratings'  about their state of Being, their alleged 'Value' and judging their alleged 'Quality' of Life... any of them, it raises my hackles.  Yes, I have hackles to raise!  *Winks*   Since we Value them ALL and their Quality is just fine with me and ordained by the Creator when He breathed Life into each of them so who am I to Question that?   It's God's Universe and He will run it as He sees fit... and until I have a Universe I can accept His omniscience of this one and not be arrogant enough to think I could do it better with my puny understanding or tell Him how to. *Smiles* 

 I've had a slew of Fur Babies over the years too, some Tame, some Stray and thus always having that Wanderlust and living Outside the box preference in their blood, some Feral and Wild, some never to Domesticate one iota... they were all Loved as they were.   Were some harder to take Care of and co-exist with than others, Hell yeah... and I'm not just talkin' about the Cats!  *LOL*  The Relationship developed with each is different because they all are different, Unique and one of a kind.   I didn't have a Conditional checklist tho' about what boxes had to be checked off in order to be Loved and remain part of the Family Unit.   Often I left their ability to have Relationship dictate how the one with me would develop and be cultivated in a way that Love could be exchanged and felt in such a way it was never questioned or doubted.

I Believe that when Love exists in the Purest forms then the Value of that Relationship is Priceless and obstacles can be Coped with and Endured in Love and even Humor.   It's funny to me that this Mannequin Head has one eye with lashes and the other barren of them... becoz in the Coping of Relationship Love playing out in all it's complexities I've lost my lashes, probably from the Stress and Diabetic complications when I'm up under loads of it.  They are still slightly there but about 1/4 of the length they used to be.   I tried to compensate with liquid eyeliner and tho' it said that it was waterproof and smudge-proof, during the course of my Crazy Days I started having Crazy Eyeliner Eyes as it smeared and melted all over the place on lid, crease and even up to eyebrow sometimes!   It was hysterical... but in a very Ego crushing way it was humiliating and embarrassing too, what a Hot Mess I looked!  In the Coping of what has been Lost or might never be again I had tried to compensate in a most unsuccessful vain way and had to adjust accordingly.

Ah yes, the Vanities, Pride and the Ego... hard things to lay to rest.  Bragging rights when everything in one's Life seems to be going swell and everyone in it is attaining Success is just so Wonderful to espouse or reveal Proudly to the World.  Not so easy when everything... or everyone... is rather jacked up and things are not swell and everyone in it is not doing Well... in whatever ways not doing Well is playing out in your World?   Moving On when things aren't Ideal can hit snags in the Journey, you can get stuck.  When whatever we don't Like to be Dealing with is playing out we can become a different kind of person, especially if it extends past the point of comfort or our ability to bear it.   When it's outside the Family it can be hard enough... as in the State of the World in general, which right now, is precarious and unpredictable to say the least.   But when it's inside the Family it can making the challenges of the Moving On part more in your Face daily, so that you have to consciously make the effort to even if nothing Changes and perhaps never will.

How long should I stay stuck in Negativity, Anger and an Energy I really loathe... especially if my Positive input will only take me so far in Changing anything, if at all?  I suppose it varies from person to person how long they can wallow in Negativity, I can't for very long at all, it's just too damned uncomfortable and unfamiliar so I strive to be Moving On.   Even if nothing at all has changed I can't pitch Camp in The Valley of Negativity... which I liken to The Valley of Death.   I might have to travel through that Valley to get where I've got to go, but I sure won't reside there.   I like to be Moving On to the Promised Land, where ever that actually is.   And even if I may never get there and don't have the MapQuest Directions so get sidetracked or Lost along the way, at least I know I've been on my way.  I've had it as a diligent Goal in my Journey of Life and a Dream kept Alive and Well on the Canvas of my fertile Imagination as a Destination to reside in some day. 

I am the Incurable Optimist and so I sprinkle my World constantly with Beauty, Hope, Positive Energies and Love... as my own Personal Improvement Project of the World I Live in and am a part of.   Princess T and I were talking about Fairies recently, she Loves the Idea of Fairies, the Magical Gentle People of Legend and Folklore.   She has not given up on the Idea that they Exist... many things as a Child matures they give up on the Idea of the Existence of, I'm Glad that for her Fairies can be Real.   She is excited when we go to Renaissance Festival to meet the Fairies especially, they are her Favorite People and their State of Being just Enchants her.   I Like the Idea of Fairies too, and I'm all Grown Up and have been for a long while, but I don't Care... perhaps they do Exist, I Like to think so.   My Gaelic Nanna was adamant they do, Tylwyth Teg and the Aos Sí... in some Cultures it is all very Real.

And our sublime Moments can be Created in the midst of Drama if we do it with Intention.   I have all kinds of things around our Home that are small Sensory Pleasures designed to induce the sublime Moments we can savor and incorporate into even the crappiest of days we've had to Endure.   I just Love the Beautiful or Exotic Packaging of many of the Spa Elements I've gathered.  Whether or not they actually do what they Promise is of little consequence really so long as utilizing it feels sublime and uplifts the Spirit.  And just having it sitting around looking Pretty until we indulge in it is luxurious even if it cost a pittance, which most of it did actually, since I'm the Queen of Frugality!  *Winks*

During the inclement weather we've been having off and on I have made some new Chili Recipes and been experimental in the Kitchen about some of the Comfort Foods we particularly Enjoy on the crappy days.   The thing I Love most about Chili is that it's so diverse and everyone has varied and Favored recipes of it.  There is no Right or Wrong way to make Chili really and I like to try a lot of different variations.   I've probably never even met a Chili I didn't like actually, tho' some were preferable over others I'd be a lousy Chili Cook-off Judge.  I recall that I hid some really Weird ingredients in this recipe and it turned out really Well and tasty.  Even tho' The G-Kid Force kinda picked thru it like a mine field to exclude any Mystery Stuff that might be Good for us that Gramma hid in there and looked sketchy?!   *LOL* 

I don't even remember exactly what I threw in that Chili Pot so I'll never again be able to replicate this particular Recipe!   It happens, and sometimes I Wish I had written some ingredients down that the Experiment Worked really Good in!  Was this the one I had Created from some Exotic Meat Source or Wild Game... were those Veggie chunks some Fresh Zucchini {probably}... did I get Experimental in the Cheese blend sprinkled on top too?   We are a heavy on the Onions or Scallions type as an ingredient and a garnish... and if I can get away with Fresh minced Garlic... it's snuck in there too.  My Chili is gonna be hearty since everything but the kitchen sink has probably been incorporated.  I think this one had about six types of Beans and Legumes!   Nice Meals to us constitute some of our sublime Moments Shared... whether simple or elaborate.

When we were doing a Skype Call fairly recently with our Adult Daughter in Mexico she asked her Kids to go to Gramma's Pantry and show it because she wanted to Share with her Friends the wide variety of Exotic Spices and various Foods she just knew and remembered I always gather for preparation of Nice Meals.   It struck me that it's something my Kids always remembered fondly and Miss the most about Home.  It's something I don't often even think about because it's our Norm and thus I don't really think it's not everyone's.  And I'm not even a Domestic Goddess, in fact, my culinary skills Suck... they really do, compared to the Domestic Goddess Types and Master Iron Chefs among you all.  So it's not as if they got that Home Cooked Meal to really brag about, but there was just something about a well stocked Pantry and using all kinds of Spices and Fresh Ingredients that they recalled quite fondly.   And most of the Fam are very slender people so it's not even like they were huge Foodies that live to eat... they are in fact all more the eat to live types.

But I'm Glad they ALL have Happy Home Memories they are eager to Share with others and recall fondly.  Even tho' we had a lot of very difficult times nobody ever focuses upon any of that actually or even much recalls most of it.  Even tho' it often dominated Life, those Issues of Life you just have to Deal with and keep Moving On are easily Forgotten or pale compared to the sublime Moments.   And so thus is my Point of being able to keep Moving On... because years from now much of it probably won't matter or even be recalled with any regularity, no matter how Intense it was... or perhaps still is.   We still have several Family Members living with Health and Mental Health Issues... with Disabilities and some pretty extreme Issues of Life... yet our Focus when we get together is almost always leaning towards those Happy Memories we Share and are poignant, Cherished and dominate our recollections of Life as we know it.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... may your recollections be fond as well my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I don't know how many times we invoke " life goes on"! We even have a bell we ring when we say it, the life-goes-on bell.
    If the young prince has time at home between classes call it " unschooling" and put a positive spin on it. That's what I did when my son's chronic anxiety got the better of him and we were stuck at home. It feels much more productive!
    He sunds like he is doing it anyway, researching his own interests with his genius IQ.
    Have a look at
    So glad you can see some happy moments too!
    Hugs my friend, xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Yes he does that already, right now he's experimenting with culinary arts in the kitchen during his now shortened school day. He was allowed back in High School and they reduced his classes to a manageable level for him until we can get an opening in the Charter School System. We modify things as we go that Work and his anxiety is lessening as he gains confidence that everything is going to be okay regardless if he cannot do it all in the 'Traditional' way. Thanks as always for your valuable input my Friend, I know you too have gone down this bumpy road with your brilliant boys! Hugs... Dawn... The Bohemian


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