Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Blog Evolution... Or Is It Going Extinct?

Today is a random musing Post about Blogging in general and mebbe mine in particular.  There are probably hundreds of thousands of thriving Blogs out there that I've never visited and don't know about or how exactly to find them.  But in recent years the number of my Favorites has dwindled considerably as Blog Friends just quit Blogging much to my chagrin!  Was I becoming Attached once again to something that was disappearing and going extinct, much like Letter Writing of the Past?!

I held onto Letter Writing like the last of the Dinosaurs too stubborn to just lay it to rest as a dying breed of archaic forms nobody was much Interested in anymore and facing extinction!   I wrote Letters for years that really seemed to be sent out into an abyss since responses had dwindled to the point I should have known nobody was doing it anymore and had moved on to something new, something else.  I kinda feel that way about Blogging now, I still happen to Love it but so many of the Good Ones I Enjoyed haven't Posted in Months, some in Years already!

For me Blogging didn't start out interactive at all, but once it evolved that way it was a part of Blogging I particularly Enjoyed since I'd hooked up with what became a Wonderful Community of Kindred Spirits!   We all Blogged, for the most part what we Blogged about was mutually stimulating to all of us and thus, as in any Community that happens in, some of us became rather familiar with one another and close.   So when various Blogs began dying off, it was like Mourning the Loss of a Good Friend you'd never see again.

When someone stops Blogging or begins to neglect their site you kinda Wonder what happened and you always Hope it was for the Best of reasons and not something tragic!?!   Perhaps they weren't an avid Blogger but they were an avid Visitor Blog Friend and so they showed up at your Blog often... sometimes very often... and then... dropped off the face of the Earth so it seems.   So it's like a Friend you saw a lot that suddenly disappears and you only Hope nobody has to file a Missing Persons Report on and they're Okay?  

Of coarse in Cyberspace you just have to Hope all is well with the MIA among us... no way of ever knowing really.  When people come and go Online the reasons are perhaps more varied than in Real Life... because it's Normal for that to happen here.  I've often dropped Favs from my sidebar because they haven't Posted in forever and then suddenly they start up again or suddenly pay you a visit and reconnect.  Its always a relief to me to know they're Okay and most are doing Well, Life just played out and Blogging or visiting Blogs fell by the wayside for a Season.

I do it too, sometimes I have the time to Visit and often I don't check in to any Blogs I Enjoy because Life got busy or complicated.   I do however, try to Maintain my own Blog regularly, because for me it has numerous personal benefits I Value tremendously.   I Love to Write, I Love to take Photographs, I Love People and Socializing, I Love Artistic Expression of all sorts... and many reasons more why Blogging has Appealed to me for years now.   I am probably addicted to Blogging now and I don't see that as a Negative thing actually so I do plan to continue.  Even if I'm the last of the Blogging Dinosaurs eventually.

Blogging has allowed me to look back at the Past fondly, Enjoy the Moment and look forward to what the Future might hold.   I've Enjoyed seeing my own Blog's Evolution and what I used to Write about and Photograph compared to what I Write about and Photograph now.  Some things have remained Constants, others have certainly gone thru Metamorphosis or Seasons.   I like to think that my Blog has improved over Time, certainly my Photography has!  *LOL*  Lord some of those early Images were pretty rough!

I remember that in the beginning I was heavily influenced by some of my Favorite Bloggers and how they Photographed and presented Posts that drew me in and made me want to stay or visit often.   I was a Blog Apprentice of sorts and being Mentored by those Blog Jedi Masters I Admired the sites of.  I tried to ignore, however, Blog 'Rules' since I've never been conventional enough in doing anything to abide by 'Rules' and always Wonder, just who made the 'Rules' anyway and by what Authority?!  *Smiles*

And so what if you did break the alleged 'Rules' of Blogging 'correctly'... what consequences were there REALLY!?   I was Curious, I'm not gonna lie, about what Publications existed that Instructed you on how to Blog, to grow a Blog, set up a Blog, etcetera, I was not Impressed.   In fact, I disagreed strongly with many of the suggestions and was underwhelmed with how a lot of it looked.  I decided I'd rather just visit various Blogs and glean my own preferences on what Appealed to me personally and implement them as I Learned thru Trial and Error, what I wanted here on mine and for it to look like.

And it was important to me to make this my Own and not so heavily influenced by anyone else that I didn't stay True to myself and my own way of expressing things visually or in Writing Style.   I experimented and played with it and I still do since it is mine to do with whatever I like and want.   It's kinda like when you're Styling your own Home, where you may take some Notes of what you Like elsewhere, but in the end it's going to be distinctly your own Style. Regardless of what might have influenced you or how heavily or lightly it did in the beginning.

Our Home is constantly Evolving... and I like to drive around and be Inspired by Historic Structures of the similar genre of our Architectural Style and get some Ideas.   Since New Villa Boheme' is a New Build and thus we want to put our Stamp upon it to make it Unique and quite different than how we found it.   I did the same with my Blog, I decided what was Important to me about Blogging and what was not... discarding that which didn't fit and adding that which did and seemed Right for it. 

I will continue to Add and to Take Away from both our Home and my Blog as I see fit.  The Transformations of both will be the only Constant really.   I will also continue to Hope that Blogging won't go extinct since I'd really Hate for there to eventually be few that I could visit regularly and Connect to.   Cyberspace is so vast tho' that I think it might hang on longer than Letter Writing... tho' when I think about it that held on for a very long time before nobody was doing it.   I do think Modern Society is more fickle about discarding anything and everything... and sometimes everyone.

Right now my focus has been on replacing Blogs to visit with those that are still very much a vibrant part of this Community and just Letting Go of those that aren't anymore.   I've been Enjoying seeking out New Blogs I've not known about, it's kinda like The Thrill Of The Hunt of locating those Found Treasures that give me such a Thrill!   And of making New potential Friends and of Experiencing Fresh Ideas and Outlooks.  

 I've gone from Enjoying mostly Decor and Artsy Blogs to much more of a variety of Blogs that cover a lot of ground.  Many of the New Blogs in fact aren't Kindred Spirits at all, they are Uniquely different from me and I like that exposure to differences.   It enlarges my Horizons to spend time visiting Blogs that don't necessarily Share my point of view when it comes to Style, Art, Lifestyle, Parenting, Opinions or whatever.  Its kinda like hanging out with people who aren't of your Tribe and yet you can Enjoy some of that time spent together despite differences.

Blogging can give you a glimpse into other Worlds of various folks... and allow them a glimpse into yours... I Love that about it.   Sometimes I'm anonymous and just lurk as a spectator, sometimes I weigh in and participate, depends on my Mood actually how involved or obvious I want to be.   I am still a bit Guarded on what conversations or controversies I might want to engage in, since I'm still a Drama Free Mama and wanna keep it that way!  *LOL*  However, I do speak my Mind freely as well here on my own Blog, tho' perhaps not necessarily when I comment on the Blogs of others, out of Respect and Courtesy mostly.

I don't need to convey every thought that enters my Head nor sway anyone over to my side of Living or Thinking since I Feel everyone should choose their own Path and walk it in Peace.   Yes, some will Judge, that's just how Life happens to play out so you come to expect there to be Judgments along the way and not all of them will be Positive or Lovely.   I've been quite Blessed that in all these years of Blogging the overwhelming majority of Contact by other Bloggers and Visitors has been extremely Positive and Encouraging.  Even if they don't necessarily always end up in total Agreement with whatever a Post conveys they have been Respectful and Considerate, I Appreciate that.

It's always saddened me when any Dear Person has had to drop way from any Social Media sites due to being Trolled and having to Deal with Unlovely folks that show up on their sites and won't go away.  Or are so Opinionated that they try to force feed theirs upon everyone and can't just accept the diversity that is Humanity and realize there are different points of view.  I personally fail to understand such Visits since if I really didn't like something or someone myself, can't find mutual ground, I'd just avoid exposure to it or them and move on while doing no Harm and not tempting Bad Karma! 

 Voluntarily Creating Strife of any kind just wouldn't be what I'd be all about so I don't understand those who thrive upon doing it.   I can only Imagine that such Tortured Souls are so miserable that everything or everyone they come into contact with is left with a toxic trace of their overall tragic countenance and Bad Energy.  It is always my Hope that they find a Healing of their Souls eventually and promote Positive Changes to replace all that toxic Outlook and Bad Behavior towards others.

I have, once in a while, stumbled upon Blogs that clearly reveal a Tortured Soul in Agony for whatever the reasons and I'm never quite sure whether to Connect or not?   Often I do not since it can get very complicated to enter someone else's Misery and Lord knows my own Life is complex enough!  *Smiles*  Online it's not quite the same as meeting someone in Person and Feeling their Energy and getting a definite Vibe about them.  As an Empath I can usually gauge a Person I'd want to avoid and one I could befriend or spend any amount of pleasurable Time with or around.  Online, that's trickier.


I'm oft reminded of my Dearly Departed most Beloved Fur Baby Rat Boy, who used to LOVE to immerse herself in plastic of any kind!  She was comfortable and quite Content surrounded by something that for others wouldn't be comfortable or have any form of Contentment at all!   People can be like that too and so to each their own.   Just because I find a certain Way to be uncomfortable to me doesn't mean it will be so to everyone and Contentment comes in lots of forms, some quite Unusual or Strange!

If you are Visiting Today I am Assuming that you too still Enjoy Blogging or at least Visiting Blogs.   Hopefully those of us won't continue to dwindle in numbers to the point of there only be a few of us left eventually like a Lost Tribe ready to go extinct?!   I'd like to Save Blogging from extinction actually if I could... by just being a present Member of this Community for as long as I'm able with enough consistency as to be relevant to it.  While still respecting the ones that decided to leave it, for whatever their reasons... they will be Missed and will always be Welcomed back by those of us still here.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I just began "writing" my own blog a little less than a year ago, but have been reading other people's for about 5 years, now. Finally, I decided to jump in and start my own. But, I have been reading in trade publications for a while now about the decline of blogging. It's too bad that some are falling away, but I do think that it is the ones who probably started in order to make money. Although I post only every few weeks, I am going to keep my blog going. Facebook is pretty huge for me, but blogging is sort of more personal. Yours is one of the blogs I love to read, and even if I don't comment every time, I do read your posts. I try to read as many posts as I can from the blogs I follow.

    1. I agree that those who Blog for Bliss are probably more inclined to keep at it. I do agree with the Trade Publications about it declining... I think nowadays so much New Stuff replaces established stuff online especially and Trends come and go. I would find it exhausting to try to keep up with every new Online Trend that is popular in the Moment... I just don't crave constant Change and I kinda like what has become Familiar... perhaps due to my Season of Life, I'm not sure. I'm Glad you jumped in and joined the ranks of Bloggers and we'll start our own Movement of sorts to keep perpetuating the Bliss shall we? *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I'm still here! I do find blogging therapeutic and fun, but I'm not very consistent at the moment. Need to get my act together! I'm just working hard in other arenas and struggle to fit it all in energetically.
    One of the difficulties is commenting on others' blogs as I find it is equal to standing in a crowded room and chatting. Some days my brain is too fried to manage!
    So I visit without leaving comments or just stick to those who visit me.
    It does seem to be a dwindling pool, but maybe a more manageable one.
    I do enjoy your blog Dawn...I think we would have a fun time chatting in person!
    Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. I know we would enjoy a face to face as well... and I too don't find myself commenting much, if at all, for similar reasons. Often I just don't have anything relevant to add to the conversation but am thoroughly enjoying listening to it instead. I'm Glad you're still here in this Community my Friend, I also Enjoy visiting your Blog even if I don't always leave a comment and am just in Lurk Mode. *Winks* Thanks for weighing in... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Many of my favorite blogs have disappeared too! Glad your still committed! I'm still holding on to my two!

    1. Well, there will clearly be some of us who Enjoy the Community enough to reside here... winks... but clearly many have moved on to the next new thing... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. hmmmm, thought provoking for sure. I haven't been around enough on the blogging scene to know what it was like before. I do know--that ads/affiliates/giveaways/and hugely commercial desingers/authors and concocted traffic inducers has taken a toll on my attention span.

    I find myself pondering--why is this person actually blogging? Some people share---and some others are 'selling' themselves to the highest bidder. Not that I begrudge anyone making an income, but I do gravitate to those bloggers speaking from the heart.

    And so it goes. I will just see where it all ends and follow closer those blogs speaking to 'me', not my demographic or pocketbook. Grins, Sandi


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