Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Beaded Bags And a Shitshow


I want to keep things lighthearted and entertaining, so Today's Post will regale you with Images of Beautifully Beaded Bags Artfully Displayed, while I rant about the shitshow that played out Yesterday trying to get The Young Prince transferred to a Charter School... which didn't happen BTW... it was thus a total shitshow!   So relax and behold the Beaded Bags and a shitshow Post.  It's gonna be a Wild Ride, but not nearly as Wild as the one The Young Prince and I actually took that Morning, we felt rather like Thelma and Louise... heading towards that Cliff. 

It began all rather benign since The Charter School we'd been referred to had actually set up this Early Morning Meeting to assess appropriateness of placement in their Morning Session.   When they set it up they HAD Morning Session available, which was handy since it was the only one I could transport him to since transportation was going to be a huge sacrificial scheduling issue for us and quite the hardship.   Afternoon Session was out of the question for a variety of scheduling conflicts and no transport available for those hours, i.e. Me as sole Taxi Driver and no Public Transportation out here in no-where-land.

So, Mornings were still on the table until extent of his Disability was revealed, uh oh, the Shift in The Force was clearly evident, so thick you could cut it with a knife.  Oh, he's a Special Needs Child not able to take his Meds anymore... immediately Mornings were now off the table, filled up now... humn, Okay, well if you say so.   Reminiscent of the days when if you went to Rent a Vacant Apartment and turned up as the wrong ethnic persuasion and suddenly it's now Occupied, yeah, we Get It.  My Family went thru that shift back in da day since we were ethnically blended and if Mom showed up White it was Vacant, when Dad showed up Native American it wasn't anymore, just like that.  Ironic and interesting really since I saw a Family pix on the desk and they too were an ethnically blended Family so I thought perhaps we had an ally, mebbe not.  Discrimination and bias often comes in a myriad of forms from almost anybody really. 

I persisted, remember I'm rather in desperation mode at this point so I'm gonna be like a dog with that last bone being taken away from it... in a word, tenacious.  Well, Morning Session is very full so I doubt we'd be able to meet his 'Needs'... by now the Principal had entered the room since he could make an 'exception'.  His 'Need' is an Education I says, I'm now turning into Cher's Character Mom Rusty in the eighties Movie 'Mask', I might have even used all her brilliant lines, I dunno... *LOL*   BTW: That was a True Story too and I could so connect to that whole shitshow the film's Family went thru getting their disfigured and very Ill Child an Education and dealing with extreme Social Issues simultaneously.  No wonder the Mom was on drugs, getting thru this shitshow clean and sober is taxing as Hell lemme tell ya!

They persisted on trying to discourage us from enrolling at all... finally they flat out didn't make an 'exception' and stood firm on being filled up, but said they'd "call us" if they got an opening.  It was like when you run into an acquaintance and they say "lets do lunch sometime" and you know that's never gonna happen... or you went on that job interview or bad date and they said "we'll call"... yeah, we're not holding our breath.  The Young Prince was really trying to Sell them on himself, being articulate, engaging, showing them he is extremely intelligent and has no Behavioral Challenges.  He had been very Guardedly Optimistic this could be an actual Opportunity for reals this time... finally he just began heading for the door with the cordial wearing off... you can tell when you're not Wanted and usually you don't stick around.

So... that couldn't have gone Worse he says with Gallows Humor... then we get in the Truck and he calls his Counselor at School, the one who made said Referral.  She gave us another Referral Charter School lead... further away even than this far away one.  We're now driving aimlessly around the City trying to find this obscure place we know nothing about.   At least they didn't put on any pretenses, Special Needs Kid, No... we're Closed Today actually {huh?} and we don't have any Openings for any Sessions probably thru even next year. {Yeah, could that be an vaguer?}  She didn't even have us step inside or try to be cordial, we stood on the sidewalk hearing all of this and had the door closed in our faces... well, didn't wanna go to one like THAT anyway he says sarcastically.


He calls his new School Counselor AGAIN, this time the lead was a Charter School in The Hood walking distance from the Old Home we just Sold and even further away from where we now live!!!   One a lot of the Gang Bangers and those on House Arrest end up in and the Police are at almost every day!  Uh, are you freakin' kidding me?!   No Thank You, didn't Sell everything and move out of The Hood there just so's you send him right back!  And I know that School's Rep and demographic of Student Population, besides, he's not THAT Kid... he's NOT Delinquent... oh, I'm sorry, I'm not being PC, ummm Behaviorally Challenged, yeah, that's the new catch phrase of Political Correctness everyone is apparently using now to be descriptive and hopefully less offensive. 

 I just can't keep up with all the PC catch phrases that tiptoe around delicately so as not to remotely offend the sensitive.   And No, we don't offend so easily, we've been called a lot of things, don't Care.  Guess we've just become desensitized enuf having been called a lot of things and just refusing to take the offense.  Besides PC gets out of hand sometimes to the point of absurdity ad nauseum in my humble opinion.  You are never NOT gonna have someone take an offense if they're so inclined to be easily offended for whatever reasons they are triggered, which could be myriad and really deep and personal.   Honestly since I'm not their Therapist I can't say for sure how to get to a place to just not take the offense... unintended or otherwise.  How someone describes us, well, I've got bigger fish to fry than that trifle. 

So by now he's asking her by Phone if, since no Charter School has Openings or is Accepting him at this time, what SHOULD he do?  What is her suggestion now other than Drop Out?   Well, she gets panicked at that suggestion since she'd initially said he couldn't come back to their School and we should withdraw him, which I wouldn't do 'til I actually had a freakin' alternative placement!!!  He not only Needs to go somewhere, by Law he is Entitled to an Education somewhere... so Pray Tell just advise us as to where that somewhere IS so we can go there next Okay?!   This runaround nonsense and being rejected everywhere we're being Referred to Thing is getting Old fast!  He's cried his eyes out most of the way now and gotten despondent, despairing, Hopeless and apologetic about being such a "burden", which is heartbreaking so I'm close to tears and madder than Hell... I'm quite Sure we'll be on Suicide Watch yet again over this shitshow, so let us not dick around anymore Lady.

While she's figuring out what the Hell to do now, since clearly she has no solid Game Plan and is fresh outta leads... another Call comes in from his Psychiatrist's Office.  Well, that's Timely I think, we do have an Appointment first week in March, but I'd call this here rather an Emergency Crisis Situation to now talk to the Therapist about over the phone... Free Therapy, splendid.   Well, she heard me out but they're closing his Case since, well, he can't be medicated anymore due to extreme Health Issues from the side effects... and well, Therapy for the past decade hasn't really made a helluva lotta difference either. 

 Fantastic, so now they're gonna drop him like a hot rock after the next visit and we'll have to re-open his 'Case' if we have a full blown Crisis of epic proportions!!!  Budget cuts to Mental Health Services again I'm sure, shitshow of an Administration we have now, so not so unexpected actually, first to be thrown overboard are the Disabled and most vulnerable of Society since they rarely have a Voice that is Heard.  The masses with the loudest Voice get Heard and might therefore have clout and gain precious ground, there's a lot of loudness going on lately, it's deafening actually so I'm not sure anyone can Hear in the din of it all?   Well, I see that one coming up rather not in the too distant Future if things keep playing out in shitshow fashion, that full blown Crisis of epic proportions you speak of.  I'm pretty Sure another Hospitalization in Psyche Lockdown is on the Horizon since they're pushing him ever closer to the proverbial edge of his Sanity!   And mine...

So... we're still driving... the Therapist said she'll see me after he visits his Shrink for the last time to see what Services he might still "Qualify" for... yeah, Okay, can't get all worked up about that right now, one Crisis at a time is all I can juggle right now.  Another Meeting in futility, but hey, why the Hell not, perhaps I can pop off a Good Epic Rant and get it off my Chest as Free Therapy... I'll take it, Okay sign me up!!!   Ever go on Auto Pilot where you are just Reactive because that's all you CAN be... I am a MEAN Reactive, fair Warning, I just AM!  By the time you've pushed me to Reactive Mode I ain't got nothing to lose, that makes me a formidable adversary if you choose that Path of now Playing me Hard rather than Soft.   I was THERE... and I didn't Care... and The Young Prince knew it and had decided, why the Hell not let Gramma now go Postal on these Fools and I'll just be her Wingman and watch the Show escalate!  *Smiles*

People with nothing to lose are risky to Deal with and they will take you down in the blink of an Eye... The Young Prince and I were AT Nothing to Lose now so it was a balls and boobs to the Wall kinda Vibe in that vehicle as we now addressed said School Counselor again about alleged 'Options'.  My next destination was going to be School Superintendent AGAIN... been there and done that in the Past... kicked ass and took Names... lots of Heads rolled right up to high places... people lost Careers, I didn't give a Shit... it was ON and I was now at War!   Hey, if I'm going down dammit I'm taking as many as I can with me!   We'll be the freakin' Suicide Squad of taking out whoever stands in our way of protecting my Loved Ones and their Legal Rights not being trampled.   Wheeee, you better hold on coz it's gonna be a Wild Ride you'll never, ever forget and will regret taking the wrong side on!

And if you're not FOR me then I assume you are AGAINST me and so we won't be on the same Side... so there's not Neutral Ground, no Switzerland to retreat to once you realize you've set me off and gotta choose a Side to be on.   This new Counselor seemed to be a very Wise Woman, that's the Impression I got from her when I met her in the last IEP and she agreed to take him on.  I believe she thinks fast on her feet so for that I Respect that level of Intelligence, Trust and Believe you don't always have that in your Favor.  I also Believe she doesn't know what to do with him and was at least Honest enough to admit that Fact so I don't envy her the Job at hand.  But it is her Job... and he's been passed around by too many Counselors already like he's a freakin' Baton in some horrible Marathon that will never end.  And it's damaged him... and I don't Like that... he's damaged enough by Nature and birth circumstance... we Need no more Damage and Harm from outside sources.  My Job is to Protect him and prepare him for Life... I take MY Job Serious as a Heart Attack.

So, if you make MY difficult Job more difficult, by God I'm gonna make your Job Hell on this Earth, Trust and Believe that will become my Obsession... Dirty Harry Style... and you really don't want to become my Obsession, I'm ruthless and I don't fight fair.  I freely Confess that's how I prevail when I'm Protecting those I Love and he Needed instant Protection in this shitshow.   So, we hammered something out that will Work for now... he went to an early Meeting with her at the High School Today and is still Enrolled and in an I-Class for a Core Class exclusively for now 'til we can get Suitable Alternative Placement.  

Suitable being the Key Word here since he's not being Warehoused just anywhere unsuitable and convenient for the Powers that Be so they can say they were in 'Compliance' with the Law and all that.  He doesn't do great at Online Schooling so they will have to Assign him some Assistance to earn that valuable Credit.  Yes, we'll take one Credit for now, better than none and him dropping out.  He's 16 so he could just say Fuck it... but he's SMI not Stupid.   See how PC I was about that *Winks*, in our Family we just say I'm Crazy not Stupid, but for the sake of the Sensitives I was being all PC about it even tho' I don't really Care... so there.  *LMAO*   And if you be Crazy enough to leave a Neg Comment I'm coming for ya!  *Smiles*  Coz I'm still very much in I don't give a Shit Reactive Mode so if you Like going rounds with a bat shit Crazy Woman, throw it down and bring it on.  Random sparring Partners keep me in good shape for effectively taking out Important people who stand in my way and another notch on the belt never hurts. *Winks*

I know, ya'll thought I was such a Sweetheart all the time didn't ya?  *Winks* And mostly I still am... I'm Nice to everyone 'til they give me a reason not to be actually.  

A Dear Lifelong Friend of mine who always spars with me and manages to make me laugh out loud even on the craziest of days sent me this Hilarious Creepy Clip after I Posted a demented looking Selfie on FB... saying it made him think of me and my Selfie...  {BTW he's known me a LONG time...}

Yep, I SEE it Mike, the bottom half of my Face is Smiling...

But, the top half of my Face and the Crazy Eyes shows I will take you Out... *Bwahahahahaha*   This is why he's a Lifelong Friend and we can keep it 100% without silly offenses... he wouldda been a Great Wingman too this day... in fact if I'd had my entire Inner Circle Posse we wouldda done a Genghis Khan across the Land that day... and expanded our Empire!  *Winks*   So, in Closing I won't say we Won any significant Ground this day or that the War is over, far from it, but The Young Prince has cooked me a magnificent Breakfast for the past two Mornings now and is keeping me well nourished to do Battle beside him... so it's all Good... coz if I was Hungry and Pissed Off... well, my rampage would have been on the Ten O'Clock News I'm pretty sure... *Ha ha ha* 


Blessings and much Love to my Wonderful Blog Friends and Supporters who always offer such Encouragement, Kind Uplifting Words and Emotional Support... You all are indeed Priceless... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hey there! I see you warrior woman and brave sweet prince!
    How he must love having you by his side and in his corner.
    Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Thank You my Friend... we are still trying to Work out what will help him to actually Succeed academically and provide an environment that isn't so hostile or judgmental... and I enjoy having him by my side as well, such a Brilliant Beautiful Mind and Tender Spirit this Child has... Hugs... Hope the Boys are doing Well... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Replies
    1. Making it so hard for this young man to get an education is what my mother would have called a sin and a shame

    2. I am in complete Agreement with your Mother! I'm trying to channel my Anger into Positive Energy... Hugs and Thanks for your Emotional Support... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Oh Dawn, I am so sorry. Getting an education is the right we all have, no exceptions. If I was in your situation, I would hope that I would fight as hard; I know that I would be just as mad. Mothers and grandmothers are tigers about their cubs because we have to be.

    1. I agree, we are the Nurturers by our very Nature and thus it is a duty to ensure our young ones are protected and taught the skills that will aid them thruout Life. Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Dawn, my friend, I don't understand why your experts can't seem to understand that the Prince is not a child with 'special needs', but a young adult with exceptional abilities. They want him to conform into the mediocre whereas he has the ability to lead, shine and make his own (and our) world to another level. Let him fly Blessings

    1. Thank You, and I agree that his Needs are special only because he has exceptional abilities yet most seem too intent to focus upon and define him by a medical disability and that is not all that he is. Thank you always for your great encouragement and Wise words! Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. Dear Dawn,

    May I become at all times, both now and forever
    A protector for those without protection
    A guide for those who have lost their way
    A ship for those with oceans to cross
    A bridge for those with rivers to cross
    A sanctuary for those in danger
    A lamp for those without light
    A place of refuge for those who lack shelter
    And a servant to all in need.
    – Dalai Lama (Buddhist)

    Fight on!

    1. Brilliant Words of Wisdom... in Service to those in Need we find such Divine Purpose. Thank you for Sharing the Dalai Lama's wonderful reminder of this Truth. Hugs... Dawn... The Bohemian


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