Sunday, February 26, 2017

AZ Renaissance Festival 2017 ~ Part I


So Yesterday was a Glorious Day, Hot and Sunny, and since the fierce Monsoon rains and storms had finally subsided for a Weekend we headed straight for the Arizona Renaissance Festival while we had the break in inclement weather!  This is a high point in what we wait for at the start of every New Year now and we were Sad my Brother in Cali had Surgery and couldn't Attend with us this year as we'd all Planned.

We'd had to postpone our own Pilgrimage there since last Weekend was dreadfully Cold with torrential rains.   I know they hold it rain or shine but attending an outside Event Cold and Wet didn't Appeal to me, though the G-Kid Force were chomping at the bit every time a single ray of Sunshine peeked thru!  *LOL*   I was more than relieved this Weekend wasn't more of the same, they would have drove me Insane with begging and disappointment! 

I was disappointed myself last week when we had to cancel at the last minute as a huge storm had moved in and dashed our long Holiday Weekend Plans, as the Theme had been Regals and Royals.  Thankfully plenty of Regals and Royals were still in Attendance even tho' this Weekend's Theme was Pirates.

In fact a great assortment of Themed Costume Characters were in Attendance and satiated our Love of seeing everyone in Costume.   One Investment that The G-Kid Force and I will eventually make is a good quality Renaissance Inspired Costume for ourselves one day. I kinda dig the Viking Look with animal pelts since I'm Past the Exotic skimpy Costume Season of Life.  Me with my Chipmunk Cheeks in this pix eliminated all Body Image Delusions that might still exist! *Bwahahahaha!*

The G-Kid Force have been Collecting Renaissance Festival Arm Dragons for a few years now so they each added to their Collection.   This year Princess T was enamored with the Armored Arm Dragons, which are a new addition to the Look so she hadda have one of those.

The Young Prince's choice was a Special Edition two headed Arizona Sunset Arm Dragon which is very Colorful and Sparkly, just like him.  *Smiles*   I'm not Sure what Character he was supposed to be but People were diggin' it, since he joined in with the Juggling Troupes and thoroughly Enjoyed putting on Performances for the crowds.

This costume was very 'Alice In Wonderland Off With Your Head' don'tcha think? *Smiles... Loved it, especially her elaborate hairstyle!*   Now that I think about it perhaps my eventual Costume might have more of a Gypsy Steampunk meets Viking leaning, I'm just not Sure yet?   I mean anything goes here really, I saw some extremely Creative and Imaginative Looks! *LOL*

The G-Kid Force Adore the Greyhounds and this Sweet Couple who own a couple of them informed us of some very interesting Greyhound Trivia.  Such as the fact since they have only 10% body fat they have no Canine smell or scent and thus leave none behind when you pet them.  I suspect that also makes them excellent Hunters since no Dog odor or scent to pick up... and of coarse the Speed thing!  And who knew how soft their fur is, like a Rabbit, and that they are extremely Gentle, Sweet and Sociable Dogs... they Loved the Crowds and the Attention!

This was the ONLY Person in Costume, Male or Female, that Princess T wasn't too shy, scared or timid to be Photographed with... go Figure!  I have no Idea why... since he looked rather an Intimidating Character, tho' he was a really Nice and gentle fellow.

Usually the Elves, Fairies and Sprites are her absolute Favorites and she talks to them freely.    Tho' this time around she wouldn't be Photographed with anyone but the Big Guy in the previous pic above!   Tween Girls are very Strange Creatures indeed!  *Smiles*

The Young Prince took turns with me allowing his little Sister to tag along since she was behaving Nicely Today, so that gave both he and I a break from Tween Sitting and keeping track of a younger Child.  *LOL*   What I Like about Teens, they can be Independent enough to ditch you.  I know, I know, for you Young Parents that can be terrifying... but if you are a Grandparent still raising Kids, well, you're usually trying to ditch them!  So I rather like when they get to be Teens and are now wanting to ditch me actually!  It's a Mutually Agreeable ditching!  *Winks*

Besides they by then have the Modern Technological Tracking Devises glued to them... yes, I'm speaking of The Cell Phone with GPS Tracker built in as an Ap that I insist upon.  And there's no threat of him turning said Tracker off coz that would mean Gramma would Touche' with turning off his Cell Phone Service!  I'm the Zorro of Fencing with Teens who might wanna foolishly Spar with me, Old Age Experience and consecutive Decades of Parenting pay off in Spades!  *Winks*  So usually I get my Obligatory one or two pixs of him before I turn him loose and we meet up again every so often during the Event.

In fact, if The Young Prince has any Problem Child Teen Friends that are giving their Parents considerable fits and he's concerned about them, usually the Parents and he ask them to come talk with me about the Generational Divide stuff.   Oh, I see, your Parent(s) don't understand and you don't like their lame Rules and Restrictions they implemented because they Love and Care so much for you and your Well Being.   Got it... well then, I think you've got it all figured out so it's probably about time for you to just leave, support yourself and make your own way then without relying upon them for everything or anything actually...  {They NEVER expect that advice!}  

I'm not a Radical Parent actually, and I don't have most of the answers to the difficult Challenges of Parenting since every Child is Unique and what works with one won't work with another.   I just know that if a Teen becoming a Young Adult is going wheels off the rails and Loving Interventions haven't worked out, perhaps it IS time for them to just GO.   Most Teens have their Rebellious Stages and Phases, but the ones that are dead set on going down ten miles of Prodigal Child bad road probably will no matter what.   Sometimes a Prodigal Child has to just face their own Music by realizing there's no excuse for Bad Behavior and a Zero Tolerance Rule is in effect in the Home for EVERYONE'S Well Being and not just theirs.

Trust is a huge Issue and I have to know I can Trust mine and not have the Trust broken... and that they can Trust me with their very Life.  So I have always implemented Tough Love and they know the Score from an early age.  I will Trust you until you give me a reason NOT to Trust you... then Earning it back is a bitch!   So, when I turn The Young Prince loose at an Event with Parental Instructions in place, I Trust he will follow them... or he attends Zero more Events with me... or without me... until he Moves the Hell Out!  *Winks*  My Basic Mantra is, when you Move Out, Support yourself and get your own Place and make your own way THEN you make your own Rules.  Whenever that is then is your Choice, I'll help you pack whenever you're ready.  *Smiles*

So, Yes, they both follow all the Rules even if there is some sighing and perhaps a bit of eye rolling about what I'm a stickler of.   Neither of them is ready for that 'One Less Bell To Answer One Less Egg To Fry' Song being sung by Gramma just yet.  *Winks*   We Loved getting back together as a Group when we felt like it, which Believe it or not is more often on their part when you actually do give them some Freedom and they come back asking if they can hang with you for a while now.   We Loved the Harp Player and Holy Orbs, just look at how many Spirit Orbs showed up around her! {One around her Ear and several more around her Feet and Knees.}   Must be an Antique Harp.

I took Princess T to see her first Jousting Tournament.   We decided to be on the side of the Underdogs, coz that's just how we tend to Roll.   Our Knight actually did us Proud even as the Underdog we felt.  And he had a Great Cobb Horse with a braided mane.   She strategically positioned herself here on the bleachers and insisted this is where we should sit for the best 'View', which wasn't necessarily the best 'View' of the actual Joust, which initially was Curious...

But it was of THIS... a Young Renaissance Stud Muffin... and Hey, Gramma ain't gotten so Old that she forgot what it was like to be Young... so I was in complete Agreement with her, Yes, indeed this IS the best 'View'!   *Winks*  She blushed and giggled... Yes, alas, my Little Girl is Growing Up fast and she's mos 'def an Early Bloomer and Noticing the Guys already... and they her!  *Yikes!*   Actually she didn't seem to be all that Interested in the Jousting.  *LOL*

So we left the Joust Arena early and went to get our Roasted Corn and other Renaissance Inspired Foods, which by the way were extremely reasonably priced and absolutely delish!   No, we're not the big Ole' Turkey Leg Types... but their Fish-N-Chips were Divine and a huge slab of Cod on some of the best battered Fries I've had in a long time!  You are NOT gonna leave this Festival hungry lemme tell ya, we couldn't even finish all of ours the portions were so huge!

In fact, smelling the Aroma of the Bangers N Mash being cooked up on an open fire Hearth in huge cast iron pots and skillets was Divine!   OMG, I wanted to try several of the options stuck on skewers, but the portions are so big I just couldn't!   Steak on a Stake, Bangers on a Stake, Charred Grill Chicken Breast on a Stake... steaming Hot and a whole Meal in and of themselves!  Nom-Nom!

It's very Educational too, Princess T watched hand spun Wool being dyed in big Vats using Organic dyes, which she was very Interested in.   Almost too Interested in fact, I better keep an Eye out that she isn't Harvesting Organic dyes on the sly now to hand dye Lord knows what around here now that she's seen how it's Done??!??!??  *Bwahahahahahaha!*   Remember the LPS and Monster High Doll 'Secret Experiments' with Paints, my Tim Holtz Dye, my German Glass Glitter and Super Glue!?!  *Shudder*

So I promptly took her over to Loom Guy and the Art of Weaving... Nope, not so Interested was she in all this, too benign I Guess?  *LOL*   I already know how to Weave she says, I make my Bracelets out of Yarn... so she Wandered off from there with me in tow, now in search of her Brother since apparently I was getting too Boring.  *Winks*

She knew he was Juggling and so she decided to join in with the Troupes that do the Street Performing and Sell the Juggling Type wares.   In fact, The Force were in Love with the Juggling Sticks this year and both of them do it quite well.  This was her first attempt and she caught on quite quickly as her Brother showed her the ropes of Juggling Successfully.

He's Masterful at it, folks usually think he's part of the Act and the Troupe remembers him from previous years where they let him perform with them and tell me both Kids are skilled Performers and should join a Traveling Troupe one day.   They probably will, their Grand-Uncle, my Brother, belongs to one of the Clans and I think they would thoroughly Enjoy this Lifestyle of Traveling and Performing, it's in our Blood.  I bought them a pair of Juggling Sticks to Share... silly me, now they're Fighting over them at Home and probably using them as Weapons against one another!?  *Ha ha ha*


So to the beat of the various Drummers we Danced and Juggled... I absolutely Love Drum Music, I can't stand still once the beat begins... how can you?!?  This is mos def' our Tribe of People and so we visited with many of the Performers and have come to know some of the Regulars already.

And I always J'Adore all of the Art and Artisans that frequent the Festival, from the Henna Body Art... where you can get hooked up with some Gorgeous Mehndi on your Face or Body while there... which is always Tempting for me.

The various Clothing and Accessories... also very Tempting.  We may NEED one of these Fabulous Horned Viking Style Hats one day... I Loved this one...

But then again I liked that one below as well... so choosing would be so difficult!   I think Price would probably dictate more which one I would come Home with when the Time comes?  *LOL*   And Yes, I would wear it... actually The Young Prince and I might wear it any excuse we got to wear one!  *LMAO*

And of coarse the Art Created from Natural Horn, Ostrich and Emu Eggs...

And Skullies was among my very Favorite!

And the Incense Houses... well, as Princess T so aptly said, this Smells like Home!  *Winks*   I J'Adored this particular Incense Burner intricately Carved from either Wood or Soapstone, I'm not really sure which.   I'm lamenting actually that I didn't pick up some Pure Nag Champa for Sale.  I'd kinda tapped out on what I wanted to spend on wares by Indulging The Force with Arm Dragons and Juggling Sticks...

So mebbe next time Gramma will get herself what I was particularly Jonesin' for...  because there will be a next time... perhaps even before this year's is a Wrap since it runs thru April every Weekend with various Themes.  Alas I picked up an extra Saturday Night Shift the Weekend it's the Fairie Theme so Princess T is a bit bummed about that.

I would Love to have some Cats Claw Vines hanging like this on New Villa Boheme...

But I think we were unanimous as a Family in thinking we'd prefer these Vines with the abundant Gorgeous Purple flowers!   I wouldn't mind these all over the Courtyard areas and they seemed to take the heat and being up against stucco walls very well even on a very Hot day.

Well, I shall Regale you with more of the Festival in another Post, couldn't get it all Covered in just a single one my Friends... Hope you are Enjoying coming along with us Virtually?


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Those arm dragons!
    Do you know the name of the purple vine? It looks a little like one from Australia which may explain its ability to survive heat.
    I'm glad you all had such a great time despite your brother's absence.
    Seems the young Prince is coping well in down times at least! xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Yes The Young Prince LIVES for Festivals such as these, he's in his Element when he's Entertaining, it's his Natural Gifting to put on Performances and perform various Arts. I NEED to know that Purple Vine's Name because I desperately want some for New Villa Boheme's Courtyards and it could indeed be Australian, a lot of Aussie Plants do very well in our Climate here in the Desert... including the Majestic Eucalyptus Trees, which aren't Native to here but do very well. My Brother is Healing from his Surgery so I'm in Hopes he can still make a trip to AZ soon? I'll look up that site you gave to see if that is the plant in question? Thanks for coming Virtually with us to the Ren Faire! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. What fun! This year, I want to take my granddaughter to the Great Lakes Festival in July/August. . .The whole family would probably love it. I'd love to dress up in character, but will probably just attend this year as myself so I can get a look at what other people are doing. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Do you know the name of the person/shop who sold the little Armored Arm Dragon? It's so adorable!

    1. So sorry I didn't realize your question was in the archived posts, yes, the name of the Company is Dragon Pets by Richard and Tyra Terry, visit their web site They also have a Facebook Page DragonPets or contact Dawn... The Bohemian


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