Monday, February 27, 2017

AZ Renaissance Festival 2017 ~ The Finale'

So we are back to give you the Finale' Tour with us of our Weekend at the Arizona Renaissance Festival.   This Jester Mime is always one of my Favorites since the Images of him always turn out so Editorial that it makes me feel positively Professional in my Photography!  *Ha ha ha*

One of the biggest draws for The G-Kid Force are the Shoulder Puppets, I was totally diggin' the Headdress myself, I'd so Love to have one of those and feel the Puppet People should Sell those too!  

This Fellow was just as Adorable as his Shoulder Dragon, in fact, I'm not sure which Princess T was MORE smitten with actually?  *Winks*  Yes, she sure was checking out the Eye Candy this year in the way of Renaissance Stud Muffins!  Tho' she got totally Embarrassed when I mentioned I noticed!  *LOL*

She actually would have preferred a Shoulder Puppet rather than an Arm Dragon this year, but the larger ones she liked best were outside of this year's budget... so perhaps another time when we're more flush.  *Smiles*

This was her Favorite, the Shoulder Puppet Kitten.  They didn't have any of the smaller lower priced Shoulder Puppets that were Kittens so she opted for her Arm Dragon instead.

And quickly got over the fact she couldn't have a Shoulder Kitten... I am however seeing a Blue preference Theme going on here!  *LOL*   Personally I felt she'd have more Fun longer with her Arm Dragon, which is more like Jewelry to wear, than a Shoulder Puppet with mechanical bits that she'd be timid to wear hardly anywhere.

Myself, I was preferring the Shoulder Dragon Puppets... but Princess T was definitely showing a preference for the Kittens, Unicorns, Elephants, Birds and other less fierce Creature Puppets.

And of coarse that Awesome Headdress Bird Creature was my absolute Favorite even though it was not mechanical, it did look positively Alive!

After all the inclement weather we've been having with the Storms and the Cold it was so nice to have a Hot and Sunny day for this Weekend's Festival.  Arizona typically has Gorgeous weather thruout the Winter, so it Sucks when there is an Event rained out with bad Storms and chilling Cold.  We're so not used to that forecast... as spoiled as our weather makes us about predictably Good Weather and warmth!

But I have to say as Hot and Sunny as it was I hadda give props to the Characters in the heavier Costumes and Furs... they had to be sweltering and sweating bullets!   They had to be drinking gallons of fluids to keep hydrated enough!   And the fair skinned ones had to keep in the shade a lot lest they Sun burnt to a crisp!

There were rides and Midway Type Festival Games and a Host of various Entertainers of all sorts.  Though we didn't actually see a lot of the Entertainment by sitting in on the Performances, we did catch a bit of some of them... though the Rides and Midway Games cost money the many Shows are included in the price of Admission.  The Force aren't good at sitting thru a Show, had I gone Alone I probably would have spent more time watching Shows.


But the People watching and going to all of the numerous Shops sufficed to fill our time there mostly.   We had arrived a bit later than the Opening, but left at Closing, so it was a very full day and the Kiddos were sufficiently worn out and fell asleep on the ride back Home.

I am always suitably Impressed with those who have full Costumes, many of them Home-Made and exquisitely done.    The time and money Invested in the quality of Costumes many wear is Impressive and they are always so Gracious about being Photographed.

Getting The G-Kid Force to Graciously sit still for Photos is another thing entirely, they will do a couple obligatory poses in the beginning and then they are quite Done with Gramma's Pathological Picture Taking!  *Smiles*

I usually ask Permission for Individual Close-Ups of anyone specific in Costume, but every so often as we're walking I'm happily snapping Images of the overall Merriment and that bothered the Young Prince a lot.   Don't be Rude Gramma, ask first... and if there is a large grouping of people and crowds swarming around do you know how long that would take to get permission from everyone?!  *Yikes!*

So I was Glad to ditch him half the time to snap off my impromptu spontaneously Candid pixs when The Young Prince wasn't present and chastising me for doing so.  *Bad Gramma!  Winks*

I also Love taking pixs of the Enchanting Whimsical Architecture of all the buildings and had to get most of those shots after the crowds were leaving as the day was drawing to a close so as not to have random strangers in frame.

Otherwise the Photography Police {pictured above} would be asking me to wait until every person was out of frame... and when it's crowded, do you know how Impossible that is!?!   *LOL*

Besides, there is a tonnage of other Pathological Picture Takers swarming around the Festival taking their Images constantly so I didn't feel all that Intrusive actually.   Everyone is trying to capture the Moments of their visit, like a bunch of Tourists we are!  *Winks*

And when I try to use my Zoom Lens Feature I'm not always that successful, as you can see by the Image above, taken with Zoom Feature to try to get a better Close-Up of those Bangers N Mash being prepared!   *LOL* 

This area is fenced off to the Public and is so much like an actual Peasant Village of a Renaissance Era, with daily goings-on of the Village, that I must say it's one of my favorite areas of the Festival because it is devoid of us, the Tourists and Festival Goers.  *Winks*

And the Divine Aromas wafting from here of all the delish Foods being prepared over the Open Fire Pits is mouth watering!   I probably should have bought some Bangers N Mash, it did look so tasty... perhaps next time.

I wanted to get a pix of Princess T with this Dragon Creature but she was quite terrified of It and absolutely refused.  *Smiles*  Take a picture when It's NOT looking at us Gramma, I don't want It noticing us or talking to us she pleaded!  *LOL*

So mostly, with not being able to get The G-Kid Force to cooperate and have their pixs taken with a variety of people in Costume, I defaulted to taking a lot of Scenic shots of Buildings instead.

Or of the Performers... you would not Believe what these Gals can do with a hula hoop and they make it look so effortless!   I'd probably be slender again like this if I could Master those Moves!  *Winks*

We didn't go on any rides either, The Force was more Content to spend their allowance for the Festival on wares than on rides, which was prudent, more to show for it afterwards!

All of the Quaint Shops were also Favorites of us all... so much more Variety of Artistry displayed than you could ever Hope for in Real Life Shops around the City!   And Selling our kinds of Products that we Enjoy most.

I Loved this Shop shaped like a Huge Gypsy Vardo that was hawking Exotic Accessories and Gypsy or Belly Dancing gear...

And there were other Quaint and Colorful little Gypsy Waggons hawking all kinds of Foods and Wares scattered about.

The Parasol Vendor was doing very well this day as it was extremely Hot and Sunny so folks were buying Parasols to protect themselves from Sunburn and to have their own portable Shade.   I liked this one with the Dragon and had a preference for the Colorless Parasols, tho' many were in Full Vivid Colors too.

This Fellow reminds me of a Popular Dueling Commercial that is on TV now, he even sounds like the Guy.   I Love that everyone stays in Character with the Accents and way of talking of a bygone Era, it adds to the Ambiance, Fantasy and Charm of it all.

Some of the Entrances to the Shops are so Cute and Whimsical... and of coarse I want to go into every single Shop to see what they're Selling or busily Creating so you can see their Process.   It's all so Interesting and so much excellent Craftsmanship on Display by various Artisans specializing in certain genres of product.

Since it was Pirate Weekend there were many Pirates in Attendance... tho' I didn't happen to get any pixs of the Pirate Groups, since Princess T is rather fearful of the Pirates and approaching them.  Since they stay True to Character they can be a bit Intimidating to her so I obliged by not interacting with Pirates... dammit!  *LMAO*

I think I would have more in common with the Pirate Characters than the Regals and Royals dont'cha think?  *Winks*   But since the day was mostly for the Grand-Kiddos I wanted them to thoroughly Enjoy every aspect of it and kept in mind what they preferred to do and to see.

So we spent more time with the Greyhound Handlers than those imbibing in the Liquid Refreshments if you catch my drift... we steered clear of the Pub Circuit and revelers of that Nature.  *Smiles*

It was a real heavy turnout since this had been the first Good Weather Weekend since the Event began.   So we were parked in the lower forty and handling crowds had to be something you could endure.  Which I knew The Man could not and that's why he didn't join us, he didn't even want to try.  For The Young Prince sometimes that is difficult too, crowded events, but he does pretty well at these kinds of Events since he can laser focus on what he's intent upon and block out the Crowds swarming around him.

Princess T stays close enough to me to be a Conjoined Twin so I needn't worry about her Wandering Off.   And her Brother said when she's with him if he accidentally loses her it would be the last time she's allowed to be watched by him, coz he doesn't want to have to tell Gramma he's lost her... so she's pretty good about staying right up his ass too.  *LOL*

She spent an equal amount of time with us both, which gave me a Welcome respite because I knew if she was in Beast Princess Mode he would not want her in tow with him whatsoever!   *Whew!*   She left the Beast persona at Home and it resurfaced the instant we got back and the fight for the control of the Juggling Sticks they would Share began!  *Bwahahahahahaha!*   She ended up with the Sticks, need I say more?  He's old enough now to choose his battles Wisely too.  *LOL*

I Predict that he will typically be the more Agreeable one of the duo... you CAN reason with him when he's having his lucid moments.   With her it's like trying to Tame a Wild Thing and reason with it so that you can domesticate it enough you want to be in the same house with it!   *Le Sigh*   I talked to one of the Gypsy Vendors and she has an 11 year old Daughter and pegged The Princess' exact age.  {Most people think she's older becoz she's so Tall.}  She said the Eleven year old Countenance just Screams the exact Age... I Agree, it does, even without words or actions!  *Bwahahahaha!*

And speaking of Screaming, this fellow on Stilts got a few gasps and screams out of the passing Kiddos who seemed very Intimidated by someone so tall with Hooves for feet!    Look at that Kid's Face... hilarious!   *LOL*   Princess T was hiding behind me as we were passing in hopes he wouldn't turn around and notice us...

Ooops, too late, his Timid Kid Radar must have gone off and he spun around, then told her she was very Monochromatic!   *LOL*   She Thanked him with a very puzzled look on her face since she wasn't sure if she'd just received a compliment or not?  *LMAO*

 And as we walked off she asked, what's Monochromatic Gramma?   I explained... *Smiles*  She Agreed, that Yes, I am THAT. *Duh*   Since EVERY FREAKIN' thing has to be Color Coordinated with that Kid's Ensemble, just like her Mother was before her!   Today she was in Black N White Mode, so not as Monochromatic as usual when she does stick with a single Color!  *Winks*

I countered that she SHOULD have an Ensemble like this one... since Trouble would be apt a Title for her too!  *LOL*    But this day she really wasn't any Trouble at all and that was a Welcome Relief since she's been intensely Fussy and Moody lately and Mood Regulation is not not one of her strengths! 

For the first time she's been agreeable to staying the entire Festival and not incessantly whining or complaining about... well... in a Word... EVERYTHING.  That was Nice, both The Young Prince and I were Grateful for that fact and that she actually had Fun this time and for the whole time.   Usually we're Guarded about her tagging along to any Event since she's quite unpredictable in her Ability to Enjoy any of it or not want to go Home once she gets there.

I Loved this hand-knit Cape... quite spendy so it would always be out of my price range, but there is a lot of handwork to it and it is Beautiful!

The lines for the most Refreshing products like Gelato, Ice Cream and Cold Drinks was very well attended by the Regals and Royals since their Costumes must have been Hot as Hell!?!?!??   So the Cooling Off had to be done with regularity.

And at the very end... when the Crowds were dwindling and heading towards the Exit, it was quite Peaceful for me to do one last lap around and take some parting Images sans the massive Crowds.

It was like having the Village almost all to yourself for a Moment, which was very nice and I savored it and focused on getting some parting shots of the buildings without all the people in frame.

We had such Fun and it had indeed been a very Full Day so we were quite ready to be leaving.   Everyone was tired in a Good way and I knew The Force would sleep well this Night after having walked so much, had so much activity and stimulation and being in the Fresh Air all day.

So Yes, they all went to Bed quite early, which gave me time to load Images online and focus upon my Blog Posts and Facebook Sharing of it all.

Just about everything had turned out Good with a few exceptions, due to the Sun's Glare mostly and how Bright a day it was, so not always being in the Ideal Position for the best shots.

So at Closing the Sun was going down and the Glare was less fierce... the Crowds had vanished and I was thinking upon the long commute Home and how long it would take us with heavy parting traffic and all the Freeway closures?

There was some final Revelry and Dancing going on so that delayed some of the Crowds.  So we snuck out past them and actually got out of the Parking Lot in record time since we didn't dawdle at Exiting Stage Left!  *Winks*


Good-Bye!!!   'Til next time... 


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You tell a great story! I too have a love of monochrome.
    I was once told I was the most colour coordinated waitress!
    I love the architecture shots. Such attention to detail!
    Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Awww, Thank You, being a good Storyteller seems to run in our Family, I used to Love to hear the Stories my Grandparents and Parents told. I can only Hope our Future Generations appreciate those we told them. The Color coordination thing is something a few in the Family are absolute sticklers for, Princess T is practically obsessed with coordinating everything! *LOL* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Interesting trip thru your

    1. Hope you had a Good Trip with us? *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Thanks for taking us to the festival with you. My youngest son enjoyed the photos and said Princess T was our Lily, she's 11 also, wears chokers, and must match perfectly as well.


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