Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Altered Art Tags

I like Organization so I tend to want Tags and Labels for everything, especially if it's stored away in something where it's not evident and visible.   I've been needing many more Altered Art Tags for Labeling Storage than I presently have and I felt like I wanted to make some rather than buy some already Created. So my Sweet and uber Talented Friend Pamela came over with some generous Art Supply Gifts and to Create Altered Art Tags with The G-Kid Force and I in my Art Studio Loft.   She taught us how to use the new products like the 3-D Stamp Paints, which I now Love!   I got two Tags done to use for Labeling the Contents of some of my Vintage Suitcases I use as Storage, this one...

And this one... which looks better in person because the Stickles Glitter isn't showing up so well in the Photo of it.   I'm very slow and methodical when it comes to Creating my Tags, I want them 'just so', so my production level sucks... The G-Kid Force are much faster.  In fact, much faster is an understatement, they'd have half a dozen Created before I got halfway done with my first one!  I have to slow them down or I'd have an avalanche of Tags and no more Art Supplies... they'd be used all up!  *LOL*  And since I have to constantly keep them out of my Art Supplies unless they are closely supervised, I don't want them knowing how to use too many of the products that are rather spendy, now discontinued and cannot be replaced or are in short supply.

I know, I am a bit stingy with a lot of my better quality supplies and especially my coveted Tim Holtz Hoard of products! *Winks*  Even tho' for Kids they do a pretty good job of Creating, because they blast thru them so quickly and waste a lot or 'borrow' without asking, they are on Ration with my supplies.  Some of the Young Prince's Tags are surrounding mine in this pix, he's really good at blending the backgrounds to shades and Patinas that I really like.    I may have to get him into Production of my Tag Backgrounds and then embellish them as I want for my Storage containers?  *LOL*   Princess T did a couple of Tags too, but she's not that into it and asks about a gazillion questions no matter how simple the procedure is. So just helping her make a Tag was rather exhausting since Miss Pamela had gone Home, so now I had to remember everything we'd just learned and be the Patient Instructor!  *Uh Oh!*   Clearly I could never be a Grade School Art Teacher, my nerves couldn't take it! *Smiles*

So yeah, it took me pretty much all Afternoon to make two Tags... and I was so fussy about how I wanted them to look that I think Creating as many as I want and Need could take a while.  *LMAO*   I'd really like to do the Artist Trading Card Swap Pamela Hosts at her Shop, but I'd have to Create six to do the exchange and I'm thinking... humnnn... how long would that take ME to Create a half dozen of anything?   I mean, they do have a Themed Deadline for each exchange... so I might have to think that thru a bit further before committing.  I mean I haven't even gone on The Thrill Of The Hunt for a while, I'm just so bogged down lately in the minutia of Life.  *Le Sigh*  But, I did pick up this Fab Antique Gesso Ornate Frame recently to put around one of my Taxidermy Mounts.

And of coarse I'm still procrastinating on initiating the Painting Project of the Juliet Room Walls in Kabuki Red and Chalkboard Black.   Got the Paints and supplies, just have to get the Ambition now to actually tackle it.   I'm really Needing to get it done by next Month while it's still nice enough to throw the French Doors open to the Balcony Of Death and let Fresh Air in while I Paint and to ventilate while it dries, before it gets too Hot!   Is there anything you've really been putting off my Friends?   Or am I the only one whose been skirting the Issues and sidestepping the multitude of things I Need to get around to?  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. It made me so happy to see your creations and that you had a visitor and actually created in your Art Studio! Yeah! Yeah! I've found if I just make myself start a project (painting your studio walls)I will then get it finished because I don't like it half done!

    1. Me too Marlynne, I'm relentless about finishing what I begin! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Well I obviously don't mind things half done because I have a room with three green and one cream wall. Started four years ago! Last year I did the third wall, so maybe it is time for the last one this year? It is the one with all the heavy furniture to move!
    I had a house with red and purple walls and black curtains. It was a small house and looked amazing. As do your art tags. The expressions on their faces! Priceless! xo Jazzy Jack

    1. I'm just picturing that Sexy room with the Red and Purple Walls and Black Curtains... Oh la la! *winks* The Man is terrible about not finishing and not minding things half done, I on the other hand have OCD bad so I can't stand a half finished project so if I start, I shall have to finish! Which is why I'm procrastinating on the beginning of it... LOL Dawn... The Bohemian

    2. PS: Yeah, those Kids expressions cracked me up too, don't they look so UNDERWHELMED?! *Bwahahahahahahaha!* Dawn... The Bohemian


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