Monday, January 2, 2017

Tackling The Hoard... Or....The 2017 Resolution Project...

I actually Thoughtfully make New Year's Resolutions that I can Act upon and Keep.  Typically involving Self-Improvement Projects... and involving Environment-Improvement Projects surrounding us so that the whole Family benefits as well.   This New Year for 2017 we're calling Tackling The Hoard... or... The 2017 Resolution Project as the No. One Goal.  Making Order of the Chaos that reigns in The Hoarded triple car Garages of New Villa Boheme'.  Making them slowly look like this recently accomplished tiny area just inside the door leading to the double car Garage!  *LOL*  Eventually that Twelve Dollar Vintage Industrial Cabinet will house many more filled and Orderly Cigar Boxes of the Tiny Hoards.

Which will house all manner of Funky Tiny Hoards of randomness that aren't being Dealt with right now and will eventually be systematically Organized by The Stylist for me once the Big Picture is accomplished.  *Smiles*  Here's my 'Thing', I don't mind my existing Hoards if they look Organized and have a semblance of being Editorial and Visually Pleasing as I'm Dealing with them.   Chaos makes me feel uncomfortable and completely Overwhelmed so the only thing that has bothered me about what I haven't yet Edited and Purged or Curated to Keep is that it was in Chaos and a Hot Mess visually in the Hoarded Garages and other such Spaces not yet Dealt with!

So even days before The New Year rang in I informed The G-Kid Force that we would Tackle The Hoard starting with, but not limited to, the double car Garage, which was in the worst shape.  Oddly they were Enthusiastic and really Helped a LOT!   I think all of us had avoided those Spaces long enough because of how Overwhelming it appeared and how discouraged it made us Feel of what a gargantuan appearing Epic Project it was going to be!  I told them we would ignore the parameters of neatly stacked to the ceiling towers of boxes and crates for now.  We would take everything out of the center and haul it into the driveway so that it could be put back systematically in a more Orderly arrangement of stuff. 

Once emptied, then we would lay down Gramma's Persian Rugs to de-stash some of those Mountains of rolled up ones.  Making it comfortable and inviting to Work in daily as we progress on The 2017 Resolution Project of de-stashing The Hoarded Garages.   And wade thru Gramma's Showroom Inventory to be priced and taken to the Antique Mall for hawking.   So Yes, I am a good Old Fashioned Hoarder of the Magpie Variety who has good quality Persian Rugs carpeting her Garages!  *LOL*  Hey, when you've acquired a Hoard of them you can be luxuriantly Weird like that all over the place!

These are big Garages and so it's a good thing I had a Great Hoard of Persian Rugs and Carpets of all sizes, from Huge Palace sized ones to Prayer size Rugs.  We threw down some Harem Pillows for comfort and the pricing supplies... after we dragged everything else back in to Orderly Chaos.  *Winks*  But now the filled boxes to tackle don't bother me because they are looking more Organized and less Chaotic to the Eye.   I also got a lot of Inventory Priced and Sold half of it Yesterday during my Night Shift during our New Year's Day Sale!  So it's already increased my bottom line significantly to get more Organized and Proactive about getting most of it priced and out the door!  *Yay!*

Now my Inventory and Display items for the Showroom are neatly stacked or hung up and will be gone thru one box at a time to sort into Sell or Keep.  Yes, alas, during the Big Move I had no real Time to Sort what was left of it all into specific Keep or Sell piles to pack into the boxes and crates... so it's rather a jumble right now and a Treasure Hunt of sorts.  We even forgot half of what we had still boxed up and in Storage that Pickers didn't Buy before we left Old Bohemian Valhalla.  No, that's not accurate... we forgot ALL of it!  *Bwahahahaha!*  So, it's like goin' Pickin' and hitting the Motherlode at my own damned house, Okay?  *Winks*

And I have loads of neckid' Mannequins and Clothing Form Displays that aren't in current use in the Showroom... so it's looking somewhat like a Mannequin Graveyard where they must come to die?!  *Smiles*   Thank God for Grocery Store Fruit Boxes... since I only had half the amount of permanent Crates to Store things in and so these temporary containers stack nicely until I can plow thru each one and then discard the boxes as they're all emptied.  Eventual Goal is to have no temporary Storage containers and only Permanent Crates that are LABELED with their Inventory Contents!

In case you don't already know about the OCD Mind, Labeling and Numbering shit is really Important to us.   If I have an Orderly, Labeled and Numbered Hoard of shit I Feel a lot more in Control of my Situation such that it is. *LOL*  The piles of shit don't even bother me hardly at all if they have some semblance of Order and Purpose about them.   That said, it all has to GO eventually so that there are NO piles of shit, Numbered, Labeled or otherwise!  With the exception mebbe of this vast Library of Inspiration Books.  Clearly I have enough to Inspire the Decor Conscious of us into Eternity.  So we'll have to become Immortals to wade thru it all.  It shall be one of my eternal Legacies I suppose?   Either that or the Grands will have a Homecoming sized Bonfire with it after I'm gone... so it's all Good.  *Winks*

In fact, I am certain that one of the Appeals to being my Minions and Sherpas in this 2017 Resolution Project was that The G-Kid Force had carte blanche to wade thru any and all of the piles and boxes of shit in the middle of the Garages as we hauled it back and forth.   Kids absolutey J'Adore the Thrill of Discovering shit Gramma forgot about and they might ask for... it's like a delayed Christmas for them so they were in their height of Glory rummaging thru it all as we worked.   And Oddly none of it took even half as long as we Imagined it would, which really built up our momentum!

Some things we had to wade thru more Carefully than others, Gramma's massive Hoard of Victorian Ceiling Tin for example... didn't want anyone to lose an appendage moving and Organizing all of that!  It's either going up on a Wall or the Ceiling of some Garage Space eventually... depending on coverage.  I think I have a fair amount of coverage in the Hoard of it, but you never know, looks can be deceiving.  Luckily half of it was still in it's shipping boxes from eons ago since I've been Collecting it for decades.  Every time an Old Victorian sadly got razed from the Seventies on-wards, I was your Gal for disposing of the Old Victorian Ceiling Tin... back then nobody saw Value in any of it.   Those days are clearly over, so I'm Keeping my Stash and using it for New Villa Boheme' and the Customization of it.  *Winks*

But I turned my Attention to the Old Door Hoard... as you will see later in this Post I had The Young Prince be my personal Sherpa of Antique Doors heading towards the Upstairs Art Studio Loft Space.  Nine of them in fact... each as heavy as a freakin' Boat Anchor... I had a Vision... Yeah, they Hate when that happens!  *LOL*  But he was on Fire to Assist me so I made Hay while the Sun Shined.  Literally, since we were doing all of this in between Sucker Holes of Sunshine and Warmth or Monsoon Storms of Epic Proportions, so we hadda Work FAST!   We were like a hive of Bees, The Force and I.   The Man wobbled around a bit trying to be helpful til we just had to banish him again as being more of a hindrance than a Help, but at least he intermittently tries.  *Smiles*

I had The Princess focus upon Organizing Gramma's Epic Antique Frame Stash to get it all in two spots... one spot in each Garage... the double car Garage Space and the single car Garage Space accordingly.  Yes, we were dividing and conquering both of the Spaces simultaneously, very Ambitious we were once we knew it was all only going to take ONE AFTERNOON!  Lord have Mercy, had we known THAT fact we wouldn't have procrastinated and avoided so long!  *Smiles*  Don't you sometimes find that to be the case tho', the Elephant in the room isn't so daunting nor so difficult to lead out of the room as you Imagined if you tackle it all in bite sized chunks methodically like a three ring Circus of Performers?!?!??!  *Winks*

Yes, I DO still have a Hoard of shit to decide upon over Time, but now it's a more Orderly and pleasing to the Eye pile of shit.  Yes, shit can be Pretty... and excuse my profanity in describing it, but it's actually the most accurate description IMO.  *Smiles*  Those of you easily offended can insert a different phrase if you like.  *Winks*   Yes, now I have my Commercial Over-sized Letters in specific areas of both Spaces.  Industrial Salvage Stashes. The Crystal and Italian Tole Chandie Stashes.  Antique Frame Stashes.  Seasonal Stashes.  Stained Glass Windows Stashes.  Old Door Stashes.  Exotic Rug Stashes and so on and so forth.   All sorta neatly Stashed now.  *Winks*

This will better help me Utilize what I want to in Decorating and Styling Projects since I can see it all and access it all in one fell swoop.  Edit and Purge or Curate it better as well since I'll now know exactly what I have excess of and can thus Cull the Hoard of it as needed or wanted.  Or what I'm running out of and need to Source every so often for New Projects or to fill the Showroom or Sell Off to Picker Friends.   Yes, there is Method to my Madness my Friends, rest assured I have Purpose to any and all Hoards in existence.  I see it all as a form of Investment that has turned me better profit margins and returns than Savings in the Bank.   Money has depreciated over time, Interest Rates are dismal on Savings... items of Value have typically increased exponentially as they become scarcer, more expensive and harder to Source... or when they Trend and everyone wants some while there's still some left!

It's all about Supply and Demand and I've always had an ample Supply to satiate the Demand.   Storing it a while just means it's been like Savings Account of a different kind, where I bought low or got it for Free and just sat on it 'til I could maximize my Profits on the back end of the Deal.   I know what I Love... and I never Buy what I don't Love personally tho'.  Some things could be an Investment vehicle but if I'm not diggin' it then I Pass on it coz it's just not my 'Thing'.  And if you take any Risk of being stuck with something, better to Love it and Keep than have Inventory you have zero Interest or Passion about that hasn't Sold, right?

So anyway, back to The Young Prince and The Sherpa Project where nine Antique Doors had to be schlepped Upstairs to the Art Studio Loft by he and I... mostly by he.  *Winks*   Don't worry, he and I worked something out in Trade, these Kids ain't stupid or easily Exploited, Gramma has trained them well on the Art of Negotiating their Best Deal.  *Winks*   So Trust and Believe each of them is getting what they successfully Negotiated and wanted out of the Partnership we established.  They weren't exactly slave labor... well, not exactly... what a Kid wants in payment tho' is usually quite reasonable and affordable even on a fixed income, I ain't gonna lie!  *Smiles*

Besides, this gave his budding Young Stud Muffin Man Muscles a Free Workout, way Cheaper than a Gym Membership.   And it also made him Appreciate fully that Gramma had previously schlepped those Old Doors and MORE all by herself from the Old House to New Villa Boheme' during the Move... in a Jeep no less... and without any Help!   So he kinda Owed me one there... Okay, so a year and a half ago his budding Young Stud Muffin Man Muscles weren't quite developed enough yet, which is why I didn't recruit him as my Minion then... but now he's practically Man Sized... well... no more Free Passes... The Son can attest to that fact too!  *Winks*  

But Honestly, since being Psychotropic Medication Free, I'm pleased to announce that The Young Prince isn't in as much of a Mental Fog and so he can Help me more and is more willing to in fact.  Not that we don't have some Challenging days when the SMI is Tormenting him, but we've had more Good days than Bad ones and I'm Enjoying the newfound Relationship with a New Young Prince who is emerging med free.   He's slowly learning to bond more Relationally with us all as well, to the best of his abilities... since Relationships and People in general are hard for him and his tolerance for People, any People, is marginal.  *Smiles*

So Door by Door we schlepped them up there, either each of us carrying them or me spotting him on the stairs as he did the Sherpa thing on my behalf.  He didn't want me schlepping many since just doing stairs gets me winded and out of breath... nevermind carrying an Antique Door up a flight!  *Bwahahahaha!*  Gramma, don't need you having a Heart Attack halfway up the stairs whilst carrying a heavy Antique Door was his most common Warning that he'd do most of it.   I'm Sturdier and Stronger than I Look, but he had a valid point, so I allowed him the opportunity to show me how Strong he now is.

So, tho' there is yet still a LOT of Organizing and Decorating or Styling to be done in the Art Studio Loft Space, now at least the backdrop of Old Doors around the Room has it resonating with me Artistically.   We put Six on one side of the room against the North Wall and West Wall.

And the last Three against the South Wall.  Eventually each Old Door will have Wrought Iron Bracket Feet to hold it upright and Old Salvage Shelves and  Victorian Corbels and other Architectural Salvage Ornamentation added to them to provide more Art Supply Storage. 

I'm also filling up my Vintage Suitcase Collection slash Hoard with Supplies I want out of sight and Stored away but accessible and Labeled.  Right now temporarily I'm using Chalkboard signage to identify contents, but eventually they all will have Altered Art Tag Labeling Created.  We Love Creating Altered Art Tag Labels as a Family Project.

And, if you have Madly Creative Artist Friends like I do, it's also a Beautiful way to Save and Preserve the Beautiful Tags they've presented Gifts to me with over the years.  I can never stand to throw away Art and I Cherish it for the Memories and Beauty... so, any Art Tag Created by my Talented Friends... and you know who you are... has been put to Good Use later on in my Labeling System.

To properly identify the hidden Storage Lovelies that I want to just Keep or Need for Future Projects and Art.  Great way to both Organize and hide your excess Treasure you don't need or want out all of the time... and makes them easily accessible since Forgetfulness for me is a huge problem at this Season of Life otherwise!  *Winks*  I use the backs of the Tags to Identify Contents.  Any container that has rotating random Contents I use Chalkboard Tags instead since the change in what the Storage holds can be addressed without destroying a Tag or making it redundant.

In fact all rooms of my Home have this Storage solution since I Love Old Suitcases and stacking them makes handy, useful and portable interchangeable Decor.   This is the Guest Bedroom and one little stack of Old Suitcases holding  Linens or Pillows and Accessories for that Room.   Tags clearly still need to be Created for some Suitcases and their Contents, that will also be a Summer Art Studio Project.

In fact I have a lot of Art Studio Projects in mind and thus I am eager to get those Upstairs Spaces in Order as well.   So we rotate between the Garages and the Upstairs 2017 Resolution Projects.   In all the Work that will go into the Doing of this I am also accomplishing, I Hope, another Self-Improvement Resolution of getting into better shape and losing some Weight, it all ties in you see, killing two Birds with one Stone.  *Winks* 

While we were Upstairs re-configuring everything we swapped out the Persian Rug under the Creation Station Table and Chairs and moved the Table and Chairs into a more desirable re-configuration as well.   This Vintage Industrial Zinc Top Table comes apart for easy moving since it's actually a Commercial Zinc Freezer Door {found Free and curbside on bulk garbage day in the City} atop a Wood Table Base that also folds up if you want it to {also a Freebie}. 

In fact, the majority of my Art Studio Space Furnishings are re-purposed Vintage Industrial or Architectural Salvage pieces Transformed into something Useful and OOAK.   This Table is an Antique Door Top with Antique Ornate Table Legs attached to it.

But not everything is Old if it can be Useful and Found on the Cheap.  *Smiles*   That Metal portable Storage Cart for example, was a Goodwill Hunting Score for a pittance and I just Love it because it holds a wealth of Art Products which I've Organized in Orphaned Antique Sewing Cabinet Drawers, Vintage Baking Tins and Vintage File Boxes that I like the Look of.

Vintage School and Gym Locker Baskets I also Collect to Store and Organize stuff in.  In fact, I have a penchant for these kinds of Commercial and Industrial Vintage Storage Items and have a wealth of them... including European Olive Buckets and Old Crates with Graphics on them.

And Vintage Canning Jars, I can't get enough of them for Storage... since I am an Incurable Collector of random Smalls and shit.  *LOL*   Yes, that enormous Vintage Canning Jar for example, is just one of several I have Hoarded Up with Old Metal Game Pieces... mostly Monopoly!   Great for Tiny Art Projects and the making of Altered Art Jewelry... or Adornment on Tiny Taxidermy.  *Smiles*

And as the Art Studio Spaces come together and the Garage Spaces come together we find ourselves spending much more time in them rather than Avoiding them.   I don't like having any areas of my Home a place we Avoid... so my 2017 Goal is to have it all Transformed into Functional and Comfortable Spaces we Enjoy and Use often.

And it is a Family Project we're all coming Together to Work upon diligently in this New Year so that New Villa Boheme' is indeed our Dream Home in every way imaginable.  Transformed into our Bohemian Valhalla, where it meets the Needs and Inspires the Dreams of every Family Member.

May 2017 also be the Year of Transformation for you all my Friends... where Goals are Established and Worked upon until they are met.   Where perhaps you too have Thoughtfully made Resolutions to Act upon that you are able to Keep?  And if you haven't yet, well, it's just the beginning of the New Year... so why not make some now?


Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Holy cow-that's a whole lotta stuff.....have been going through mine for over a year now and have pared down considerably. It really feels good to me (finally) to have less 'stuff' and have it out in the world for someone else to enjoy. I am sure you will feel that way, too, as you get rid of more and more. New Year's blessings- xo Diana

    1. Diana you should have seen how much MORE of a whole lotta stuff I purged BEFORE the Big Move! *Ha ha ha* This IS pared down considerably and like you it really does feel good to me to finally have less stuff and have it out in the world for someone else to enjoy... so we progress towards ridding ourselves of more and more so that we can enjoy less and less as we Simplify our Lives... Happy New Year Blessings to you too my Friend... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I have committed to organizing our basement this year, and finally going through each and every box that I haven't even looked inside in the two years we've been here. I'm guessing most of it can go. Your piles of shit look waaaay more interesting than mine do tho. lol

    1. Hard to believe it's already been two years for you and a year and a half for me living in our New Homes huh? And that still there are boxes we haven't even looked inside of during that time! *LOL* Now at least I don't feel like the Lone Ranger in my procrastination my Friend, I'm in Good Company. *winks* May we accomplish our Goals of looking inside those Mystery Boxes during 2017. *Winks* Happy New Year... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Dawn, it's wonderful to hear you being so much more optimistic. I'm still recovering from pleurisy, and I'm quite exhausted, but your post has cheered me up so much. I know I shouldn't covert, but , Oh that gorgeous blue and gold rug in one of the pics. I wish I was rich enough to buy it and ship it to England. It's stunning. Blessings

    1. That Rug you Admire I got at an Charity Shop for about two dollars believe it or not. We are fortunate to have many Immigrants from Exotic Lands that donate some of the most Lovely and Exquisite Treasures to the Charity Shops! Making it affordable pickins for any budget and that is why The Thrill Of The Hunt Appeals to me so strongly, never know what Found Treasures await. So glad you're recovering and that the Post cheered you up my Friend, Healing energies being sent your way and may 2017 bring you prosperous Blessings for a little Treasure Hunting of your own! Happy New Year... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Your craft loft is looking fabulous! You are doing great going through all of your easy task. I have been going through stuff and purging for the last year in the hopes of downsizing soon. I want to escape the suburbs too and get into a smaller place easier to manage. It feels good purging. I was surprised how it improved my thinking ability lol! I think I was overwhelmed by how much I had accumulated over the years. I have not missed a single thing I have parted with...and have not even purchased anything new since that time...feels good.....Keep up the good work! You are going to have so much fun in your loft!

    1. May you continue towards your downsizing Goals in 2017 as well my Friend... and indeed, it does Feel so liberating to discard anything that is excess baggage so to speak in Life. And that can cover so much more than Stuff can't it? *LOL* Happy New Year... Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. My goodness Dawn and miracle crew. What a labyrinth of GOODNESS you have to wade through. I think I have stuck with your blog, simply for a peek into all that. I'm faced with a smaller scale MESS..about 800 square foot basement, and half of the upstairs of the garage. That's also my goal this year. Grins on getting a dent done---and yes, sorted and curated into some sort of sense, is good for the soul. Thanks for sharing, Sandi _---LOVE the metal work surface on the craft table---I think I will have to copy that somehow! Sandi

    1. You know what is so funny to me Sandi, I don't have to be embarrassed by nor apologize for my Hoards really because most of my Friends and Family LOVE wading thru it and getting to behold it! Ha ha ha So it's really just me that has anxiety about it I guess because I Need for it all to be Orderly even if I can't Cull it as severely or effectively as I Need or Want to. I know I am a Human Magpie, it's an Urge I've never quite been able to restrain and reign in well enough to not overdo things... but I am progressing towards becoming a better Editor and Curating possessions rather than keeping everything that catches the Eye. That Metal Work Surface is Divine on that Old Commercial Door isn't it, made me think it could have been on an Old Commercial Freezer Room or something where Coolness was required so they nailed some Old Zinc onto an Antique Door? Oddly I found it after telling the Friend I was driving around with that day that I was wanting a Vintage Industrial Style Table but couldn't afford one... and wallah, there it was curbside and leaning up against a telephone pole on a vacant lot we happened to be driving thru... talk about serendipity! Thankfully the Friend had a large SUV so we could Salvage it immediately! I married it to another curbside Find Table Base and have my Ideal Creation Station in Vintage Industrial Style I'd been Wanting...and all for FREE! Happy Dance! I Hope you also are able to tackle the Basement stash with much success in 2017! Dawn... The Bohemian


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