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Sweet Salvage ~ Green Acres ~ Part II

First let me say that the dreaded Meeting to switch classes and update the IEP at The Young Prince's High School went exceptionally well... RELIEF!  He has now be re-assigned a more competent Counselor that we were very Impressed with and options to help him Succeed have now been implemented... Hallelujah!

  Color me Happy this Morning and it has relieved a great deal of Anxiety and Stress from his shoulders and mine to be Heard and actually have a Team that respected him and included him in his own Process.  It has been our experience that many people, when dealing with someone with a profound Disability, tend to behave as if that individual is invisible and talk just to me and ignore him like he's not even in the room.  So I Loved that they were inclusive of him and Heard him express his Point of Need and explain what hasn't worked and why.

His Maturity and Intelligence actually Impressed the New Counselor and Asst. Principal who we'd never met with before, so they had a lot of dialogue directly with him and I was overjoyed!  I could see they suddenly realized that tho' they were accommodating someone with a profound Disability, they were also addressing a particularly Gifted and Intelligent Student as well, which provides more options to explore in helping him to succeed and not keep enduring failure due to The System in place in the Public Schools, which are rather archaic. 

 So anyway, just had to Share that Good News... since now I Feel much more Fluffy and Positive in Sharing the rest of what I've been up to in the Right Spirit of Positive Energy.  So Today's Post series of this Wonderful Event that my Friends at SWEET SALVAGE are doing a 'Green Acres' Spring Theme of to appease our Spring Fever building up... is being done in a much more Positive Head Space!   *Smiles*

Some of these first few Images are of my Friend Minnie's 'Vintage Minnie' Spring Line of Bedding and Wardrobe/Accessories Boutique!   Oh I could just see Princess T's Room Styled like this, she just Loves the Feminine Pastel Color Palette.   She also has White Furnishings in her Room so the Prairie Style lends itself well to Decorating her Room fit for a little Princess!   Princess T is very much the Girly-Girl so she would J'Adore her Boudoir to resemble Miss Minnie's Spring Vision!

And for the Vintage Kitchen who doesn't Love the 1930's Seafoam or Jadeite Green that was so prevalent in that Era?  It's always been my Favorite Kitchen Color Palette because it's always so Inviting and reminds me of Fresh Garden Produce and Herbs being brought it and blending with the Decor in such a pleasing and appetizing way.  

 I wrestle with myself right now not to paint my Custom hardwood Kitchen Cabinets at New Villa Boheme in either White or Seafoam Green accents actually.  Since I like a Brighter airy Country Farmhouse Kitchen Look and Palette in the busiest and most used Room of the Home!  I'm resisting for now, but probably will one day when I don't feel so bad about painting over Beautiful Custom hardwood Cabinetry that clearly was expensive to install and upgrade!  *LOL*

Appreciating what the previous Owner spent a small Fortune to upgrade around New Villa Boheme' has inhibited me somewhat in changing it too drastically because it has been well appointed tastefully with Quality Custom products.  So for now anyway I'm keeping most of it 'As Is' since it would be almost a crime to change it all since she did most of the $110,000 worth of upgrades within the year before we purchased this Lovely Home so it's all quite New. 

 I can put my stamp upon it all in more subtle ways that don't waste that Investment she made and we inherited... without all the remodeling Stress or expensive outlay since the Home was bought at a Deal regardless of it all!  When you inherit a tonnage of upgrades at no additional charge you count your many Blessings!

We came into the Home with a nice Collection of Antique Furnishings so I don't really Need to upgrade any of that tho' I can certainly Admire all of the Gorgeous Country Inspired Vintage Fabulousness at these Events!   The Vintage European Grain Sack upholstered pieces especially Speak to me, Love them!!! 

 I am seriously thinking upon Selling off my mismatched Art Studio Loft Creation Station Antique Chairs and replacing them all with sturdy and more comfortable Vintage European Grain Sack upholstered and Vintage Industrial mismatched ones now.   Original Antique Chairs are Gorgeous but not as sturdy or practical for a Creation Station seating arrangement. 

In fact I was totally Eyeballing this Vintage Industrial Trio, which seemed Ideal for a Creation Station and comfortable for Creating while seated on.   I have some similar Style Drafting Vintage Industrial Chairs at our Kitchen Island and everyone Loves sitting on them and spinning.  *LOL*   Had Budget permit I would have liked to have picked up this Set and replace at least three of my Antique Chairs up in the Loft Art Studio already.

If you were seeking some Country Farmhouse Furnishings there was a wealth of them to be had in a variety of Styles with a bounty of Accessories you could furnish entire rooms with.  I like that you can find everything you would need to Transform any Space in the Home or Garden completely with.  For anyone beginning to Style a complete Space it saves so much time and energy that would otherwise be spent running around trying to find exactly what you Want and not sure of where to Find.

And for those of us who actually already have a lot, it refines the Search for those extra Special touches to complete a Look.  I can always find what I'm looking for at these Events, I can Count on it in fact, which is great since then you don't have to Settle or Compromise your Vision.   I don't know about you but I am loathe to ever do that, I want what I want and I can be very tenacious about Finding it.

It has saved me countless hours that otherwise would have been wasted just Seeking and NOT Finding to attend these Events on a regular basis.  With each Month's New Fresh Theme I have an Idea of what I could Find of a particular Genre of Decor.   And the Inspiration, well, that is truly Priceless my Friends!!!  To be Inspired just by attending something, well, you can Trust and Believe I don't miss out on too many of those opportunities!!!

As you know I Love and Collect Good Quality Decor Books for Inspiration and have a vast Library... but there's just something about seeing Good Styling, Design and Excellent Inventory you can actually Buy in person.  On the pages of a Book I might Admire something and not have a Clue where to Source it or if I can ever Source it?  But when I go to an Event that has been expertly Styled by Designers and they've done all the Work of Sourcing and Vignetting it, it's all there for me to actually consider taking Home with me.

And it doesn't get more convenient than that now does it?  *Smiles*  And it's just plain Fun to attend a Popular Event such as this which delivers Month after Month and exceeds all of your expectations for a Wonderful Shopping Experience.   To tell you the Truth, most places that have mass produced Inventory I just don't Enjoy the Shopping Experience, it's so Expected and so lacking in Creativity or Originality.

Even if I have NEED of something like a piece of Furniture, just going into a Chain Store Furniture Warehouse is overwhelming to me and I can't wait to get in and get back out again.  But at an Event I can linger and Enjoy the entire Experience, it's more of a Destination Experience and the Energy is much more palpable.  With none of the enduring of a Salesman's pitch to try to get you to Buy anything and pouncing on you as you walk thru the door and stalking you around the Store making mindless chit-chat!  To me mass produced Furnishing Shopping is like Shopping for a Vehicle... HATE it!

And even worse, Big Box Store Shopping where you're lucky if you can get any Customer Service or knowledgeable Staff at all!   Here you will be able to talk to skilled Designers about your Needs or Desires and have the Excellent and Sincerely Friendly Customer Service that is so lacking in so many other Retail Shops nowadays.

And if I haven't swayed you yet, well, I think you should go down and Experience it yourselves at least once so that you can Transform how you Shop for your Home and what you Feather it with.  To infuse your own Essence into your Spaces, Personalize it, give it some real Character and not just make it look so generic as a Furniture Warehouse Showroom might Display it with whatever everyone else has because they made like a gazillion of it all.  *Yawn* 

You can and will Thank me later, I Promise you!


Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. You always go to the most interesting places! I guess we have them around here, but I don't know where!

  2. Hi Dawn, love your posts. About your cabinetry---all that gorgeous wood---you say you have in your kitchen can be really heavy. You could take off multi doors----and paper/or paint the inside of said darker cabinets---in whatever palette you have. Store the doors, and if you ever decide to sell restore the cabinets to their original expensive splendor. After years of living with dark wood, I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have a bright kitchen now---even just papering the insides light---might be a great relief. Nice to hear the school is finally on some sort of success track. We literally had to bypass the school system with our son's learning disability--and teach him the skills he needed to know to survive the system. But education, shouldn't be about survival...should it? Sandi


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