Monday, January 30, 2017


I've had a lot of critical examination and observation lately of just Life in general and mine in particular.   I Feel like in this New Year I want to take a New Direction in many things on purpose.   I want more focus upon that which I find to be Lovely about Life and in my Life particularly... to scrutinize it more Carefully.

Sometimes as Life gets messy and busier you just lose focus of such things and fall out of alignment.  I've always been all about the Details, the minutia if you will, of Life.   It's the small, precise and trivial Details of things that spark the most Inspiration for me and get Creativity flowing.

Lately Creativity has been in a Stall... not that I didn't have any... just that I haven't devoted ANY Time to it as a pursuit in a very long time.   The business of Life and the messiness of Life just got in the way of being Creative and I've been longing for it... to reconnect and reinvigorate through it.

About the only Creative Venture I've been deeply immersed in during recent years has been Photography.  It's brought me a lot of Joy and Pure Inspiration looking at Life thru the Eye of my Lens and covering my World as I see it.  You realize more about your own Perspective when you delve into Photography.

If it's Important enough for you to Photograph it then that is very Telling about what exactly about your Environment makes you tick.  I realized I take a lot of Close-Ups and very few Panoramic shots.  It has less to do with experience, I am an Amateur Photographer no matter what I'm shooting, but everything to do with how I tend to Look at things.

I scrutinize things... everything in fact, from things to people actually.  I pay closer attention to subtle nuances of everything than I do to the overall of anything.   Maybe that is why I'm particularly Observant and pick up on things that many tend to miss?  It Served me well in my Career choices, especially in my Corporate Lives... but Creatively and Personally it has too.

I'm very tactile when it comes to my own Environment and Creating it.  Indulging my Senses is key to Creating my Spaces to function optimally in.   I can have a lot of things but they have to be in Order and not in Chaos so that my Mind doesn't overload or short circuit.  I hadn't realize how Organized I am until a Dear Friend very recently Observed and mentioned it when she came for a visit!

I had thought I was chronically disorganized in fact, I hadn't even paid attention to how much Order I'd established in my World that I have complete Control over.   When brought to my Attention though I had to admit that Organizing things and Creating Order to my Personal and Private Space is a priority and so I've clearly spent a lot of Time devoted to it... Wow, what a Revelation!

When looked at closely I realized that Yes, I've had a certain Order to everything I do so that it not only makes sense to me, but it also allows me to have my own Structure to where ever I'm at most often.   I admit, nothing makes me unravel quicker than someone coming into my World or Space and Creating Chaos and disorder!!!

I had assumed that my Creative and Living Spaces were messy, that's how I'd perceived them... and yet, most don't... they see it all quite differently and as quite Organized!   I'm not rigid in how I arrange things at all, and yet, they're not haphazard either so under more scrutiny I saw that it's all well thought out.  I'm not quite as spontaneous about setting things up as I'd Imagined I was!

And though in my own Assessment everything had taken SO MUCH TIME to get to the place I wanted it to be anywhere in my Home... in fact, it hadn't taken long at all in the grand scheme of it all as a whole!  So I'd accomplished a lot in a relatively short period of time, yet I hadn't seen it that way... until I had feedback from other people seeing it a whole different way!

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I think this is why Feedback is so critical and we often Need the Perspective of others to assess things more accurately and see it all differently.   I tend to get inside my own Head way too much sometimes and be my own worst Critic... and my Critique of my own Progress is often quite harsh and skewed, though it's not always so apparent I'm thinking that way.

So, that all said, I've stepped outside of my own Head for a change *LOL* and viewed it all from a Fresh Perspective Inspired by how others are seeing my World I've Created.   And I realize, hey, it's pretty Good!   Yeah, it's not so bad at all actually!   *Smiles*  Critical observation and examination done CORRECTLY can be a very Empowering thing actually!

Causing you to gain traction and build momentum to propel yourself forward in a more Positive way!   Yes, I've been Stalled... and I've Hated being Stalled actually because it felt more like being Held Back really than not having the Gas or the Gumption to Proceed!   I do have a Spirited Initiative and shrewd take on what I want and how to get it and get there to where ever it's at... I just have had Obstacles that have hindered attaining a lot of those Goals!

I am ready in 2017 to remove many of those Obstacles that I have a measure of Control over and sidestep or climb over the ones I don't, in order that I can make more Progress this year.   It's actually quite Exciting to Contemplate it all and fine Tune my own Process to achieve it all... or at the very least, most of it!

In recent days The Man and I have been Daydreaming again... we used to do it all the Time and had fallen out of the Practice.   We used to always be Game for a New Big Adventure... and I think that now we're ready again for one... or more.   And that's Cool, because it's got an Energy and develops and takes on a Life of it's own to Dream Big!   

It doesn't mean you have to Achieve every Huge Daydream and not be Practical and Pragmatic to some degree, but the Bigger the Daydream, the more Exciting the prospective and possibilities!   It's just plain Fun to do it daily... and we'd forgotten just how much Fun it was to do Together and how much it Energized us and Excited us. 

Getting back into the Habit of doing what makes you Tick and laying aside the weights of Life that can bog you down is Important.  Yes, you still have to Deal with Life and the Issues of it... you don't have to get irresponsible about that part of it... but you don't have to be so Serious and responsible ALL of the time either!   *Winks*

We are indeed Free to Enjoy some of both actually.   We've been reminded of that Fact and as we're sorting things out in this Journey of Life and what has come against us and what we've now gotten behind us in the way of Obstacles and Challenges, we can move Forward with less baggage.   The load is indeed lighter as we shed Problems, Challenges and Stuff we don't need bit by bit with tenacity and Faith.

I've had my fair Share of tough days in recent Months and yet it's been one of those juxtapositions where when I place the two things of the Tough with the Blessings close together... and side by side so I can see them... the stark contrast hasn't really derailed us completely.   There have been numerous Big Sorrows and Loss... but there have also been Big Blessings and Gains made... so in a way it's been Balanced.

And therefore, when Viewed thru that Filter... of having Balance... everything is as it should be.    What my Friends in your Lives could use some critical examination and observation?   Give it some intense scrutiny and see what you Discover too!?!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Yes, creativity and reconnecting wtih your self and the things that are "you". So important. Yourself is what you have most of, after all. And you're right, not to get bogged down by seriouslness. Good post!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, and yes, not being so serious makes the Journey so much more enjoyable doesn't it? Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Your staging and Marvelous Photography is definently your method of creating right now! I think as soon as you get your studio set up you will be right in there creating in other ways too!. So glad to hear you and your husband are daydreaming again! A Big adventure- Go For It!! I'm sure the sale of your beloved old villa has freed your mind and added to the freedom to dream again! PRAISE THE LORD FOR THE SALE AND THE FAMILY THAT WILL CONTINUE TO LOVE IT LIKE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY DID AND STILL DO!

    1. Marlynne Thank You for Rejoicing with us about the Sale of the Beloved Old Homestead to the Perfect Buyer, it indeed has freed more than just my Mind! *LOL* Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I find it always interesting, that we are often stumbling around on the same page. Creativity, the process---what ever it I get older is more fleeting and then more intense when it hits. I have put aside monetary goals aside connected with my creativity. Let's face starving artists, sometimes become artists because they are starving. Now I have to dig deeper into myself to create anything.

    You have been extremely creative in working your way through a monumentally stressful and painful year. Your photography and your 'eye' capturing life's little moments is inspiring, and I thoroughly enjoy the 'hodgepodge' of your life. Thanks for all your creativity and inspiration...grins, Sandi

    1. Yes, I too am finding the Kindred Spirits are often stumbling around on the same Page I'm on too... it's almost like there is a Cycle to it all... here's to 2017 being our best year ever! Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Replies
    1. Absolutely, I Hope it is the best year ever for all of us! Dawn... The Bohemian


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