Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My Hair Is A Mess... And Will You Play Monopoly With Me?

So with the rolling in of a New Year of coarse we all want to make Positive Changes with resolve.  Princess T decided she wanted to therefore jump on my Bandwagon of making Positive Improvements and Changes to our Lifestyle and the Atmosphere here at New Villa Boheme'.   We Need a 'Family Night' she announces... and by 'Family' she meant she and I.  Since we couldn't get the Guys on board the Bandwagon without protest, coercion and strong-arming them, but I'm sure she'll work on that pesky detail.  *Winks*   And by 'Family Night' she meant doing what SHE wants to do and the rest of us will be all inclusive unless we want loads of Drama.  And who Needs that when your own Resolution is to strive for a more Zen, Harmonious and Peaceful existence in the household, right?  *LOL*  

 Games, we Need Games she says... and a Game Night... which by that she meant playing Games with Her Highness whenever she desires and not just limited to A Game... A particular Night... or even just Night-Time!  *LOL*   So... we've been on this Monopoly Marathon she and I... and I'm rather Enjoying it and the Quality Time spent Together doing it.  Despite that Monopoly takes an eternity to play a single Game... she's Overjoyed to Bond with me doing something Fun she initiated even if she consistently loses.  Cause I ain't gonna lie, I'm a Real Estate Mogul when it comes to Monopoly... I can't even lose when I try to!  *Sorry!*  So we have to keep just taking Breaks and Pausing to do anything else that Life involves... so the Board of whatever we're playing now is up in the Informal Dining Room almost Forever this New Year!  

And I know this is improving so many Life Skills she Needs Educationally with being a Special Needs Child.  So she's always The Banker... and we discuss Investments and our Portfolio Strategies during the Game.  She Surprises me and proudly whips out her Report Card, which Transformed from dismal to almost all A's now, with all the Special Ed Tutoring!!!  I was Overjoyed, what hard work she'd put into that Accomplishment, since she's so far behind her peers Academically and could have risked just giving up and getting too discouraged and embarrassed!  So that bought her the Reward of the Game of LIFE she desperately wanted to add to 'Family Night' activities... which span from Sunup to Sundown now every day... it's not just a 'Night' now, it's a 'Lifestyle'!  *Smiles*  She made Grandpa play that one with her, she's wearing him down gradually.  He says he can't feel his legs or ass now that he's sat in the wooden Dining Chair so long to get thru one grueling Game of LIFE, which he lost!  *Bwahahaha!*  

With his TBI it also disturbs him that she and I make up our own Rules when we play any Board Game... we're Rebels like that, who made the stupid Rules anyway?  It's our Game and we'll play it however we want is our Mantra... besides, she can still barely read and I don't ever read Manuals or Instructions... so it Works for us!  *Winks*   But The Man is very 'By The Book' and a Rule regimented type of Guy, plus he's very Competitive, which we're so NOT!  Apparently it makes him a bit Crazy to even watch us merrily playing Monopoly ALL WRONG and not Caring who Wins or Loses and with loose ever changing Rules and Strategies... which is a whole lot less Boring, right?!  *Winks*   Don't you want to learn to Play it Right he says with exasperation?  And he starts droning on reading about what the Rule Book says is the etched in Stone Rules! *Yawn*  No... No, we don't even Care... we Like our Creative version of Playing better... he'd actually picked the Rule Book up off the floor where we'd promptly dropped it!  My Rule Book of any Game I've ever owned, for however long, looks Brand New since it's never been opened... at least by ME!  *Bwahahahahaha!*

So he wanders in every once in a while, too Curious about all the Laughter and Merriment going on in the next room to just sit in his now broken Recliner listening {another Post Topic another time perhaps, the now broken year and a half old Recliner Tale of woe... ha ha ha}!  To critique our Game in progress and make sure we're not Cheating each other... another 'Habit' of ours that drives him Mad!!!  *Ha ha ha*   The Young Prince can't help himself either... tho' he's not yet Reeled In... Hook, Line and Sinker by his Little Sister's Master Plan for 2017, he is Baited.  Since clearly we're Enjoying ourselves too much and the Guys almost can't stand to be left out of Fun and at least observe and put their two cents worth in.  *Smiles*  And because we're OCD about everything we do, we'll be adding to the Games... mostly from Thrift Shops if we can find complete ones, since Lord Have Mercy the retail cost of Games has gone Bananas!  

 The new version of the Game of LIFE {I won't even bother to Photograph becoz I was so disgusted after opening it...} set me back Nineteen bucks ON SALE! *Gasp!*  Not to mention they Cheap Out on how they're made now and are a Shadow of the Vintage versions!  This expensive Modern LIFE Game doesn't even have a 3-Dimensional Board with Buildings that pop up out of it, it's one dimensional Cheap ass, flimsy quality and boring!   So gimme a Dollar and Ninety Nine Cent Goodwill Hunting Vintage Score of these Classic Games any day!  *Winks*  I want to add Vintage Games or Vintage Style Games I either have or can find on my Thrill of the Hunts also.   Since Lord knows how long I can last playing versions of just Monopoly!??!??!  *Winks*

 With her OCD she's on a Mission now to find all manner of Monopoly Specialty Games to build up a Monopoly Collection of sorts!!! *Smiles*  We're up to a "Juicy Couture" version, a "Metro Phoenix" version and an "In-N-Out Burger" version so far... all Thrift Shop Scores so the Investment has been minimal except for that LIFE Game recent purchase debacle.  The variety makes it so that I stay engaged if she swaps versions every time she says will you play Monopoly with me Gramma?   And BTW she announces... if you Blog about this you can't take any pictures of me playing it coz my hair is a mess... *LMAO*  Ah, the Child knows me well, this WILL end up being Blog Fodder!  *Bwahahaha!* 

 But in all seriousness folks, I'm Glad that the Old Fashioned Board Game still Appeals to them because it's the only thing I know how to Play WITH them.   The New Video genre of Gaming is far beyond my abilities to play or even to comprehend... I have no capacity for any of it!  *LOL*  I haven't really been adept at enhanced Gaming since they did away with Pinball Machines and went on to Asteroids or Pac-Man back in da day!  *LOL... Sad but True, tho' my Younger Brother was a Video Game Jedi from the get go!*  They try to explain it all to me but my reflexes, coordination and Interest level is about at Zero for any kind of Online or Video Games really.  I'm Glad they Enjoy them so much but as for me I can Live the rest of my Life without playing any of them.   Word to all my Facebook Friends and Family who are avid Gamers, this is also why I never join in or have even the remotest Desire to when sent an Invitation... Sorry!  *Smiles* 

Yes, The Young Prince got a new Gaming System from his Dad and Family for Christmas and he and his Sister are enthusiastically Enjoying playing that Together, it's one of the few things they can do without fussing and fighting... mostly.   Okay, so in Reality for perhaps 15 minutes before there is Melee and I hafta Referee and send them to separate Corners like Cage Fighters!  *Winks*  As they excitedly tell me about such menacing Virtual Creatures on the New Games I've bought them for the account... such as the Arachnid 'Brood Mother'!  Dont'cha just Love those Handles the Creatures are dubbed with... and I'm not even certain The G-Kid Force didn't Name them?!??!?? *LOL*  I can't even follow these Games never mind figure out how to Play them... so it's Good we've bridged the multi-generational divide with a healthy compromise of Old School Games to Play with us and New School Games to Play with each other and their Friends. 


Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. How wonderful that she loves board games. I think that really challenges the mind and the interaction with another player is a good thing. Good for her for doing so well with her tutoring and getting A's. What a blessing for her (and you). I am not competitive at games at all either- I play for the fun of playing. xo Diana

    1. Oh yes Diana, the Joy of just having Fun with it all is what it's all about for The G-Kid Force and I too... Games should not be so Serious! And I too Love that they are interested in Board Games, I have so many fond Memories of years spent playing them from Childhood onwards with Family and Friends. Thanks for stopping by for a New Year's Gaming visit... winks... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. My husband is the same way about game rules.

    1. I know, must be a Man Thing, huh? *LMAO* Competitive Sports bores me for that very reason, taken too Seriously by so many... and elevated Socially to a level I don't quite understand... well, except of coarse that a LOT of Money is involved and Duh... *Bwahahahaha* Should we deal you in since you've dropped by for Game Night? We'll let you make up some of the Rules with us Okay? *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Looks like fun! We love Monopoly too and have collected all the Star Wars versions and a couple of other ones along the way. I have never seen a Phoenix one, that is sooo cool...need to keep my eye out for that one! I don't like my picture taken on a bad day!I have zero ability to do the new game systems either...put get me near a pac-man game and I am all in! We still have one on a plug and play and about twice a year I pull it out and challenge the household to beat my score! It is the only thing I can beat them at.....cuz sometimes I just need to wear the crown around here....because it happens so little..


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