Thursday, January 26, 2017

Living Quietly And Gently... Doing No Harm

My Blog Friend Lesley from the U.K. Inspired this follow-up Post to my previous one when she commented that the vast majority of us are trying to Live as Quietly and Gently as possible and doing no-one Harm.  I am in complete Agreement with that sentiment and yet Meditated upon Why, with the Human Condition being such that it is, that some simply cannot or will not Live in Harmony and Peace?   Why is it so difficult for some and so effortless for others I Wonder and Pondered?  Some folks seem incapable of even being at Peace with themselves, never mind anyone else!   Sensible Communication between People doesn't always prevail, especially if a reckless and confrontational persona exists in the dialogue and shuts it down to becoming a monologue.

I am no Saint by any means and I can be provoked to Wrath and should not be trifled with, I think any of us can and get to the place where your efforts to Live Quietly and Gently are disturbed too greatly and Harmony is threatened.   You can try to Live Peacefully but if there are those that won't or cannot and they intrude upon your Right to or threaten to do Harm, then even if your preference were to be doing no-one Harm, it might be foolish to not resist.  I am of that ilk, those that prefer Peace but will go to War to defend myself or mine and be a formidable adversary if you choose to make me one.   I'd prefer not to be and try to Live out my Life not being adversarial towards anyone.  I'd prefer to allow everyone to Live as they will so long as it isn't harmful to others... and especially me and mine.  If someone cannot co-exist Peacefully with me or others it's just not always possible to have Peace until they will or can... and some apparently never will or can.

I don't know Why there is such a brokenness of Spirit and disconnect with people being at Peace that it is so?  What has gone so haywire or become so broken that Peace and Harmony isn't preferable for those who constantly stir things up?  How is being Warlike and definitely not being Gentle, Thoughtful or Kind in how one acts towards others a Preference I Wonder?   I have to Believe there is such inner conflict raging that outer conflict is inevitable?   I have a Theory that Ego is almost always involved.  If you can't get past yourself, it's difficult to reach out appropriately to anyone.  Or find common ground and a compromise beneficial to ALL, or even Most... and not just you and those similar to you.  So being able to think beyond Self and outwards towards allowing those viewed as "Others" is perhaps not so easy?  

 Perhaps the very existence of those of us not on board their bus is too disturbing to want to allow that different Journey and Path of our Lives and how we prefer to play it out Peacefully, Quietly and Gently?  Banding with those of the same disposition therefore adds fuel to a fire of Egocentric behavior where their way becomes the only way feasible to them and anything or anyone else is just not acceptable... or even logical to them to co-exist with?  The very fact there even are "Others" in their World is the first Clue to me and therefore how we are so very different in Outlook.  There are no "Others" really, we're ALL Human Beings and of the HUMAN RACE.   Various distinctions of what that Looks like are a nice Variety, not something I personally view as a Negative or something I can't handle. 

It does not bother me that there are some who choose to Live differently than how I choose to Live and walk out my Life's Journey.   I can exist beside them and among them Harmoniously if I'm allowed to, even if they are very different in a variety of ways.  Perhaps that is why our Family were able to easily be World Travelers, we accepted the distinctions of Humankind and Cultures with it's various differences without condemnation or judgment.   We might not be able to Live like everyone chooses to, or want to, but if they are Peaceful and considerate towards us we had few, if any, problems co-existing.  Changing folks to suit yourself is just not allowing their Free Will to exist in being them.  In fact, they can't be you... nor should they want to be... and so they're not going to see everything thru your filters necessarily.  Kindred Spirits might tho'.

Finding commonalities is something we all tend to want to gravitate to, it is more comfortable and less likely to be out of our comfort zone to associate mostly with Kindred Spirits.   And there's nothing wrong with that so long as those associations don't become so exclusive that they exclude the World at large.    I hang out with people I can connect with, we all do... and some we never will have a connection to and that's alright too.  But we don't have to be their adversaries either, it's a Choice to be.   Either their choice to be or our choice to be or a mutual choice to be... and therein can be the dilemma.  How to allow those that are different and don't Share commonalities to us to just Be as they are and to exist... without thinking one must control or conquer them... or worse, annihilate them!!!???  To not covet what they might have that isn't ours and is theirs and should be left alone in Peace?

I do Believe, as my Friend Lesley does, that the vast Majority want Peace... want to Live Quietly and Gently, doing no Harm to anyone.   And I Wish we could do just that, without interference.  How to best co-exist with those who find it hard or impossible to Live that way or even want to, that is the burning Question and biggest Obstacle that I can see of Humankind and has been since Forever.  There has never been complete Peace over all of the Earth between peoples... there is always conflict or the threat of conflict or recovering from conflict going on... constantly.  In any Life situation anywhere you will come into contact with those who are Peaceful and those who are NOT and not even inclined to be no matter how hard you try to be at Peace with them or around them!

 For those of us who prefer to Live Quietly and Gently it is exhausting to have exposure to that, whether directly or indirectly.  Because it disturbs us to our very Core and Grieves us tremendously not to have Harmony and Unity and a Peace about how things are.  It disrupts our ability to Live as we would prefer which actually does no Harm in the doing of it.  It was Crazy Horse who once said, "We preferred our own way of Living.  We were no expense to the Government.  All we wanted was Peace and to be left alone."   There wasn't Peace and they weren't left alone to Live their own way and the rest is History and tragic for the Indigenous Populations, ALL of them in North America.  Sorry the only Imagery I had was of a Cher Doll playing Native... but isn't it how Modern Culture has now come to view Native Culture, as a Parody of sorts? Mocking the Ideology of Tribal Living and being at Harmony and in Tune with Nature and not damaging it but staying in Balance with it?

There have been many before us with Profound Wisdom imparted... but will we ever really choose to Hear the Wise Ones?   Will we each and everyone ever have that first Peace that Black Elk talked of?  I have found mine, I know many that have found theirs too and therein I have MY Peace.  It is my Desire that everyone find theirs as well so that True Peace can exist more prevalently and the Souls of men aren't in such conflict and turmoil that it spills outwardly and causes so many of the World's problems and Social dilemmas.   

I contemplate a lot and Meditate a lot about what I see and what I hear as being the Problems in this World, I Pray daily for Wisdom and Divine Guidance.  It is always my Hope that collectively we are Agreeable one day to finding the Solutions and implementing them instead of all of the fussing, the fighting, the needing to be Right and the unwillingness to compromise and seek Unity rather that being divisive.   I have often forfeited my need to be Right, I don't even Care if I am actually so long as Peace prevails.  If I am Wrong and I'm still able to maintain my Peace then I still have a Victory worthy of Celebrating.  If I am Right and have no Peace, what Gain is that?


In Peace and constantly seeking Wisdom... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I love the quotes from the chiefs. Nice post.

    1. Me too, they were Chiefs and leading their Nations because of their Wisdom and because they always put the Welfare of the Tribe first. Thanks for dropping by for a Bloggy visit Rhonda... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping by Cynthia! Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Hi Dawn.....just stopped in to say hi to an old blogging is just that simple.



    1. So good to see you again my Friend, Hope all has been Well with you? Dawn... The Bohemian

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    1. Holly, Thank You for stopping by, those of us with Kindred Spirits are probably feeling very similar ranges of emotions in these troubled times... Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. My thoughts have been lately: "If anyone is going to boast let him boast only of what the Lord has done!" I Corinthians 1:31

    1. Yes... to have Leaders who are humble enough to seek Divine Guidance and give Credit where it is due would be a refreshing change wouldn't it? Thanks for weighing in my Friend... Dawn... The Bohemian


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