Sunday, January 8, 2017

Glancing Back But Moving Forward...

Every start of a New Year I glance back a bit at previous years via my Photo Archives in fond Remembrance mostly... but moving Forward always.  I never want to stay stuck in the Past, however Sweet it may have been in it's Moments.  Nor mired in the unpleasantness of the Moments that weren't so Sweet.   A glance back is all I want to spend on the Past really, it's enough.

I really Connected to this particular New Year Affirmation Quote... I particularly liked the reminder that none of us are getting out of here alive!  *LOL*  So True, but we often forget that sobering fact of Life's Journey, don't we?  That there is a finite time here on this side of Time and Eternity each of us has and we know not that expiration date so to speak.  So there is no time for anything else but that which matters most!

We should reflect upon what and where Time is being spent and with who, especially OUR Time, which individually is our most Precious commodity.  You will not get your Time back that has been spent, or is being spent.  As I continue to Age I find that I'm less tolerant of wasting my Time on things that don't matter to me or having it wasted by others.  If they choose to waste their OWN Time, okay, just don't waste MINE, it's too Valuable.

I've cut loose a lot of things that were excess baggage so to speak and just weren't working for me anymore or weighing me down.  Sometimes that can be hard for those of us who have strong senses of commitment and loyalty if what is being cut loose isn't just stuff.  On Life's Journey we just cannot carry everything or everyone the whole way or it makes the Journey quite difficult. With the weight of what should have been shed and wasn't for whatever reason or excuse we made to hold onto it longer than we should have.

Leaving behind can sometimes be hard, No?  Laying stuff down to lighten your load, allowing certain relationships to run their course and let go when we should, discarding that which no longer is working for us.  The older I get the better I'm getting at it though, of shedding and cutting loose so that I'm not moving forward carrying a lot of baggage and dead weight.  You can move forward so much more effectively and with more contentment and Peace if you're no longer treating yourself like an after-thought.


I've been known to do it, put myself dead last because I Care so much about people and risk losing myself in the process.  Of having that consume me and all of my Time if I'm not Careful and Mindful about it and set limitations on just how much I will do and be to others and for others.  Even the most Cherished of them... now I think in terms of Investment... what is the Wisest of Investments?  Especially of my Time which is more Valuable than any other asset I possess.


It's not that I mind Investing in what or who I have true Love and Passion for, that has always been worthwhile with few, if any, regrets.   But as you age you realize Tick-Tock, so you just have to be more prudent about what you Invest YOUR Time in... or who.  I only have so much of it... and more of it is behind me now than in front of me, that's a sobering reality.  So... some of what and who I've been Invested in during the Past or Present... has to be reduced to reasonable levels in the Future that make sense and aren't a waste of Time or Resources.

Glancing back I recall what or who has been abiding and worth Keeping, those typically are the most Cherished because what or who is enduring and lasting is generally worth any and all Investment made.  But the Investment has to be somewhat mutually beneficial and reciprocal, especially with Relationships, though it needn't be exclusive.   And it can Change over time just how long it will or should last, any Investment made in an object, Cause, activity or a person.  There are Losses, expect it, not all of them voluntary. 

 I fondly recall Invested Relationships that were long term and ended, for whatever reasons, it can be bittersweet.  Sometimes the reasons are expected for a Loss of them... sometimes not.  This is Rat Boy, a Cat I had an exceedingly close Relationship with for over Twenty years!  I was her Human... long time for a Cat and her Human to do Life together, with unconditional Love, deeply Sad when it ended and she crossed over.  Some Beloved Fur Babies walked away too, because they could and evidently wanted to, I say Go in Peace.  Some people do that also in Life... any that choose to leave were never really tied to your Destiny or you to theirs, accept that fact and say Go in Peace.

We as a Family had more than our share of Loss in 2016 and even early in this New Year of 2017 already... Loss will always be a 'Given' in Life's Journey.  What or Who has been Lost cannot always be replaced and so there can be a void left that only Time can attempt to Heal.  I don't always try to fill my Voids, I just allow them to Be the Empty Spaces of Life's Journey.  A completely empty Space is Okay, not every ounce of Space has to be filled to capacity, not everything or everyone Needs a replacement.  I've learned what NOT to try to replace, some things you must accept are irreplaceable and mos def OOAK.

Do I Enjoy my glances back... oh Yes, certainly I do... sometimes it's easily Forgotten what the Past held and how it looked.  The only constant is indeed Change and the changes can be so profound over Time can't they?  Sometimes the Past compared to the Present can be almost unrecognizable in fact!  The transitions and metamorphosis that Time imparts can be pretty Amazing, even within and of ourselves!!!   I like to think that any Change in me has been for the most part Positive and enriching to my state of Being.

This was on a Trip to Mexico to visit Family there... too long ago... we Need to go back and do it again... soon I Hope... Tick-Tock!!!   Time itself can seem to fly... or to stand still... or drag... which is rather strange when you think about it since really it's going at the same speed in actuality.  Our perception of it just changes... and perception is everything isn't it?   Sometimes I do try to consciously change my perception on purpose, if I feel it could be flawed or inaccurate.

I am trying to expand the Positive Energies surrounding me and reduce the Negative Energies as much as I have control over.   Exposure to too much Negativity is just toxic and in a perfect world I'd banish it entirely and anything or anyone with strong attachments to it.   That isn't always possible though, so we Deal with the Negativity as best we can and hopefully in the right Spirit so that WE become the Positive Energy in our world and the change for the betterment of it.

There is so much Beauty, it's just that not everybody sees it.  And sometimes the ugliness in Life distracts so much that the Beauty of Life gets Lost, even for those of us who intentionally look for it.  Hopefully just temporarily until Focus and Filters are reset to look for that which is indeed Beautiful about Living and what is breathtaking around us.  I do Hope you intentionally look for what is Beautiful and Positive... and not what is Negative and ugly... tho' it certainly exists, why focus upon it and magnify it to give it larger Life in our existence!?

Whatever you focus upon expands... our reality is built upon thought and our every thought begins to Create our reality.   If you doubt this remember that two people can go thru exactly the same thing and yet what they perceive as their reality IS their reality.   Created by their individual thought process about what they went through Good or Bad.  If you talked to each of them about that same thing you could get two entirely different responses about the reality of it as they saw it thru their own filters.  It was Real to both of them, but not always in the same way.

Is the bottle partially full of Pearls or partially empty of them?  I always focus upon the Beauty of it being partially full of them and the empty Space just isn't even my individual focus, even though it certainly exists.   So my outlook would be more in line with look at all the Beautiful Pearls I have!  {Positive outlook}  Not in looking at all the Pearls I don't have that might fill the empty Space and are absent or missing. {Negative outlook}  Either outlook would be a Free Will Choice tho' and my reality, depending upon what I chose to focus upon and thus expand in my world.  I have to decide how happy or how miserable I want to be?

Yeah, I got pretty Deep there for a minute didn't I?  *Winks*  I tend to do that when I'm in a Contemplative Mood and it's often in Deep Contemplation or Meditation that I am best able to propel and move forward with fewer obstructions.  I actually Plan to set aside more Time in my daily schedule to Meditate and Contemplate because the many benefits of it are well worth the Time spent devoted to doing it. 

 I have actually decided that rather than making the Juliet Room Upstairs an extension of the Art Studio Loft I want to Create a Meditation Room of it in 2017.  Especially because it contains the Balcony and French Doors that can be opened to it... allowing the sounds and sights of Nature and Fresh Air in.

Well, I do Hope that my glance back and random musings of Today's Post have given you some quiet Contemplation too my Friends?   It is Good to sometimes clear our thoughts and allow some Fresh Space to develop and see what grows and moves us forward in the best possible way.


 New Year's Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I was touched by your musings on loss and perception. And, of course, the photos are wonderful.

    1. Being Touched by any Message is always a Bonus of visiting any of the Posts here in the Land of Blog, it's why I visit the Blogs of others as often as I'm able! Happy New Year... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Thank you so much for this post. It was just what I needed to hear at the moment. As always, Blessings

    1. I'm Glad that the Words Ministered to you this day my Friend... may our New Year unfold with Great Expectations and abundant Joy of what the Future holds! Happy New Year... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. all true Dawn, so true...ty for your insights and delights over the past year. Still processing on my own time, so I do know what you mean, Sandi

    1. May your Processing on your own Time go smoothly... I know for me, when I'm intentional about it and how I use it, then it usually does. Happy New Year... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Oh, my goodness, Dawn! Your thoughts and expressions of them are extremely beautiful! Deep, wise & challenging. I wish you the best that God has for you in 2017 - including that meditation room. What a good idea.

    1. Awww... Thank You so much Rebecca for the Sweet Words... and yes, I am excited now about Creating a Meditation Room since I Believe it will be used more often than if I Created anything else in there and therefore be a most Functional and Beneficial Space in our Home. Happy New Year... Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. Like I've said before: "You have a gift with words!" I like The Meditation Room idea!

    1. Marlynne I always look forward to your visits and conversations... I just don't know why I didn't think about the Meditation Room Idea earlier actually for that particular Space?! Perhaps tho' that is why it never was Transformed into anything for this past year and a half? LOL ... Happy New Year... Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. Boy...did this hit home for this year...I love the quote so is so true as we get older we figure out what is really important. I have experienced a bunch of this stuff lately...this was wonderful to sit down and read this morning...this week I want to work on the rest of the physical stuff in the house that has to go in order for me to emotionally move on for the that I can get to the "good stuff"...the good "life" stuff..... I have been holding onto "physical" stuff that have been holding me back in my "emotional" stuff...if that makes sense....I think once it goes, now that I have made the will lead me down a new path.....So glad we are all in this together....

  7. Yes indeed... and I am in Agreement, in the Purging and Culling we clear out more than just physical Space of the baggage weighing us down. Happy New Year and may we successfully De-Stash... winks... Dawn... The Bohemian


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