Monday, January 23, 2017

Charmed I'm Sure

I have a long standing fetish with Charm Bracelets... I Loved them as a Kid and I still Love them.  I only Wish I'd kept the Sterling Silver one I'd owned as a Child, it'd be worth something now, but alas, don't know what happened to it actually?  Somewhere along our Nomadic Travels it just disappeared.  I remember Saving up to buy each Charm to add to my Bracelet, it took Forever to get it full, no instant gratification back in them days.  *LOL*  I think it took me a few years to fill mine up and it didn't come Cheaply, it was one of those Sacrificial Collections you knew would take Time and Investment to have.

But just choosing which Charm was meaningful enough for me to want to add to it was Special and a Rush as you got another addition.  Because each Charm had significance to whoever wore it and added it to their Bracelet, it was Personal.   Either you picked a Charm that had something to do with your Life... a Memory... your Accomplishments or your Loves... or picked one that Appealed to you most.  It was still distinctively Personal and I liked that about it, your Charm Bracelet would be Uniquely yours.  But there were pre-made ones too, I recently picked up this Macy's Lucky Brand Abbey Road Beatles Charm Bracelet to Commemorate their Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band Days.  When it came out it was about $135 and I got it for under $20, "Score"!!!

Many of my Charm Bracelets or Charm Necklaces I Collect now I don't actually wear, since it could damage the Charms and many are Vintage.  So I Display them as little Works of Art that bring me Joy.   I always liked The Beatles, especially during the Era of their Sgt. Pepper days, moreso than their earlier years.  I liked the Music better in the Abbey Road days and their Free Spirited Bohemian look and Lifestyle of those days.  Of coarse they were always Trend setters even during the early days when they sported long hair when everyone else didn't and others had the short, back and sides regimented Male hairstyles.  Now, don't get me wrong, I don't mind the short, back and sides look on Guys either, but I am drawn to Styles that not everyone is wearing yet during any particular Era... it's Fresh. 

So... Color me Happy to have accidentally 'Scored' this Bracelet... because it was quite a bit of serendipity actually because I didn't 'Find' it... someone else did... and then decided not to buy it!!!   I know... I couldn't Believe it either, given the Deal it was without even negotiating... but hey, their loss, my gain... I scooped that sucka right up without a second thought!  *Winks*   I have to Confess that I'd never seen one and knew nothing about it's provenance at all. Didn't even bother Googling it first, did that later, I just knew instinctively it was a smokin' Deal... my Gut typically knows as much as Google aps and I don't even know how or why... especially when it comes to da Bling!  *LOL*

I was trying to find the best way to Photograph it for the Blog Post so it got put here, there and everywhere 'til I liked how it Displayed.  *Smiles*  Do you happen to do that too with something you just 'Scored'?  I'm usually so Jazzed about a new acquisition that I can't wait to Display it nicely somewhere!  I am loathe to hide Beautiful Jewelry away in a Jewelry Box where I can't Enjoy how Pretty it is, so my Jewelry Decorates our Home as much as any other Accessory does.   Vintage Hats too, why hide them away in a Hat Box?   Anyway, due to the size of my Man Wrists this one didn't fit without me adding an extension so I just chose to Display it right away.  *Smiles*

I really don't know what year Macy's came out with this Commemorative Bracelet exactly?  Online once something like this is no longer available there doesn't seem to be much information about it except what someone says they remember about it and Shares.   The most I could find out about this particular one is that it was called The Abbey Road Bracelet, Lucky Brand from Macy's and retailed at $135 when it first came out, but no year was mentioned.  I know the Era to be the late 1960's that it would have been Commemorating this part of The Beatles Career, but I assume the Bracelet to be much more Modern, it has no date stamps.

I just think it's so Cute with such Iconic Charms as the Sitar, Double Decker Bus, Hookah Pipe, Handlebar Mustache, Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band Drum, John Lennon's Granny Glasses... things that just remind me of that Wonderful Era that I recall so fondly and Enjoyed so much in the Experiencing of it.    The late Sixties and very early Seventies are Eras I really have no problem staying stuck in a Time Warp of because the Fashions, the Style, the Vibe was so Cool and Free Spirited.   The later Seventies and all of the Eighties were Culturally deprived... so there's nothing about it I wanna 'Bring Back', but that is just my humble Opinion. *LOL*  Mebbe for some THOSE were the best Era, depends upon your individual Filters I suppose, we won't Debate it... you do your fav Era and I'll do mine!   *Winks*

Who doesn't recall the Wonderful LP Cover Imagery of that Era?   The Clothing was over the top Fun, Funky and Fabulous!  Some of my Favorite Art Album Covers are from this time period actually and I Collected a few of them that are particularly Nostalgic... our Antique Mall actually sells LP Cover Frames so you can hang them as Art.   One problem I have with that is one of my Favs is a fold out Album Graphic of The Jimi Hendrix Experience... and so it wouldn't show the entire fold-out Art in a one sided display Album Frame.

And this one you have to experience the entire thing folded out to fully Appreciate, I couldn't pick just one side to Display!  You might even remember this one my Friends?  It happens to be one of my all time Fav LP Cover Art of the many that I Loved the Art of the Album Cover as much as the Music and Artist it represented... Groovy Man!  *Winks*   You just don't get this with a CD Cover... Sorry... you just don't... and perhaps why many of the Younger Generation are buying up Old School LP's again like Crazy?!  No disrespect to The Beatles, but Jimi was what I happened to listen to more during the Era... tho' quite a few Iconic Beatles Tunes of their Psychedelic Rock Era are still Favs to this day such as:

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Hey Jude
Strawberry Fields Forever
Get Back
Let It Be
Come Together
Magical Mystery Tour 

So, did you pick up or get any Rushes of Nostalgia recently my Friends?


Nostalgically yours from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Ah, The Beatles. . .loved them then, and still do today. John, Paul, George and Ringo; I was constantly changing my allegiance as to which one I thought was cutest! Not that they'd be interested in a grade school child, but I was sure that I would grow up to marry one of them! Was lucky enough to see Ringo and Paul together at the R&R Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Cleveland in 2015. (Olivia Harrison and Yoko Ono were also in attendance, and we could see them from where we were sitting). A highlight in my concert going experiences. . .Lucky you for scoring that charm bracelet! I still have mine from when I was a teenager, although it doesn't have many charms on it, I will probably give it to the granddaughter some day. . .Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Dawn!

    1. Lucky you Cynthia, I never got to see The Beatles or Jimi Hendrix in person. Out of all the Beatles I connected with John the most and I thought he and Yoko were a Lovely Couple, even thruout all the pressure and controversy their union created during that Era they endured it with devotion and Love... a True Love Story, they are indeed Kindred Spirits intended to have been together to Share the Journey of Life as a Couple... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. You discover the treasures from my memories.

    1. I know, Memories we all Cherish from a Colorful Past that can never truly be replicated... copycats cannot do it Justice IMO. Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I love Lucky Brand Jewelry and have some pieces but I get it off of ebay because for what it is, its expensive. I am going to look for that bracelet and I will wear it! You did score.

    1. I know, I wouldn't have paid the retail price either... I'm not even inclined to think mine is Sterling since they have no markings to prove it is... so the retail price was high IMO for costume jewelry even tho' it is way Cool. I wasn't familiar with Lucky Brand til I got this and then did my due diligence... they had several charm bracelets I thought were equally appealing. Dawn... The Bohemian


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