Thursday, January 19, 2017

And On The 8th Day She Rested... LOL

Yes it's True, I'd need 8 Days in my Week before I'd get a chance to Rest so it's a tongue in cheek Blog Post Title.   Tho' with being in Shut Down Mode I've taken some long Naps whenever I can squeeze them in due to my general overall lethargy lately.  I don't even know how long to pre-schedule this Blog Post out since I'm not even certain how long it will take me to Create it?!?  Yeah, everything's been pretty much like that lately with the dangling and suspended deadline of WHENEVER...  *Smiles*

Well, except for the necessary Scheduled Emergency High School Pow-Wow I had to coerce orchestrate with School Admin for The Young Prince for a Friday... in Real Time that would be Tomorrow Morning!  Due to more School Scheduling Drama and an inept Guidance Counselor he's been assigned that I can't stand and constantly runs resistance, like since before School even began!  Yeah, she be the same one that tried to funnel him into that totally inappropriate 'Alternative' Reform School Fiasco and dis-enroll him without due Legal Process after Summer ended.  The one that quite publicly and inappropriately called him 'So Special' and wanted him with 'Kids Just Like Him' to his and our faces... yeah, THAT one!

As you can tell I'm elated to have to Deal with the Public School System yet again to ensure Legal Rights for the Disabled Child aren't trampled and violated.  And don't even get me started with the New Appointment of the inept Education Secretary the Changing of the Guard want to have overseeing our Schools and her complete disconnect with Federal Disability Laws, among other things she's Clueless about!  *Gak... lemme cough up a hairball!*  It's Nightmarish enough already if you have a Special Needs Child, it doesn't need to worsen!  But I'll fill you all in on that Young Prince Junior Year Drama in another Entertaining Post perhaps.   Suffice to say I'll go in with my Peace Pipe ready to pass around the room... but I'll go on a Warpath Rampage if they wanna Play me hard and go to War instead... their Choice!?  I learned that School Systems often make Treaties with Forked Tongue for our Tribe. *Winks*

So... because I'm Shut Down, yet Need to get my Game Face on and there's no 8th Day for Rest... I've busied myself with the 'Boot Camp Training' of the Great Edit and Purge of The Library.  I've completed said Training and Culled the entire Library with an enormous exiting of Decor Books that went Showroom bound!  *Can I get a Whoop-Whoop?!*   Suffice to say that The No. 114 Showroom now has a greater selection of Decor Books than Barnes & Noble offers, no brag, just Fact!  *Smiles*  And my Personal Library now only has those Books I am still Inspired by and Love the Imagery of... every so often I even READ one and don't just look at the Pictures!  *Winks*

I will also be attending my Monthly Event Pilgrimage Downtown... even tho' I've had a steady rotation of late in the household of Sick Kids who can't go to School due to disabling factors that I have zero control of.  So, Yes, I'll also be soon getting more threatening Love Letters from School Admin about not sending the Chronically Ill to School on days they are just too... well... FREAKIN' CHRONICALLY ILL!!!   Don't threaten me with a Good Time and respite in Jail folks, I might just take ya up on it, Okay?  *Winks*  Lemme see how long they'd actually keep me locked up when they have to find Alternative Placement on their dime for the Trio I am Caregiver of... that oughtta be Interesting as HELL!  Good Luck with that and I Hope it all works out... as they so tritely always say to moi!  I'd LOVE to say that myself to the Powers That Be actually and have the shoe be on the other foot for a change!  Has a nice ring to it when you're the one saying it to some other screwed person(s)! *Bwhahahaaha!*

But other than all that Amusement I've mostly and generally just been hibernating really.  Which is mebbe why... when I'm poked awake prematurely out of said voluntary hibernation... that I've taken on the countenance of a Grizzly Bear that has been unable to sufficiently Rest in the ways that Nature intended!?!   Just a hunch... but I'd Guess that could be why I can go from Shut Down to Resting Bitch Face... coiled up and ready to strike at the least provocation?!?   Oh wait, that would be a Cobra or Rattlesnake and not a Grizzly Bear... oh well, you get the appropriate Imagery of how sketchy that makes messing with me right now, even tho' I might look docile and perhaps even vulnerable to the Foolish among us?! *LOL* 

In fact, right now in Real Time I've got one Sick Kid not going to School due to Chronic Depression and Anxiety that isn't Medicated anymore... and fly by the seat of my pants Management of his Condition now that he's removed from all psychotropics.  So he'll spend the entire day Sleeping it off.  Another one I'm semi-helping to get ready for School and sitting here Blogging in my Jammies knowing I've got an early Event to go to Downtown in less than an hour after I drop her off!!!  And tho' I can... and have... taken her to School in my Jammies before, I doubt I should attend 'Sweet Salvage' in them!?  *Winks*  So you can clearly see my Motivation to get with My Program is sorely lacking lately.   The Man is hovering... are you going Honey... you really SHOULD you know, it would do you Good to get out and try to have a Good Time!  Yeah, I know... I'm Working on it.  Well, half-heartedly and clearly not obviously, but I'm Working on it... sorta... in a spontaneous last minute kinda way if I Force myself to!  *Bwahahahahaha!*

So I dunno... mebbe I WILL crank this Post out in Real Time after all?   See... it can work out if I'm Working on it in my own peculiar way.   And my follow-up Posts can then be all Cheerful, Fluffy and Light Hearted about attending The Event!   Fluff Posts are ever so much more readable and Uplifting... tho' they don't get nearly the hits as a Crisis Post... after all we Love to at least peek at a Good Train Wreck don't we?   We can't help ourselves, I know, I do it too, so I'm not Judging... just sayin'... *Winks* 


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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