Monday, December 19, 2016

When They're Sold Out Of Gingerbread House Kits...

Traditions and Rituals are Important to our Family... and most especially to the G-Kid Force.  They know it's expected and something they can count on happening during the Celebrations and will look forward to eagerly to complete the Holidays.

An interruption in Routine for a Special Needs Child especially can reek havoc, so the Rituals and Traditions are very comforting to them during the hectic times of the Holidays.   It keeps them Centered and Calm to have the Rituals and Beloved Family Traditions playing out amid the chaotic energy of a busy Holiday Season.  Because even Good Stress is still Stress so we try to do things to bring Calmness to the high energy Celebrations so nobody goes haywire.

Princess T, being the Youngest, is particularly embracing her Beloved Rituals and Traditions, the younger a Child is the more anticipation there is to participate in them.  She's at that Age where the Importance of them has become heightened because she can initiate many of them now and take charge.  She's become the Torch Bearer of the Family to ensure each is checked off and gets done!  *Smiles*

That actually makes me Happy that the Traditions and Rituals I've established are Beloved enough to be Enjoyed and passed on to future generations.  But it can be somewhat of a double edged sword if there is a hitch in any Ritual or Tradition playing out as it always has... or should.  Case in point, when they're Sold Out of Gingerbread House Kits!?!??  *Uh oh!*

Usually I'm proactive in ensuring everything has been procured early enough... but with Mom dying this Holiday Season my Head hasn't been in the Game as focused as it should be.  So I forgot *Gasp*... and by the time SHE reminded me that we hadn't yet Created our Gingerbread House and where was the Kit... I realized an Emergency Run to the Store was in order.

I mean, I didn't think it was too late... it was still a week away and surely they'd have excess Kits, right?   There's no Run on Gingerbread Houses, the Gingerbread Real Estate Market is still a Buyer's Market and not a Seller's Market I presumed?!?  I was wrong... all Gingerbread Real Estate had been Sold apparently and there was a Shortage of supply to meet demand!  *Oh No!* There wasn't a Gingerbread House to be bought at any price!  *Double Gasp!*

I could see her Anxiety Attack quickly turning into a Panic Attack when even the Wal-Mart didn't have any Gingerbread House Kits left!  I mean, Wal-Mart... do they ever run out of anything since they stock massive quantities of everything?!  *Yep, apparently they do!*  Her little eyeballs were welling up with Tears, now I was having a bit of a Panic Attack myself, what to do?  When they're Sold Out of what your Kiddo is desperately looking forward to getting and won't... how to switch strategies seamlessly, convincingly and effectively?

I Pride myself with Thinking Fast on my feet, with Adapting and Improvising on the turn of a Dime.  My Mind raced with what to do... what to say... because I had only about an Hour before I had to leave for Work so there was no City hopping from Shop to Shop to see if anyone had these damned Kits left now!?  She was dead set on Creating Gingerbread Masterpiece that Evening!  And then I saw it, the Answer to Hasty Prayer... Gingerbread Cookies Kits!

Only two of them left, so I snatched one up excitedly and triumphantly, now I only had to Sell her on the switch of Tradition and Ritual.  After all, there were 17 of these to Create in four different Cookie Designs, numerous individual Artistic Masterpiece opportunities.  There were two types of Snowmen, Christmas Trees and Santa Faces.  I began Rambling... making stuff up to close a Cookie Kit Deal.

And when your Cousin comes to visit she can Create some with you and how much Fun will you two have in your Gingerbread Cookie Christmas Workshop!!! Plus you can send some Home with your Uncle and Family for them to Enjoy as Gifts from you and her!  And they look so tasty, we're sure to eat them all and hey, they even double as Christmas Tree Ornaments!  I know, I was sounding like a Used Car Salesman, but desperation had set in to Close this Deal!   Yeah, the Gingerbread House does get really dry and inedible she says, she was swaying towards Cookies... Excellent!

And I knew Grandpa and I would prefer a Cookie Project, less Supervision and Minion Duty for us than a House Project.  She could do Cookies without frustration or assistance, she was warming up to that fact too.  Plus, you don't have to do the whole thing like with a house... you can take breaks.  This is crucial since for the OCD slash ADHD Child, Focus and Fixation can be conflicting internalized Issues in any Project that turns out to be Too Much.

This is a Child prone to being a Perfectionist... and when it's not Perfect, she can end up destroying the whole damned thing out of absolute frustration and inability to Mood Regulate when she goes wheels off the rails in Epic Tantrum Mode!  Cookies would be less stress and Drama... for everyone concerned!  *Winks*   And Bless her Heart, she was hunched over Cookies for hours to Create four Beautifully Designed ones that Afternoon and Evening!  They looked positively Professional... now only Lucky 13 to go!  *Bwahahahaha!*

Let us Hope that the Production increases exponentially when her Cousin comes over to Assist her and we're not Decorating Gingerbread Cookies well into the New Year?   *Smiles*   But... the upside is... we might have begun a whole new Tradition that the Kiddos will now look forward to doing every Christmas ritualistically?   Let us Hope that your Traditions and Rituals are playing out well and without a hitch my Friends?


Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh- No! I hear you! We have certain traditions that just HAVE to happen. Glad you were thinking fast enough to make a new tradition. Great pictures. xo Diana

    1. Oh yes, it HAD to happen or there would have been wailing and knashing of teeth! *smiles* Dawn... The bohemian

  2. Fun...tip-----in desperation you can use graham crackers and cookie icing---although I recommend some double walls here and there---the cheaper crackers work the best. Lol, less crumbling. Merry Christmas, Dawn, to you and yours! Sandi

    1. Tip duly noted just in case... always good to have that backup Plan in place... winks... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I am so glad it all worked out, we never want to disappoint those we love!

    1. Well, I now have to keep her away from Wal-Mart til the Holidays are over because they got a new Shipment of Gingerbread Houses in... and Lords knows we don't need yet another Gingerbread Project... she's still less than halfway thru the Gingerbread Cookie Project! *LOL* Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. The smile on the cousin's face in the last photo nearly did me in. You have such beautiful grandchildren.

    1. Thank You Colette, I'm in complete Agreement, all of my Grandchildren are Beautiful! *winks* Merry Christmas... Dawn... The Bohemian


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