Thursday, December 15, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Sweet Flea ~ Part I

Well it was time once again to make the Monthly Pilgrimage to SWEET SALVAGE for their year end Customer Appreciation Event "Sweet Flea".   There would be Freebies sprinkled about the Show and if you found one, it was yours Gratis, how Cool is that!?!

I actually got there earlier this time since traffic in the City wasn't so heavy, which was a huge Surprise... and an even bigger Surprise awaited when I was chosen as one of the VIP Customers in line to get in early!   This meant great opportunity to Cover the Pristine Vignettes for you all and scope out the Treasures first!  *Happy Dance!*

I had been chatting with a Lovely Lady in line with me and since you can bring in one New Friend if you're chosen, she came along with me as my VIP Partner, both of us were Jazzed!   She was seeking a Gift for her Daughter-In-Law and this gave her a chance to perhaps Secretly stash it before the DIL got in when the doors opened.

My absolute Favorite thing at the Show had to be this Industrial Cabinet with 56 drawers, yes I counted them... and it rolled since it was on wheels... and it was White!   Hard to leave a piece like that behind, but no budget left with Christmas expenditures for Grandkids to buy anything spendy or large for myself.  *Le Sigh*

Don't you just HATE when that happens and you roll up on an Ideal piece and can't afford it?!?  And many of the drawers had divided section in them too, so the storage possibilities for your Studio smalls was Epic!  Of coarse I thought about how schlepping something this large upstairs to the Studio Loft probably wouldn't happen and I have no more room downstairs for furniture that should go upstairs... so... that eased the pain of Passing it by.  *Smiles*

There were so many Great Dress Forms too... both Male and Female ones... and even little Children ones... Dress Form Heaven!!!   With getting in early I have to Confess I got way too distracted with Pathological Picture Taking and Admiring Panoramic Vignettes, which means ignoring and overlooking Details... I paid the Price for that, which you'll discover why later in the Post.

When you don't have swarms of eager shoppers pressing in during a Popular Event you can stand back and Admire the Vignettes and line up the perfect shots... which I Savored and thus did.   At the expense of forgetting my Mission Statement of what I'd come to Seek tho'!  *Uh oh!!!*

I kinda don't regret it tho' since it was Delightful to see everything pristine and as yet barely touched.   So that I could Admire all the hard work that went into Styling all of these Wonderful Vignettes and be duly Inspired, which is Priceless.

I wanted to take in the entire Show in a Marathon Sweep before the doors opened, so that became my Primary Mission Statement all of a sudden.  So I was flitting from Vignette to Vignette and Main Showroom to Warehouse quickly to get as much Coverage as I possibly could before Shoppers swarmed in!

Sure, there were other VIP Shoppers who'd Won Early Entry but I wasn't all that concerned that they were looking for exactly what I was Seeking.  That was a critical Mistake apparently... at least one was and that became painfully evident too late!  *Uh oh!!!*

I did get one of the Customer Appreciation Freebies and it was a Fabulous one... a smaller print of this Gorgeous Bohemian Beauty, mine is about an 8x10 of this Image and I just Love it and couldn't have been more Excited!  

And it soothed the sting that what I really came for I wasn't able to Score because another VIP Early Entry Customer beat me to it and bought them all... a Sweet Salvage European Grain Sack Christmas Stocking with Boro Mending.  *Sob*  Haven't been able to find any around the City so will alas now have to Create my own and cut up one of my own European Grain Sacks.

Yes, I was crestfallen because that is all I'd actually come to 'Score' in time for Christmas for myself... so except for my Lovely Bohemian Print I came away empty handed, which almost never happens.  But had to this visit since now I had to go find some Cutter Vintage European Grain Sack Material somewhere with the Stocking money instead.  *Le Sigh*

I didn't really need or want more Projects before Christmas, but I'd kinda had my Heart set on some Grain Sack Stockings this year and just couldn't buy any.  So, while I still had some daylight left in my Respite Day I had to head out for my Mission Statement of Cutter Grain Sack Material!  It was Inspiring tho' to see what else I might be able to Create from other remnants of it, like this Antler Mount with Grain Sack embellishment.

Is it just me or does anyone else get thrown off their Game Plan completely when what you were Seeking is snatched up by someone else just moments before you got there to Claim it?!?  *LOL*   When something was just within reach, so close and yet so far away... and so it kinda shut down my Shopping Experience actually and I couldn't recover immediately.

And the OCD then kicks in so now my ENTIRE FOCUS was on trying to locate Cutter European Grain Sack Material INSTEAD!   Couldn't find any at the Show and so I left early so that I wouldn't have had complete Failure of Mission before my Me Day was up!  *Smiles*   Fortuitously I did 'Score' some and the Material was Perfect, so all is right with my World again and everything is back in balance!  *Ha ha ha*

But I did have a Great Time and got to visit a bit with Friends before I had to Exit Stage Left to go Find my Cutter Grain Sack Material for the Christmas Stockings I'll now be Creating.   Which is probably a Good Thing, Creating my own, since I have been on a Creative Hiatus for much too long already!   And I had my Lovely Bohemian Beauty Print and a wealth of better quality Images for Blog Coverage so I could take you along Virtually since I'd Won Early entry.

So it was quite a Successful day even if I didn't come in First Place for snagging my Christmas Stocking... it will Teach me to stay more Focused in the Future and stick with the Original Game Plan and Mission Statement, right?  Like I'm never gonna get all ADHD and Distracted again... I know AS IF... won't happen, I'm too Hopelessly afflicted and scattered, who am I kiddin'?!  *Winks*   

Would have liked to have had Budget for some Boudoir Dolls since there were several Fine specimens scattered about too!!!   I would have been spoiled for choice... and since many were neckid it also would have meant another Fabric Arts Projects, so perhaps just as well they will go Home with someone else... I don't Need any more Projects now!  *Winks*

Besides, it will be a Christmas Miracle if I even find the Time actually to Create my European Grain Sack Stockings even tho' I now have all the Supplies.  Too much to do, so little Time... only Ten more days 'til Christmas... so it's a Countdown now... Ten... Nine... Eight... Seven... Six... Five... Four... Three... Two... One...

Yes my Friends, it will be here before we know it!!!  Stay tuned for Part II of the Post Series... tho' I couldn't stay long I did take a wealth of Imagery to Share with you all.   And besides, I can't go back this weekend like I customarily do because I'm pulling extra Holiday Shifts at our Antique Mall so this was my one and only chance!  *Boo Hoo*  And I'm not the only one lamenting, Princess T is literally distraught I'll be working all Weekend!

But... it will Fund opportunities for better Treasures in the slim post-Christmas buying Budget... so... it's all Good... and thus I won't Complain for picking up more Hours!!!  *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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