Friday, December 16, 2016

Sweet Salvage ~ Sweet Flea ~ The Finale'

We're back to finish up the Holiday Posts of the Sweet Flea... and No, it's not actually their Finale', they're running the Event thru Sunday so you still have all Weekend!!!  Wish I could actually go back one more time before the Show wraps on Sunday, but alas, too busy this time of year for repeat visits anywhere actually.  That's how it is during the Holiday Season... so much whirlwind activity!

But I think that's what stimulates me the most too, so many Options to have Fun and Festivities!  Our Weather however Glorious it was the day I attended, suddenly took a Cold Wet turn so I don't actually want to do anything or go anywhere I don't have to now.

This is why we're so spoiled being Desert Dwellers, we have so many Glorious days, even during the Holiday Season.  Actually especially during the Holiday Season since Autumn and Winter in the Desert are the most Ideal Climate Wise in Arizona.  It's when all the Snowbirds return from harsher climates to Vacay here or live in their second Homes to escape inclement weather in their Home States.

It's Tourist Season and so typically in Retail things pick up to a brisk pace, so I've got to concentrate more on Selling than on Buying actually... to make Bank when Sales increase exponentially.  *Winks*   The Buyers at the Event were certainly doing their part to stimulate the Economy that's for sure!  *LOL*

Folks were laden with Holiday Goodness and if they were looking for Home Furnishing, they knew this was the place to be during a Customer Appreciation end of year Show!   The prices were Amazing and the selection was vast, especially for Dinette Sets, which are always very Popular.

Several people I talked to had recently purchased Homes too and were Styling their New Homes and Sourcing Furnishings.   I can relate to that Quest with having recently purchased our own New Home and re-decorating everything to go with the Architectural Style and Personality of New Villa Boheme'.

I know that it will be a Process to get every room of our New Home Styled the way I want it to end up, so even tho' I'm not actually buying large pieces right now, I'm Scouting for The Look I will probably go with.  I want to Explore various Possibilities and narrow the Aesthetic and Style we Like best.

Right now The Man and I are a bit all over the place and scattered, but leaning towards Tuscan Vintage European meets Industrial Loft Salvage Style melding together to put our own Spin on the Decor.  We just don't go for the contrived typical Styles that might be On-Trend, we prefer to put our own Stamp on Decorating our Home.   And my Bohemian tastes are always apparent... it's gotta be at least somewhat Weird, unexpected and Wonderful.  *Winks*

You would be so Proud of me that I behaved this day and just Photographed the delectable Pastries on the Bakery Cart!   But OMG, what Restraint it took my Friends... this Diabetic thing really cramps my Holiday cravings sometimes!  Tho' I did make some Home-Made Chex Party Mix and that Aroma all thru the house had me caving in to indulge in some too!  I was telling the Fam to hurry up and eat it all!  *Ha ha* 

My Friend Minnie's Winter Line of Bedding was Crisp and Inviting... I'm totally becoming Obsessed with the Shades of Grey Palette.  It goes so well with my Black Decor, they were just made to go together those two Colors!  I have firmly decided that when we paint the walls of the Juliet Room upstairs, it's going to be done in Black and Grey and just put my Red in the Decor rather than up on any wall there.

Am I Mellowing... perhaps... No... not really... just cannot find any shade of Red Wall paint that I am crazy about... but finding all kinds of shades of Grey I'm falling in Love with!   And since there are no shades of Black, since then it would just be Grey... that's an easy one.  *Winks*

Funny thing tho', when I went to the Paint Store to pick out some Paint Chip Samples for decision making, they actually DO have alleged different kinds of Black!  Not that I, or anyone else, could tell any difference... but allegedly they were different and had all kinds of Creatively different descriptive Names of the Shade of Black it was supposed to be!  *Bwahahahaha!*

Like Traditional Black or Modern Black... REALLY?!  Just eluding to there being different Shades of Black made me think of the Old Hilarious Wayans Brothers Movie Spoof Satires!   *Bwahahahaha!*   Anyway, Funny True Story, I once got an Ooops Discounted can of Black Paint at Lowe's because they said the Customer insisted it was the wrong Shade of Black... so people can be crazy and delusional like that I guess?  *Ha ha ha*   I was Glad, got my huge expensive can of Black Paint for only Five bucks!

But I'm thinking I'm painting the Walls that will be Black in that room with Chalkboard Black Paint so I can Create Art on them when I want to since it's an extension of my Studio Space.   The Young Prince already has an Art Wall with Chalkboard Black Paint in one of his Spaces upstairs and he does Fabulous Art on it all the time and changes it often.

Was it difficult to pass up on da Bling while I was browsing the Boutique area?  You bet your sweet bippy as they used to say in 'Laugh In'!   I really Miss the Old Shows like that, don't you?   Ted Turner or somebody needs to bring some of those Old Classics from the 60's back since everything Sixties and Mid Century Mod Era is Trending again.  *LOL*

I did it in the 60's and early 70's and tho' Nostalgic, don't need to do the Styling of it in our Home again, tho' I can Appreciate it when it's well done.   Same with French Nordic Style, very Attracted to it Visually, but know I couldn't Live with it, too much of a Colorless Palette doesn't Work for our Family and too much White after a while gets to me, reminds me of a Sanatorium.   I'm Morbid and all that but don't want our Home resembling a Medical Facility to us... we spend too much time going to them as it is!  *Smiles*

I do however thoroughly Enjoy short visits, either in person or Virtually, to Homes that Decorate in all different kinds of Styles and their Favorite Color Palettes.   The recent Holiday Blog Party Tours have been Delightful, even the Blue Palette Gals Beautifully Decorated Homes have been Appealing.  Don't know why but Blue Decorated Homes are my strongest Natural aversion unless it's an actual Beach House and totally going full on with the Nautical thing.

I can go with a Neutral Palette but it just has to be Warmer for me for it to Feel most Inviting... which is why I J'Adore Sepia as my preferred Non-Color for Decorating next to Black.   And even with me being in Love with Black, the Black and White thing is just not Appealing to me either if it's overdone.  It just makes me Feel like I've walked into an Old Movie Set where they didn't have Color yet on the TV Screen!   Remember Black and White TV... yeah, THAT'S WHY! *Ha ha ha*

But a few Statement pieces in Black and White, like this Amazing Wardrobe... with the Chalkboard Center, totally diggin' it!!!    Shocked it didn't Sell right away because replacing the usual Mirror with a Chalkboard... made it so that I really liked the Makeover of that piece and would buy something like that!  In fact, Princess T's Room could use a piece like that.  But schlepping anything that large upstairs, not gonna happen.  *Le Sigh*

In fact, adjustment to living in a two story Home has been rather Challenging for that very reason, getting large Furnishings Upstairs is a huge pain in the ass!  Or just downright Mission Impossible, so we don't have a lot of the rooms up there Furnished the way we want them yet... or perhaps ever... not sure yet?!


I even Feel Sorry for Hired Help that have to schlep large furnishings upstairs, no matter how stud-muffin strong they are, you can tell it's a risky venture and the liability issues kinda freak me out should they not make it and things and people come crashing down!  *Cringing!*

Though in the New Year certainly Furniture Purchases for Upstairs are on the Agenda as a Goal.  In fact, many things are already on the Agenda as a New Year's Goal or Resolution, how about you my Friends?  Have you Created any yet for initiating in 2017?

I'm very Goal Oriented and Driven and so each New Year I'm already Planning out my Goal and Resolution List early on.   Usually beginning in October so I can refine it by Midnight on New Year's Eve and hit the ground running on New Year's Day!

I have an extensive List for 2017... though it's all doable and not overwhelming really, just taking bites out of an Elephant so to speak since I'm always inclined to have a lot going on.   And I Dream Big... because hey, if you're gonna Dream, why Dream Small, right?  *Winks*

I like for God to be Partnering with me in my Goals, Dreams and Vision for the Future... and if it's not Big enough, why waste His Time.  It's go to be so Big that He has GOT to be in it... then I Feel as tho' I'm Truly walking by Faith and not by Sight and Mortal Limitations.

I've always been a No Boundaries kinda Gal, it's just how I'm hard-wired... I Believe almost anything is Possible... and just because someone hasn't done it yet doesn't mean it can't be done... just that nobody has done it YET.  I could be THE ONE... to do it first... so just sayin'.   *Smiles*

I see that my Little Unconventional Dreamers are cut from the same Cloth... The G-Kid Force Dream really Big and I Encourage that to become their way of Life and a Habit they find to be totally Natural while on Life's Journey.   We often talk Dreamy Stuff... Big Dreamy Stuff... Calling it and verbalizing it is Important.

I have to be Careful what I 'Claim' tho'... coz I can get carried away... being Me and all.  *Winks*   I almost Claimed this other Vintage Hide Club Chair my Friend Kenny had... I'd bought his other one, remember... and this one would go swell in the Living Room with it!   *Winks*  This one had a Party in the Back too and was so comfy!   I like a lot of Chairs in the Home, I'm kinda a Cool Chair Hoarder and have had to Cull at times how many I have.  *Smiles* 

What larger Furnishings do you perhaps have a similar Obsession with?   I can become Obsessed with different things at different times tho' and be 'Over' them at any point in time.   If you only Buy Cool Stuff and make your money on the Buy then it doesn't matter, when you Turn it you'll turn a Profit.

My Obsession with Architectural Salvage for example, which I've never gotten over... has always made me Bank... I've turned good Profits from Hoarding it up over the years.  I think I've been Obsessed with gleaning and Rescuing it since the early Seventies when nobody wanted it and saw no Value.  Harder to find it now at a good enough Buy to call it an easy Investment anymore and make your money on the Buy.  Still Love it tho'... still have Too Much left... Winks... but you knew I would, right?  *He he*

And if my Friend Kenny ever decides he wants to get rids of his Black Shiplap, I'm his Gal... we'll Work something Cool out in Trade, Okay Kenny?   *Winks*  You know I have stuff you want... in the "Off Limits I don't wanna Sell" portions of the Hoarded Garages... Tee Hee.

I do Hope you've thoroughly Enjoyed Virtually attending the Event with me my Friends... and now I've gotta bounce, have like a gajillion things to do, which is a higher number of things to do than a gazillion... such is Mi Vida Loca...

And good Lord Christmas is sure Rushing up on us isn't it?  Will I get it ALL done and do it all... probably not... but I'm sure gonna have Fun trying anyway!  *Smiles*


A Very Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Great post, Dawn,with lots of great pictures. I did blue this year after years of reds and greens and jewel tones, etc. We do live on the water so it is a natural for me- but feels odd for Christmas somehow. Just felt like I needed something light and glitzy after the year we endured.

    Merry Christmas to your sweet Bohemiam soul. xo Diana

    ps- Do you know Laurie over at Heaven's Walk? She is all boho now, too.

    1. Oh I think some Glitz and Sparkle is Ideal after enduring tough times, will make you Feel Glam. *Winks* I think Silver and Blue for Christmas looks pretty, my Mom did a Silver and Blue Christmas one year when we had an Old Aluminum 1960's Pom-Pom Tree, I think that was one of her Favorite Themes in fact, since Mom was mos def Glam to the Max. *Ha ha ha* Thank you for the Sweet Words and I'll have to go take a visit to Heaven's Walk now and take a peek into Laurie's Christmas Boho Vision. Thanks for dropping by for a Holiday Visit... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Wow! What an event! I'm sure I could have come home with several "selfie" Christmas gifts for myself. Lots of eye candy here, and it sounds like you've got quite a stash yourself!

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Yes I certainly am a Stasher, that's an understatement! *Winks* So hard not to indulge in the selfie Christmas Gifts isn't it? Had I not been tapped out from buying for our slew of Grandkids I probably would have come Home with some loot. Thanks for stopping by for a Holiday Visit... Dawn... The Bohemian


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