Sunday, December 18, 2016

Signs Of The Season

Signs of the Season...

Princess T's Elf On The Shelf is being found all over the house...

The Older Grandkids are Sharing some of their Holiday Festivities... and which Date is taking them to the Prom...

Wait a Minute... wasn't it only Yesterday that this Grand-Daughter, our Oldest Daughter's Youngest, was a Tomboy and not this Poised and Beautiful Young Woman she's now Blossomed into?!?

My how Time flies by and before you know it they're all Grown Up... ALL of them!  And looking so much like their Mommy did at this age!  Her ensemble was Gorgeous and she was Bellissima!!!   From Soccer Balls to Corsages... this Talented Athlete has now embraced her Feminine Side!

And the Young Prince, well, he too came Home with Flowers... from a Girl after his performance at the Christmas Concert!.  He'd had two Solos and I couldn't attend because I had to Work that Night.

Not his first time receiving Bouquets from a Girl... guess they're still Hopeful... he and I laugh about that.   Our Grandson is openly Gay but the Gals, they just Love him and don't seem to Care... he accepts the Bouquets Graciously. 

Another Sign of the Season... Miss Priss will venture indoors just to spend the Night and Cuddle with Princess T now that it's gotten Cold and often Wet.

These two are inseparable during the Winter Months and it is the only time of the year when our Outdoor Working Cat is Okay with being indoors at all.  Often she will spend the entire Night beside her Human, then ask to leave when Morning comes.

Another Sign... I start seeking out Home-Made Soup Recipes and making them.  I will also start Sharing the Recipes here in the Land of Blog for the ones we particularly liked.  This one was yummy and super easy... Vegan Harira Soup.  I adjusted the Online Recipe to suit our Family's Taste so you're gettin' MY version... Winks.


Large bunch of Cilantro
2 Tbsp. Olive Oil
1 chopped Onion
3 Tblsp. Minced Garlic
2 Sticks finely chopped Celery
2 Tsp. Cumin
1 Can Garbanzo Beans plus the liquid
Generous pinch of Saffron
1 Container Tom Yum Stock
3 Chopped Organic Tomatoes
1 Lemon's Juice
Tobasco, Salt & Pepper to Taste
Parsley for Garnish Optional

Fry Onion in Olive Oil til browned... add Garlic, Celery & Cumin and fry one minute.   Add these fried ingredients and 1 Can Garbanzos + liquid & Saffron with container of Stock and 8 oz. Water to Crock Pot.  Heat on High about 25-35 minutes.   Then add Tomatoes & 2/3 of the bunch of chopped Cilantro, Lemon Juice, Tobasco, Salt & Pepper... stir a minute and turn Crock to low... Serve with some Garnish.  You can keep this Soup on low for hours, it will taste and look a little different after the Fresh Herbs wilt and simmer longer.  I suspect this also makes a good Cold Soup since it's very similar taste to a good Gazpacho.


The Therapeutic properties and benefits to this Soup are it aids in digestion and is a Natural Sedative to aid in feeling Relaxed and Sleepy due to the particular Spices used.  If you find Saffron to be too spendy {I found best price for this most expensive Spice on Earth at "Sprouts" The Spice Hunter Brand}... you could substitute with a less expensive Azafra'n Safflower Spice {Mexican Saffron} which can be had cheaply at Spanish Markets like Food City or Ranch Market for about four bucks a generous bag {Madrecita Brand}.

We will also make loads of Hot Tea, usually in the Morning with Breakfast.  Princess T and I Love our Mad Tea Parties and what a Great way to start the day during the Wintertime!

Alas, our Favorite Local Tea House 'Chakra 4' has Closed *Sob* and another Tea Vendor has taken over the space... but doesn't have a Restaurant nor the Sampler packs and is way too expensive for us to be Regulars.  So, we will be seeking our loose leaf Teas elsewhere when we can find another Great affordable Tea House in the City.  Luckily we have an ample Cache' built up to last the Winter.  *Smiles*

Another Sign of the Season... is to make Home-made Chex Party Mix.  Not as Good as Dear Ole' Dad's Special Recipe, which I Miss and of coarse the Missing of him too never diminishes.

And of coarse another Sign of the Season as we're out and about in the City... is to go on the Thrill Of The Hunt for inexpensive Seasonal Decor at the Thrift Shops.   This year I found some Seasonal Village and Bottle Brush Decor for a pittance at a Thrift Shop Score!!!   The Village buildings even light up!

So I had Princess T take them out of the bulk bags and set them up in the Kitchen on the Kitchen Island and around other areas of the house where Bottle Brush Forrest Vignettes would look Cute.

Though I had Sold Off an enormous Anna Lee Christmas Collection last year I couldn't resist picking up a cheap bulk bag containing these two Anna Lee figures {Reindeer and Sheep} along with a wealth of Vintage Glass Ornaments.

I mean a huge bulk bag for a couple bucks containing a wealth of high end Vintage Collectible Ornaments is a No Brainer, right?  *Winks*   There were Glass Ornament Clips...

Very Old European blown Glass Ornaments... Bottle Brush Tree Ornaments...

And some Newer European Vintage Style Glass Ornament re-pops shaped like Pinecones... and a few Odd Glass Ornaments like the Onion!???????!  Significance, I'm not Sure?  Someone will hafta explain that one??! *LOL*

There were some Cute Acorn Glass Ornaments in the bag which went very well with our Champagne Color tinsel Tree.

But my Favs were the real Antique Blown Glass European Ornaments that somehow survived being in a huge ole' Thrift Shop bulk bag that surely must have been manhandled and yet didn't break!  *Whew!*

In fact out of the entire huge cheap bulk bag of Fragile Ornaments only one was a casualty and had to be thrown out.  A Modern Glass Ornament depicting a pair of Ice Skates had a large crack so I tossed it... not so Sad since it was remarkable I only had one casualty in the entire bag and it was a Modern one.

Another Sign of the Season... the Christmas Cards begin arriving in the Mail.  Now, to be sure most folks don't even bother exchanging them anymore so they drop off our List if they don't want to participate in actual Card exchanges and we're Okay with that.  E-Mail ones don't count to me and I find them annoying in fact, so I'd rather not get them.  It's just not very Invested or Personal to send off Free E-Mail Cards or Facebook Greetings... IMO it's like giving someone a crappy Gift, so why bother... I'm Old School like that. *LOL*

Another Sign of the Season... for us the Gifts begin stacking up under the Main Christmas Tree.  No, we don't wait until Christmas Eve, are you kidding... with our Old Timer Memory Lapses if we tried hiding the wrapped or unwrapped gifts around the house instead we either wouldn't ever find them again coz we'd forget where we hid them... or the G-Kid Force would find them anyway... so just easier to put them under the Tree whenever and as they arrive from others. 

At our Home almost all of the presents under the Tree are for The G-Kid Force, since we focus upon Grandchildren for Christmas and allow our Adult Kiddos to do the same.   Adults can exchange later if they want to, when budgets are recovered since there's so many Kiddos in this extended Family *Smiles*, but it's not mandatory nor obligatory.

And so my Friends, what are the Signs of the Season around YOUR Homes?


Blessings and Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I have a thing for Madonna and child imagery. Angels, too. Over the years I have saved my favorite cards in these genres and framed them in gold colored frames. They adorn my mantle each Christmas season.

    1. What a Great Tradition you have established with the Madonna & Child or Angel Card Collection as Seasonal Art Displays! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. What a super find at the thrift store! In a normal year designing the Santa for gifts and painting the picture for the Christmas Cards starts while on out fall vacation . Then decorating the house for Christmas and the first Christmas party by the first of Dec. Cutting out Santas on the Band Saw out in the barn bundled up with winter garb on and painting them inside assembly style. Having copies made of my Christmas painting for the cards, cutting and pasting addressing and mailing. Taking each grandkid that lives close out shopping and their choice of eatery. Mixed in with out Christmas parties and Christmas Performances Church and otherwise. That's our traditions.

    1. What a full and Fun filled set of Traditions you have Marlynne. It's Memorable when there are things we do regularly, it builds upon the Memories of that Tradition each year to make them all the more rich IMO. I know my Grandkids look forward to the Rituals and Traditions more than the spontaneous stuff, it's expected and comforting to them to know it's going to happen every Holiday so they can count on it as part of the Celebrations. Merry Christmas... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Signs of the season, lights and toys---and cookies, and smells, yummy dinner in the oven, winter here is about settling down, and playing it low key this year. Love all your touches, oh and always homemade soup. Grins, we had some this noon. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Sandi

    1. Yes Sandi, I agree, Winter is about Nesting more than other times of the year. Even tho' our weather in the Desert is perhaps the most idyllic during the Wintertime I still want to Nestle and Snuggle Up at Home anyway, seems instinctive more than weather induced here. Merry Christmas... Dawn... The Bohemian


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