Monday, December 26, 2016

Post-Christmas Camps... Rushing Or Languishing?

There seems to be two Post-Christmas Camps... those who Rush to take it down and put it all away with a sense of Urgency... or those that Languish in it, usually 'til at least past the New Year ringing in.   Or as one of my BFF's and The Man likes to joke regarding me... 'til mebbe February... or longer!   *LOL*

It's True, I am of the Post-Christmas Languishing Camps and in absolutely no Rush to take it all down and put it all away.  Actually I never have an actual Deadline to banish any Holiday and it's evidence of being Celebrated from our Home.   However, the BFF that likes to joke with me about that is of the most Urgent of Post-Christmas Rushing Camps, even when she has a fake Tree!  *LMAO*

It's a Wonder she isn't dismantling Christmas before the Christmas Wrapping Papers are even carted off to the recycling bin!  *Bwahahahaha!*   She lives with one of her Adult Daughters and Family... I told her to slow her roll and let those Grandbabies and the Daughter languish ever so slightly in the Atmosphere of Christmas for as long as they Need to.  Without pressure to eradicate it from their Home instantly as the clock struck Midnight Christmas Day!  *Smiles*

I don't know whether she will be able to stand to or not... it used to make her twitch that her BFF {me} still sometimes had the Decor and Tree up 'til February!   And just hang some Rusty Home-Made Metal Hearts on it for Valentine's Day if I hadn't yet had the Urge to take it all down and put it away!  *Bwahahahaha!*  I actually have those Hearts handy just in case... *Winks*

Hell, who am I kiddin', I have those Hearts handy becoz it's gonna happen, there's no just in case it might happen about it... so she and I laughed about it.   Yeah, you got that Valentine's shit all ready to just swap out on them Trees don't you Dawn she says... and just how many Trees did you put up this Christmas?  {Clearly she knows me well...}  Only four I says... well, mebbe five {I'm counting in my head as we spoke... just how many DID I have?}... IF you don't count the really small tabletop Trees that are Bottlebrush ones... Okay... so a whole freakin' Forrest Kathie... I have a Forrest of them!  *Winks* 

And I had The Man out pickin' Cotton for the faux Snow effect too again this Christmas... so there!   Yes, clearly I'm out of Control again when it comes to the Holidays!  *Winks*   And anyway, where's my freakin' Card from you GF and don't think that sparkly FB forwarded crap was gonna cut it... look... I have holes in my Card Vignette coz yours is missing!  See, I can bust her chops too coz we're like Sisters and have Sibling Type banters like that about our individual Quirks and idiosyncracies!   Okay so we're both Nuts and Certifiable, that's why we're like Family and so close I suppose!?  *Smiles* She's the Grinch at Christmastime and I'm Christmas on Steroids... Yin & Yang... it kinda balances out!  *Ha ha ha*

Besides, the other OCD one in the house Loves Gramma's Forrest of Trees... see, she's moved all her new Christmas crap out into the Forrest Downstairs to Live apparently!   *Le Sigh*   Yes, her stuff is migrating again... down the stairs and into other Living Spaces of New Villa Boheme'!  She claims it will help keep her Room cleaner... since she did finally tackle the Hoard up there and clean it! So that if her Uncle inspected it during his Christmas Eve visit she wouldn't have to hear his Rant about being cleaner for Gramma's sake!  *Smiles*

You see, The Son was a very clean and organized Child so I never had any problems with him.  But his Sister, the Mother of The G-Kid Force, well, she was just like them... or they're just like her... and that means one extreme or the other... rigid organization or complete chaos... at the flip of a coin and turning on a Dime!   But Princess T's Dollhouses, well, if only the Real House could look so well maintained with her in it... that would be Swell!  *LOL*

Of coarse, the Wednesday Addams Beast Princess has been known to spend literally HOURS setting these Dollhouses up like this meticulously and then shake the Hell out of them laughing and gleefully saying EARTHQUAKE!!!  And often her Room does look as if an earthquake might have hit it... and I'm not exaggerating.  Either that or I should put Crime Scene Tape up around the parameters of it!?

But I ain't gonna lie... it adds to the Enchantment of Christmas to have the evidence of Childlike Wonder scattered about our Home like this... Lingering.  So as long as it's neat and not in earthquake mode, I'm Okay with it.   And she was Happy that I Photographed all her hard work to Share with everyone, because she did spend a lot of time setting it all up and without destroying it YET.  Don't worry, she'll get the Urge... I can tell by that 'Look' in her Eyes! *Winks* 

Yep, THAT 'Look'... the maniacal one... you see it too, right?  And if you don't, well, the aftermath when she Triggers will blindside ya, that's all I gotta say about that.  *Ha ha ha*   And The Other One... well, he can only stand so much 'Merry' before his Christmas is Complete... so he'll mos def be like my BFF.   I won't expect to see much, if any, evidence of Christmas in his Home when he grows up and invites me over?!  I'm assuming he'll invite me over for the Holidays... tho' he might worry I'd bring the 'Merry' with me?!?  *Ha ha ha*   He will remind me of an Old Friend I once had, he used to put a Pine sprig in a Wizard Statue's hand and call it a Christmas Tree!  Ah, Clay, that always made me Smile you heathen!  *Bwahahaha!*

So anyway, my Living Room looks like this the day after Christmas... and Trees and Decor and Shopkin Villages are up all over the place and will be for a while and I don't Care.   And sometimes we Need the 'Merry' to be extended because Life happens.  We found out Christmas Day that my Mother-In-Law spent Christmas in the Hospital and isn't likely to be allowed to come back Home.  So it was somber, anxious and unexpected News for The Man to Process and with his TBI his Coping skills are compromised considerably.  So it was hard to receive... and having Christmas Atmosphere with Cheer surrounding him helped him remain Calm and have Optimism in Faith that she's in Good Hands.

I remember moving thru those most difficult Life situations and decisions with both my Dad... and then my Mom many years later... and even The Man after his catastrophic accident... and it's never easy.  Sometimes they recover enough to be Cared for in the Home and sometimes they Need the Long Term Care or Hospice Care when that is no longer possible or won't happen.  You have to find your place of Peace about it all and for each person that is a Process with no distinct deadline either.   I don't happen to Like deadlines... things sometimes take however long they take and I'm Okay with that... perhaps that is why I'm of the Post-Christmas Camp of Languishing and not Rushing?

Of the ilk of those who Feel that surrounding oneself with what brings you Joy and Merriment has absolutely no reason to be Rushed or banished as soon as possible.   Lord knows that as Life unfolds there will be enough that does NOT bring anyone Joy nor Merriment... that will Languish and Linger long past when it should just end and be done with.   We often have no Control over any of that... but Joy and Merriment, well, it's more of an Option isn't it?  We CAN choose Joy and Merriment whenever we Need it... perhaps I Need it more than most, I dunno... I just know it Feels Good so why Rush past it?  Why not Languish in it for as long as we Need or Want to?

And if by chance you don't Need or Want to that is Okay too... I'm not saying one Camp is Right or Wrong... I just know I'm in the Right Camp for ME and mine.   Even The Young Prince confesses that tho' he can only take so much 'Merry' in his Christmas... he knows he can always Find it at Gramma's House. And that can always be a Sanctuary to Retreat to because we keep it here intact and not just at Christmastime, but every day I possibly can manage it!  And it's in my Heart ALWAYS... that Spirit of Christmas... it never leaves completely.  I simply won't allow any devil in Hell to Steal my Joy, my Faith nor my Hope and Love!  And you shouldn't either my Friends... Guard it!!!

It has Great Power... and that is why the thief comes to Steal it.  That devil doesn't want your stuff... he wants your Joy, your Hope, your Faith and your Peace... and if even during the Darkest Hours you maintain it all with Merriment intact... you will stay Rock Solid my Friends.   Don't freely relinquish the Power you have been given and perhaps don't even realize is within you.   It was the Greatest Gift in fact given during this Season... His Gift to the World... and I Cherish it enough to Guard it Carefully and Celebrate it daily, not just Christmas Day.

And so an outward Celebration Languishing of that inner Joy is just a Natural for me to want to Linger in and Savor.   It's like Manifesting outwardly what you Feel inwardly to Share it with those around you... or even just for yourself if nobody else happens to Appreciate it... matters not.   I do it for the sheer Joy of it and if it Ministers to the Soul of anyone else that is a Beautiful Bonus in the Sharing of it.

And I will extend the 'Merry' of my Christmas for as long as I Feel like it... and I Welcome you to join in the Merriment with me anytime you Feel like it too my Friends... all are Welcome as you Need or Want to join in... or not.   I can respect the other Camp's options enough not to even try to sway you... whatever Post-Christmas Camp you are of is Okay.   But it is a random musing I thought would make for an Interesting Post... I'd like to hear from the other Camp about your own Sentiments regarding the Rushing, it is a Safe place to Share why you could be Done with it all right away.  I Suspect in fact that the Commercialization of the Season and premature Display of it all could be a contributing factor?

But regardless of which Post-Christmas Camp you're in... I do Hope yours was a Blessed and Memorable Christmas Season my Friends!!!


Post-Christmas Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Languish, loaf, steep in the traditions and memories....won't pack it away, until we are sick of it, or if Easter comes early, lol. I think I secretly made the kitchen accents red, so I can wallow in anything red until after valentines day-! Grins, and yes, the wonderment of childhood is everywhere here...still. Sandi

  2. I packed it all up today, I'm afraid. I used to keep it up a lot longer when the kids were still at home but now I focus all my energy on the baking and the meal instead. I'm pretty sure they don't even notice the decorations when they're out for the day - only what kinds of cookies did mum bake this year. lol


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