Thursday, December 8, 2016

Out Of Order

One nice thing about having lived in one spot for a considerable amount of time is that I had everything in Order.  Yes, it was somewhat of a form of Organized Chaos to most people's Eyes and sensibilities... they'd never know specific things were strategically placed or Stored.  But since we'd lived at the Historic House for so long we just knew where everything was... we had a form of Order to our Madness and Chaos!  *Winks*

At New Villa Boheme' that not only hasn't happened yet, since we're just Celebrating our 2nd Christmas Holidays here, but I barely know where ANYTHING is!   The Order to it all, because it's such a different Home, hasn't settled into my brain just yet so that I automatically recall where anything has been put or Stored.  *Le Sigh*  It takes me time to develop a Recollection Routine and Aging hasn't helped that Process!

So tho' I have an impressive Collection of Hand-Made Christmas Stockings, the only reason two are even hung up this Christmas was because I didn't take them down from LAST Christmas!  *LOL*    And No, I have no Idea where I Stored all the rest??!??!   They could be anywhere in the house actually... or the Hoarded Garages, I just don't know?  And there were some I really WANTED to Find, to no avail!  *Le Sigh*

I racked my Brain, I Hunted and Scavenged to locate them... so far, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.  I THOUGHT I'd put all Christmas Seasonal in one spot in the Hoarded Garages... apparently I did not... or I moved them around since last Christmas???   I'm finding that here, just the Moving In Process overwhelmed me so completely that I was just stashing stuff anywhere in the end just to get it over here from Old Bohemian Valhalla!

And because I've been on an Epic Culling Process as well as getting Moved In completely, well, things have gotten mixed up both in Memory and in where the Hell did I even stash them?!!!?   *LMAO*   Certainly when we tackle the Hoarded Garage situation after the Holidays are over they all will turn up... not that it will help me utilize them THIS Christmas!  *Le Sigh*

And it's not like I NEED them, I do not... I WANT to use them this Holiday Season, but I don't NEED to.   So The Man thinks it's just as Simple as telling me to quit winding myself up looking for any of it... like anyone with OCD can just DO that, right?!?  *Bwahahahaha!*   It will bother me... NO, not IT WILL, it already DOES bother me.  When I can't find something or have Lost something I'm almost Obsessed in the Search for it, aren't you?!?

If you are not similarly afflicted you probably don't have any Idea what I'm talking about or how distracting it can be to have a misplaced or Lost item on your Mind... Taunting you!  And if you are then you know the Torture it can be to not be able to just Forget about it and move on!  Yes, I know in my Logic that it doesn't matter... and yet... it does!  Once I have the Fixation I'm doomed to not dismiss it as not mattering!  *Ha ha ha!!!*

 The Young Prince gave me an Online OCD Test and I passed it with 100% Accuracy Score... duh... like we didn't know THAT would happen!  It had three different Images together and one would be ever so slightly different... and it was a series of such trios.  I didn't miss one... and pointed it out in record time, almost instantaneously, in a Nanosecond!  *LOL* 

 Now... Acing a Test like that could be seen as a Good thing I suppose... as paying attention to even the slightest Detail and noticing it instantly since it's glaringly obvious to you what Normal people might miss or never see.   And if you're a Homicide Detective or something perhaps it will come in handy?! *Winks*   But in day to day Life it can be quite distracting to have minute details laser Focus at the exclusion of the Big Picture and give you Tunnel Vision.

When things have to be Just So or you lose your Mind, well, when they're not Just So, because everyone else doesn't see it as a Problem, it's difficult to Function optimally in the Environment.    Yes, the Family likes to Mess with me sometimes because it can be pretty Hilarious when I walk into a room and Zoom in on the slightest Change however slight.  They Time me to see how long it will take before I Notice... usually it's under a couple of Seconds and that's no exaggeration!  *Ha ha ha*

Sometimes I don't even say anything about it... I just move towards it and put it 'Right' again automatically when I walk into the room hardly without thinking about it consciously!   Until everyone else is laughing because they've placed bets on me like I was a Pony at the Races!  And she's off... *Smiles*   Sometimes they're not even intentionally Messing with me tho' because it's no Big Deal to them and they didn't even think about it.

And sometimes, well, things aren't where they're supposed to be because I am the culprit.  I might have had one of those Senior Moments where I'm on Auto Pilot doing things and have absolutely NO Memory of what I was doing or where I was actually putting things to Recall later?!??!?   A lot of the Seasonal Decor is in this last category and why it's all Out of Order.  I put it away on Auto Pilot last year... Lord knows where??!  By rote I was tidying up and just putting things Up and out of sight... often in the Strangest of places!

"Gramma, is that how Dementia begins?", the Young Prince casually asks me on the way to his Doctor Appointment Today?!?   Lord I Hope not Child I responded humorously... or you all are so screwed!  *Bwahahaha*   He wasn't laughing, he's looking at me like perhaps I'm just about ready for a Home and it's not this one *Winks*... so realizing his Anxiety level, I assure him that No, I'm probably not beginning a Journey into Dementia.  My Brain just has too much stuff bouncing around in there and racing around!   Yeah, that's probably it he says and all was Right with his World again.  *Whew... and Smiles*

Could I be, well, anything is possible... I try not to read the AARP Magazine subscription that comes and that I don't remember even subscribing to.  *LOL* Especially not the Quizzes about the 'Signs' of this, that and the third like the onset of Memory Loss, Hearing Loss and all the other Age related Losses they tell you to expect... too freakin' much of a Downer and 'Real'!  Crap... it was all I could do to get over the Fact that one's Eyelashes get stubbier with Age and why mine are now short little Baby Lashes compared to how sweepingly luxurious they used to be!  *Bwahahaha!!*

I mean wasn't it just Yesterday that our Adult Children were... well.. CHILDREN and not Adults?!?  Hell, wasn't it just Yesterday that our Adult Grandchildren were CHILDREN and not Adults!?!   When did all that happen anyway?  I just don't Feel that Ancient yet... in fact, it's hard for me to Feel like a Senior Citizen!   Which I am, and have been for a while actually, but I just don't categorize myself as one of those Old People I see putzing around looking and more importantly ACTING like an Old Person.   I can't Relate to most of them actually... and most of them cannot Relate to me either... and that's kinda Weird sometimes.

The peeps that actually think I'm the biggest Weirdo are my Generation actually... those in the Generations of my Children and Grandchildren can Relate to me better.   Except for the aches and pains of Aging... and all those Loss of function that tends to creep up on you in advanced years... I just have Zero Commonality with the Elderly.  Or any Interest in what my Peers seem to be diggin' and doing regularly.  Or how they're dressing and Styling things... which flabbergasts me sometimes because some of them used to be Fashionistas and so Cool!

Now, it doesn't happen to everybody, Thank God, but so many just Change so drastically with the Aging Process it's like they have morphed into somebody else totally unrecognizable in Character and ways!   Some have gone from being these Wonderfully Cool and Stylish or Creative Unique Beings to... well... the antithesis of that and I Wonder, when did that happen to them?   Wouldn't the Essence of them remain the same even with Age?   I wanna go Out like a Frida myself... not a Driving Miss Daisy!   *LOL*

I have Matured, certainly, but I think that many of us just refused to Grown Up and considered that Optional and not Mandatory like Growing Old.  So even when things are Out of Order in that we've perhaps slowed down or gotten Forgetful and all the other Oldtimers things that happen to the Body... the Soul and the Spirit just stay Ageless and pretty much the same as they've always been.  

 That's a Relief to me... I don't mind all my extreme Quirks and Eccentricities, always had them, even as a Youngster... but don't wanna morph into one of those unrecognizable Old People!  *Shudder!*   I can handle misplacing Christmas Decor and having some things Out of Order during the Holidays so long as the Spirit of Christmas and Childlike Wonder of the Season has not left the building for me! 

My all time Favorite Book for Christmas always has been 'A Cup Of Christmas Tea' by Tom Hegg, about a Fellow's Great Aunt and how she kept Christmas Alive and intact over the years.  I can never read the Poem without becoming Emotional in a Good way, it reminds me so much of so many Loved Ones I have who didn't allow Aging to prevent the triumph of the Spirit.

I really Hope that during this Holiday Season that your own Spirits triumph thru any of the adversities you might be facing in Life.   That the Wonder, the Magic and Enchantment of the Season be amplified for you and reminiscent of the best Christmas Memories of your Childhood.

And whether or not you're able to pull it all together and pull it off seamlessly, that it won't matter as much as just Enjoying every Moment of it thoroughly.  I know I probably won't be locating those elusive items I'd like to find before Christmas... and Logically I know it doesn't really matter if I do or I don't.  I'll try to moderate my OCD tendencies so that I don't really fixate upon it as much as I could.  *Winks*

And if I don't find enough of the Stocking Collection I'll just use it as a handy excuse to enlarge the Collection by Creating or Buying others for this year.  We already found an inexpensive Vinyl Shopkins Image laden Stocking at the 99 Cent Store for Princess T that she's deliriously Happy about being hers for this Christmas.   She's kinda infatuated this year with Poop Emoji too... which I think is hilarious as it's madly Popular with little Girls, who knew?!?!!  I Wondered... if I wasn't still raising Children as a Senior, would I even know what a Poop Emoji WAS?   *Smiles*

I got all of my Christmas Cards out this Week, Yes, I'm one of the last of the Christmas Card sending Dinosaurs and tho' my List has been severely Edited and Culled over the years, we still send out quite a few.   Receiving a Card in the Mail is still somehow so much more personalized to me than just sending one on Facebook or attached to an E-Mail.  It's one of the Traditions and Rituals I haven't quite given up on I suppose, even if many have quit doing it now.

Are there any Holiday Traditions and Rituals that you tenaciously hang onto too my Friends?   Yes, they may die out with the last of us Dinosaurs who still Value them and think it important to indulge in them, but I don't Care.   I know for me the Holidays wouldn't seem Complete without them and so I continue stubbornly to perform the Traditions and Rituals I hold near and Dear as personally significant to my Holiday Celebrations.

And I've even expanded upon them by adding others over the years that we've Adopted as our own.   I actually take a lot of time with my Traditions and Rituals, I don't Rush thru any of them.   I don't do any of it out of a sense of Obligation or Duty, or it wouldn't be Meaningful at all to me.

I'm still tweaking some of the Holiday Decor around the house... I thought about hanging some Shiny Brite Ornaments on the Antler Rack of my Stag but I'd have to climb up the Ladder of Death so I'm still contemplating whether or not he really NEEDS additional Decoration?  Mebbe not... *Ha ha ha*

Plus after the unfortunate incident of Lil Dik-Dik falling off the Wall and getting damaged when we first moved in, I'm rather nervous about adding Decorations and Wreaths to my Taxidermy Mounts on the Walls at New Villa Boheme'!  It would feel akin to playing a Game of Jenga...  *LOL*   

The Dealer Christmas Party is coming up and several Holiday Events around the City so it will be another Whirlwind Week of Celebrating!   May your Holidays be Bright and Merry... even if they're slightly Out of Order like ours!?  *Smiles*


Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian



  1. I'm going to Amazon to hunt up your favorite Christmas book! I have Christmas Traditions: 42 years of making homemade Christmas Cards (This year made 180) 31 years of making wooden Santa's (Although I am missing this year and one other year because of sickness) Usually make 25 of those as gifts. And usually host 5 Christmas Parties. This year none due to illness. I'm still enjoying the season though thru it all! I didn't get out any if the regular boxed Christmas decorations and have improvised some too, but its fun anyway, Right?

    1. Exactly Marlynne, I know this has been a very difficult Holiday Season for you due to personal reasons and often we have to modify our routines, Tradition and Rituals accordingly. The great thing is that it often Inspires new ones we can adopt... we found that out the year Dad was in Hospice and we ate out for the first Thanksgiving ever... enjoyed it, do it every so often now with Family when we feel like it would be more enjoyable. I bow down to the Creative production you impressively have mastered in the past tho', WOW... that's quite an accomplishment and I know you receive much Joy out of it... so perhaps next Season you'll be able to devote time to that Wonderful Creative Tradition you've lovingly established. Hugs from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

    2. PS: Tom Hegg actually has a U-Tube Video of his Book being read, so if you want to experience a Reading of it before you buy your hard copy I'd highly recommend just Google the Video, it's very good. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. You are not alone on the lost stockings Dawn.Mine have been missing now for 3 years.5 of them!! All other xmas decorations are around.I went through the hoarding room this summer and did not find them.My daughter and the Grand-kids are on me about this.I mean my daughters and mine are from her first xmas 38 years ago!!I put them in the same place since I was 18 and suddenly POOF!! Maybe Aliens? I have to come up with something their already asking if I found them!

    1. Alien Abduction of our Lost Items, yes, I could roll with that explanation as to the Black Hole mine seem to have disappeared into... aka: also known as the hoarded garages. *Winks* Aliens could be LIVING in there and I'd barely notice... MUST sort it all out this Winter so that by Spring, no Hoard! Ahhhh, I'm just Imagining what that would Feel like? A Shout Out to St. Anthony to help us both locate the Missing so we don't have to put their little Stocking Images on a milk carton! *Ha ha ha* Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I'm with you Dawn, my Fall never got out---because I never found a thing. Hubby said no Fall in the garage, when I finally got up there 5 totes, labeled, he had walked by. One of the disadvantages of not being able to get near the stairway there because of the house redo. Hopefully I can unearth some Christmas---crossing fingers, it is all downstairs. LOL, Reutilizing---what we already have is skill ---correct, have at it! LOL, Sandi

    1. Yes our skills at reutilizing various cross-Holiday Decorating is pretty epic isn't it? *winks* I leave so much out and just enjoy it year round, I don't really Care... our Home is for US anyway, so what we like and prefer to surround ourselves with is the main point anyway. I won't be in any hurry after Christmas to take most of it down... even the main Tree usually stays up til past New Year. Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Just read your Post!!! thank you . .. your thoughts described my frantic search for "missing Christmas items" and yes, although I tell myself " it's OK, just enjoy the moment" and I'm OK for a second haha . . . then , it's like a stabbing pain that I find hard to ignore and I start the search again, hoping to find my missing treasures!!!


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