Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas 2016

No, we did not wait til Christmas Morning, in fact, this is their expressions and countenance when they thought they were ONLY getting the Stockings Christmas Eve Day! *LOL*  Glum and Forced Smile Grimace... it was comical since I'd already decided I'd relent and just let them open everything early Christmas Eve Day... why not?  But they didn't initially know that...  *Smiles*

Of coarse The Fashionista had to run Upstairs and change the moment she knew she'd be Voguing with her Gifts.  *LOL*  I thought she looked Cute in her Onesie Jammies, but she wasn't having it.   I think this Christmas Eve she actually changed three times... that's how she Rolls when she's Celebrating... more changes than a Runway Model during Fashion Week!  *LMAO*

And she was Counting... you know, how many Gifts, and ecstatic that she had the most.   We knew that was coming and since her Brother doesn't Care so long as he gets what he wants, we always sway the Numbers in her Favor lest there be Drama if she doesn't 'Win' the 'Count'.  *Winks*   It's akin to her Spoon having to be the Red one when she eats Soup... so you choose your battles wisely!  *Bwahahaha!*

So here she is with her Haul... it was a Shopkins kinda Christmas this year clearly.   I don't mind her Collecting these since they're a Tiny Hoard of a Collectible... and reasonably priced.  I don't think any Child ever will manage to Collect them all tho' since the Series never ends and they have as many Seasons as Project Runway!  *LOL*  Unless they fall out of Favor with the Kids it will go on indefinitely, of this I'm certain!

The Young Prince, off all medication now, often refuses to run a brush or comb thru his hair and peeks at me thru his tangled locks... I try not to let the OCD in me have a Problem with that since he's doing remarkably well otherwise... another battle chosen wisely!  *Winks*  He knows it bugs me tho'... so every so often he'll Torment me and Grin like a Cheshire Cat while doing it... 

When he tosses his head and does this right before I snap a shot of him!   I know, in hindsight it's Funny, I ain't gonna lie... coz I know I involuntarily twitch and then everybody laughs and I just take the do-over shot where mebbe he won't look so much like Cousin It.  *Smiles*  The XBox One is a pressie from his Dad and Family and had been No. 1 on his Wish List so he was over the Moon to get it since it wasn't in the budget for me to spring for it this year. 

At least he's letting me Photograph him and participating in the Celebrations, which is hard for him during the Holidays since he can't take the "Merry" in his Christmas and right now he's totally unmedicated.  Having Borderline Personality AND Bipolar Disorders makes it so that Merry is very annoying to him and a Feeling he does not like to experience.  He's as uncomfortable Feeling Merry as I suppose I am Feeling Melancholy or Depressed so I try to understand.

And the more people that show up, even when it's Family or Friends, and the more Merriment going on... the harder it is for him to handle.  So we all understand when he's had enough Fun and retreats to his Personal Space when it gets too overwhelming for him.   Family and Friends don't Personalize it and Respect when he's reached saturation point on Merriment and Socializing or even being in the midst of People.

And when The Son and Family showed up there was much Merriment and much People!  *Winks*   In fact it was a Wonderful Christmas Eve Day from Sunup to Sundown Celebrating with Family.   I had gotten paid Yesterday at my Antique Mall and the check was enough to go back to the Store that Morning and buy more Buffet to appease Princess T's request that we do it up Right like we always do.  *Smiles*

She's a lot like me in that she enjoys the Gift of Hospitality and preparing to Host a Celebration with Family and/or Friends.   Informal Gatherings though, we're not into the Formal Dinner Party type of Entertaining.  If you show up to this Party you're gonna be treated like Family with no fuss and no frills, just a relaxing good time with good food and good fellowship.

And Artistic endeavors since The Gingerbread Cookie Project needed completion and Princess T Organized the Gingerbread Cookie Assembly Line.   Everyone would be taking Home the Cookies they Created and the Girls had such Fun together and worked very hard to Create some stunning Christmas Cookies.

Okay so I admit I'm biased and think they're all Creative Geniuses but Honestly, I think their Cookies looked quite Professional and tasted good too!  Even the most Camera Shy of them was eager to Show Off her Creativity and be Photographed, which was Priceless to me!

And everyone was a Good Sport about allowing my Pathological Picture Taking to continue during The Process and after Family Group Photos had already been taken.   They know I come with Camera attached like an appendage! *Smiles*

They'll probably all be seeing flashes floating in front of their Eyes now for days?!?  *LOL*   But Seriously, they're all so Adorable how could I NOT capture these Moments thru the Eye of my Lens, right?  They're all growing up so fast!

And it was hard for us Adults to resist the Temptation to Taste... so not as many Cookies remained as were Created initially.  *Smiles*   Even tho' we had all gorged on the Buffet Spread, grazing during the Guy's Football Games was the order of the day as the Kids Created Cookies and everyone Socialized or napped.   Yes, naps are allowed during the festivities and since Princess T still has a freakin' secondary bed in the Living Room, well, it's a handy napping or lounging spot for everyone!  *LOL*

As I said before, we Roll very Informally around here and everyone just does their Thing whatever it is.   When you make a Home cozy, Zen and inviting then everyone wants to stay and just relax and enjoy the time together, so we were Delighted they spent all day with us here at Villa Boheme'.

I have to say all of the Girls were as meticulous as Princess T had been about Cookie Decorating... these Kiddos possess such Patience and pay such attention to Detail, I was duly Impressed!!!   I don't think I could linger that long Decorating a single Cookie as they did for each and every one they Created!

Everything was done microscopically Perfect, they Invented their own tiny Tools of the Trade... one would have thought they were going to be Selling these Cookies to some High End Client!   Sprinkles the size of the head of a Pin that I could barely see were being meticulously placed with Toothpick Tools and utter precision!

They were also Creating some of their own Icing and 3-D Effects on the Cookies, it was like watching one of the Episodes of 'Face Off' with Hollywood Special Effects Artists competing for some Grand Prize!!!   They spent Hours at it... totally Enjoying the Process, so Yes, this will perhaps become a regular Tradition replacing the Creation of the Gingerbread House.

It was so Gratifying to begin a brand New Tradition that all of the Kiddos Enjoyed so much and could do together during the Holidays.   For Kit Cookies I must say these were moist and delish too, which was a Welcome Surprise and I'm Glad since they spent so much time on them it would have been a Shame if they'd not also been Tasty and Edible.

The Man had Pirated his Christmas Stocking early on and eaten almost all of his Candy already so the Grands took pity upon him and gave him most of theirs, Bless their Generous little Hearts.   No, he's not sweating bullets, it had been a very soggy Christmas Eve Day with torrential rains and he had gone outside a couple times to help bring things in or take things out as folks arrived.  So we spent half the day drying out after coming back inside.

But on and off there was Sunshine and actually when it was Greyish White and Overcast with Misty Fog it almost looked like a Snowy Day, which was Ideal for Christmas in the Desert since we don't actually get Snow.  The White Tank Mountains to the West of us looked positively like a Beautiful Picture Postcard during the Storms.   Princess T had Created me a beaded Bracelet as a Surprise Gift.

I had told everyone that I didn't need any Gifts but she would have none of that and insisted on making me one.  It's quite Lovely and well done with Beautiful Glass Beads and an easy clasp for arthritic hands, I'll wear it Proudly.   I Love it when a Child has a Surprise Gift they Created with Great Love, don't you?

The Son and Family had brought over their Gifts to exchange amongst the Children.   Their Kiddos had also opened all of their Gifts that Morning since they will be visiting various Relatives all day Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day so it's just more practical for them too.   I'm Glad they spent almost all of Christmas Eve Day with us even tho' they had Plans for later that Evening with extended Maternal Family.

And Yes, I'm Glad I took Princess T's advice and bumped up the Buffet Spread to our usual indulgence levels for the Holidays.   The Kitchen Island was filled and so now are we... with plenty of delish leftovers to Enjoy.

And Gorgeous Gingerbread Cookies were Created and strung up to be hung on the Christmas Trees at both Homes before they will be devoured.   I Loved the Island Flair on the one, don't you?   Since I can't spend Christmas on a Beach of Bora Bora, well, this is giving a Tropical Flair to my Holidays compliments of a Grandchild's Creativity and Imagination.

But you know, I don't think I'd rather be anyplace else on Earth than right here right now actually... it's been a Perfect Celebration.   And I wouldn't Trade it for the World!!!

It is my Sincere Hope that your Holidays are going equally well my Friends... with many Memories to Cherish for many Years to come!   That you end 2016 with a Grateful Heart and enter into 2017 with Hope and a Foundation built upon Love and Unity.

This has been a difficult Year to be sure... but we've come thru it... and my Optimism for the Future is not diminished.   I Pray each of you have a Prosperous and Wonderful Year in 2017.


Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wonderful Christmas Activites! Glad it all turned out so great!

    1. It did indeed turn out great Marlynne... Hope yours was Wonderful too my Friend... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Such a beautiful holiday with family dear! Marry Christmas! xoxo
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

    1. Thank You Vesna, it was indeed Beautiful, Thank You for coming by for a Christmas Day visit... I Hope your Holidays were equally Beautiful... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. You have a beautiful family. I am happy to hear you all had such a nice Christmas.


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