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Highland Yard Vintage ~ Winter Wonderland ~ Part II

So we're back at HIGHLAND YARD VINTAGE "Winter Wonderland" Event and you might be wondering, was there anything you absolutely Wish that Budget had permit you to splurge on?  Yes, this piece, an embellished Ice Bucket.

Alas, my Budget was minuscule after providing Christmas for all of the Grandchildren, so I had to be thrifty this visit.  *Pouting*   But if I coullda, I wouldda... Loved it!   I do have one at Home that I utilize for holding my Paint Brushes so I must just use this as Inspiration to embellish that one... but I wouldda liked to have had THIS one.  *Smiles*

I thought this Old Post Box was Ideal for Letters to Santa, don't you?  Right color even... and who knows, perhaps it was used for that Purpose and why it is originally Red?   I think back in da day Children used to write more letters to Santa, now they probably Text, Tweet or E-Mail him?  *LOL*

I really Loved this Wreath in the Gorgeous Sepia Hue... I prefer my Wreaths to be plainer like this and so most of mine at Home are plain.  Though some Created from a plethora of Vintage Christmas Shiny Brites, though spendy and over the top, have caught my Eye as well this Christmas.

Nothing escapes my scrutiny, I was in absolute Lust with this Shiplap Old Lumber used on so many of the walls around the Event.   I would like to find some suitable Old Lumber like this, Aged to Perfection, to Shiplap the walls of the smaller Garage here at New Villa Boheme' eventually.

Along with Enjoying this Event in Gramma Time and at Senior Pace I was also able to Enjoy the Tamale Festival the next day without an entourage in tow as well.   Every year we go to the Tamale Festival Hosted by Food City in Downtown Phoenix, this year The G-Kid Force opted not to go and stay Home to play video games.  I hit that vehicle as fast as a Blue Ass Fly before they could change their minds!   *Bwahahaha!*

The Man later told me I was fortunate I moved so stealthily since Princess T changed her Mind about 15 minutes after I'd sped out of the driveway like Mario Andretti.  *LOL*  Perhaps it was the chirping of the wheels speeding outta there that alerted her she wouldn't be able to Waffle as she usually does... too late!  *Winks*

I later also found out from her Big Brother that he'd convinced her not to go and stay Home to play a video game with him.  I thought it strange that she wasn't my conjoined twin and that somebody had to be instrumental in catching me a break, I owe him one!  *Winks*   I know, I know, when they're both Old enough they no longer want my Company I'll perhaps miss them tagging along incessantly?

Seriously, it's not that I don't Enjoy their Company if they're behaving... and not whining... or bleeding me dry financially on an outing... or fighting with each other... or tormenting everyone in the vehicle... or being fussy... or rushing me... or being belligerent about what I want to do... and hungry the moment we get in the truck... and need to use the bathroom too before we get anywhere... um, wait a minute, perhaps I'm enjoying more that they opt out occasionally now!?!   *Winks*

If there's only one of them in tow it's not too bad... if there's both of them it's probably not going to go well... if we throw Grandpa in the mix too it definitely is not going to go well... Yes, rolling Solo is usually much, much easier when I get the Rare Luxury of it actually!  *Bwahahahaha!*

And tho' an Outing without Kids and just The Man in tow usually goes quite well, he generally isn't that 'Into' these types of Events that I thoroughly Enjoy, he'll Endure them, but he's not really having any sense of Nirvana.   *Smiles*   And basically it's just as Rare we get any time alone without The Force... so when we do, it's usually not going to be used Shopping, we'll do something we mutually Enjoy instead.

He's Glad that I have my Events... and that now there are more of them during the Month so I get more Respite Time away from Caregiving duties.   Everyone notices my countenance is greatly improved when I've had some Time Off that is making deposits into my Well Being to replenish me.  You cannot just have withdrawals from yourself or you Risk Bankrupting what you have in you once it's all withdrawn.

Any Full Time Caregiver is Exhausted... Trust Me, they are... even those that remain unrealistically Positive about the Role they Sacrificially perform with Great Love.   It sometimes depends how long you've been doing it actually as to what level of Realism you allow the General Public to be exposed to.   Early on you might even Care what other people think about you Keeping it Real lest you be Judged... years later you barely Care, if at all.  *Ha ha ha*

Seasoned Caregivers are more inclined to Dare you to Judge... coz I'll drop this Crew on the Critic in a New York Minute... that will give them a Fresh Revelation of what it entails!   Then I'll sit back and Critique them, how's that and how'd ya like me now!!?  *Evil Cackle*  See how long they last... and just how Judgmental they remain at the end of their brief stint walking in our shoes?   Yeah, I can be Pure Evil Genius that way... so be Careful who you Judge lest you Risk walking a mile in their shoes involuntarily.  *Winks*

I know those of you who know the Sweet Side of me are saying, but she'd never actually do that, she's just kiddin'.   Nope, I Confess, I HAVE done it to the occasional Critic in the Past... I have... made a Believer out of them too! *Winks* Shut em up so damned fast and had them do a complete turn of what they thought they'd do... you know, if they were me and all.  *Winks*  Coz 'til it's you... well... you just never really know, do ya?  You're just speculating 'til it IS YOU!  *Smiles* 

And I didn't Feel an ounce of Guilt either... coz for them it was just a little taste of what it would be like, it wasn't for Real.   I took over again when they folded up quickly like a deck of cards and were completely and utterly overwhelmed by having to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.   Now instead of Judging others in our Roles perhaps they spend that precious time they have Free of Caregiving Praying to God they never have to be put in the position for Real and have no Choice and very little of a Life of their own anymore.

In Life everyone can be a Critic when it's just all Talk and no real Action on their part.   But I digress... I was talking about having Free Time to do this Wonderful Event AND the Tamale Festival without an entourage in tow!   Yes, it was Pure Bliss... any Me Day is very Selfishly Indulged, I will usually take Me out on a Date of sorts and dine Myself.   At the Event it was Dining at the Wonderful Deli they have within the Antique Mall in front of HIGHLAND YARD VINTAGE.  

Yes, we'll be getting to those Posts later too, of Experiencing MERCHANT SQUARE Antique Mall as well, so be sure to come back for it.   There is a Deli in there called AMERICAN WAY MARKET CAFE that bakes their own Sourdough Bread and has the most delish food on the Menu, you really should Dine there when you make the trek Eastside.  NOTE: Both the Menu below and the Photo above and a few others scattered thruout my Posts were gleaned from the Event and Mall's Facebook Pages to round out the Blog Coverage to give you a Fuller Experience.

On this outing I Treated myself to a Wonderful Luncheon of Tri Tip Smoked Brisket Sammie and Tater Salad... Nom Nom!   I think this Sammie is a Seasonal one, it's $8.50 with the Tater Salad side $2 and worth every Penny since it tastes Divine!  Actually if you can Resist NOT eating here after smelling the Smokehouse Aromas and Freshly Baking Sourdough Bread, well, you're a better Woman than I!   *Smiles*

And if you're in the Metro Phoenix Area Today it will be the last day of the Tamale Festival Hosted by Food City Downtown.   I am lazy when it comes to our Holiday Tamales, too much Work to make our own.  Not to mention, why bother when the best Tamale Vendors in the City will be present in one locale Selling them Fresh, piping Hot and for only two bucks apiece!   You can get an Assortment of your Favorite Tamale Flavors in one fell swoop, which I did!

I loaded the Truck with my thick Styrofoam Containers to keep it all Hot 'til I got back Home and bought Red Beef Tamales, Sweet Corn Tamales, Green Pork Tamales and Roasted Green Chile with Cheese & Corn Tamales.   The Roasted Green Chile with Cheese and Corn happen to be my Favs even tho' they be the spicier of the quartet of Flavors I chose.   There are numerous other choices of Flavors at the Festival tho' such as Pina {Pineapple}, Green or Red Chicken, Veggie, Mole Chicken, Green or Red Beef or Pork, Sweet Raisin, etcetera.   You're sure to find your Fav and many Vendors give Samples so you can taste test to find your Fav Flavor and Vendor.

The Sweet Corn goes fastest at our Home and the Vendor I chose for all of mine this year was TAMALES OFELIA because her Masa is so moist and her fillings so hearty and flavorful.  Not to mention she had some of the varieties you couldn't get elsewhere.   Several Commercial Tamale Vendors, Individuals from Home and Church Groups Create Tamales this time of year and I always look forward to choosing some for our Holiday Feasts.   When you live in the Southwest you can't not have Tamales as part of your Christmas Celebration!  *Smiles*

The Festival also always has Free Games with Prizes, Entertainment, Vendors Selling all kinds of Wares and Art from Mexico, Food Booths and Sampling of various Foods and Beverages.   I found a Beverage concoction I never thought I would Enjoy had I not had a Sample and discovered I Love it that way!  After all, I'll try anything once, twice if I Like it!  *Winks*

  The Man has always drank Clamato but just the name of it never appealed to me.  But at the Festival the Clamato People were there Creating a concoction made from Clamato and salting the rim of the glass with this Delightful Clamato Twang Chili-Lime Salt... OMG... LOVE IT, who knew?!!!  They gave out Sample packets of the Clamato Twang Chili-Lime Salt and I'm mos def buying some! Now I'll be fighting The Man over the bottles of Clamato!  *Winks*

So I came Home laden with sixteen Tamales of four different varieties and some Free Game Winnings for the Kiddos.   While there I had Treated myself to a Luncheon of Tamale and Roasted Corn on the Cob smothered with everything under the Sun {namely Parmesan Cheese, Butter, Chili Salt and Crema}... a four buck Meal to Die for... Nom Nom!!!

So as you can see my two day excursions have gone Splendidly and I was very Good to Myself.  *Winks*   I can be my Best Date, I really can.  *Ha ha ha*  Oddly enough, while out Yesterday I ran into my Daughter-In-Law and The Son who had their Youngest in tow... this City can be vast and small all at once, since I always seem to run into Family or Friends when out and about anywhere in the City!   Which is kinda Surreal when you think of running into random people you know in a Metropolis where Million plus folks reside! 

The G-Kid Force like to Joke that it's because you know EVERYONE Gramma!  *Smiles*   True that, it's kinda like I do in a way... ha ha ha.   Do you realize how much Blogging has actually expanded my Social Horizons?   Seriously, I'm so flattered when I'm out and about in the City and a person walks up and introduces themselves as a Blog Supporter!   It's such a Thrill to meet so many of you in the flesh, it really is!   And I Thank you all for your Support here in The Land Of Blog, it is a benefit of Blogging I never really expected!

Now that I'm housebound so much of the time Caregiving I don't get out and about so much as I used to, nor Socialize as much as I would like to be able to anymore.  So Blogging has opened up a New World for me to Socialize in that has flowed into Real Life more times than I ever expected it to be able to!  And the Nicest thing is that the Blog Friends almost always tend to be Kindred Spirits so instantly you Connect on a deeper level.

If someone is Visiting this Space they are much more likely to understand what I like and what I'm like, what makes me tick, and what we may have in Common to build a Relationship upon that can be more solid and mutually beneficial.   Sometimes randomly meeting people in the Flesh doesn't give you that insight.   Sometimes not even knowing them a while does actually.  There may be things you never, ever discuss in Real Life that you Engage in here in The Land.

There is something very Liberating here in Blog Land where we can just discuss a myriad of Topics and decide what to Engage in and what to just quietly be a Spectator of or avoid entirely.   There is no Pressure to respond, to connect or to even let anyone know we're here if we prefer to be under the cover of anonymity.  That's not so easy in Real Life and so often baggage accompanies what we do, what we like, who we meet or what we say in Real Life.  Our Opinions in The Land generally are Respected more by the Blog Community than in Society at large I've found.

With a few exceptions and perhaps some Passionate or Controversial Topics that can get animated when Bloggers Engage in discussions, the Blog Community is more Forgiving, more Accepting, more Tolerant of differences and opinions or preferences among us all.  Wouldn't it be Wonderful if Real Life could move in that same direction?

I think that is part of it's Appeal to many of us actually, that this can be a Safe place to land when The World at large can be so "iffy" and uncertain about so much!   I also Enjoy that my Translation Button has transcended the Language barriers so that the Whole World can Engage with one another freely here in The Land as well and Enjoy Sharing or finding Commonalities.  

 I have a very large International following and that was quite a Lovely Surprise to discover!  Actually The Young Prince, being so Tech Savvy discovered it, brought it to my attention and installed my Translation button so the International Visitors could read my Blog in the respective Native Tongues, which is also absolutely Wonderful!

Though I am quite the Dinosaur when it comes to embracing Technology and the speed at which it is constantly evolving and morphing, since I find it hard to keep up, I do Enjoy many of the Benefits of it's enhancements to Society at large.   It can indeed bring us closer together and span the Globe so effectively as a Platform to Connect and to Share.

Getting Glimpses into our World and into the World of the International Community through Blogging has been so Enlightening to so many.  I have discovered Styles that I would never have known about otherwise, Foods and Recipes Shared I might never have been Exposed to nor tried, points of view that I could reflect upon, and so many New Friends here.

We can vicariously thru Blogging take folks along on our daily Adventures, to Events such as these... and even more deeply Personal places like our Homes and into our Hearts if we so choose to be transparent and vulnerable enough to Risk it.   I've personally found it to be well worth the Risk taken, I really have, I'm a lot less Guarded here than in Real Life because it has emboldened me here to take Risks I normally don't take elsewhere.

And in turn that has filtered down into Real Life where I have taken more Risks there that have often Paid Off.   Here I have received so much Encouragement, Camaraderie and Support that it has boosted my Morale when it was low or faltering and revealed to me a lot about what I could do or what others felt I had the Talents to do.   We tend to be our own worst Critics at times and so the feedback has been invaluable to me from the Blog Community, so that I see myself in a different Light sometimes... a more Positive one actually.

And let us not forget the Constructive Criticism which can be just as valuable when it is extended in Love and with the right Motives and Intent behind it.  When it comes to Business especially I've learned so much from the Seasoned Pros who have so Graciously Mentored me here towards a Goal of stepping out into a little bit of entrepreneur territory.

The Fear of Success for me has always been a hurdle... I don't know Why, but I never Fear Failure, I can overcome that and often have... so it doesn't bother me.  But the weight and Cost of Great Success I've also felt and it's a bit intimidating sometimes so I'm Guarded about having too much of it on any venture.   And I think that is why I pull back when something I'm doing becomes too Successful at a Price I don't wanna Pay.  *LOL*

And any Entrepreneur Venue can easily take off like that and so I have no delusions that to whom much is given, much is required.   So... don't give me too much... right now I couldn't possibly juggle it with everything else!  *Ha ha ha*   Just a measure of Success will be just Fine with me right now!  *Winks*

I know, that sounds kinda Crazy, but it's True... when I was highly Successful in my Corporate Lives it paid handsomely and yet also came at a Great Cost to my Family and to my Health actually.   In the end I just wasn't willing anymore to Pay the price... nor could I when Full Time Unpaid Caregiving of Loved Ones had to take Center Stage and upstage a thriving Career.  I could not juggle both, nor did I necessarily Want to either.  You know when it's 'Time'... and you know what your own Priorities are and have to be.

And if you're just not Sure, let me give you my own Litmus Test of Priorities being Right and Balanced.   What WOULD YOU DO if you were NOT GETTING PAID to do it?  That my Friends would be the things that you have Divine Purpose to pursue and flow in.   Whatever it is and even if you ARE getting Paid to do it... but don't gauge how much you're Financially Profiting from it.  Purpose does not always pay handsomely, it's Great when it does, but it doesn't always and you have to be at Peace with that too.

I made a lot of Money in my Corporate Lives, but at the end of the day had I NOT been getting Paid to do those things, I wouldn't have been doing any of them.   True... it was Financially Successful but it wasn't my Purpose nor even my actual Passion... it just made Good Money.   Which isn't a bad thing, it just wasn't what was a Priority and at least I could differentiate that Truth and not see my Careers as being the Highest Priority of my Life nor my Purpose!  It didn't mean I took it lightly to Quit, but it did mean for me it was the Right thing to do by what WAS my Priorities in Life.   God first, People next, then Money, then Things.

Any time that Priority List gets out of Order or out of Balance I have to self regulate and assess Why and get back to Center ASAP!   And I know I kinda strayed Off Topic yet again, my ADHD is Showing *Winks*... and now I'm looking at this Image and thinking, Wow, I really Like and should have gotten that little Moorish Table coz I Need one that size and Style!   I didn't even look at how much it Cost? *Ha ha ha*

Yes, my Mind is yet again Wandering and it's been a very early Post before any of the rest of the Family are even awake yet... and so I must now draw to a close since they'll be waking up any time now and wanting Breakfast!  Hope you have Enjoyed the Event as much as I have my Friends?  Thanks for joining me.

Today will be the final day of this particular Event and I'm Hopeful that next Month I'll be able to attend again... with or without an entourage.   Princess T is now saying she regrets NOT going with me to everything, so very likely I WILL have an entourage in tow next Month since she's Missing being conjoined to me.  *Smiles*

And hey, they DO keep Gramma a lot more Accountable when it comes to Purchases, gotta admit!  *Le Sigh*   I know, that's the bigger Risk of going anywhere Fantastic Alone isn't it, not having an Objective Viewpoint along to bounce off of why you should or shouldn't buy something!?

They know how I am... but I am patting Self on the back that I only came Home with ultra Modest expenditures... tho' that Fab Wreath I left behind... WHY!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?  *Ha ha ha*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Ha, what a fun store. The 'Post' box---is Danish---and they often look like that old and new. That is a beauty, also. My great-aunt was the Postmistress (head honcho) for a fairly large city in Denmark for years. And in the 1960's many houses still had the red boxes, and boxes on public buildings and large homes, would have had one like. I'm actually drooling, but also short on funds, so I won't even ask how much it was.

    Grins, love your travels, and Christmas Bicycle is wonderful!. Sandi


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