Saturday, December 10, 2016

Highland Yard Vintage ~ Winter Wonderland ~ Part I

So I ditched the Kids at School Friday Morning and immediately headed out on a pilgrimage to HIGHLAND YARD VINTAGE 'Winter Wonderland' Event.  Don't judge, last Month's Maiden Voyage there they'd done the whole Show in under 20 Minutes and were nagging at me to leave and I was still entranced and lingering at the first Vignette inside the front doors!  *LOL*  That wasn't happening again... I was lingering everywhere this time my Friends!  *Smiles*

I had Enjoyed the Event so much last Month that it was worth making the long trek Eastside to do it again for their second Christmas Themed Show.  I liked that there was another Christmas Show since I still had a Wish List of Holiday Decor I was Hoping to score while there and now that I've gotten all of the slew of Grandkid's Christmas covered.  *Smiles*

You see, last Month I was under the constraints of not yet having all of the Grandkids covered for Christmas and so I couldn't risk indulging in any extraneous purchases.   This Month I was liberated to spend a little on what I wanted or needed to round out the Holidays here at New Villa Boheme'... insert a little Happy Dance!

It's True, that once you're Blessed with numerous Grandchildren, the Holiday Budget gets squashed on Adults and particularly yourself. Which is Okay, they're all worth it... but you know... Gramma was Jonesin' for a lil somethin'-somethin' to indulge in at an Event loaded up with Treasures sparkling and catching her Human Magpie's Eye!  *Winks*

And No, I couldn't go totally Bananas, I had constraints of... well... basically being close to broke after covering numerous Grandchildren for Christmas. *Ha ha ha*  So my one little indulgence... and you would be so Proud of me for using this much restraint... was the little Green Bottlebrush Tree on the Right in the Ornate Silverplate Sugar Bowl.  It was only Eight Bucks my Friends, Color me Happy!   I'm going to dust it in German Glass Snow Hued Glitter eventually.

But back to The Show... I knew I was in for a Winter Wonderland Treat here in the Desert when I walked up to the Entrance and smelled Fresh Pine!   Ahhhh... and No, you don't often smell that here in the Desert, even at Christmas, Deserts aren't conducive to Forrest Greens growing... nor lasting long.  So I savored the Aroma of freshly cut Christmas Trees brought back from Up North... like someplace from Montana Up North!

Yes, it was Heavenly to smell that Delightful Aroma during the Season and I was Loving these Trees.  They were not the sheared type you see on the Christmas Tree lots around the City, nope, these were as Nature intended for them to look. How I've always preferred my Real Trees to look and are so hard to Find in the Valley if you're wanting a Real Deal Christmas Tree!

Now, if you're already Wishing you could Experience this Event for yourselves my Friends it's not too late, there is still time since I got there on Day Two of the Four Day Show.  It will run thru Sunday, December 11th and they'll have Free gift wrapping all weekend.  For those of us who totally suck at gift wrapping... or need to sneak a Surprise Gift into the house, well, that's a Bonus for sure!  *LOL*

But we're still walking up to the Front Entrance, see, I linger... the G-Kid Force would have done the whole Show by now and I wouldn't have even gotten thru the Front Door yet!  *Smiles*   This is why sometimes, I just HAVE to roll without an entourage in tow!  Yes, they Enjoy it... and it's Great Family Time together which is Priceless... but sometimes I want to actually remember what I saw and not be dragged thru it at warp speed and Youthful exuberance!  *Whew!*

The Force cannot do anything slowly... it's the Season of Life they're at... everything is done with high intensity and lightening speed.   I'm so far past that Season myself that I just can't hang for long anyway when we go out together and they expect me to keep up with their pace of doing things and Experiencing things in Kid Time.  *LOL*

In fact, if we go at their Speed I get Cranky and Feel Rushed because it's exhausting moving at Kid Speed... and when we go at my Speed they get Cranky and Impatient because it's torturous to move at Old Woman Speed!  Besides, part of my Process is Socializing too... so I get the audible Sighs, Groans and Eye Rolling whenever I see someone I know and want to stop and Visit with!  Yeah, they know this is gonna take a Minute... *Bwahahaha!*

Well, now you all know what Gramma Feels like at a McDonald's Playland {her}, Comicon {him} or something I says... when ya'll don't wanna leave and are hooking up with your Posse!  *Winks*   They fail to see the parallels... I mean really Gramma... it's just not the same!  Yes, Yes it is I exclaim... when I'm itching to GO and you wanna STAY it's exactly the same!!!   I can do a McDonald's Play Date or a Comicon in record time, watch me!  *Smiles*

And since clearly they still will Need and want me to take them each to their respective places of Nirvana, they were thus totally Okay with Gramma ditching them for the Event this Month.  Yes, they knew... I wasn't doing a covert ops since I knew it would entail an interrogation later and I try never to lie to them or evade the Truth, I'm just not that good at it!  And they're just that good at brutal incessant interrogation, they should be recruited by the CIA.  All World Secrets would be exposed willingly, just to have it be over with! *Smiles* 

So, without The Force I could stand and marvel at such sights as this Dress Form Christmas Tree.  LOVING IT!   In fact, one year I'll have to find me a Goodwill Hunting Tree and dismantle it to Create a Dress Form Christmas Tree of my own because I'm just this Impressed with the Look!   And on my restricted Christmas Budget that's what it will take to actually get one!  *Le Sigh*

Okay, so here's another one... in White... which makes me think that perhaps Creating a few would be way Cool... except then where would I Store them?  Once I de-stash the Hoarded Garages I don't want Seasonal Storage to replace the Hoard, you know?  *Bwahahahahaha!*   Mighty Tempting tho'... I mean, a Dress Form anything can be kept up all year someplace and just Display Stuff, right?  *Winks*   I Love that the Tree section looks like a Gown and could Display Vintage Clutches and Accessories.

Anyway, I know, I'm getting carried away with Imaginings aren't I?   Which is what I always do when there is a saturation of Inspiration.   And which is primarily why I attend Events, it's not as if I Need another Treasure in this Lifetime, I don't.  So even if I don't find anything I want {highly unlikely} or can't buy anything {much more likely} I can still walk away Inspired and Content.

Yes, it is True that tho' I might WANT everything that catches my Human Magpie Eyes, I realize I can't and shouldn't have it and I'm at Peace with that fact.  So I can actually go anywhere and not Feel the Urge to procure so strongly that I cannot resist.  Which is handy since it's not as if I'm gonna miss and not Cover a Great Event, right?  *Winks*

One thing that in the Future I will get tho' is a nice European Grain Sack Upholstered Wingback Armchair for the Juliet Room.   That is on the actual Wish List of items to procure some day to furnish New Villa Boheme'.   Some day hasn't come yet tho' and I'm also very good at waiting for exactly what I want and Need when the time is right to spring for it and I Find that Ideal piece.   Only Torturous thing is to Find that Ideal piece and the timing is premature to score it.  *Le Sigh*

But the small stuff usually doesn't require that much necessary restraint... but even then, sometimes I resist the urge anyway.   Like with these Amazing little inexpensive Victorian Ceiling Tin Heart shaped Ornaments... Loved them, resisted getting even one, tho' now I don't know Why?  *LOL*

I'm not actually a Colorless Palette Gal, but at Christmastime I could make an exception and go Fifty Shades of White... you thought I was gonna say Fifty Shades of Grey didn't you?   And I almost did... *Bwahahahahaha!*   I know, I'm a Naughty Girl, which is why Santa is gonna hafta be very lenient with me, otherwise I ain't gettin' nothin'!!!   *Winks*  But Seriously, tones of Grey would be more my palette of preference.  

But I was drawn to the White Christmas Vignettes this Season, I really was, especially if festooned with Cotton Bolls.   This year as you know I've got some Cotton Bolls festooning going on at New Villa Boheme' and so I probably should have stuck some on our Tree as well as in the Olive Buckets.   These Cotton Bolls were much cleaner than my Orphaned side of the road growing gleaned ones though.  Mine are au Natural and rather raggedy having not been tended due to growing outside of the field boundaries, these are quite Lovely and pristine Commercially Engineered Cotton Bolls.

I often forget to just decorate with some of the Lovely Vintage and Antique Non-Seasonal items that I have tho', like stacks of Vintage Knits, Crochet and Lace.  Stacked they look quite Cozy for a Winter Vignette... not to mention you could actually use them during the Season if they're Displayed and readily accessible.

Perhaps the attraction to the White Vignettes was because it made everything look more Wintery and Snow covered.   Not that I want real Snow, I don't, it was a gloriously Sunshiny day and I don't have to shovel Sunshine.   I Loved that it was actually a Warmer Sunny day during the Event, I sat outside a lot Savoring it, knowing that many of my Friends are Snowed in, so I soaked in some Sunshine for you... I'm really Gracious like that.  *Winks*

Now even if you weren't seeking Seasonal Decor per se there was plenty of Non-Seasonal Treasures for you to consider.   Or they could be used for double duty during and after the Holidays, which is even better.   One year I remember Selling a great deal of painted Canning Jars and it was a Fun Project to Upcycle the Old Canning Jars my Mother-In-Law had sent to us containing Home-Made Canned Foods.   I just didn't want to throw them away and the Painting of them to hold Bouquets Appealed to me one Holiday Season.

And there are many Delightful ways to Display what you might actually use, like Vintage Trims, by wrapping them around Christmas Tree shaped forms.  Could you Imagine your Wrapping Station having some Trim wrapped Christmas Tree forms serving double duty?    I Collect a lot of Vintage Trim for my Fabric and Altered Art Projects and rather than just wrapping them around Antique Spools, I really liked this Seasonal alternative.

Well my Friends, this was Part I of the Blog Post Series at HIGHLAND YARD VINTAGE... be sure to come back for Part II...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Good for you! Glad you got to enjoy the show at Grandma pace! I'm going over to Amaazon right now and order we some old German Glitter! been thinking about it for some time!

    1. I Love German Glass Glitter and am fortunate a Vendor Friend at our Antique Mall sells it there at a very good price. We're having our 15% off Sale all weekend at the Mall so I picked up the Snow colored German Glass Glitter yesterday on my way to the Tamale Festival Downtown, which I also got to Enjoy at Gramma Pace since the G-Kid Force were busy playing video games that Morning and opted out. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. What a great 'rour' and it looks like a wonderful show! SO much to see. I hear you about the Playland thing...and $$$ for grandkids. We have started setting stricter budgets on what we do-otherwise, it can get overwhelming.
    Love your little $8 tree purchase. It will look great all glittered up.
    Hope you have a blessed, wonderful weekend. xo Diana

    1. Oh I am, went to the Tamale Festival Downtown Saturday and picked up all our Tamale assortment for Christmas, too lazy to make our own. *Smiles* Lotta work that is and at only two dollars apiece, I can buy several flavors freshly made by some of the best Tamale Vendors in the City. So much Fun and entertainment too. Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. How lovely that you were able to take the time to really enjoy yourself. Thank you for taking me along for the ride, Blessings

  4. So glad you had time to peruse carefully and give us such great pics to look at. Thanks for some great ideas....going to simply use lace/fabrics and maybe nothing else...grins and thanks, Sandi


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