Saturday, December 17, 2016

European Container Sale ~ Rust & Roses

I've had so much going on that I'm not even Posting in Real Time anymore... so you're getting delayed Posts about what I did this last week and is already a Wrap.  Sorry, I usually try to do it so Locals of you can attend too before everything is over and done with and Cover it for my Friend's Shops in Real Time.  Just been too busy unfortunately to pull that off and I apologize!!!

Now as you might recall since I couldn't buy a pre-made European Grain Sack Christmas Stocking I was now on a Mission to procure some Vintage European Grain Sack to Create my own.   And it just so happened that the UBER CHIC Guys were in Town at my Friend Shelly's Shop RUST & ROSES Hosting the European Container Sale with Fresh Picks from all over Europe!  Perfect Serendipity!

And since it was still early Thursday Morning, first day of the Container Sale, I had first dibs on European Grain Sack Materials... whoop whoop!  Of coarse there was a lot more there to tempt me and dammit I Wish the dreaded Budget had been healthier!!!  *Pouting petulantly*

Because I wouldda picked up one of those Amber oversized Demijohns for my set at Home!   I have Aqua, Green and Clear... but no Amber... and I want an Amber one which goes splendidly with Sepia Style Decor!

So, alas, had to leave behind that one in the middle which I desperately was Jonesin' for.  *Le Sigh*   Mebbe next time, tho' it would have made a Great Christmas pressy for Selfie!  *Winks*  If only the Demijohn Fairie had been present in the wallet... ah well...

Also Love those European Grain Sack upholstered Benches with built in Storage, could use one of those at the foot of the Bed.   Could hold Fresh Linens and be easier for The Man to get dressed in the Morning, since Old People tend to fall over when putting on their pants!  *LOL... Yes I do it too, where does one's balance go I Wonder?!?*

And if you're not into European Fabrics and prefer the Southwest Style they have Indian Blanket covered ones as well in Lovely Patterns of Fabrics.   The oversized Enamelware Bowls in Red and Splatter-ware Granite Grey were Fantastic too!   They also had them in Cobalt Blue and in White.

The trough Style Enamel Tubs with Stands were also Wonderful...

And Great oversized Wicker European Baskets for Storage!!!

I did get distracted with Inventory inside the Shop as well... of coarse!

So I picked off a couple of Vintage Horse Ribbons from this Tree, one in Faded Pink and one in Faded Off White.

But I kept with my Mission Statement for European Grain Sack Materials... Loved these Bolsters with the Blue Stripes but they were just too pristine to be Cutters.  I would have felt bad cutting them up into Stockings.  So I wanted something just Right and yet not in pristine condition as Cutter Fabric.

Ta-Da there it was... even with two-toned Stripes, just the right amount of perfectly imperfect Aging and the Bonus of Embroidered Letters... IDEAL, just what I had on the Canvas of my Imagination in fact!   It was a HUGE Bolster sized Grain Sack as well, probably over four feet long and only Twelve Bucks... 'Score'!!!

It even had Boro Mending... it just didn't get any better than this when you're on a specific Mission and are as picky as I tend to be about my Mission Statements and getting just what I Want and for a Deal at that!  *LOL*

Are sure you want to Create Stockings and not a Killer Bolster Pillow was the only thought running thru my Mind, I'm not decided yet.  Since clearly I won't be Creating Stockings in time for Christmas anyway... Tick-Tock, the Clock is winding down on the Countdown for THIS Christmas.  It doesn't matter... Color me Happy regardless of what Creation Manifests out of this Fabulous Old piece of European Grain Sack!

As it is I'm Scheming about finding the Right piece of European Grain Sack Material to totally upholster a Wing Back Antique Chair for the Juliet Room.  I just J'Adore Grain Sack Material Upholstery, it's my Current Obsession for Antique Furniture Make-overs because it wears so well and looks so good. Timeless and rather a Classic Material that's been used forever in the Countrysides of Europe as utilitarian sturdy Fabric.

And now without further Chit-Chat since I'm scrambling before going in to Work for the extra Holiday Shifts I picked up... I'll just let you Wander in Wonderment thru the Shop and Seek what you'd like for Santa to bring for under your Tree my Friends... ENJOY...


Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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