Friday, December 2, 2016

Desert Snow Substitute

In the absence of Snow in the Desert we get Creative and Improvise about Snow substitutes... to make it seem a bit more like a Winter Wonderland in the absence of everything Traditionally Wintery during the Holiday Season.  *Smiles*

For me this means gleaning some Cotton Boll stems from the side of the road that have gone Rebel from the regimented Fields they are grown in and thus will eventually be graded off the soft shoulders and go to waste if not gleaned.

It used to be there were an abundance of Cotton Fields in the Far West Valley but in recent years Development has replaced Agriculture and we've lost a lot of it to Subdivisions and Commercial or Industrial Development as Farmers Sold Off their lands.

Also the Fields that remain are even more regimented, probably due to new City restrictions and ordinances, thus not so many even grow crops right up to the roads anymore and are set further back.   Meaning not many stray plants to glean either, since the larger easements are better maintained than back in the day and not many mature plants survive before being graded and removed.

So this year it seemed as though we'd have to drive forever before we even saw Cotton Fields at all... and past numerous ones that had no stray plants to glean.  So we traveled Southbound extensively to harvest a few stragglers from several different roadside Fields for our Vintage Olive Bucket Desert Snow Substitute Vignette in the Livingroom side of the Fireplace.

Most Cotton Fields weren't as healthy as in previous years either, I think the reduction in Farmland had exhausted whatever Agricultural Soil is left?  Also, many of the Cotton Fields were up for Sale and so they probably don't Care if the Soil is depleted since it'll be Developed for Residential, Commercial or Industrial Purposes soon anyway?

So this might be one of the last years we even do our Traditional Desert Snow substitute Hunting and Gathering?  I didn't even glean enough this year to do any Wreaths or Garlands since we only found about a half dozen stray stalks to Harvest and ran out of time before we had to return Home for the Grandkids to get off School and be picked up.

I filled my five Olive Buckets of varying sizes tho' so I was Content with how the Vignette turned out, even sans a matching Garland and Wreath of it.  Notice however how underwhelming a Gas Fireplace is, I'm not a big Fan of the Gas Fireplace... nothing beats the Real Deal Wood Burning Fireplace with Vintage Mantle and a roaring Fire!   This is actually ON... I know, you can't even see it, so yeah, we don't use it very much, very lackluster and not a roaring or warm cozy Fire!  *LOL*

I suppose it's better than having NO Fireplace, but only slightly... and only then coz it's a double sided one visible from two rooms of the house!   If I could convert it to The Real Deal Fireplace with two impressive Mantles one day... and put it at a less ridiculous height from the floor where it's actually functional and has Purpose... this lame New Build Burbs Fireplace will be a goner!  *Smiles*

It is one of those useless Upgrades the Original Owner's shelled out for that I personally think was a total waste of Money.   It's one of the few Features of the Home that I wasn't all that Impressed with since I'd seen some Killer Real Deal Fireplaces with Gorgeous Tuscan Style Mantles that totally Rocked in other Santa Barbara Tuscan Style Floor Plans.   Not at this price point of coarse... and I wasn't gonna shell out for a Million Dollar Listing to get the Ideal Tuscan Fireplace!  *Bwahahaha!*

So anyway, we use this one just for Show, it serves zero Purpose at any time of the year except if I wanna spend a fortune in Gas bills to have a paltry Gas Fire in there that we can barely see even at Night with all the lights off and throws no heat into the rooms!  *Smiles*   That said, for some reason a Fireplace still attracts a certain Princess and her Cat to curl up in front of and go to Sleep even if it's not turned on!   And NO, that is not a Posed or Staged Shot, she actually fell asleep like that, which I thought was hilarious, Sweet and worth capturing thru the Eye of my lens!!!

The Man doesn't like us inviting the strictly Outdoor Cat into the house in the Evenings to curl up with her Human.  But the way I look at it, Hell, I already got a Kid that refuses to sleep upstairs in her Lovely New Bedroom because it's Scary to her and she gets separation anxiety being or sleeping alone in a room... any freakin' room!  So why not let her Cat be her slumber Partner on a Cold Night so that she's not stalking me around the house all Night long or holding me Hostage in the same room she wants to fall sleep in!?!  *LOL* 

As it is getting either of these Vampire Kids to even go to Sleep is such a chore that I don't care where they Sleep so long as they finally go to Sleep, and Hopefully STAY Asleep, you hear me?!   And she's not wearing a Pajama Gown advertising 'Allergic To Mornings' for nothin', rolling this Kid out in the Mornings is an epic battle, especially come Winter!   She's a Beast in the Mornings... you'd think she was Demon Spawn! 

 At least Asleep she looks Angelic!  Though I do wonder with that 'Thinker' Sleep Pose WHAT she was Dreaming or Thinking about?! *Smiles*  And Miss Priss, well, she's in 7th Heaven curled up with her Girl in a nice Warm house so long as she can Escape back outside when she wants and asks to!  *Winks*  A Working Cat that comes to you as a Stray will never fully adjust to the Feeling of being Trapped inside, so her inside visits still remain rather brief and on her terms lest she go Mental if she thinks she's Trapped in here with these Humans and can't get out!  *Ha ha ha!*

Hell, I've had those Sentiments myself sometimes so I can relate.  No, Seriously, I have! *Winks*   Yes, it can be Terrifying thinking you're Trapped in here with these Humans and have no means of Escape, it can make anyone or any Living thing go Mental!   *Bwahahahaha!*   But lately, mebbe because it's near the Holidays so there's the Spirit of Peace and Goodwill towards all people, everyone has been on pretty Good Behavior lately and a lot more Serene than usual, so there's been a lot less Trouble in Paradise.  *Winks*

But I don't wanna Jinx it, so I keep my Guard up and don't Brag on the Serenity Factor too much, things around here could and often do turn on a dime with this Crew!   Things are subject to change without notice and so when everyone is getting along and playing well with others I just Savor the Moment, however brief it may be!?!  *Smiles*

The Fussing could start about damned near anything or everything with any one of them.   Usually it IS some trifle that sends one or more of them over the Edge and suddenly it's All Aboard The Crazy Train Aye Aye Aye... {Insert Ozzy belting those lyrics out...}   And if you bought that Ticket you're on for the whole Ride lemme tell ya!  *Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!*


Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... amid Cotton Boll Snow substitute... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I love all your tableaux (vignettes, as some might call them). Especially the sweet antique dolls in front of the "fireplace" with the cotton bolls. .It must be sad to see the cotton fields and farming dwindle in your area. It's the same everywhere, I'm afraid. We're seeing a lot of natural wetlands around us being developed with housing that no one really needs.

    1. Yes, I agree that too much Natural Splendor is being destroyed in the name of alleged 'progress' and development. It can never be replaced so we need to be better Stewards of protecting a percentage of it for future Generations to be able to enjoy. Thanks for coming by for a Holiday visit... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Love the cotton boll snow effect!

    1. Me too Marlynne... I just think Cotton Bolls are such a lovely Natural Wonder and Simplistic in a Beautiful way that lasts a long time in arrangements. It's sad that we're losing so much of the Agricultural Land to Developers tho'... and the Natural Desert... once gone it cannot be replaced. Thanks for coming by for another Holiday Visit... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. What an original idea!
    We have hot Christmas here of course, but no cotton fields nearby alas.
    Hilarious "Thinker" sleeping pose.
    We also have vampire sleepers and separation anxiety. Still reading the 11 yr old to sleep.
    Go with the flow is the name of the game! Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Yes, going with the flow absolutely is the name of the game here too! There have been significant developmental delays but she's coming along very well at her own pace. The Cat adores her, that's her Human! LOL Thanks for stopping by for the Hot Holidays *winks*... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Cotton snow is a great effect and i love the rustic vintage displays you have.Your grandaughter looks alot like my 11 yr old. I hope the peaceful moments continue.

    1. Thank You Holly for the sweet compliments... what a great Name you have for the Holidays... were you a Christmas Baby perhaps? *winks* Peace be with you all for the Holidays as well... Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. I love the substitute, lol, you don't have to shovel it. We just had 7 heavy inches of white Cute post, Sandi


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