Thursday, December 22, 2016

Current Christmas Obsessions 2016

Who knows what really goes on inside our Heads when we suddenly become Obsessed with something... it's one of those Mysteries of Life.   I've got current Obsessions and I recall past Obsessions that I suddenly was completely Over and Done with and the Objects don't really Move me now as they once did.  I do know I have an Obsessive Personality that hasn't wavered over the Years, it's just how I'm hard wired I guess.  So Today's Post is going over current Christmas Obsessions... I may even do Current Obsessions Posts thruout 2017 as a Topic Series.

A few weeks ago I was over at TATTERED NEST to see my Talented Friend Karen's Space since I have a current Christmas Obsession with Bottle Brush Trees nestled in Old Silverplate.  Karen Creates Beautiful Bottle Brush Tree little Christmas Masterpieces and usually Sells Out.  I had to get there early enough there were still some left and Photograph them for your Enjoyment.  No, at that time I was still Saving up to buy Christmas pressies or send Cash to all the slew of Grandkids for Christmas, so I didn't indulge myself in any purchases whatsoever.  *Gasp... Yeah, I CAN do that! Winks*

I have always had a penchant for Old Bottle Brush Trees, the more Aged to Sepia Tones the better, but they're getting increasingly harder to find so I've been experimenting with dying my own.  I like to house mine in Tarnished Old Silverplate.  Karen's are more the pristine White Palette housed in Gleaming Silverplate and they remind me of a Crisp Snowy Day up North.

Over at the TATTERED NEST they have a Vision in White and it could make me cross over to the Light Side at least for the Holidays when I behold Vignettes such as this. Loving those Flocked bare but lit little Trees, Perfect in their Simplicity.  I'm also having a current Christmas Obsession with Simplicity... and with Flocking.  Even tho', Yes, I know it's messy as Hell, but my current Main Christmas Tree has it and until it all falls off I'm totally diggin' it!  *Smiles*

And I Confess I'm also having a current Obsession with the Brocante Style and Look, the shades of Grey Color Palette and how best to incorporate it into the Villa Boheme Decor in at least some rooms.  I have a fair amount of Brocante Style Objects so it shouldn't be too difficult for me to transform a Space for my own Spin on that Style.   Though the French Nordic Style is Pretty, the Brocante Style is more my Aesthetic of very Aged and often Bold with some Industrial Elements.

In fact the Bookstores are now carrying the Loving Brocante Magazine from Europe and it's the English Version so I've read my current copy from cover to cover and soaked in the Inspiration.   Mine isn't this Issue, I think here in America we're only receiving Issue No. 4 right now... but I'll be seeking this Issue when it crosses the Pond.  Be prepared to Pony Up because the conversion to American Dollars is about $15.99 per copy. {Dollar sign of $9.- on the cover is another Country's Dollar equivalent since it's Sold in numerous Countries abroad and isn't always in English.}  I consider it well worth it, every Page is packed with Inspiration if you dig this Style too.

Via: Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine

Another Great European Magazine I thoroughly Enjoy the Styling of is Jeanne d'Arc Living.  I've been buying it since before it came out in English so I do have some copies I cannot read because they're not written in English but each Image speaks a thousand words so I didn't Care.  Of coarse I was Delighted when they began publishing it in my language and it became more widely available locally since subscriptions directly via Europe get really spendy.

Via: Pinterest

In fact, I am so Obsessed with this Style of Decorating right now that I could spend literally Hours on Pinterest being Inspired by Shared Imagery of how it's done... and done well!   I think I was first introduced to this Styling by my Talented Friend Kendra when she owned 'Sage'... which I still miss her Shop to this day, there was nothing like it and I was mos def a Sageaholic.  *Winks*

Via: Pinterest

What I like about this Style is that you can go Dark... which is the direction I always gravitate to when Styling.  I just feel more at Home around the Darker Inspired Palette using extremely Aged Elements.  And now that I'm Nesting in our New Dream Home, the Tuscan Inspired Interior Architecture I think goes very well with the Brocante Style more than any Home I've ever lived in.  So I can go Full On with my Obsession for it.

I'm very Obsessed with Boro Mending, not really a New Thing for me since I've always Loved it, but now I'm looking at all tattered fabrics I find as a way to indulge this Obsession of just mending them and adding to Creations.   My Talented Friend Minnie does some Fabulous Boro Mended Creations and this Fab Pillow is one such Creation.   Next time the Budget it healthier I Plan to pick up one of her Rustic Boro Mended Pillows like this one.  Not that I Need another Pillow in my Lifetime since I have a Hoard of them and my Pillow Obsession knows no bounds... but... *Winks*

And Current Obsession with Galvanized Tin, especially for Exterior Decorating, I can justify because Galvanized Tin has always been an inexpensive and hardy Decorating Element for the Outdoors.   Arizona weather is extreme and it takes a hardy robust material to stand the test of Time if it remains Outdoors here.  Things that would last Years anywhere else are lucky to last thru one fierce Summer here.

Unframed Art... especially of Still Life Subject matter is becoming more of an Obsession with me.  Before I'd always look for my Art in Fab Ornate Old Gesso Frames, now I don't Care if they're framed at all.  Actually I'm preferring the Art Unframed and the Frames without Art in them for Decorating Purposes... because I'm just Weird like that.  *Smiles*  

And right now my Obsession with Christmas Wreaths Created from Shiny Brite Vintage Ornaments is such that I've been Googling Tutorials.  I could buy one locally at a reasonable price since a Vendor at our Antique Mall Sells them reasonably.  But I want a certain Color Palette that she hasn't offered so I will probably just Create my own to go with my preferred Christmas Palette.

Too many I've seen are in Blues, Pinks and Pastels and I want more Aged Gold and faded Neutrals in my Wreath.   I've seen some Created on top of both the Foam Rings wrapped with Tinsel and the Pine Wreaths... most Tutorials suggest the former for better hold over Time since the hot glue sticks to Tinsel more securely and longer apparently.  I think I will be hitting the Thrift Shops to glean my Old Ornaments to Create one with since my Antique Ornaments are Family Heirlooms.

Do you have any current Holiday Obsessions my Friends?  And if so, have you scratched the itch to add to them this Christmas?


Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. MerryChristmas. I love that style and that magazine and yes on the bottle brush trees.

    1. I know... I Wish we had even more European Publications for Decor and Styling, so different than what we see in our American Publications. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Obsessions---oh dear, I have two storage rooms stuffed with obsessions- in the basement. Okay Christmas---aluminum baking tins, cookie cutters, jello-cake molds, and pudding molds. I'm going to begin crafting again next year, after the craft room is gutted after Christmas and put back together. Then we will see where the next obsession is. Hmm, old tinsel garlands, 40's bell corsages?, feather decor from the 40-50's. Actually anything from my early childhood...oh well, probably why we like some of the same things. Grins, Merry Christmas, Sandi


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