Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve 2016


It's Christmas Eve Day and a lot will be going on here at Villa Boheme'.  Beginning that our Re-Fi on New Villa Boheme' will Close Today... interest rates for VA Loans dropped considerably so we took advantage of that to reduce our payments significantly and lock in at a ridiculously low rate.  Having had my first Corporate Life in Banking I can never recall a time when rates were this Historically low so Color me Happy!

We're also full steam ahead on the installation of Solar to our New Home and the Panel Placement should be drafted soon for our approval.  We wanted to take advantage of the Utility Company having to lock into a twenty year agreement with Solar Customers before the New Laws go into effect in July of 2017.  Which will not be so beneficial to the Consumer with Solar if they have it installed after that date.

Our Home was one of five in our area chosen for a Solar Model Home and so we were comped a considerable amount of the cost, which came in handy since we wanted to go Solar anyway.   We want as Eco Friendly a Footprint as we can manage on Life's Journey.  The G-Kid Force always comment that compared to all the Neighbors on Garbage Day, our waste is SO much less than those around us, even if they have far less people in the household.  I'm attempting to make them aware of their Environmental Footprint early on.

Our Son and his Family will be joining us Today at our Home to exchange Gifts for the Grandchildren in both Households.  The Adults have chosen to focus upon the Children exclusively this Christmas since there are so many that it rather taps all budgets.  *Smiles*   We don't mind at all... for us the Season's Focus is upon Christ first and in Creating the Magic and Excitement for the Children in the Decorating and Gift buying within our Homes.

When every Child is covered then The Man and I Feel utterly Content that we managed to indulge them all for Christmas and that's our Goal every Holiday Season.   There is no Need for the Adult Children to buy us anything really, it's not as if we don't have more than enough, you know?  *Winks*  Usually I'm sending them Home with some of what I'm Editing and Purging from the Household that they Want or could Use!  *Ha ha ha*

There is quite the debate being wagered on whether The G-Kid Force should open their Gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?  The Man has already gotten into his Stocking since he was Jonesin' for the Candy he knew lay inside!  Since we will allow The Grandkids visiting Today to open their Gifts {foreground} when The Son and Daughter-In-Law arrive with them... of coarse The G-Kid Force debated that all the Cousins should open Gifts together.  *Winks, they're very convincing and persuasive.*

We can all sleep in Christmas Morning if you let us open them Christmas Eve they remind me.   They know how much the luxury of sleeping in appeals to me. *Smiles*   And our Uncle, Aunt and Cousins can see what we got... and we can play with it all while they're here visiting and none of us will be bored so the Adults can socialize uninterrupted.   Well, they have a valid point there... there's the alternative 'Given' that otherwise we'll have three bored Teenagers in da house!  *LOL*  The two younger Girls usually manage to entertain themselves and will also be decorating Gingerbread Cookies.

Yes, I ain't gonna lie, tho' New Villa Boheme' is impressive, Gramma and Grandpa's new Home in the Rural Burbs is boring as Hell... so the biggest Appeal to them all Today will be in receiving their Gifts!  *Ha ha ha*  Of coarse when The Son's three get their Cash they'll likely be chomping at the bit to be taken to The Mall, so we're not certain how long the visit will actually last once it's burning a hole in their pockets?!  *Bwahahahaha!*  I already Warned The Son about that... tho' their Mom Loves The Mall... I know he Loves it about as much as I do... NOT!  *Smiles*

I think that The Son never liked The Mall, even as a Teen himself, but he's a Good Sport about taking The Girls as often as they Desire.   Tho' in typical Teen fashion they can malinger there for what seems like an eternity being indecisive about what they wanna buy.  So I don't envy him and am Glad every time he takes one for the Team by inviting Princess T along so I don't hafta go!  *Winks*   Being totally outnumbered by Females in his Household the only time he gets to go where he'd prefer to Shop is when he takes his Dad to Cabelas or a Gun Show for me... places I enjoy about as much as The Mall... NOT!  *Bwahahahaha!*

It's True... tho' I Love my Events and Shows... I'm just not one to Shop at the usual Retail Shops unless I absolutely have to.   When I went Christmas Shopping for The Force I was in and out in record time... making a beeline for the aisles that held what their Wish Lists contained and then straight thru the Quick Check-Out line!   This is why I also Shop early for Christmas and opt for Cash for every Grandchild that doesn't live with us!  *LOL*  Since The Man abhors Shopping even more, he'll only ask to tag along if he's absolutely bored out of his Mind and knows we'll stop to Eat Out.  *Smiles*

And as far as the debate on whether or not to open Gifts Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning, I have absolutely no preference.  We've often done it both ways... or even AFTER Christmas if one or both of The Force had invitations to spend the Holidays with extended Family.  We weren't certain this year if The Young Prince would be spending Christmas with his Dad's Family, even tho' they sent him Home with his Gift after his last visit? 

 Or even if The Son and Family will take them Home with them after their visit Today?  Their Older Ones will be spending Christmas Day with the Maternal Grandparents and extended Family after the visit here... so they may want Company for the Youngest One at Home?   The Man and I are very flexible about any and all Holidays and Special Events, if extended Family want one or both of The Force, we pack 'em up and ship 'em out!  *Winks*

This is precisely why everything is under the Tree early and all Stockings were filled days ago... I'm quite Liberal about when anyone can have anything if they Negotiate successfully for it.   It prevents me being dogged incessantly by all of them if we come to a mutual agreement in when and how it all will play out.  *Smiles*   They let me take my Obligatory pixs which usually entails them with wrapped pressies piled around them and then with unwrapped pressies piled around them... mebbe one or two of them opening said pressies... all for the sake of posterity.

My Stocking is flat this year since I didn't bother to fill it... I'm on a Health Food Kick right now in a Vain attempt to get the stubborn Diabetic Numbers up under Control.   If I could afford it I'd be seeking Treatments at my Eastern Medical Doctors.  Since the Western Docs Treatments have been a dismal failure since I've been diagnosed with this condition and I'm rather fed up by now of them changing Meds to this, that and the third like I'm a Guinea Pig in some Lab Experiment!?

  However, crappy Insurance will not pay for Alternative Medicine of the Eastern Realm even if you prove to them it works successfully... so what's New?  I Hate being forced to use Western Medicine that I have no desire to be subjected to and zero Faith in just becoz that's all they'll pay for.  I Believe I should have a Choice and Options covered.   But enuf of that... it just depresses me no end, especially when I've been feeling worse over the coarse of all the Western Treatments so it all seems quite futile and a waste of my time and their money.

Trust and Believe that the moment I can afford to pay 100% of the cost of Eastern Medical Treatments again for myself and The Man, we're going straight to my Chinese Doctors and ditch the Western Docs.   I Wished I had paid more attention to the Tribal Remedies my Dad always used so that there would be more of them I could recall and utilize. 

 He extended his Life with Stage 4 Cancer long past what Western Medicine could have offered him.  And oddly enough he didn't succumb to the Cancer at all and passed from complications of the COPD he'd had for years after his stint in Vietnam and being subjected to Agent Orange.  He went for his Obligatory visits to Western Docs but completely rejected their Methods and they couldn't explain and Marveled at how his Methods kept him going so long?!  He had his Herb Garden in the back Yard or visited the Hispanic Herbarias around the City to get what he needed for his own concoctions.

BTW my OCD kicked in when in that last Image I saw that my Ex-Voto Ornament was backwards so I had to run to the Tree to turn it around and re-photograph it!  *LOL*   I have sleeping Grandkids all around the Tree Tonight {This Post is being Created Christmas Eve Day in the wee hours of the Morning} so it's like an obstacle course to step around Kids and Cat to get to it!  *Smiles*  I was Glad when they all faded since the incessant questioning of what time their Uncle and Family would be coming over was driving me Crazy!  I do not know... for the eleventh time of the same question during the interrogation... they were like CIA Agents grilling me for answers to their line of questioning!  *Winks*

One would think I was attempting to hide Top Secret Intel or something!!!   Now... these two Gorgeous heavy Silver Ex-Voto Ornaments, in the above three Photos, I found at our Antique Mall for only a couple of dollars each!!!  They were an unexpected Score, I wasn't even Shopping when I spied them in a Vendor Booth I almost never even glance at... and I got them during our 15% Off Sale ta boot!   Rest assured I will probably pay more attention to that Booth in the Future now to see what else shows up?!  *Ha ha ha*

I'm sure you've done that too, right?  Found unexpected Treasures in Vendor Spaces that don't usually carry your usual preferred type of Inventory.  But every so often... Wallah, you hit Pay Dirt amid the stuff you have zero interest in... and usually at a Bargain!   I have found that some of the Best Deals I ever 'Score' are from Vendors that don't usually carry that particular type of Inventory and thus don't Value it much and stick a cheap price upon it.  These were not cheap Tin and they're quite heavy and probably Nickel Silver as they're not stamped.

I'm thinking that when I Create my European Grain Sack Stockings I might sew some Milagros onto them.  I didn't get around to the Project before Christmas, too busy, but I certainly think it will be a Fun New Year's Project to begin in 2017.  I know when I Created my Old Burlap Stockings years ago I didn't sew any of them during the actual Holiday Season and I thoroughly Enjoyed the Project since they don't take very long to Hand Sew each one.  When I get really Ambitious I do Plan to Create some eventually to Sell as well.  *Ha ha ha*

I know, I know... I've been saying that about Bottle Brush Tree Creations too for a while now and never quite gotten around to enough Production to Sell in time for any Holiday thus far.  In fact the Bottle Brush Tree Project stalled to the point I just bought some Cheap ones here and there to round out the Decor at Home!   But I have all of the Supplies and have Created a few and am resolute to Create more and set aside Creative Time for myself in 2017, it is in fact one of my New Year's Resolutions to promote Well Being for myself.

Princess T FINALLY got all of her stuff out of my Loft Studio Space since it is my intention in January to finally get around to Decorating and Organizing that long neglected Upstairs Art Studio Space.  It's a Wonderful Space but I just haven't had the time nor the ambition to tackle it since schlepping all furnishings Upstairs has proven to be quite a Challenge.  In fact, without Stud Muffin Minions at my disposal it has proven to be an impossible task!  I don't need to fall down the flight of stairs while trying to schlep heaving furnishings up there! And The Young Prince is at that clumsy awkward stage of his development into Manhood... where Muscle and Coordination are not lining up just yet!  *LOL*

And now that The Son and all of his Friends are over Thirty... well... they're finding that the downside of Thirty means risking injuries when you're tackling heavy moving Projects.  I don't wanna be responsible for anyone's back injury as they enter Middle Age!  *Smiles*  So I've been biding time and waiting for Male Grandchild to develop to the point he can be my next generation of Stud Muffin Sherpa.  *Winks*  Good Thing really that most of our Grandkids are now entering Adulthood, we were running out of Minions that can do our bidding easily!  *Ha ha ha*

I'm so fiercely Independent Believe me that it's been difficult to even ask for Help in doing what I've always been capable of doing on my own!  And it wasn't until this last Big Move that I realized just how much I can't really do without Help now that I've reached my Senior Years and begun to have some Health Issues and diminishing strength and stamina.   Having been a hardy Soul all of my Adult Life it's been a bitter pill to swallow actually to realize my limitations and humbly receive more Help when it's offered... or simply NOT do what I can't or shouldn't anymore!

In fact it's rather Ironic that it's my Adult Children and Grands that Monitor me with Eagle Eyes to ensure I'm NOT doing stuff that they should be doing for me or I should be asking for Help with!   And Grandpa, well, we have to keep our Eagle Eyes on him too since after the TBI he isn't even aware of what he can no longer do and shouldn't even be trying anymore!  *Yikes!*   Last Night for example, we had a Garbage Disposal backup and he was gonna get his Tools out and manhandle it until I intervened!  Tho' I don't wanna call a Plumber Christmas Eve, I'm Hopeful Drain-O just does the trick... or The Son can fix it when he comes over?  His Dad with Tools now is a Scary thing!  *LOL*

Especially when he's like, if I bang the living Hell out of these pipes and the Garbage Disposal thingy, perhaps I'll dislodge whatever has gotten stuck in there?!?   OMG, STOP... since with Traumatic Brain Injury if something illogical doesn't Work in the first five seconds of trying it he is likely to go into Emotional Meltdown Mode and get really Angry at whatever he's trying to Work on... and that always ends badly!  *Le Sigh*  So I convinced him I had it all under Control, even tho' I still have a sink full of disgusting gunk at three in the Morning and Hope it doesn't stink the house up for Christmas?!?  *Ewwww and really bad timing for a Plumbing Problem, right?!*

I am thoroughly even more convinced that New Homes are built like Crap, even the Luxury ones, I expected Plumbing Issues in a 100+ Year Old Home... but for a New Build there is no Excuse IMO to already have them.   Anyhoooo... guess I'll be seeing how Good the New Home Warranty is when I call them?    Coz this close to Christmas I'm tapped out 'til the New Year on affording to get anything fixed at Holiday Rates especially!   I never did Source much Vintage Christmas for the Showrooms, it just wasn't readily available... this Home-Made Vintage Stocking was all I had left of Vintage Christmas in the Showroom that hadn't yet Sold!

And tho' Holiday Sales have been steady, they haven't been strong this Season like they had been in past Seasons.   Folks are buying the Smalls, but not the higher ticket Treasures that make Bank and so it's been a lean Christmas to get thru and fund this year.   Even our Christmas Buffet Spread is gonna look paltry this year compared to previous years and Princess T was lamenting that fact.  I was Hoping that Street Tacos would make up for the lack of the usual Buffet Spread items usually presented... mebbe not according to her?    This is really 'G' Gramma she Sighs as I show her my intended Buffet options.  *LOL*

Okay, I had gone to Food City in the Old Hood to get all my supplies so she knew it was gonna be a 'G' spread this Christmas and not an Uptown kinda Buffet from the fancy Delis around here.  *Bwahahahaha!!!*   It'll be Fabulous I Promise her, the Street Tacos and huge Discount Bags of Fresh Fruit and Produce I Scored for 99 Cents each are gonna make it a Feast... just on a tighter Budget.  *Winks*  Then I reminded her of all the unfortunate folks we spent years feeding in our Food Ministry Work over the many Christmases Past that would have so much less and would rely upon the Ministries for a complimentary Christmas Meal.  That always makes The Kiddos feel Grateful since I always involved them in those Good Works for the less fortunate.

That's actually one of the things I Miss most about the Holidays now that I've had to give up certain things to become a Full Time Caregiver... being a Volunteer at Food Ministry Work I was very much involved in for several decades.   There are still so many hungry people, so many that have fallen upon hard times and are struggling to provide even the most basic of Needs like food and shelter.  

 May this Christmas we be as Generous as we are able to be towards those less fortunate and in true lack and dire Need.  We are Blessed abundantly... but many are not and their struggle is far more Challenging than our own might be.  Let us freely Give of our Time, our Talents or our Treasures if we can... it is Love in Action... and the very Best Birthday Gift we can present to Christ to Honor Him on His Day.

MATTHEW 25:40  And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto Me.


Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wow! That was quite a post-I think you have covered it all----from kids opening gifts on Christmas Eve or morn to alternative medicine. lol Merry Christmas to you, Dawn. xo Diana

    1. My ADHD from the Stress of the Holidays was quite apparent, huh? Bwahahahaha! My Mind racing just intensifies during Holiday Madness... winks... Thanks for coming by this Christmas Eve for a visit... Merry Christmas... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Replies
    1. Ditto Marlynne... we're having a very soggy Christmas Eve Day since a huge storm front moved in, but it's rather Wintery looking with the Greyish overcast Skies, ALMOST resembling Snow... ha ha ha... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. I agree. Awesome post. I love vintage Christmas ornaments. I went to a small Christmas ornament museum and was so excited that I had many of the items. I did not see your pretty treasure. You really scored with that one. Your Christmas looks so fun, pretty and cozy.

    1. Thank You Rhonda for the compliments, we are feeling quite cozy this Christmas. I too inherited some Gorgeous Antique European blown glass Ornaments that had been my Great Maternal Grandmothers and passed along now to the 4th Generation with me and I'll of coarse pass them along to the 5th and 6th Generations that are already here and might be interested in their Legacy. Merry Christmas... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Merry Christmas, Dawn and I wish you a happy and healthy new year.

    1. You as well my Friend, I'm looking forward to an Awesome 2017. Merry Christmas and Thank You for coming by for a Christmas Eve visit... Dawn... The Bohemian


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