Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas At Merchant Square

Along with Enjoying the Event I was also able to Enjoy visiting MERCHANT SQUARE Antique Mall and see Christmas Decorated Booths galore!  Alas, I personally wasn't able to Source a lot of Vintage Seasonal Inventory for my own Showroom this year and many Vendors I know seemed to have a similar Challenge.  So my Space was virtually absent of Christmas Past.  You really have to Source all year long to gather an impressive Collection to Style an entire Space in any Theme and especially a Seasonal one.  But it seems that the Vendors here had no problem Creating a Vintage Inspired Christmas Theme in so many of the Booths, it was Magical.   There was a Blue Christmas Booth... a White Christmas Booth... a Sepia Christmas Booth... a Black & Silver Christmas Booth.   There was a Primitive Christmas Booth, where I found The Young Prince a Stocking.   And a Rustic Farm Christmas Booth where I found a Stocking made from a Delightful Old Quilt & Linens.

There was some Lovely Christmas Bunting and Enchanting little Whimsical Christmas Figurines.   Since I was Christmas Stocking Hunting I was on a Mission to find at least a couple and Delighted that the Mall had a wealth to choose from.   I've found it difficult to locate just the Look I was going for and relieved that I finally found it here for both of the Christmas Stockings I bought.  When you have that Image on the Canvas of your Imagination of what you're Seeking then you tend to Hold Out for it and I'd all but given up finding it until I walked inside the Mall and there they were... both of them.  Sigh of Relief since my Mission was now accomplished and I didn't have to Scour the City anymore. Since the Thrill Of The Hunt is dampened a bit during the Holidays for me because I don't like Shopping in huge crowds of eager Shoppers and don't usually have the Free time to stand in long lines.   None of that here, it was busy, but a very Zen Shopping Experience with quick courteous checkout.

And now for what I 'Scored' inside the Mall... a Huge Vintage Suitcase for a really low price.  I've used it as a Base for my smaller Champagne Tinsel Christmas Tree, which I was then Inspired to completely re-decorate, but more about that in another Post.  *LOL*   The Quilt & Old Linen Hand-Made Christmas Stocking I Scored for 30% Off since the Mall had many Vendors offering Seasonal Discounts... it was already a low price and that just made it that much more of a Bargain, yay!!!   I Photographed the Front and the Back of The Young Prince's New Vintage Inspired Christmas Stocking that I got for under Ten bucks.   Yes, it's a Vintage Inspired Repop but I still really liked the Stone Washed Grainsack Material and the Cute Graphics on both sides.  It reminded me of an Old Fashioned Christmas.


Yes, even at a reasonable Ten Bucks it cost me ten times more than his Sister's Ninety-Nine Cent Shopkins Vinyl Christmas Stocking that we Scored for her at the 99 Cent Only Store... but she was over the Moon about it, so I didn't Feel like I Cheaped Out on her or showed Favoritism.  *Winks*   That's one of the perks of the Younger Grands, they don't Care so much about what things Cost, they like what they like regardless of how Cheap it is.  *Smiles*   I know that will all flip and Change once she reaches the Teen Years all too soon... so I'm Enjoying it while I still can that she's just as Excited about a Dollar Store item as she is if I spend more on her.   *LOL*   And that my Friends is a Wrap about this Adventure... a Future Post will take you to our Antique Mall and the Dealer Christmas Dinner we Enjoyed last week... and I'll also be participating in a Christmas Blog Party Tomorrow... so be sure to Join us!


Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. WOW-That is a whole lot of awesomeness in one post. Amazing things to see. I bet it is a feast for the eyes in real life. I hear you- the little kids love anything that grabs their fancy from a dollar to ten dollars- they don't care. xo Diana

    1. Oh yes, I can't do most of these venues justice just in images, you have to really experience in real life to get the most sensory pleasures and inspiration overload. Thanks for dropping by for a Holiday Blog Visit... Dawn... The Bohemian


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